Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Kevin Trudeau update: Katie still caged, awaiting next hearing, while GINtervenors and receiver duke it out on paper

[NOTE: Be sure to see the January 30 updates, below. ~CC]

On Thursday, January 30, which, as I am initially publishing this post, is tomorrow ("only a day awaaaaay"), serial scammer Kevin Trudeau is due in Judge Gettleman's civil court again for another status hearing. During that hearing, presumably, a few big issues will be decided, including the fate of Ohio Global Information Network (GIN) member Perry Kiraly's "Intervenor" movement,
which first hit the civil docket on November 18, 2014.

But before I go any further, this just in: Judge Ronald Guzman, who is presiding over the criminal contempt case (for which Katie is currently scheduled to be sentenced on March 17), has just signed an order denying
his previous motion for acquittal. Here's the link to that document.
(And here's a link to the report by NBC5 in Chicago.)

The past couple of days have been busy ones, court-wise, as numerous documents have been filed in preparation for Thursday's civil case hearing. Apart from the huge ongoing issue of Katie's hidden assets, of which the receiver has still apparently been able to retrieve only a small portion, there's the big scavenger fight over the ultimate ownership of GIN.

I went to PACER and grabbed a bunch of stuff from Monday, January 27 and Tuesday, January 28. I shared them on the GIN Network Truth group on Facebook the afternoon of the 28th, and have since uploaded them to Scribd as well. They're in four groups, as follows:

1. The receiver's "sur-reply" (which just means an additional reply) to the intervenors (Perry Kiraly and gang).
Filed January 27, 2014. Here is that link:

The receiver calls out Perry for trying to influence people to quit GIN so its value will go down and Perry and gang can buy it cheap. The receivers also seem a little p.o.'d at Perry for what they see as his misrepresentations of their actions and intentions. There's a little legal saber-rattling at the end of the reply, too; this is from page 9 of 10 on Document 812-1, filed on January 27, 2014.

To be certain, to the extent that evidence bears out efforts by an individual or individuals to financially ruin GIN by intentionally interfering with GIN’s relationship with its customers in order to suppress its value and force a fire sale of its assets, the Receiver reserves all rights to bring appropriate claims, including for tortious interference. Notwithstanding such reservation, out of an appreciation of the sometimes extreme passion of GIN’s membership, the Receiver has demonstrated substantial restraint in not pressing its full array of legal remedies against a myriad of parties that have defamed the Receiver and inappropriately interfered with the receivership.
I suspect that they are not only thinking of Perry and gang but also of the loudest mouths in the GIN destroyer camp, e.g., former Katie b.f.f. Mocktor Loony Coldwell and Peter Wink, who have been slamming the receiver non stop for months (at least since September of last year).

More recently Peter has just been snarking about the receiver's hefty fees.

While I seriously doubt that Winkwell's intentions are in any way altruistic, I support anyone's right to snark. It's up to the receiver to decide whether the ramblings of C-list scammers and their enablers are even worth their time and effort. The receiver does seem openly concerned about Perry's gang, though.

I am a little surprised that the receiver didn't make a thing out of the fact that the replies regarding the motion to intervene were due on January 17 and were not filed (by Perry's lawyer) until January 20. The receiver mentioned all of these dates in their sur-reply, but didn't make an issue of it.

[SPOILER ALERT, added 30 January: The GINtervenors lost. See update below. ~CC]

2. The FTC's statement in advance of the hearing that is coming up on Thursday, Jan. 30. Filed January 28, 2014. Here is that link.
The Feds wanted to get some more digs in at Katie to prove their point that his contempt is particularly contemptible and he belongs in a cage. There's nothing particularly new here, but they do a pretty good job of driving their point home.

3. The long-awaited receiver's second report, where they go on about what they've been up to for the past couple of months, and how much it is going to cost.
Here is that link.

This is what has had Wink's panties in a wad for the past few days, and his and Loony's panties in a wad for the past few months. And Perry's panties too, for that matter. And the panties of many who only wish they were making that kind of money. And I'm sorry that I got you started thinking about any of their panties.
But since I'm already on that track, here's this, which you may have seen before. I bet it's a real hot seller.

Although I think the receiver has made a pretty good case against the Intervenors, I did raise my eyebrow at their statement that GIN has been profitable for the past few months. The footnote explains that the figures they offered to back up that statement do not include their fees.
The receiver also came out and said that there are currently three groups or parties vying for GIN, or at least for its intellectual property. My current best guess, based "upon information and belief," as the lawyerly types like to say, is that if the receiver's statement is accurate, the three are:
1. The Kramer brothers, owners of the GIN store. Greg Kramer is currently head of the new Leadership Roundtable, but that doesn't rule out his competing for rights to GIN. And he does have a lot invested in GIN as a brand.
2. Jeff Devine and Coral Thomas (she is a life-coach scammer and long-time Katie supporter).
3. Perry and his gang.
But hey, I'm willing to change my opinion as new gossip and informed opinions from surprising sources reach my ears.

4. Perry Kiraly et al.'s response to the receiver's sur-reply. Here is that link.

This was filed later in the day on January 28, and among other things the motion accuses the receiver of improperly filing the sur-reply, not addressing the issues, and continuing to hide his (the receiver's) "true motives." I also noticed that Perry (or rather his Shimko) claimed not to know anything about The Hybrid Group, which is Jeff Devine's company and has been in the picture since GIN began. As noted above, Jeff is reportedly one of the parties interested in buying GIN. The Shimko calls The Hybrid Group "a newly identified group...about whom nobody seems to know anything." Shimko, you haven't been doing your homework.

At any rate, the scrappy Shimko is in full dramatic mode, winding up with an entreaty to the court to "let in the 'sunshine'" -- which invariably brings to mind that famous song from the tribal love-rock musical Hair.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, propaganda efforts continue from the aforementioned Blights of the Roundtable, the newly appointed "leadership" in the struggling GIN. On Sunday afternoon, January 26, Roundtable member and passionate Katie supporter Nancy Ashley sent out an email blast with a couple of hilarious audios attached. Unfortunately part of the auds were lost in transmission, but I was able to grab a portion of one. First here's the email...
From: EmpoweringDreams
To: empoweringdreams
Sent: Sun, Jan 26, 2014 12:50 pm
Subject: Action Call for KT

Hello Awesome Ones,

Below is a link to two snippets of a Call to Action Conference Call last night from Dr. Tom Morter, Ed Foreman and Coral Thomas, The Secret to Life Coaching. They are in LA doing a Fund Raiser for KT, and the first short audio is from Dr. Tom explaining the URGENT need right now for this Call to Action, and the second audio is a very short clip from Ed Foreman and then Coral Thomas explaining how you can participate in this call to action............ and what win/win benefits are available to you.

To contribute, go to www.ktlegaldefense dot com and make the contribution you select from what Coral explains is available on the second audio.

After you contribute, please email ktlegaldefense at (Janine), and tell her you are contributing from my email for The Secret to Life Coaching Company, and she will know what win/win "benefits" your contribution is entitled to.......

So please listen to the two very short audios below ........ the first is from Dr. Tom, and the second is a very short clip of Ed Foreman, and then Coral explaining the ways to contribute and what amazing things have happened since she started coaching with KT............. and you'll see why a Council spot in The Secret to Life's Coaching Company is a very timely "gem".

Link to both audios:
[NOTE: link in email no longer works. ~CC]
Love you all and thank you for your time,

Nancy Ashley, President and Founder
The Ashley International Group, Inc. ~ in 53 Countries
Marketing Evolutionary Health and Wealth Concepts
And here's a link to the audio.

The voice on the audio is that of Katie's long time fishing buddy and enabler, Dr. Tom Morter, who runs scams of his own but whose platform was expanded greatly because of his association with Katie and GIN. He talks about how Katie is walking the talk, and is making the best out of things despite being trapped in a cage, subjected to bad food and regular full-body strip searches. And he emphasizes that Katie is not the selfish, greedy person that the folks on the Interwebz are claiming. The Interwebz Katie is not the real Katie, sez Dr. Tom. As proof of his statement he tells a story of how Kevin gave warm coats and blankets to the homeless a few years ago during the cold Chicago winter. And this was while Kevin was at the height of his career and in full glory as the Infomercial King. He didn't have to even say boo to the bums, but he gave of himself to help those down-on-their-luck losers (which was what he probably really thought of them -- not what I personally think of people who are broken and disenfranchised).

Listening to the heartwarming tale, I had this eerie feeling of deja screw... and then I remembered Peter Wink telling me a very similar story about Joe "Mr. Fire" Vitale a few years ago. Joe has been a frequent snarget on this Whirled. Peter told me about Joe handing out money to the homeless on the streets of downtown Chicago, no questions asked. It seems that the downtrodden of Chicago are a handy prop for certain Scamworld gurus.

Peter was telling me this story in a deliberate effort to give me a more balanced picture of Joe; I suppose he felt a little guilty about all of the snarky things he'd said about him to me, things that he knew I was going to write about on my blog. And he was still trying to stay on pretty good terms with Joe at the time; even though they'd had a stormy breakup when Peter went to work for Kevin, he and Joe had more or less made up and were apparently planning some ventures together.

Anyway, here's what I wrote,
back in April of 2010, and it seems to apply to Kevin as well.

Where self-help gurus are concerned, though, Peter said there are other unpublicized everyday acts of kindness. He spoke, for example, of times he walked through the streets of downtown Chicago with Joe, and Joe would just hand out money to homeless people, no questions asked. Again, I have no problem letting anyone know about things like that. Nor do I have a problem with Peter’s attempt to present a more nuanced view of Joe and other industry leaders. In my observation, however, few critics of the New-Wage leaders actually think the gurus are completely heartless and selfish; that’s really not the point of their criticism. The question is: Do these acts of kindness and generosity make up for the extravagant promises and unfounded claims about products, services, and events? Or for the greed and the egotism? Or for the lamentable way some of these folks treat those closest to them? Or, in some cases, for the real harm they do to others?

I'm thinking that most critics would say no.
Yeah. What I said. There are few things more disingenuous than conspicuous altruism by proxy, where the conspicuous altruist doesn't do his or her own bragging but leaves it to others to do it. It's a transparent ploy, generally used when the apologists know that really don't have much to work with.So what do I think of these latest developments in the ongoing GIN saga? I think the whole "hidden motives" meme re the receiver is mostly histrionics from those who want to continue to milk the GIN cash cow. The receiver is still following a court order, and of course they're going to want their piece of the pie for the work they've done -- but ultimately Kevin is to blame for all of that. And I think that for the most part those who are scrapping over GIN, and some of those watching from the sidelines while flogging their own seekrit societies, are scammers or schemers in their own right, some worse than others. The IMBS-ers are among the worst of all of the sideliners, in my opinion -- for many reasons, but most notably the Coldwell factor. And I still find it amusing that Loony C is so full of schadenfreude that he is practically selling tickets to his ex-b.f.f.'s court appearances. These are from January 22...

In this part of the thread, Loony C appears to be celebrating the
fact that everybody in GIN lost money (see his last comment).
However, I think he probably meant to say that it was a good thing
that the previous commenter, Dana A, never had enough money to
join GIN because everyone who did join lost money.
But Loony doesn't understand basic punctuation so his comments
are often very difficult to understand. In addition, he often
gloats over the misfortunes (real or imagined) of those who disagree
with him, so it's not surprising that some people may have
misinterpreted this comment.

I have no delusions that the Feds are heroes in this whole thing, although I do think that certain individuals who have been fighting this battle all along -- since long before the self-serving "GIN destroyers" came into the picture -- are actually concerned for consumers who may have been screwed by Katie. But I also think that at the same time the court is trying to decide Katie's fate, it is, unwittingly or not, presiding over the building of a new, refined, legal scam. And I have the feeling that GIN will live on, in one form or another, and the big sick machine will just go on and on and on.

Meanwhile, the entertainment continues. Stay tuned...

Update, 30 January 2014
Things didn't go so well for Katie today in court. No new court docs on PACER as of now (6:00 PM CST) but I'm watching for them. Meanwhile, here's Jason Meisner at the Chicago Tribune with his account. Seems that despite those feel-good posts that Janine has been spitting out, Katie would rather be waterboarded than stay in the MCC another minute.

Here's the report from Phil Rogers at NBC5 in Chicago.
And here's James Hill at (Hill produced the Lookout episodes last year slamming Katie and GIN.)

One totally unsurprising bit is that the judge denied the GINtervenors' motion. According to the ABC piece...
In court today, the judge denied a motion to intervene in the case brought by two-dozen members of GIN who had accused the receiver of “draining and diverting” the organization’s resources to finance the receiver’s quest for Trudeau’s assets to pay off  his debts.
“It’s too late,” Gettleman said, before abruptly cutting off the group’s attorney.
So after all of the histrionics -- the dramatic references to sturm und drang, the pleas to "let the sunshine in," and so forth -- that scrappy little Shimko was defeated, and Perry and his pals are stuck with a big legal bill. 

* * * * *
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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Kevin Trudeau update: GINtervenors reply with fail-whale of a document, as Loony C makes more daft predictions

While serial scammer Kevin Trudeau sits in a cage in Chicago's MCC awaiting his sentencing on the criminal contempt charge (said sentencing has reportedly been moved to March 17, 2014, though I still have seen no docket entry to verify this) [see update below. ~CC], the paper shuffling continues in the civil case. As expected, a document was filed yesterday, January 20, by GINtervenors Perry Kiraly and gang's lawyers, the Shimkos, with the unwieldy title of, "Intervenor's Reply to FTC's Opposition to Intervenor's Motion to Intervene."
Busy Prepositions, Batman! That's a whole lotta "to's" in one title.

Here is a direct link to the document. If you don't feel up to reading it at the moment, you have the option of just settling back and letting me blab on about it for a while. Or you can go do something useful. I won't be offended.

As you know if you've been keeping up here and/or on Facebook, I've been snarking about Perry being a drama queen, but when you read the document it is clear that Perry's Shimkos are drama queens too. The doc starts right off accusing the FTC of engaging in sturm und drang in its statement of opposition to the motion to intervene (filed on 20 December, 2013). I assume that this is a fancy-shmancy way of declaring that the FTC's opposition was a tad overwrought. The usage of sturm und drang in this context seems to be a tad overwrought too, but I digress.

Click to enlarge. A close-up of the page
that the fail-whale is holding in its mouth
in the graphic above.

The Shimko argues so passionately, almost as if he really believes what he is arguing, and it must be said again that I am not a qualified lawyer-ish person so I don't know the legal fine points, but it still seems to me that this document is totally missing the point, if I may err on the side of egregious understatement. Even though it seems that at least the Shimkos are finally trying to clarify why they believe that Perry and gang have "standing" in this case despite serious GIN ownership issues, it also seems that they are failing miserably. Perhaps the Shimkos just need to go back and read the hundreds and hundreds of pages of court docs that seem to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that GIN is owned by Katie (or, rather his wife, who now seems to be hiding out in Ukraine), and controlled by Katie. Therefore it was and is part of the receivership.

It's not that I blame the Shimkos for being confused. All of Katie's business affairs were set up to be confusing. But it seems that a lawyer should have a better understanding of these things. Or maybe I'm the dense one and just not reading things correctly. If so, I am in good company because the FTC lawyers are equally dense, so I don't feel so bad.

The Shimko also takes umbrage at the FTC's declaration, in their opposition to the motion to intervene, that the GIN MLM was a pyramid scheme and thus illegal, and therefore the Intervenors themselves are/were pyramid scheme participants. I wrote about that on this December 22 post. For now the point is moot because the MLM part of GIN has been suspended, but it appears to me that the Shimko was distorting and misrepresenting the FTC's declarations. To begin with, he accused the FTC of calling the Perry and his fellow Intervenors "ponzi scheme participants." Actually, no. The FTC called them "pyramid scheme participants." There is a difference between a Ponzi scheme and a pyramid scheme.

On the other hand, the FTC was a bit snarky about Perry and his pals, as reflected in the title I gave my December 22 post. And that hint of snarkiness opened the door for the Shimko to be dramatic and accuse the FTC of waging an ad hominem attack on his client. In any case, the court will ultimately be the one to decide on the legality or illegality of the GIN MLM.

* * * * *

When I read this latest court document, one of the first things that struck me was that it seemed to contradict Perry's and one of his Shimko's clear implications in recent communications that they are ready to give up the ghost with GIN. But then I thought, "Hey, maybe they are simply trying to keep their options open and get in the last word as they are legally allowed to do --- or rather, the second to the last word." As I just mentioned, the court has the final say on all of this stuff (unless of course there are appeals). Presumably major decisions will be made on January 30, when the next court hearing is scheduled.

At any rate, Perry's latest updates sent in the wake of that filing indicate that he and his pals are indeed going full speed ahead with their new club, the World Information Network, or WIN. More on that in a moment.

I noticed too that this latest court document is much more of a direct attack on the receiver than was the original motion to intervene (even though from the beginning the intervention was listed as being specifically against Robb Evans & Associates, LLC (the receiver)). Of course that is understandable, considering all of the missives that have flown back and forth since November 18 (
when the motion to intervene was filed). It appears that once the Shimkos detected that they really didn't have a place at the negotiating table, as they had apparently believed originally (or at least had communicated to their client), they changed their tune.

As I have also mentioned before, it seems that in the past couple of months, a whole new meme has grown up around the receiver being the real "GIN destroyer," as opposed to others who have claimed that title for themselves. Perry and some of his fellow GINtervenors have gone on and on about how the club was so fine until the receiver took over with his bad vibes.
As I noted in my previous post, even Katie's former marketing director Peter Wink, and Katie's former b.f.f. Leonard Coldwell, have been ragging on the receiver for a few months -- at least since September of last year. Much more recently, Peter even wrote that it is the receiver who destroyed GIN.

But I think that by now, many of us know who the real GIN destroyer was and is: Katie himself. With the help of his professional asset planners, he created GIN and at the same time -- either consciously or simply through his own arrogance and greed -- he planted the seeds of its destruction, nurturing those seeds from day one. The FTC and receiver deserve the lion's share of the rest of the credit (or blame, depending upon your perspective) for destroying GIN.

I noticed too that in the court doc, the Shimko snarks about the receiver letting the FTC do the real work in crafting the opposition to the motion to intervene, with the receiver merely filing a brief "me-too" document at "the eleventh hour." I feel obligated to point out that the Shimko also waited until past the eleventh hour to file his reply to the opposition. As I have mentioned a few times, the reply was due by January 17 (according to the civil case docket), and yet it was filed on January 20. This may not matter, and the Shimko did tell Perry in advance that he would have a reply filed by January 20. But unless the deadline really is NBD, it seems that the FTC and receiver could make a thing of it, and the court could decide that the document was filed too late.

I think I understand why attorneys on both sides wait until the eleventh hour to file in cases where pertinent info surfaces nearly every day, but the point is that the Shimko had no room to snark about this point.

The document contains several boring case precedents, as court docs invariably do. Precedents are like the soggy vegetables on your plate when you're a kid -- good for you, and prolly necessary for a balanced diet, but not nearly as interesting as the meat or the dessert. But I found one of the listed case precedents to be amusing, and so did my pal Tim Donohoe, who wrote:

Let's hope he [the Shimko] takes this argument to its logical conclusion.

[Quoting from the court document]
"The Receiver’s actions in cancelling
[GIN] events is akin to the claimed injury in Japan Whaling Ass’n v. Am. Cetacean Soc’y, 478 U.S. 221 (U.S. 1986) wherein it was held that plaintiffs therein undoubtedly 'alleged a sufficient injury in fact in that the whale watching and studying of their members would be adversely affected by continued whale harvesting."

What he really means is that while GIN is being picked to death, all the ex gin scammers are out scamming all the whales, leaving nothing left for GIN's upper levels.
Yeah, that sounds about right. Great cetacean, Shimkos! I mean, great citation.
Here's a close-up shot of the citation (and cetacean) we're talking about, so you can get a better idea of the context.

Of course you probably need to read the court doc in its entirety, if you're interested, so you can make up your own mind about what's going on. And you really should read the document, because despite my snarking and my general cynicism about GIN and any attempt to form an alternative club, the GIN members did get screwed. They got screwed by Kevin and his cronies, though even at this late date some will not admit it. But I don't blame them for feeling that they are now being screwed by the FTC, the receiver, and the courts. And as snarkworthy as so many parts of this latest doc are, it does make the point that the real winners, income-wise, in this whole sorry saga are the lawyers and, more recently, the receiver.

* * * * *

Not surprisingly, Perry sent out an update in response to the latest court docs.
From: Perry Kiraly
Date: January 21, 2014 at 12:31:47 PM EST
To: undisclosed-recipients
Subject: SWGF/WIN Update 01-21-14 Motion Filed - WIN Launched


January 21, 2014

Dear Fellow GIN Members,

This update contains the most important documents released to date. Documents that will affect the future of our club and the Members in many ways.

These documents were sent yesterday but are resent again today for four very important reasons. Read each of them carefully.

  1. The attached motion and accompanying declaration that was filed in the court on 01-20-14 will affect the future legal standing of all GIN Members and their rightful ownership of our club's property.
  2. The motion and attached updates bring crystal public clarity to the true intentions of Perry Kiraly and the SWGF, and Mr. Timothy Shimko (the attorney retained by Perry Kiraly and the many club Members and speakers backing the SWGF).
  3. The updates contain the Website address of the newly established legal entity by which our club will continue and build from this point on free from interference as the World Information Network Foundation LTD / or WIN See
  4. The accounts are set up to process your credit cards or other forms of payment where 100% of the funds received will be used for the costs associated with the continuance and rebuilding of our great club.
Read each of the attached documents closely. Then act. The instructions of what to do now are in the updates.

Thank you,

Perry Kiraly
Items 1 and 2 are the court docs I've been yammering on about. As noted at the beginning of this post, you can read them here. Item 3 concerns recent communication, including a letter Perry sent yesterday to rally the troops and put a totally positive spin on the January 20 court docs.

At least it seems clear that Perry remains unmoved by the lame efforts of the IBMS Master's Society shills to get him to come on'a their house. He and the gang appear to be going full speed ahead with WIN. The nascent web site is simmering with its own sturm und drang, complete with lofty words and a pic of what appears to be something burning.

In all fairness I should note that the Shimkos and Perry do not have a monopoly on drama queendom and snide remarks. As noted above, the FTC's lawyers have similarly engaged, as have Katie and his legal team. That's the real reason I find these court documents so entertaining -- that, and the inescapable fact that I am easily amused.

Meanwhile, in other GIN scavenger circles...
You may have seen this email that went out to the GIN membership this past weekend from the fabled GIN Leadership Roundtable (LRT), whose names are finally revealed.

Dear GIN Members and Associates,
While we are still in the process of defining our priorities for the next few months, the Leadership Roundtable (LRT) Members would like to submit a collaborative, unified view to you, as a GIN club Member or Associate in good standing. The purpose of our letter is to make our position clear, and to communicate that we are fundamentally interested in the well-being of many, not the interests of a few.

First of all, who are we? The LRT consists of both of GIN’s previous Member Advisory Board and Affiliate Advisory Board Members that were voted on by membership, or appointed by the club Members who expressed interest in continuing to serve our club. Many of the nine of us have been in GIN since the onset of our club. We are Members that have shown our commitment to the club over the years in a number of ways. We are NOT a group that has been appointed by the Receivers, nor do we represent their views. We are NOT a board of directors, NOR are we self-appointed.

We, as a group of Members, are interested in the continuity, and ultimate thriving of our club, and are open to what changes may transpire after the club transitions. In keeping with the intent of GIN’s original Advisory Boards purpose, our desire is that your views and wishes are heard, and impact the direction that GIN takes. Since our priority is to keep the club’s principles and beliefs whole, and allow what GIN stands for to remain intact, we accept the challenge to assist and represent you, in the context of completing our commitment to our previous advisory board’s term. While we are not presently privy to most of the information at GIN Headquarters, our goal as leaders on the LRT is to achieve as much transparency and accountability to GIN’s Members and Associates as beneficially possible and as soon as possible.

It is apparent in our exchanges, both informally among each other, and during our formal inaugural January 9th meeting, that all the LRT Members feel love, respect, and trust for each of you . . . Members and Associates committed to our club. Each of us is genuinely interested, and united in achieving the well-being and continuity of this club. The respect we have for each other, and for the tenacity of our entire club community acting in good faith, remains a constant.

Until recently, there has not been any clarity on the potential "how" during the process of much change, over which none of us had any control. We believe and realize that the best and most viable option to ensure future growth and success of our club is for the Members and Associates to buy it from the Receivers. We are also interested in promoting hope, belief, and excitement for a future GIN owned, and run, by its Members. In the interest of keeping our club healthy and to encourage momentum, we support continuing to pay our monthly dues. Yes, we know some of the money may pay the Receiver’s expenses, but we choose to FOCUS ON WHAT WE WANT, knowing that the future is OURS to write. Any short term decisions can and will be revisited once we have control of the club, so please do not concern yourself with doom and gloom others may be preaching. Those of you who are familiar with the training and use of the words “Cancel, Cancel,” may want to use this to clear the rats out of your head.

Additionally, we as a group of nine committed Members and leaders, speak in a unified voice in stating we are not in general support of those among us who are propagating fear and loss. To those few individuals we say “CANCEL, CANCEL.” To quote from the Myth Busters, “I reject your reality and substitute my own.” The New Year will bring Hope, Life, and Love for GIN.

Again, buying the club is really a no-brainer. Starting over from scratch would be immensely time consuming and a huge and expensive undertaking. Without the basis and infrastructure in place, there would be a need to invest a substantial amount of time and energy to re-build, find, or create: a new Success Mastery Course, the IT infrastructure, the video webinars, the live seminars, the already trained staff, the vendors, the speakers, and on and on. While a degree of rebuilding will be necessary in whichever scenario the club membership chooses, our desire is to have the least amount of disruption in the interest of ensuring the stability and continuity of our club.

One of the outcomes of our January 9th meeting was to endorse the formation of a new website devoted to bringing our Members and Associates together in unity and make a bid to buy the club. We hope this will be accomplished in the next seven days. To reiterate, in keeping with the positive energy and communicative style the LRT wishes to convey, we want to make information available to you as soon as beneficially possible.

You are welcome to ask any questions you may have using the "Member Advisory" (note this is for Members only) section on the Online Community of the GIN Website, which had already been set up to provide feedback. If the answer is available (note that we do not have access to any financial or legal information of the club) and the question is positive in nature, we will do our utmost to answer as soon as possible. We will make available additional information, including a website financed by an LRT Member shortly.

We are grateful to our Chairman, Greg Kramer, for his ongoing commitment, tenacity, and love for our club. These characteristics have been displayed by each of the LRT Members, including our Co-Chair Bob Shontz. Note that LRT membership consists of three One-Star Platinums, a Member of GIN's speaker faculty, a Go-Getter, and many Inner Circle Members. All are Level VI Members or Level VI Candidates, and all were elected GIN Advisory Board Members.

Whatever the club’s overall Members collectively create, and whatever transpires, at this time the nine of us feel blessed to have the opportunity to work alongside each other, as a Member of, and in service to, our fine club. We thank you for your continued support and look forward to a great 2014!

Sincerely yours,

GIN Leadership Roundtable
Greg Kramer, Chairman
Bob Shontz, Co-Chairman
Marjorie Alayon
Nancy Ashley
JoAnn Brownell
Phil Catalano
Roevel Guzman
Jacques Patenaude
Eli Rook
Word has it that two folks who had been named to the LRT have already resigned their positions because they're tired of the b.s. Their names do not appear on this list. I guess they took another look at the drivel that's oozing out of the GIN offices and said, "CANCEL, CANCEL."

Coldwell the Maleficent
Meanwhile, Germany's answer to the late Johnny Carson's fortuneteller character
Carnac the Magnificent, Mocktor Loony Coldwell, is making predictions about the upcoming hearing on January 30. Here, unedited, is a January 16 prognostication:

Here is my prediction: on January fist the closing of Gin will be finalized. Many Gin staff and speakers will be personally indicted. Trudeau will never ever see the light of day again. St Patricks day will be just the beginning of the end for inmate # 18046036.
Ah, Loony, Loony. Schadenfreude is such an awful color on you. Stick to pink and aqua. But come to think of it, you wouldn't look bad in orange.

I believe that by "January fist" the little man actually meant "February first," but I could be wrong. Perhaps he is making some retro-prediction, or he is thinking of January 1, 2015. And maybe he is obsessed with fists for some reason. Come to think of it, that's not the first Facebook post in which he has talked about fists. I wonder why he is so interested in them.
This might explain things a little.

In a subsequent post on the same thread Loony wrote that he's taking bets about his predictions, and he brags about having all of the inside, behind-the-scenes knowledge (the knowledge that all of the "wannabe's" don't possess), and he also warns that more arrests are forthcoming. Here's a closer-up shot of that thread:

Since then, Loony has been busy on Facebook with more rants and opinions about the "big legal judgement [sic] day" that is coming. Naturally he listed the new Leadership Roundtable members as being conspirators to keep the "criminal organization" going on. He declares that the GIN shell is now "the perfect breading found [sic] for more potential crimes and fraud." (Screen shot below; from one of his rants earlier today, 21 January). It's not that I disagree with the contention that GIN is composed of lies and liars. That's a given. But when Loony talks about those issues, it's another pot-and-kettle deal.

That's it for now, Dear Ones. It's back to work on real, paying projects for me, but I will continue to strive to keep you updated.

Update, 24 January 2014: Docket entry was finally made on 22 January, 2014, regarding Katie's sentencing.

In other news, here's the new web site from one of the major GIN scavenger groups. This is the official home of GIN's new Leadership Roundtable, who have embarked on an earnest effort to raise funds to buy GIN and pay lawyers and so forth. Be sure to look at some of the "names" who have endorsed this effort. By the way, these folks have also adopted the phoenix as their symbol, though the image that appears on their web site now appears to have been borrowed from Google images. Hey, no biggie. Anyway, it looks as if we have dueling phoenixes: The GIN burning bird v the WIN burning bird.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

To err is human, to bullsh-t is Devine

If you've been keeping up with the saga of jailed serial scammer Kevin Trudeau's Global Information Network (GIN), you know that there has been quite a ruckus as various scavengers fight over the seemingly moribund beast even before its actual demise. I wrote several updates on this post (and in the comments section), and before that here, and before that here, and before that here. Although numerous ex-GIN speakers/principals have gone off to flog their own schemes, inspired at least in part by GIN, the chief factions in the war for GIN itself appear to be (1) GINtervenor and prospective WINner Perry Kiraly and his followers, represented by Perry's Shimkos; and (2) the remaining GIN staff, most notably interim Chief Operating Officer and longtime Trudeau buddy Jeffrey Devine, presumably under the guidance of the court-appointed receiver.

We've been hearing a lot from Perry, but the GIN staff hasn't been idle either. This Devine missive was issued yesterday evening (January 14). I shared it on several Facebook forums then, but here it is for a wider audience.

GIN UNITES! January 14, 2014

We, at GIN Headquarters, would first like to apologize to all of our Members, speakers, believers, and supporters. We have been working tirelessly every day, and many times throughout the night, to regain ground control and stabilize this amazing club! Guess what... it’s working! It's time to thrive. Here is what we have accomplished so far:

Since the Receivership, we have been able to successfully weed out the majority of the compliance issues brought against the club in order to prove that we are operating correctly and legally. We were able to accomplish this because of our staff’s loyalty, efforts and true belief in this club. Without people like Nick, Lisa, Joel, Jeanette and many others, we would not be here today to announce this. Thanks to all of you!

In the last five months, we have been able to reinstate and upgrade previous Members who were unable to continue their GIN Membership due to cost or concern. Our Members are coming back! This cannot be denied and our numbers are showing it! And why not? Everything that the Members have received, learned and earned from this club is life-changing. Now we have begun to regroup. It’s a perfect time to combine our minds and show the world that we can thrive!

A regional education “road show” has been put in place and is ready to launch! This will not only include some of your favorite speakers from the past, but also some new speakers who are sure to inspire! Keep in mind—these will not replace GIN Major Events; they will only enhance the existing event lineup! These regional events are designed to be frequent and more accessible to all.

We have a new and improved Member Reward Program that will be coming out shortly that is sure to impress!

This is the part where we need to apologize. With all of this great news…and more to come…we have failed in one area. As the staff has been working tirelessly to maintain this great club, keep it growing, and offer even more benefits, we have failed to inform you of all of our progress, successes, and achievements.

We have also failed to set the record straight with certain comments and attacks from others. This will not happen any further.

First, let us say we have the endorsement and support of GIN’s key players. Contrary to rumors and other reports, the fact is that GIN has a dedicated faculty of educators and speakers that have been here all along! Troy McClain, Coral Thomas, Ed Foreman, Dr. Tom Morter, Dr. Ted Morter, Blaine Athorn, Chris McGarahan, Dr. Theresa Dale, Ron Ball, Aadil Palkhivala, Jacques Patenaude and many others are with us today, and will be with us tomorrow and in the future.

Secondly, we cannot let the club fold due to misguided management practices from the past. It is imperative that we remain united, informed, and stay the course. Our chief aim must be to comply with legal and ethical business practices in order to move onward and upward with our club. This is in fact what the Receivers are doing. They are allowing us to operate and work within our system of beliefs, while guiding us to create sustainability for the future.

Finally, there is no WIN outside of GIN! Some reports and letters are suggesting that it would be easier to start over and build a new club from the ground up. The fact is that GIN already exists. Our staff is here. Our speakers are here. We will continue to fight. Why? Because we know that its right to fight for what we believe in, what we’ve built, and what we love. As a team, we made it through 2013. As a club, we will grow for all to see in 2014. Together we will thrive!
Jeff Devine,
GIN Operations

"Life coach" Coral Thomas -- who apparently makes most of her dough by teaching others to be "life coaches" rather than by actually coaching people -- may be one to watch; she is reportedly a big contributor to the Katie legal defense fund and has been rumored to be working on some new schemes with Janine Nubani Contursi (the one who is allegedly writing those schlocky jailhouse Facebook posts for Katie) and some other Katie cohorts, past and present. In fact most of the folks named in Jeff's letter are reportedly still loyal to Trudeau, and the buzz is that they may be more than willing to hand the keys to the kingdom back to him when/if he is ever released. (There are credible rumors afloat that Coral and Jeff Devine may be making a move to buy GIN, by the way.)

Notably absent from Jeff's list of B- and C-list luminaries: Fred Van Liew, aka Fred Van Loony, and Mary Miller. Even so, judging from some conversations on the GIN International page -- I'm not privy to them but someone kindly copied and pasted for me -- Fred van Loony is apparently siding with Perry et al., indignantly claiming that the receiver has no right to sell GIN. He called Perry "selfless." Fred -- who also still expresses loyalty and gratitude to Katie -- appears to still be on board with the plan to starve the receiver out so that the receiver will just leave and give GIN "back" to the members (who, as they don't seem to understand, never owned it in the first place).

I strongly suspect that there is at least a little bit of sour grapes here and that there's no place for Freddy at the new GIN table, but perhaps he is still trying to keep his options open. Maybe when it all shakes out Freddy will still be able to sell his magickal swamp water and E-pendant and other frauducts to the GINfolk. And if not to them, then to Perry's WINfolk. Meanwhile,
Fred is hanging out with the Pitcocks and workin' that MLM -- the 90forLife scheme, which is a combo of the Pitcocks' Livinity and veterinarian Dr. Joel Wallach's Youngevity. This is another example of that "no neat and tidy endings" thing.

More importantly, and as I noted on some Facebook forums, one thing to keep in mind is that Jeff Devine is not exactly an unimpeachable source (some of you who know him are no doubt snorting at my understatement). I would be willing to bet that significant chunks of his January 14 letter are mostly wishful thinking (actually the missive sounds more than a little desperate). Reportedly a couple of those fabled "advisory board" members have already quit, and despite Jeff's claims that the GIN staff has been diligently working on "reinstating and upgrading" members, the GIN membership continues to decline. And it seems that Jeff feels at least a little threatened by Perry and gang, since he closed his letter with that tiny snark about "no WIN outside of GIN."

In any case, the final decision is not in Jeff's hands -- and he knows it. Nothing is certain about GIN's legal status until the court makes a decision. Maybe the hearing on January 30 will accomplish something.

I'm only keeping up with this because I find this whole dueling-scavengers thing highly amusing, and I am also entertained by the propaganda war that the opposing parties are waging to win the hearts, minds, and souls of the remaining GIN members and on-the-fence ex-members. I expect another drama-queen missive from Perry Kiraly either today or tomorrow. [NOTE: See update below. ~CC]

Meanwhile, Katie's former marketing director Peter Wink, who since being fired from the Katie scampire has gone on to perpetrate a cheap GIN knockoff called
IBMS Master's Society, wrote this on self-described "GIN destroyer" Abe Husein's Facebook page a couple of days ago: "All Gin members should consider getting out now before the receiver lowers the boom, possibly as soon as the end of the month. Simply go into your back-office and delete the credit card information from your account to prevent further charges. The receiver ruined Gin. End of story." ("End of story" is one of little Loony Coldwell's fave phrases in his videos. Loony and Peter are becoming more and more alike; have you noticed? They do make quite the team.)

At any rate, I am puzzled. I thought it was Abe who ruined GIN, and did it almost single-handedly, according to previous statements Peter and Loony and Abe had made. But now I guess we have to blame the receiver. In all fairness, though, Peter and Loony have both been righteously ragging on the receiver for months --
at least since last September. Receiver or no receiver, they would probably sell their moms for a chance to suck the remaining GIN members, as well as a big chunk of ex-GIN members, into their failing IMBS-ing U Master Baiter's Society vortex. 

Click to enlarge.
And speaking of Abe, he tossed out another difficult-to-understand video early this AM (when he really gets going he giggles and guffaws, and his words stumble over each other -- and the YouTube auto-transcript is worse than useless). However, I was able to understand some of the vid, which seems to be 25-plus minutes of Abe misrepresenting most of the recent communications about GIN, boasting that he was right about everything, touting himself as the most reliable source of all GINfo, bragging about his involvement in the GIN movie, saying he respects Perry Kiraly (though just a week or so ago he was still calling Perry a brain-dead zombie and threatening to sabotage his new club), and inviting Perry and anyone else in doubt to join the IMBS-ing U scam. (The screen shot is from a conversation about a letter one of the Shimkos sent out to Perry last week, which I copied and pasted, with commentary, on this post (scroll down to "Update 9 January 2014: The Shimko weighs in"). I kind of get the feeling that Wink is behind Abe's turnaround re Perry. Perhaps Peter recognized Perry's gift of b.s., and maybe he also considered the fact that Perry does have some followers and even has Jeff Devine worried... so maybe Peter thought Perry's influence might be useful for the floundering IMBS-ing U club.

In his video Abe also emphasizes that "Dr." C (that would be Loony Coldwell) and Wink, the Supreme Founders of the BS klub, still have great relations with some of the beloved GIN speakers, including some of those mentioned in Devine's latest missive. Well, so much for any of Abe's long-time claims not to be involved at all with the Winkwell scam. He's soaking in it. And let's not forget that he is touting THIS MAN -- yes, THIS ONE -- as a leader who can show the way to a successful life.

The two points on which I agree with Abe, and always have, are that the GIN staff is still lying, and that GIN itself was built on lies. But I was writing about that more than a year before Abe had even heard of GIN.

In any event, it's very clear that Perry Kiraly and Jeff Devine don't hold the monopoly on GIN-related bullsh-t.

Update, later on, 15 January 2014

Well, we didn't have to wait long for Perry's response.

From: Perry Kiraly
Date: January 15, 2014 at 3:51:24 PM EST
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Subject: SWGF/WIN Update 01-15-14

Dear Fellow GIN Members,
This is a brief update to comment upon the "GIN UNITES!" message released yesterday evening from GIN headquarters.

It unfortunately would better read: "Those that work for the legal entity known as GIN FDN have been compelled to unite with the Receiver that was sent there to liquidate it."

In the message it was stated that, "our members are coming back." Whether any members did come back I do not know. What I do know is that the overall numbers show, that before the Receiver, GIN had approximately 8500 active members. GIN now has less than 4000 active members and the decline continues.

Next, it was stated in the message that "key players" are still endorsing the GIN Receiver controlled foundation. I would suggest if one really wants to know where these key players actually do stand; first ask that their identities be reviewed, then call them and ask them personally. As for at least two that have spoken at GIN events and where they stand I re-post the emails received from Mr. Ed Foreman and Fred Van Lew [sic], as follows:
December 23, 2013
Thanks for your clear message about the destruction of GIN by the Receivers.  It has been my opinion, all along, based on similar situations, that they would "milk the cow" 'til she goes dry...then barbecue and eat her remains.  Afterwards, they would offer the bones to the "dogs" for their highest bid!  Like vultures, they usually start with the eyeballs and brains first.  It ain't a purty picture!
Ed Foreman
"You are getting nothing but web access as long as the receivers are in control. They have defrauded you of the people and services you contracted for. No referring payments, no cruise. Just out right theft of our private club owned by the membership. I would send your dues to the legal fund headed by Perry Kiraly. Look him up. You don't even have to resign. Just go delinquent for a couple of months. Our lawyer is excellent. Thank you, Perry!!!"
Sent from my iPad
January 3, 2014
Heartiest congratulations to you on the tremendous, excellent work and progress you are making in saving our great club...and going from GIN to WIN is terrific!  I am out of the Country now...will be back after the 15th and in touch with you.  Keep On Keeping On!
Ed Foreman

Next, in a previous message from Receiver/GIN headquarters it was stated that the budget wouldn't allow for the payment of Inner Circle or other programs.  But it would appear that maybe they could have been paid? See the attached Receiver Report of Oct. 25, 2013. In this report the Receiver mentions having $2,000,000.00 in an escrow account it hasn't accessed yet and an additional $990,000.00 in the Receiver's bank account. That amounts to almost $3,000,000.00 in reserve and that was in October 2013 before the Affiliate program was cut out. So a more accurate statement would be that the budget won't allow the payment of Inner Circle and other GIN programs, and the payment of the Receiver's salary and Mr. Trudeau's fine of 37-million.

Lastly it suggested in the GIN/Receiver message that there is no WIN outside of GIN. Well, yes there is. World Information Network Foundation LTD or WIN is now a legal entity established in the state of Ohio.

Better stated, there is no GIN outside of WIN, for WIN currently consists of those that believe in the ideals upon which GIN was initially founded and welcomes what is left of the membership that believe likewise to join us. The ideals I speak of are truth, integrity, the pursuit of happiness and Freedom.
Thank you,
Perry Kiraly

Let it be noted that I am a citizen of the United States of America and have exercised my 1st Amendment right to express my opinion herein. Perry Kiraly

That escrow account was actually set up years ago by Kevin, as part of one of the agreements he signed with the FTC, to be used specifically for paying on fines in case he violated any more orders. It never belonged to the GIN members or to the receiver.

I will continue to keep y'all posted as new twists and turns surface in this increasingly silly story.

Update, 16 January 2014: Very early this morning, Perry K issued yet another January 15 update, in response to another missive from GIN Headquarters. I don't have a copy of that yet -- I will insert it here when I do -- but here is Perry's response.
From: Perry Kiraly
Sent: 1/16/2014 1:30:59 A.M. Eastern Standard Time
Subj: WIN/SWGF Second Update 01-15-14


Second Update January 15, 2014

Dear Fellow GIN Members,
I must say that if nothing else I’ve shaken things up enough to get some movement to take place down at GIN Headquarters. I’d also like to thank you HQ for keeping me on my toes…

To respond to the latest release entitled "Fast Facts from Headquarters," I believe we should first take a look at the title which may be quite revealing…"Fast-facts." In fact I had to look up the definition of "fast-facts" after reading the release to be sure I understood the meaning, then re-read those fast-facts in that light definition.

The informal definition for fast..facts is defined as: a deceptive or unscrupulous trick (esp. in the phrase pull a fast one). So let’s take a look at some of the more relevant question/answers and see if they’re trying to in fact pull a fast-one here:

1. Who is the official "voice" of GIN?

GIN HQ answer: something about a collective. .. (i.e. Non Answer)

Truth: The Receiver

2. Is the staff controlled by the receiver?

GIN HQ answer: …Non answer…gibberish.

Truth: Yes

3. Why has the receiver terminated several GIN Staff Members?

GIN HQ answer: …financial stability….

Truth: More money for the Receiver & KT fine

4. Are my Membership dues paying the receivers’ fees?

GIN HQ answer: …for operations… (this is a partial truth + gibberish added)

Truth: Yes and the Receiver Estate fund to pay KT’s fine.

5. Have any GIN funds been applied to Mr. Trudeau’s debt?

GIN HQ answer: None as of the date of this message.(this may be true but…)

Truth: All GIN funds not used for operations and the Receivers fees go to the Receiver Estate fund that will be used to pay Mr. Trudeau’s debt. The only reason it hasn’t gone there yet is the judge will have to order it.

6. Why is the receiver in control of GIN?

GIN HQ answer: Here GIN HQ affirms this truth which answer the above two question HQ asked being: "Is the staff controlled by the receiver? And "Who is the official "voice" of GIN?"

Truth: GIN HQ admitted by their admission here the Receiver is the official voice of GIN and in control of the staff messages.

7. Is the receiver "milking" the organization?

GIN HQ answer: (Non-answer…gibberish)

Truth: Yes, all programs costing money have been eliminated. All cash not use to operate GIN goes to the Receiver’s fund and fund for KT’s fine.

8. Have the receivers cancelled Membership benefits?

GIN HQ answer: …yes…removed for legal compliance…. (so, the BMW winners lease payments was illegal…the Inner Circle payments…the lazyman’s purchases…Really!)
Truth: Yes, 22 to date and counting all legal
9. Why won’t the receiver pay previous promotional obligations?

GIN HQ answer: …blamed it on poor management prior to Receiver interference. (even though all programs were being paid – some over time – but all were being paid before the Receiver interfered with GIN)

Truth: The Receiver won’t pay previous GIN promos because that more cash in their pocket…

11 .If past bonuses and promotions were not fully paid, why should I trust future program rollouts?

GIN HQ answer: …trust the new management…!!!!!!

Truth: If rollouts means payouts…how can they be trusted to do what they have not done to date?

12. Why is the new Leadership Roundtable held in secrecy from the GIN Members?

GIN HQ answer: …there is absolutely NO secrecy as to the members of the new LRT.

Truth: We still don’t know who they are nor did the general membership vote for them.

13. Where is the contract between the LRT Members and the receivers?

GIN HQ answer: … there is no "contract" between these parties.
Truth: in the conference call to the Inner Circle which I have a recording of it is stated that the Receiver has endorsed, in writing the Round Table group.
14. Why does the GIN receiver control the LRT (…Round Table)?
GIN HQ answer: It would not be a correct representation to describe the receivers as "in control" of the LRT.

Truth: GIN HQ admitted in question #6 that the Receiver is in control of GIN and is therefore in control of anyone they endorse in writing!

15. Have the LRT Members endorsed the idea of giving all GIN Members the opportunity to participate in the acquisition of the club?

GIN HQ answer: Yes…

Truth: Oh, now we, the Members, need a self-elected, Receiver endorsed group of yet unidentified Round Table members to endorse "giving all GIN Members" the opportunity to participate in the acquisition of the club? (know that I am holding back what I’d really like to express regarding this).

16. Why did a recent communication state that GIN paid Mr. Troy McClain to write a recently released letter?

GIN HQ answer: …Perry Kiraly claiming Troy McClain was paid to write the letter he wrote is a complete FALSEHOOD….

Truth: I personally spoke with Mr. McClain for over an hour by telephone several days prior to Mr. McClain writing that letter GIN HQ posted. Mr. McClain stated that he was being paid to get communication unstuck between the Receiver and GIN members. He further stated that he would be doing a conference call with the Receiver and HQ on Monday the 6th.

In that I felt it would be a breach of confidence to reveal a private conversation with Troy regarding how I knew Troy was being paid and by whom, I decided to state it as I did in my previous update knowing that Troy was at one time on retainer and believed him to still be so retained. And knowing that having a financial interest in writing what Troy did should be considered.

I hereby publically apologize to you Troy McClain for revealing a part of our private telephone conversation but I do so for what I believe to be the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics in this situation.

17. What was the original intent of the Intervenors’ efforts?
GIN HQ answer: …the original intent was to purchase GIN. It appears that in their latest communications that the intention is to shut down GIN and start a new club; however, they want to do so under their own appointed governing board rather than one appointed by the Membership.

Truth: Purchasing the "assets only" was something considered by us. It then became very clear that the Receiver planned to milk the club until dry then sell what was left to the highest bidder. This left one course of action…find a way to get free of Receiver control.

We also recognized the extensive liabilities of GIN FDN created by the Receiver’s interference of GIN business affairs. The only solution was to form a new legal entity with which to carry on future club activities, hence, we created the World Information Network Foundation Ltd which will be member owned and controlled (please see SWGF/WIN update of 12-31-13 for WIN’s open Member leadership structure).

Note that GIN HQ makes a real issue of stating in question #17 above: "they (the Interveners) want to do so under their own appointed governing board rather than one appointed by the Membership." Isn’t this a funny thing to accuse us of when the GIN HQ secretly appointed a Round Table group endorsed by the Receiver in writing to represent the general GIN Membership which had no part in their election?!!!

18. Would it be easier to keep GIN alive, or just start a new club?

GIN HQ answer: … it would no doubt be a MASSIVE undertaking to start an entirely new club…

Truth: It is a MASSIVE undertaking but as a Founder, Level-6 candidate, Inner Circle, Platinum, Go-Getter I, Sanctioned Speaker, and Member who loves the ideals upon which this club was founded and wants to see them continue I have and am willing to undertake this massive effort for the greatest good of all of the current and future Members that believe in these ideals!

19. Are the numbers stated by the Intervenors and their legal counsel accurate?

GIN HQ answer: No

Truth: Attrition rate over 50% since Receiver interference. Approximately 8500 before the Receive, less then 4000 now. (If these numbers are inaccurate I challenge GIN HQ to post the numbers that are accurate from your non-secret transparent current leadership)?

20. Why has a lawyer stated his opinion is that GIN will soon only have 2000 members and that all of GIN Staff will be fired?

GIN HQ answer: This is not the opinion of a lawyer representing GIN. It is the opinion of the Intervenors’ attorney, paid by the Intervenors.

Truth: This is an honest opinion based upon an extrapolation of the attrition rate and numbers listed above.

21. Will future GIN owners make due on all previous liabilities?

GIN HQ answer: This cannot be answered at this time and can only be answered by future owners. However, acquirers of GIN will have to conduct their own financial assessment of past liabilities to see if it is possible to meet those previous obligations of GIN. It should be noted that new owners of GIN will not acquire GIN's previous liabilities at the time of acquisition; rather only GIN’s assets will be sold.

Truth: No – and note that if the new acquirers do not create a new legal entity as I have already done they will be subject to all of GIN FDN’s liabilities. What you are not being told is that the new owners WILL create a new club or legal entity or be strapped with GIN debt they don’t want. In short the new owners will do what they criticize me for doing regarding the establishment of a new legal entity under which to do club business.

22. How will the GIN Members’ voice be heard?

GIN HQ answer: …GIN HQ…LRT (Leadership Round Table)….

Truth: Receiver controlled GIN HQ & LRT.

23. Who will create the next level of training?

GIN HQ answer: … faculty of expert trainers, LRT, consultants, and staff…

Truth: A Receiver controlled government influenced faculty of expert trainers, LRT, consultants, and staff…

24. If funds are raised by any members of the LRT, would those funds be under the escrow control of the receivers as stated by the Intervenors’ communications?

GIN HQ answer:…Absolutely not….

Truth: The Order Appointing the Receiver gives him complete control, admitted by GIN HQ in HQ’s answer to question #6. So of course the Receiver will have control of funds raised by GIN HQ & Receiver the appointed Round Table group if it chooses to exercise this control.

25. Did the FTC want to dismantle GIN?

GIN HQ answer: In cooperative efforts with the receiver’s office, GIN has made substantial strides to make its operations legally and financially sound. GIN is confident this will demonstrate a clear effort of cooperation with any government authority and to demonstrate that the new GIN management has the best interest of its Members and the interest of consumers in mind.

Truth: If what the Receiver has done so far is any indication of what their employer wants to do the answer is a resounding YES.

26. Why did GIN lower its Membership Level price structure and "fire sale" the organization?

GIN HQ answer: …direct result of continuous feedback from the GIN Membership and statistics, resulting in a recommendation to the receiver

Truth: Fire-Sale. (Raise money to keep operations from folding because of massive attrition rate of membership)

27. Is it a direct violation for a GIN Member to defame or use the information on the GIN website (contact info) to directly solicit, intimidate, insult or defame another GIN Member? Does GIN have a policy to prevent harassment of Members or hurting the reputation of others?

GIN HQ answer: …The Intervenors’ counsel stated that a new club can be started, however he failed to refer to two important sections of GIN's own Membership Agreement listed below:

12.8. I agree to never jeopardize the reputation of GIN, any of its Members and Affiliates, staff, speakers, presenters, and contractors, in any way, including but not limited to using any social media platform (Face book, Twitter, Google+, etc.), email, telephone, print, or public announcement.

12.17. I agree to never solicit Members and/or Affiliates, directly or indirectly, to promote other business opportunities, loans, investments, products, or services.

Truth: Representing and taking sole responsibility for the Interveners [sic] and all 500+ Members that requested to be on the Plaintiff list. My only intention has and continues to be to preserve the club for its current Members out of love for the club. I have been a Member of GIN since June of 2009, even before its official launch, and I will do whatever it takes to see it continues in accordance with the ideal of truth and freedom upon which it was founded.

As a final note please search the historical record and you will see that virtually all oppressive dictator based governments have made painstaking efforts to silence those that shinned the light of truth upon their activities. I mention this because GIN has locked me out of my account though my dues are current and have been current since June of 2009. The above question #27 is asked as a precursor justification to terminate my membership. I kept my dues current anticipating this and for the reason of staying in good standing until our motion to Intervene was heard on January 30th. Do you really want to be a part of a club that takes efforts to silence or punish those that reveal oppressive acts?

Do you really want to be a member of a club who’s leaders and potential purchasers would allow this! If so know that if it has happened to me it will happen to you…

Let it be noted that I am a citizen of the United States of America and have exercised my 1st Amendment right to express my opinion herein.

Thank you,

Perry Kiraly

It's still just a propaganda war, as far as I am concerned: Devine et al. versus Perry et al. I do of course still agree with Perry that "GIN Headquarters" is lying, and good for him for calling that out... but... well, something about pots and kettles comes to mind.

Someone asked my opinion of who is winning this propaganda war. I said that we who are watching it are winning, because we are getting all of this entertainment for free. But on a more serious note, I continue to look upon this as an example of how desperately some people cling to the dream of having a piece of the Scamworld pie. It still seems to me that Perry wants to preserve all of the parts of GIN that were most objectionable, ethically if not legally -- and that the "valuable information" GIN offered was secondary.

In a related amusing development, Abe H continues what appears to be a clumsy (and probably Wink-driven) effort to persuade Perry and his followers into the IMBS-ing U Master Baiter's Club. As snarky as I have been and will no doubt continue to be about Perry, I have a strong feeling that he has more sense than to get involved with those jokers.

This is from early AM, January 16 2014,
less than a week after Abe threatened to sabotage
Perry Kiraly's new proposed club WIN.
(See small screen shot towards the beginning of this post.)

And meanwhile in the MCC, caged Katie is happily playing Gin every day (no, I'm not making that up), experiencing diversity, and "communing with others" in a truly "special" way. They're one big happy band of bros there in the jailhouse. I wonder when he'll introduce his and Lee Kenny's baccarat scheme to his fellow brothers in orange. Word has it that sentencing in the criminal contempt case for which he was convicted will be on Saint Paddy's day, March 17. And life goes on.....

* * * * *
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