Friday, March 16, 2012

Yes, I'm still here

Oh, Good Goddess. I just signed into Blogger for the first time in weeks, and saw a bunch of comments waiting to be moderated. And publish them I did, even those that were calling me to task for one thing or another.

My sincerest apologies to all of you for the delay. As I may have mentioned before, I used to get notifications of comments regularly at my email address,, which I check many times every day. Once upon a time, I could easily publish comments with just a couple of clicks in the body of the email. But Blogger has been very weird about that for the past few months, and now I mostly have to sign in to see and publish comments. Since I have been very busy once again with paying projects (and of course, I'm not complaining!), I have been neglecting my Whirled, and hadn't even bothered to sign in to Blogger for several weeks.

So, again, I apologize, and please know that I appreciate your participation. And for those who may have been hoping that I've decided to give up on this snarky forum altogether, dream on. You can keep on doing your "cleaning" and "clearing" and other superstitious rituals, or you can pay con artists and witch doctors to do the cleaning and clearing for you, but I have no intention of abandoning these Musings. I have numerous posts in the hopper, and I intend for them to see the light of day. So hang on. I'm just gathering strength for the next onslaught.

Meanwhile, I can't recommend this post highly enough. It's from my considerably more focused blogging colleague, Salty Droid. It's all about the impotence of the US FTC and other bodies that are supposedly here to protect us from the scammers. Read it. Now. Here it is again:

And I'll be back here as soon as I can.