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Man made famous by Kevin Trudeau tells you how to cure aging, death, tumors, herpes, and ugliness

 Here's a 2007 ad from the much-missed 
Weekly World News. *
Alas, The web site listed on the ad

is no longer in service. (Click to enlarge.)

As you are probably more than aware by now if you have been hanging around this Whirled at all over the past... oh... fifteen months or so -- or even if you have been paying attention to
the occasional news story about the matter -- serial scammer Kevin Trudeau is in a whole heap of trouble. The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is on his a$$ big time. He has a criminal contempt trial coming up in November. And a judge recently appointed a receiver to take over all of the known Trudeau business entities, and possibly even some unknown ones if they can find them, to see if they can scare up enough money to pay that $37 million dollar fine that the FTC decided would be a fair price for Katie to pay consumers who felt scammed by his weight loss book.

One of the latest pieces of buzz is related to Katie's biggest scam of all, the Ponzi-like Global Information Network (GIN), which, according to rumor, has caught the attention of the FBI. Recently there have been rumors of G-men showing up at the doors of X-GIN and quizzing them about their involvement with the club. If this is even remotely true, it is no doubt a logical consequence of events set in motion years ago. Apart from the FTC, numerous other government agencies (IRS, SEC, etc.)
have had their noses in Katie's business for years. So have various consumer orgs and state Attorneys General and District Attorneys. It may all be coming to a head now... or maybe not. I'm not really too excited about the FBI buzz at this point, particularly considering the sources. And I would question the credibility of anyone who says that the FBI is now handling GIN refunds.

Anyway. One of the chief defenses that KT defenders use to defend what I find mostly indefensible is that Kevin Trudeau has been a source of priceless information over the years -- particularly "health" info. Many folks honestly seem to believe Kevin's line that he is mostly being persecuted and prosecuted because he has been such a valuable source of information that "they" don't want you to know about. The "they" who want to keep this valuable data away from you include the big bad gummit, the big pharmaceutical companies, the medical profession, the food industry, and whatnot.

While much if not most of his "information" is questionable -- and is almost always presented in the context of selling something -- one thing that isn't questionable is that many purveyors of frauducts and flopportunities have skyrocketed to new levels of fame, particularly over the past few years, because Kevin Trudeau promoted them, either via his books, his radio show, or GIN. One of the more notorious flopportunists is the nefarious Not-Doc Loony Coldwell, the former Bernd Klein/Bernd Witchner, who, after fleeing his homeland of Germany (for reasons he has never really explained in a credible manner), was a daft little nothing in the US until Trudeau recommended him in his first Natural Cures book. And voila! Overnight, Loony had been transformed, via that Trudeau magic, into a daft little something. After being ousted from GIN in spring of 2012, Loony turned on his former b.f.f., but his ride on the Katie train was a good one for him while it lasted.

Numerous other folks have ridden to fame, and some to at least fleeting fortune, on that same train. And though some may now feel a little bit uncomfortable about their past (or present) association with Trudeau, in light of his troubles becoming so glaringly apparent, most have remained rather quiet about it. Loony is an exception, ranting nonstop about Trudeau on Facebook and on his own site. He is like an angry red boil on the bum of Scamworld -- a boil that just won't go away.

But there's one guy you may not have heard of who also got a ride on that train for a time. He took a couple of paragraphs' worth of frauduct promotion in Katie's first Natural Cures book and built a whole cottage empire,
complete with cheesy web sites. I'm talking about Alex Chiu, a Chinese-American crackpot who has a line of frauducts for which he has made some very big claims indeed.

there are his Immortality Rings. These are magnetic rings you wear on your fingers while you're sleeping, and, if you really want superb results, you also wear magnetic foot braces on your toes. Sez Kevin, writing about the rings in Natural Cures:
"These are inexpensive and easy to use. Simply wear this specially designed Magnetic ring on the small finger of each hand, and if you want even more benefit, wear the foot (toe) brace on each foot. These are worn when you sleep. The health benefits seem to be almost unbelievable. This device appears to radically slow the aging process and, in most cases, appears to reverse the aging process; people report looking and feeling younger as time goes on. These are absolutely amazing."
~ Kevin Trudeau, Natural Cures, pg.116 [cited in Chiu's promotional copy]
Maybe that's why Katie looks so young for his advanced age -- well, it's advanced according to some of the dolts who actually believed Kevin when he wrote, a few years ago, that he was 76. (Hint: He was joking. He even said he was joking, the point being to taunt the FTC.) At present Kevin is actually only 50, though he was still in his 40s at the time he said he was 76.

The only bad thing is that once Kevin made Alex's magickal magnetics so popular, a host of copycat magickal magnets flooded the market. So Alex and his affiliates had to spend a lot of time and energy convincing people not to fall for imitations. For instance,
there's this 2011 vid where you get to see a real live set of the genuine Alex Chiu magickal rings, sitting in front of a copy of Natural Cures and set off by some shaky camera work.

There's a small catch, though -- and here's what Katie doesn't tell you in Natural Cures -- the Immortality Rings/Braces alone won't do the trick if you have some really egregious things wrong with you, such as a serious handicap or a giant tumor. (Actually, either one of those could describe what Loony Coldwell was to Kevin True-dough... but I digress.) If you have some potentially grave stuff going on inside or out, such as tumors or handicaps or cancers or herpes or angry, maniacal little German twerps,
you also need the Super Chi Flush. Here is the scientifical explanation from Alex:

The Immortality Rings re-align and regroup your body faster than it ages.  Therefore it is believed to reverse the aging process.  But if you have a serious handicap or a giant tumor, the rings alone cannot cure you....
...That's why Super Chi Flush is created. 
Super Chi Flush's herbal compound is strong enough to break the toughest clogs in your body.  It will send Chi energy into any area of your body.  Super Chi Flush will allow you to feel healing throughout the entire body.  You will feel constant healing for the entire healing session.  (around 2 hours)  So you can enjoy 2 hours of very strong and noticeable 'healing feeling' every night at your most critically blocked area.
Super Chi Flush fights the toughest clogs in the body slowly opening up the blockades which hindered the flow of Chi energy.  The end result is that the entire body's Chi flow will eventually be unclogged.  Could this mean that all handicaps, tumor, herpes, cancer, etc. will all be flushed away by Super Chi Flush?  No medical claim, so you decide.
Super Chi Flush is green-food powder that contains only natural herbs.  Absolutely no side affect.  Super Chi Flush does not work without Gorgeouspil and the Immortality Rings.
Direction of use: Dump 3 teaspoons of Super Chi Flush powder into half a cup of cold or warm water.  Mix well.  Drink it along with Gorgeouspil 20 minutes before you go to bed for healing. 
Ingredients: Dong Quai, Korean ginseng, Hoelen, Ramulus Mori, Shitake, Reishi, Kelp, barley grass, Marjoram, Basil, Thyme, Parsley, Ginkgo Biloba, American ginseng, ginger, black pepper, and Licorice.  Most of it is Chinese herbs.
I bet Super Chi Flush is even better than a Bepure Cleanse. (I wonder if it would help the intractable drain in the tub in our master bathroom...)

Now, let's suppose that you have successfully stopped the aging process by wearing Immortality Rings/Braces on your fingers and toes, and have unclogged the clogged areas of your innards so that your Chi is flowing wherever it needs to flow. (Hopefully you won't get any excess Chi on those new 800-count Egyptian cotton bed sheets.) With your Ring-wearing and your Super-flushing, will you have finally found the key to perfect health and happiness?

Well... probably not, and certainly not if you happen to be ugly. But the good news is that there is a cure for ugly too, and Alex Chiu has it. It's this marvelous supplement called Gorgeouspil. Gorgeous + pil=Gorgeouspil. Get it?

Gorgeouspil works, says Alex, by magically rearranging your bone structure. It can make you right purty right away, and if you use it long enough, you will one day reach PHYSICAL PERFECTION.

Don't take my word for it. Pictures don't lie. Here, for instance, is a picture proving that if you take Gorgeouspil, you can be transformed from a pouty young woman with no makeup to a pouty young woman with makeup. And if you take Gorgeouspil long enough, like maybe three to four weeks, you can morph into a pouty young woman who has makeup and also has fake blood all over the lower part of her face.

You can read more about these miraculous makeovers -- including Alex Chiu's own transformation from a man with a "typical Asian face" to one with a more "macho and manly" white-person face -- right here. I know this will blow all of your preconceived notions out of the water, but Alex Chiu managed to look good at the ripe old age of...gasp... 38!.. because of Gorgeouspil and his magnetic Immortality Rings.

But if you are still not convinced after all of that, take a gander at Franco Fiori of Italy, whose before-and-later picture appears in the 2007 Weekly World News ad at the top of this page. Franco went from an average man to a man with TV star looks in just a matter of weeks.

But wait, there's more! Gorgeouspil, like those magickal magnetic rings, will not only make you prettier, but it will also help keep you from aging. And ultimately, if enough people take Gorgeouspil, it will solve the problem of human overpopulation. It all has to do with that Chi-flow thing again.
And Gorgeouspil can stop humans from multiplying! So spreading the usage of Gorgeouspil can save the environment.  Here's why:
  1. Without Gorgeouspil, people's bodies would age.  Blockages of Chi energy would torment a person's soul.   The soul can no longer tolerate flowing inside a deteriorating body.  New bodies need to be reproduced.
  2. The deteriorating body is forced to produce offspring so that his soul can share a line of new and fresh bodies.  This is what I call 'abandon ship' theory.
  3. But with Gorgeouspil, the body will constantly be repaired.   Blockages of Chi energy will slowly be opened up.  If there is [sic] no more blockages of Chi energy, the soul will no longer be tormented.  Therefore the body no longer needs to reproduce itself.  No more 'abandon ship'.
So people who take Gorgeouspil don't want kids.  (You still can have kids. But you just don't want one.)  A person who takes Gorgeouspil likes to concentrate his soul within his own body and does not wish to scatter his soul on to other bodies.  So making babies is not desirable for people who take Gorgeouspil.  Gorgeouspil allows a person to achieve unlimited beauty and unlimited youth.  Meanwhile, it stops humans from unnecessary reproductions of more human beings.
Help bring this new technology to light.  For the sake of mother nature, for the sake of millions of innocent animals, for the sake of your own future.  Don't blindly let the unnecessary reproductions of more human beings ruin our home.  Spread the word about Gorgeouspil.
As an immortal you have a duty to protect our planet.  Let the spreading of words be your first mission.

We don't sell copper bracelets. We offer neodymium magnet, which was introduced by Natural Cures Trudeau, the book natural cures they don't want you to know about (page 194, 1st edition). Copper bracelet doesn't work as well as health magnets that we sell. Our neodymium magnets are truly the best magnetic finger rings on the market.
Keep in mind that Gorgeouspil doesn't really work properly without the magickal rings and Super Chi Flush. Here's what it says on the Super Chi Flush page, regarding Gorgeouspil and the rings:
Gorgeouspil will maximize the power of the rings by stimulating all cells in your body forcing them to regroup and re-align.  But I find it difficult for Gorgeouspil to open up the extremely critical damages of your body.  Gorgeouspil can help regroup and rebound your backbone because bone and flesh are the easiest to heal.  But delecate [sic] Chi blockades in the spinal cord might be difficult for Gorgeouspil to rebound.  The Gorgeouspil energy simply by-passes through the bone and flesh area and might not enter the spinal cord's nerve area. 
So of course you do need you some of that Super Chi Flush too. Just remember that Super Chi Flush, as you probably noticed from the copy above, doesn't really work properly without Gorgeouspil and the magickal rings. And the magickal rings don't really work properly without Super Chi Flush and Gorgeouspil.

I think you get my drift. You need the whole shebang.

How much will all of this set you back?
This may give you an idea.

And there you have it, Dear Ones: the seekrits to immortality, and all for a very reasonable price. Maybe if that other famous Trudeau-endorsed "immortal," Mony Vital, had bought some of this junk,
he wouldn't have kicked off on the GIN cruise earlier this year.

In any case, had it not been for Kevin True-dough, the work of the genius creator of the Immortality Rings and Braces, Super Chi Flush, and Gorgeouspil might have gone unnoticed by the world. And that would have been a tragedy.

Thanks to the Trudeau-endorsed Alex Chiu (who, oddly enough, seems to be missing in action these days; perhaps the FTC and the FDA "noticed" him too), we have seen that there is, at last, a possible cure for aging, death, tumors, herpes, and ugly. But it appears that even with all of these great advances,
there is still no cure for stupid.

And for as long as he can possibly manage to do so, Kevin Trudeau will continue, in one way or another -- whether through magickal magnets, hair farming systems, mystical e-Pendants, or any number of other frauducts and flopportunities -- to milk that stupid for all it's worth.

PS ~ I've linked to this before, but this October 2005 (pre-GIN) piece from the Washington Post portrays Trudeau's penchant for frauducts, as well as his huckster personality. Even though I have a better understanding than I used to have of Trudeau's appeal, I still find it remarkable that Trudeau was so well-known in popular culture as a huckster... and yet so many people still fell into that whole GIN web.

More snarks about Chiu from years past:
Some ChiuTube:

* Thanks to my pal Chris Locke, author of the fabulous but too-long-neglected Mystic B blog, for sending the Weekly World News ad to me.

More True-dough on this Whirled:
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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Houston, we have a problem: Access Consciousness relocates HQ to H-Town

I don't know how I missed this one when the news first broke. I chalk it up to being altogether too preoccupied with shuffling through court documents regarding serial scammer Kevin Trudeau's civil and criminal cases, not to mention wading through the loony rants of Trudeau's ex-b.f.f. Mocktor Leonard Coldwell (here's the most recent post, which has links to many others). Anyhow, here's the scoop, precisely two months late as I write this: the cult-like sex-and-money org, Access Consciousness, a Whirled favorite since 2007 (and explored last November, with much Cosmic encouragement, by award-winning investigative journalist Craig Malisow of the Houston Press), has actually relocated their global headquarters to my former neck of the woods, Houston, Texas.

Here's the press release, dateline June 17, 2013.

If you don't know much about Access and want to get up to speed, follow the link in the first paragraph to Craig Malisow's Houston Press article, and/or explore some of the links to Whirled Access pieces, listed at the end of this post. I've been blogging about these jokers for more than six years.

I sent a note about the Access relocation to a California friend of mine who is, to egregiously understate his feelings, no fan of Access. My friend responded, "Ew. There goes the neighborhood. What's right about this you're not getting?"

The latter comment was a snarky nod to an Access cliche, one of numerous mantras which Accessories are encouraged to repeat endlessly and robotically when confronted with life's little and big problems. Access takes its cliches very seriously. Matter of fact, some of the Access cliches have now become registered copyrights, as indicated on the Access web site. "What's right" etc. does not seem to be copyrighted yet, but give it time.

When you have a situation that is not working well for you, do you define it as difficult or a disaster? What does that do energetically? It solidifies the situation as a problem and perpetuates the wrongness. What if you asked, "How does it get any better than this?®" Or you could ask, "What else is possible?®" Or even, "What's right about this that I'm not getting?" When you do something that you define as a mistake, then how long do you judge and punish yourself? Days? Weeks? Years? What if you asked, "What's right about me that I'm not getting?" What if there is truly nothing wrong with you? Questions such as these invite the universe to provide other possibilities, awarenesses, people and events to assist you.

If you don't believe that Access has actually and officially copyrighted some of its cliches, here's this. And this. And of course, Access Consciousness © itself is trademarked. I sense that little by little they are going to try to trademark more words and phrases until they have dibs on the entire English language. At least the stupid parts of it.

Anyway. Certainly from Access' perspective, there are a lot of things "right" about the move to the Bayou City. Most importantly, Texas has no state income tax. Texas, and particularly Houston, also offers a business-friendly environment -- and apart from being an icky sex cult and brain-cell destroyer, Access is, above all else, a business. These are heady times for growing businesses, as Houston has an economy that seems to be recovering more quickly than in other areas of the US, so there will be no dearth of local pockets to pick. And IAH (Bush Intercontinental Airport), is a hub, which is convenient for an organization that is hellbent on spreading its toxic sludge all over the globe. In other words, Houston boasts all of the advantages mentioned in the press release linked to above.

And then there are the other matters mentioned only indirectly -- such as a thriving metaphysical community, which is to say, a relatively dense population of gullibles who can give sunny Cali a run for its money any day. Or as Access founder Gary Douglas -- who first got his inspiration for Access by channeling the late Russian faux-monk Rasputin -- was quoted in that press release, Houston is " area with a greater capacity for achievement and openness to new ideas." Uh-huh. Granted, Austin would seem a more logical choice if the McSpirituality GQ (gullibility quotient) were the only consideration, but Houston apparently has enough other perks to make it more attractive than the state capital to Access.
Ron and I even wrote about Houston's status as "Spaced City" years ago. Things have not changed much in that regard since that 1998 essay.

There are other factors not mentioned directly but oh-so-coyly hinted at in the press release, such as the fact that Space City also seems to have an unusually large number of gullible socialites and rich philanthropists with more money than sense. Most notably, there is long-time Access fa-silly-tator Curry Glassell, best known for whiningly contesting her rich daddy's will a few years ago -- and losing. She wanted more money from Daddy, but the court said no. She has apparently moved on, and is teaching Access Right Riches For You classes, in which she schools folks on "how to become money."

Apparently both Gary Douglas and his younger cohort Dain Heer are world-class altruists and philanthropists themselves. Or, as the press release puts it, "Dr. Heer and Mr. Douglas are both well-known for their charitable work and pursuit of a variety of entrepreneurial endeavors." Perhaps they want to rub elbows while they're picking pockets.

Moreover, Gary and Curry Glassell have also been involved in some "good causes" together. For instance, there's the
Access True Knowledge Foundation, mentioned previously on this blog (and on Craig Malisow's Access article in the Houston Press), "a not-for-profit organisation based in Australia and the United States."

Here is Curry's page.

Here is Gary's page.

Access Schools... what a vision, huh?

Dain Heer is one of the founders too, along with a few other folks.

On the surface it appears that this Foundation hasn't really done much in the five years since it was much for those big promises, eh? But appearances can be deceiving. And in any case, the alliance is the point. Who knows what other joint ventures Curry and Gary (and Dain) have created, and/or are planning? Maybe I'm stretching a bit, but somehow it all seems congruent with what I see as Gary's master plan, which appears to include the bilking of privileged but troubled women (much like his original mentor, Rasputin).

There are also a lot of horsey people in Houston and the surrounding areas, as well as, I surmise, a greater-than-average number of folks who are into various pursuits that sometimes border on the mystical, such as horse whispering and equine-assisted therapy. So Gary and to a lesser extent Dain can pursue that avenue too.
Gary's all about the horsies, after all.

And then of course we have Gary's famous
business consultancy business, which is a business that teaches businesses how they can become more conscious while they're wringing money from their customers. I'm sure there's a ripe market for that in bidness-friendly Houston, especially in light of the fact that for the past couple of decades, the corporate world has displayed an increasing openness to the insipid junk fabricated by New-Wage opportunists. I lampooned that very matter many years ago in my old book-like product, Cosmic Relief (here is a 2006 Whirled reprint).

I really can't wait to see how Houston warms up to the presence of Access and Gary and Dain. If
this fluff piece from FOX-26 News (uploaded to the Tubes on August 14, 2013) is any indication, Access is off to a great start. (Sorry, I couldn't seem to embed the vid, but the link in this paragraph and on the leading graphic should work.) It's interesting that, at least in the video snippet I saw, there was no mention of Access Consciousness. Dain was merely introduced as an author and life coach.

And here's another vid, made by Dain, in which he shows off his new backyard that backs up to Buffalo Bayou in Houston. He and Gary recently bought a $1.6 million dollar home in Houston's lovely Memorial Villages area. I'm sure they'll be very happy. Scamworld can be very profitable for some folks.

I have to wonder if Dain really gave that FOX-26 buffoon a "free session" after the interview. But come to think of it...
I really don't want to know.

Be it ever so humble... Rasputin would be so proud.

Update 19 August ~ Craig Malisow weighs in on the Hairballs blog on the Houston Press site. You gotta love the headline. Maybe FOX-26 will get a clue before they decide to feature "Dr. Dain" on any other fluff pieces. I expect we'll be hearing more from Craig on this matter soon... I hope so!

Update 21 August ~ I woke up this morning with Costa Rica on my mind. It was all in the context of thinking that Houston may not be the final destination for the Access visionaries. Could Costa Rica be calling? Long a second home, at least in the business sense, for Access, Gary, and Dain -- and the location of some of the more expensive Access events -- Costa Rica also boasts the spot that Gary says most closely matches the vibe in his "bestselling" novel, The Place, which a one-star reviewer on Amazon describes as...
...Laughable. And it says "#1 best seller" on the front: right! Maybe for 20 minutes on B& after a concerted effort to get his whole Access list to buy from a single site during the same hour. It was expensive and pathetic. Truly a vanity project. An utter waste of my time. 
In September of 2012, Gary uploaded a video previewing El Lugar, a proposed Access paradise he was thinking of buying, not only to host the seven-day Access events but also to be an international hub of conscious sustainability or sustainable consciousness or something like that. Or, as the vid makers put it, "an international destination for those who want to learn bioenergetic land management techniques." I wonder if that has anything to do with Molecular De-manifestation and De-molecular manifestation, as taught in Access.

In the above-linked vid you can watch footage of Gary and Dain prancing around the verdant land on their pricey show horses like evil little princes, surveying their realm-to-be with a few other riders as one of those annoyingly preachy, conspicuously-conscious songs plays in the background. "Welcome to the world!" the female singer croons in her husky voice.

Come to think of it, the singer sounds a lot like the lady -- I forget her name, but I'll provide a link if I can still find it -- who crooned about jellyfish and whatnot on behalf of the epic fail known as Ocean 300. But she's not that lady; she is, instead, one Joy Voeth, singing, in the video below, at what looks like an Access sleepover. Gary slouches in the background, looking a tad uncomfortable whenever Joy rubs his leg or sidles up to him. She clearly wants him to get up and move with her, but he clearly doesn't want to. Maybe he's just tired after all of that Access partying. He does, however, have the strength and presence of mind to make a slight correction at the end of the performance, indicating that the real message should not be "Welcome to the World," but "Welcome to MY World," meaning HIS world, which, he acknowledges, is a "different" place to be.

When thinking of El Lugar, I can't help also thinking of Mocktor Loony Coldwell and his planned paradise in South Carolina, visited earlier in the year on this Whirled. Like GaryDain, Loony is a horsey type too, with big dreams of an equine Eden, except Loony plans for his little piece of heaven on Earth to have its own sovereign government, with plenty of guns on hand. Oh, yeah, and he intends for the property to be a "health resort," perhaps to practice more of that hands-on healing for which he is so infamous.

At any rate, apparently the purchase of the Central American Accessory paradise went through, and at the moment El Lugar is being promoted as, among the other things mentioned above, "
a camp for kids where they can get together and explore the wonder and magic of nature…and maybe experience some of the magic that they too can be!"

Cue horrified gasp from anyone with a "human" (as opposed to Access-variety humanoid) sensibility. And guess what: you... yes, you!... have an opportunity to donate real money to this very worthwhile fraudject. You are asked to honor the vision by donating a minimum of $20USD, for which you will be rewarded with a copy of The Place. And Gary and Dain hope you will donate. After all, they have an estimated $6,500-a-month mortgage to pay. Costa Rica or not, when it comes to semi-permanent residences, it's Spaced City at present for these two predators partners and their growing cult.
Whirled Access:

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Kevin Trudeau smacked around again by ABC, while Loony Lenny & Captain Winky sell speed

I have so many blog posts that are screaming to be finished and published, but I am on deadline today. So here are just a couple of quickie snippets...
Click to enlarge. Source:

The Lookout follows up on Kevin Trudeau

[Note: See my review just below this section. ~CC] On May 29, 2013, the premiere episode of ABC's new consumer-oriented summer series, The Lookout,
tackled serial scammer Kevin Trudeau and his Global Information Network (GIN). As you know, much has happened since then, and over this past weekend ABC began running TV promos of a follow-up, scheduled to air tonight (at least in the US) at 10:00 Eastern/9:00 Central. I announced this on some of the Facebook forums a few days ago, but it's only fitting that I post it on this Whirled too.
Click to enlarge. Source:

I decided it would also be very helpful for me to share this information and a couple of other crucial tidbits with people who would not normally read my blog, so I also posted a brief announcement on the Stand With Katie Facebook page:

Click to enlarge

To catch up on what's going on with Kevin's civil and criminal court cases -- including links to important court documents --
click here.

This should give you an idea of what will be covered on tonight's KT segment of The Lookout.

Those of you who are rooting for him will be pleased to know that at least for the time being, he will be allowed to live in his rented McMansion in the Chicago area.

Quick review after viewing The Lookout episode...
Okay. It was good but not great, though it will probably be useful for those who didn't catch the May 29 segment. Most of tonight's episode was, in fact, a re-hash of the May 29 show. Of the old footage, it appears that this time around, they did add a few things that weren't in the original version (e.g., a couple more seconds of ex-GIN member Abe Husein actually behind the wheel of Katie's Bentley), but there was really no new background information. There was, however, a brief update mentioning the latest court actions -- most notably, the order signed by Judge Gettleman on August 7, assigning a receiver to handle Trudeau's assets, and a mention of some of the receiver's considerable powers. Here again is a link to that order.  There was no mention of the upcoming criminal trial, scheduled to begin on November 4. All told, it seems that there is more "new news" on the ABC link I provided in the paragraph above... and here is that link again.

Even so, we can expect the usual suspects to be crowing on the Facebooks tomorrow about how THIS story is the final nail in the coffin of GIN. Some of the folks on the Facebook forums are laughing about the huge number of "final nails" there have already been (well, "final" according to certain Loony prognosticators), and one of my Facebook buddies mentioned that there has been less fanfare about the bag of hammers driving those nails in. I can't imagine what he meant...
Don't get me wrong about any of the above. I still think ABC has done an excellent job of digging up information and chasing Katie around the globe and so forth. And they certainly know how to put together a riotously entertaining piece. Also, according to Bill Weir, the reporter who did both segments, some of the information in the May 29 story was actually used as evidence to help bolster the FTC's case, ultimately resulting in the decision to clip Katie's wings for a while. So there's that. But it remains to be seen how much, if any, difference it will make in the fight against Scamworld.
Here's a link where you can watch the video on the ABC site.

Meanwhile, two of KT's ex-cohorts, Loony Lenny Coldwell and Peter Wink, collectively known on this Whirled as Petard Winkwell, are up to their old tricks. As you may recall, these two are the brothers-in-harms who have deemed themselves the Supreme Founders of
the IMBS-ing U Master Baiter's Seekrit Klub (which is a cheap rip-off of the Global Information Network (GIN)). Lately they've taken to promoting yet another scam by yet another former co-scammer of Trudeau: speed-reading hustledork Howard Berg. They've been billing him as "the smartest man in the world," and are pushing one of his "can't-fail" home biz-ops.

I noticed the above promo last week and knew it was infinitely rich snark chum, but I had other distractions. But never fear. My pal Omri Shabat at Glancingweb has published a hilarious and informative post about this latest lame attempt at scamming the masses (link below, at the end of this post).

Yesterday's info-frauduct, from the days when
"The World's Fastest Reader" teamed up with "Mr. Mega Memory" himself 

In his post, Omri shared an old FTC order from 1998. You have to wonder if Howard Berg is currently violating any part of that order -- portions of which are apparently valid for at least five more years -- by continuing to promote his biz-ops. I wonder if the IMBS-ing U Supreme Tacos even care about that possibility. Maybe since Peter is pals with the FTC, having testified against Kevin, it's all okay.

As many of you may know, 1998 was the year the FTC first really got after Kevin. Howard Berg, among several others, are mentioned
in this classic document.

In a snarky nod to the past alliance between Berg and Trudeau, Omri writes:

Every day, before he brushes his fangs, Leonard Coldwell gazes lecherously upon the portrait of his homoeroticized hero and growls to himself “THE NAME IS TRUDEAU, KEVIN TRUDEAU.” In the meantime, he’s just scratching Trudeau’s moldering leftovers.
Yeah, that sounds about right.

But enough from me. Here's Omri, waxing hilarious as usual on
"The World's Fastest Bullsh-tter."

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