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Friday, November 16, 2012

Alien nation: Just how crazy is Kevin Trudeau (not to mention his sheeple)?

NOTE: In the time since this post was written, several of the links to Kevin Trudeau interviews -- links I have embedded in the body of this post -- have been removed from the Web. I apologize for the ones that don't work, but it's an occupational hazard. The good news is that my friend Julie Daniel found a good link to one of the Kate Valentine interviews with Trudeau regarding UFOs, alien DNA, and other esoteric matters. Here is that link.
~CC, 10 July 2014

The buzz continues around
Kansas City investigative reporter Ryan Kath's story about serial scammer Kevin Trudeau and Trudeau's Ponzi-ish Global Information Network (GIN), which I first wrote about here in December 2009. And some pretty interesting and intense buzz it is, not only on the KSHB-TV (NBC) Web site -- you really should expand the view so you can read all of the comments -- but also on various anti- and pro-Trudeau Facebook forums. There's the expected and very predictable backlash from the pro-KT contingent, as the remaining Kool-Aid drinkers blame everyone from ex-GIN participant Abe Husein -- who spearheaded the story in the first place -- to the "haters" and "naysayers" who try to put "rats" in the heads of the GIN faithful, to the negative mainstream media, to the government, to Big Pharma, to "Them." Actually, I was planning to write a commentary on the buzz -- the buzz about the buzz, I guess you could say -- and I have that post half-finished. But I decided to serve up some comic relief first, inspired by a couple of emails I received yesterday from someone who had read some of my posts about Trudeau.

Well, make that cosmic relief (as befits
a cosmic-slut type).

In particular, the person who wrote to me referenced my May 2012 post about
Trudeau's claim that he has alien DNA. And by alien DNA, we are not talking about those filthy undocumented aliens who, according to Trudeau, and as reported last year on this Whirled, have infested the US of A and are posing a serious threat to American exceptionalism. (Apropos of the latter, Salty Droid wrote a short post about Trudeau's thoughts on US immigration policy.) No, this is about extraterrestrials, and Kevin's claims to all sorts of seekrit knowledge about them, as well as his "special" connection with some of them.

Actually, the more I have read about what has been taught in GIN, and Trudeau's ramblings in general, the more I see how much he has borrowed not only from Dianetics and Scientology --
as I discussed at length in this July 2012 blog post -- but also from science fiction movies and kooky conspiracy theories. Of course, he has added his own proprietary touches, as well as a heaping helping of other self-help/motivational/pop-spirituality gurus' work. But the biggest attractant for the GIN faithful is apparently Trudeau himself, with his larger-than-life ego and his phony hero/martyr persona. The sheeple are just eating that stuff up, even now.

Anyway, my correspondent sent me some links to some interviews in which Trudeau elaborated on the "alien DNA" and high-vibe themes. This isn't GIN material, but Trudeau has used some of these interviews to promote GIN. And these are not new interviews; they were recorded in 2010 and 2009. So some of you may already be familiar with them, or at least familiar with Truduau's thoughts and beliefs on aliens and DNA and vibrations and so on. But I did not know about these interviews at the time I wrote my May blog post about True-dough's alien DNA. Moreover, this post is for the benefit of those who are mainly familiar with Trudeau as a con artist, and perhaps not as familiar with him as a purveyor of wackadoodle tales and conspiracy theories.

My May KT-as-ET post was actually inspired by buzz from some of the ex- and soon-to-be-ex-GIN participants, who at the time were chuckling about KT telling his "Inner Circle" members (who had paid either $50,000 or $75,000 for that dubious status) that he had alien DNA, and they did too. Or something like that. But I didn't actually provide any links to hard evidence of him saying these things, because I really didn't have any such evidence. I did provide links to Facebook conversations, but that was just second- or third-hand buzz. And some of the buzz was initiated by Lenny Coldwell, so I wondered if perhaps I should take it with a grain of Himalayan pink salt. I casually asked around the ex-GIN circles for something more concrete, but didn't get anything. And there were so many other ludicrous things about GIN and Trudeau, so many other story angles, that the alien stuff seemed rather trivial by comparison, so I didn't really bother with it much.

The alien material is really nothing new for True-dough, as I now realize. He has been yammering about aliens for several years, and wrote about his take on Area 51 and the alien bodies and so forth in his 2006 magnum dopus, More Natural 'Cures' Revealed. As it happens, that is also where he "revealed" his long-time involvement with a seekrit society called The Brotherhood. Who knew at the time that this tall tale would, within just a few years, form the big hook for his biggest scam of all, GIN? Well, Kevin prolly knew. He and a couple of his marketing scam-buds such as
Mark Scamilton of Neo-Tech notoriety were probably plotting GIN even then. Anyway, here's a paragraph that appears towards the beginning of More Natural 'Cures':
As a member of this secret society I have sat in private meetings with the heads of state from countries around the world. I have attended secret international business meetings where business leaders, politicians, and media moguls coerce together to create the new world order with global control over individual people everywhere. I have been shown and have seen with my own eyes secret government and corporate documents. I have heard with my own ears how BigPharma, the food industry, and the oil industry are working together with governments and media outlets around the world. I have been in over sixty countries, yet there are no stamps of evidence in any of my passports. I have been to Area 51 in Nevada. (This top secret military installation is still denied to exist by the U.S. government.) This is where much of our technology has been developed. Area 51 houses most extraterrestrial artifacts, including a working spacecraft and dead alien bodies. I've seen these things with my own two eyes. As a member of this secret society I was used in covert operations around the world.
And there you have it: many of today's most popular conspiracy theories rolled into one big ball of whacks. It's the kind of stuff on which True-dough and his paranoia-porn colleagues have been capitalizing for years.

Since I am busy and distracted, I'm just going to take the liberty of copying and pasting from the emails I received from my correspondent, who was never a GIN member but is familiar with Trudeau's work. I have edited a little bit for clarity. Again, you may already be familiar with all of this content, but this is for those who aren't, or who just want to review the looniness for sentimental reasons. (And as you will see, I have provided links to this interview so you can listen for yourself and see how accurate my correspondent's summary is.
I apologize in advance for the time you will never get back.) Here goes...
Hi, Connie:
I've read a lot of your recent posts on KT, specifically the one about Kevin claiming to his Inner Circle members that he and they have alien DNA. You said "that does seem a little out-there, even for KT". I don't think that is accurate. Back in 2010 he did an interview with Kate Valentine on the "Kate Valentine UFO Show" which is still up on his site 
Here, or more specifically here.  I made some notes on the interview, although some of the quotes are my paraphrases.

He starts by claiming he visited Area 51. When asked how he was invited to go there, he says, "It's a long story. but I was inducted into an organization called The Brotherhood, which is a secret society." He continues, "It's a group of people who have very high levels of DNA vibration and a lot of them can do certain things." He then references the 2009 movie
Push, and says, "It's a fictitious movie but it has a little truth behind it."

He continues, saying that some people are born naturally with certain abilities; he says you can call them "psychics" or "spoon benders." He says that when these people are located, The Brotherhood takes them in and trains them even more, and they are used in the world for various purposes.

He continues on with all that vibration/frequency stuff and explains how certain DNA frequencies give the person certain gifts like cooking or singing. He says that if you have gifts for using your mind, you are taken into The Brotherhood. He claims that it was in The Brotherhood that he learned the alien technology of how to use your mind.

He then makes further claims that people with this frequency can be found "like beacons of light" and "there is a machine that can find people on the planet who have these "vibratory patterns."

The interview continues, and he talks about how the theory is evolution is all wrong because "the only species that evolves is human beings." And he gives an example of the alligator, which has been an alligator for years. Then he claims that humans have a DNA that is "spliced" and adds that our DNA has been genetically modified at some point in our history. He says that this modification was designed to make us continue to evolve.

He then claims that he learned his "natural cures" from Area 51 and from these extraterrestrial beings. And then he claims, "The brain in your mind itself creates spontaneous healing."

He then addresses the question of when and who did the genetic modification on humans. He explains, "There are a lot of theories on this but if you look at the texts from The Bible, the Sanskrit texts, they all suggest that beings from another planet came to earth. and did DNA modification and thus created man, which is in line with the Biblical account of creation that says 'we created man in our image.' However, he says he really doesn't know who did the genetic modification.

Then he is asked [to tell more] about his visit to Area 51, and he answers, "I was physically there, and they have hangars... people think it's underground but actually they are more off of Area 51. The hangars are a part of the mountain or hill and they are in the side." He continues, "That is where the alien spacecraft is housed, the one that I saw, I don't know if there are more, but that's where the dead aliens use to be housed." He continues, "I was there back in the 80s but I believe that they have spread out and moved the materials to other locations."

He also claims, "The Nazis had a spacecraft as well." And "Because of alien technology they reverse-engineered."

Then a listener emails in a question about vibrations. KT answers by pitching GIN as a "private club," saying, "We teach our members to change their DNA vibration." He adds that GIN members are taught "how to use your mind to broadcast a frequency to get what you want." He also talks about the GIN Council of 29 billionaires. Then he talks about the problems humanity has, since their DNA vibration doesn't match the vibration they are broadcasting. For instance, if someone says ,"I want a Ferrari" or "I can fly," they're not going to achieve that if their vibrations don't match.

Then he is asked if he ever met aliens. He explains, "There are different groups, from different planets, they have their own flaws and are still evolving." He then continues to talk about a particular race of aliens, and says that "what happened with them is that their communication was telepathic instead of verbal and interpersonal, communication was stopped."

Then he talks about problems with our own evolution, with kids not being able to communicate verbally, or people constantly texting (to use one example) instead of calling and talking.

the interviewer asks more about aliens, and Kevin continues to explain, "The alien groups that are on Planet Earth come and go. I have been in contact with two from two different races, face to face." She asks Kevin if they need any special technology to exist in our atmosphere, and he explains, "They look just like us," and he references the Bible quote again: "We made man in our image."

They talk a little bit about t
he Bell Project and the speculation that it was some kind of time travel device. Although I don't think that Kevin claimed to believe that.

After that, the interviewer asks about why the aliens came to earth originally, and Kevin explains, "The first purpose was to mine gold." He explains that this is the case on other planets as well. He says, "Gold has been the metal of the gods." He explains that it has a unique energetic property and that when you have it in your possession -- at least on Planet Earth -- it actually attracts more gold and material wealth.
[Maybe this is why, according to his former marketing guy Peter Wink's testimony to the Federal Trade Commission, KT kept all of those gold bars in his home. Too bad he hasn't been able to attract enough gold to pay that FTC fine! ~CC]

One reason Trudeau says the aliens who were looking for planets with gold chose ours was that they needed slave labor. Also, they needed a place to exist in the future in case their own planet was dying.

Kevin claims that our own DNA was [programmed for slavery], but it would keep evolving to be closer to our alien creators. Obviously this doesn't make sense since he first claimed he didn't know about "when and who did DNA modification" earlier in the interview.

Finally he makes the claim, "I have a particular frequency, I have the ability to read other people's frequency and affect their frequency." And once again he references the move
Push, and says that if you watch it, you'll get a pretty good idea of Kevin's own special skills.

I have watched the movie. Here is the plot summary from IMDB: "Two young Americans with special abilities must race to find a girl in Hong Kong before a shadowy government organization called Division does."

There are some similarities between this movie and what Trudeau claims [about his own past with the Brotherhood, etc.] In the movie there is a secret organization called Division, which gathers kids/teens that have special supernatural abilities abilities, such as fortune telling ("Watchers") or people who can plant thoughts ("Pushers.") Sound familiar? [Several of the plot points seem] very similar to Trudeau's narrative. In any case, much of what he claimed in the interview is common in the conspiracy world anyway. And I would bet he has borrowed from Scientology as well, but haven't looked into it...
My correspondent is of course spot-on about the Scientology derivatives. And I have a very strong feeling that True-dough also borrowed from Mark Scamilton's Neo-Tech/NovaTech/Nouveau Tech for his GIN narrative.

In a subsequent email, my correspondent wrote:

Also just found this interview on UFO Encounters Live with Ronnie McMullen, found here http://www.ktradionetwork.com/press/ or here http://media.podshow.com/media/21081/episodes/193507/kevintrudeau-193507-10-23-2009_pshow_ 325300.mp3
Fast Forward to the 15:00 mark, where he starts talking about secret societies and aliens, underground bases, railroads, and his special abilities.

He had another appearance on that show but it seems to be taken down, and the only way to get it is through the other site, and you have to pay $5. It can be found here: 
http://www.ufoencounterslive.com/earlier_shows.htm 10/16/10 is the date to look for if you are interested.

This interview seems to confirm his belief in "abilities" of being able to heal people as he talks to them -- or, as he lately is calling it, "energetic work" [which you can experience] if you donate [$5,000] or more to his legal defense fund.
Whining and begging and rants, oh my!
And speaking of that legal defense fund -- a ploy Trudeau has been using for years to extract still more money from people --
my correspondent also commented on the recent news that Trudeau is back with his radio show and with renewed efforts to beg for money for this fund. Of this video posted on YouTube on November 8, my commenter writes:
He is promoting a new site for his legal defense fund found here. He says says he is "facing a 30 day jail sentence which is on appeal," and "facing a huge criminal case." Then he begs for money with the usual [lines]: "I fight the government for you." And, "How would you like to be facing 10 years in jail because you wrote a book?" At times he seems to get real mad, and constantly looks away in other directions as he says, "I am facing 10 years in prison." And he goes on about how, "You need to make a donation; it's the only way I can continue with this." And, "I know you can afford $100, $500, $2,500, or $10,000 or $20,000 or $50,000." The rest is just typical [KT radio show] trash.

You even have a chance make monthly donations to the great cause. If you donate $5,000 or more, you can maybe get a chance to do some "energy work" with True-dough and experience some of his special abilities for yourself. Oh, boy! And by the way, my correspondent was, if anything, understating the content of that video linked to in the paragraph preceding the block quote. Trudeau really does seem angry, and repeatedly talks about the sacrifices he is making for us, and the fact that he has to deal with things such as armed Federal agents knocking down his door. It's the same thing we've heard and seen over and over and over -- though admittedly he's been looking a little more pale, thin, and scared in his latest vids. But apparently there are people who are still buying into the mythology, embracing the First Amendment Stuporhero.

Trudeau also seems to really be playing on a lot of New-Wagey-woo stuff these days, even more than usual. And his enablers are encouraging this every step of the way. Among other things, some people seem to believe,
or at least they are pretending to believe, that Trudeau has the ability to "clear negative energy," and evidently he teaches controversial techniques for doing so, some of which are based on Dianetics and Scientology. As one of True-dough's B-team bitches, Fred Van Liew, wrote on a recent Facebook thread on the GIN International page (and I can't link to it because I don't have access; for some reason, they kicked me out soon after I joined):

KT has always had the ability to take the good and leave the negatives behind. He has literally saved the lives of scores of women who were going to die if they continued their lifestyle by putting them through what has shown itself to be a consistently effective detox and lifestyle change mechanism. How do you fault that?

Why did he single out women? I wondered when I read that. But maybe I don't want to know. In any case, someone else added to the thread:

From what I know about KT, and [his] trainings, I think he is an angel sent to us. I am very blessed to be a GIN Member and to have KT's training audios.

Jesus Christ on a bicycle, that is disturbing.

Nutcake or sociopath? World traveler or fugitive?
So the big question for me is this: How much of this stuff does True-dough really believe, and how much is he just yanking people's chains, simply because he can? Is he really nuts, or is he just a sociopath who appeals to nuts (as well as a surprising number of perfectly sane people)? What do you think?
Meanwhile, the fate of GIN is up in the air. Despite the great hopes of a few folks that Ryan's and Abe's story would mark the absolute and instant end of GIN, the tale is far from over. Even some of the ex-GIN are saying GIN was a good idea that was ruined only by Kevin Trudeau's greed. And some say the "club" would still stand a chance without KT at the helm. I disagree on several counts. I disagree that GIN was a good idea (well, as anything but a social club), and I disagree with the notion that GIN could survive without Trudeau. To a very large extent, GIN is and has always been about Kevin Trudeau. And there's far too much of a culty aspect to GIN -- something Trudeau was very careful to create and nurture. He has always been all about selling himself as well as selling frauducts and flopportunities.*

For the time being, he may have to stick to selling himself from somewhere in Europe or elsewhere outside of the United States, because the Feds in the US are after his a$$ big time. And if he doesn't show up for his November 20 court hearing -- absent another stall by his lawyers, or his decision to actually cough up the $37.6 million fine to the Federal Trade Commission -- he's going to be a man on the run for a long time to come.
[See PPS, below. ~ CC]

As of now, he is reportedly in Switzerland for some already-scheduled GIN trainings. Apparently he has a full schedule for several weeks; there are Level II and Level III "trainings" scheduled in Zurich for December 15.
Here's the Event Information Page linked to in the email sent out to GIN members, although frankly, it seems to be very little information and mostly paranoid and sinister disclaimer:

This system is the sole property of the Global Information Network. All related resources are provided only for authorized use of its members. All systems may be monitored for all lawful purposes, including to ensure that their use is authorized, for management of the system, to facilitate protection against unauthorized access.

Monitoring includes testing to verify the security of this system. During monitoring, information may be examined, recorded, copied and used for authorized purposes. All information, including personal information, placed on or sent over this system may be monitored. Use of this system, authorized or unauthorized, constitutes consent to monitoring of this system.

Unauthorized use may subject you to criminal prosecution. Evidence of unauthorized use collected during monitoring may be used for administrative, criminal or adverse action. Use of this system constitutes consent to monitoring for these purposes.
Gosh, that makes me want to sign right up! By the way, all of the actual registration information, and most of the other stuff on that site, is in French. How very cosmopolitan.

So will True-dough stay in Europe and be a fugitive from justice? [See PPS, below. ~ CC] Or will he pay up? It doesn't seem to matter. My guess is that no matter what happens, the sheeple will still continue to follow him,
looking up to him as their high-freq leader, their hero who is willing to take a bullet for them, their angel with alien DNA.

And that's pretty pathetic.

Here's the link again to the 2010 interview I cited at length above:
Show: The Kate Valentine UFO Show
Website: www.AtlanticCoastUFOs.com
Play Interview with Kevin Trudeau: 12-17-10

PS ~ If you share some of those beliefs about aliens and conspiracies and so forth yourself, I apologize for stepping on your toes, but I respectfully suggest that you avail yourself of some Skeptical Inquirer and Skeptic magazine. They don't have all the answers either -- nor do they pretend to -- but a little more reading of the skeptical material and a little less of KT'S and Fred Van Loony's outrageous claims (as well as the claims of various health quacks) could have probably saved a lot of people a lot of money and emotional investment. Science can be as much fun as science fiction, and in my opinion it does not put a damper on the sense of wonder we all crave, but enhances it.

PPS, November 20, 2012 ~ I prolly overstated that whole "fugitive from justice" thing, since contrary to what I had previously been told by an increasingly unreliable source, Trudeau was not necessarily required to appear at that hearing. As of now I don't know the latest status, but my guess is that there was another continuance or some other stall, and there's no immediate danger of KT being thrown in the clink.
* July 2014 update: I later changed my mind about GIN not being able to survive without Trudeau. Though it may never enjoy the success of its glory days, there are currently some dedicated Trudeau buds trying to carry on the proud tradition.

More True-dough on this Whirled:

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Trudeau drank the same cool aid as Gary Doulas, David Wolfe and David Wilcock. They think they have alien DNA too. o_O Good. Go home Aliens!

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