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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Clue bus runs over GINtervenors, while Kevin Trudeau enjoys his "ME time"

I know I should probably be writing a sappy holiday post, and I still might get around to that, but the saga of jailed serial scammer Kevin Trudeau continues to provide such amusing fodder that it would be downright Scrooge-like of me to deprive you of the updates.

Rude awakenings for the GINtervenors?
Perry Kiraly, leader of
a group of GIN members who were trying to gain control of the Global Information Network (GIN), issued another entertaining update yesterday, December 23. Although on his December 17 update he was encouraging the remaining members to keep paying their dues in order to keep GIN alive and stable -- and I have a bit about that on my December 22 blog post -- he has apparently since changed his mind, according to his latest update.

Even though Perry framed his latest missive around concerns he'd had with an email that the court-appointed receiver had sent out to GIN members on December 13 -- concerns that he says he took to his lawyers, the Shimkos -- I get the feeling that
the court docs released on Dec. 20 were also a rude awakening for Perry. Maybe those docs were the first major clue for Perry (and perhaps even for his Shimkos) that his "intervention" effort really doesn't stand a chance, despite what Perry had been indicating on his Stand With GIN Fund updates.

In fairness to Perry, though, a lot of the info in those optimistic updates seemed to be based upon what his Shimkos had been telling him. So either they weren't communicating accurately to him, or he was not understanding their communications correctly, or for reasons of his own he was deliberately distorting his communications to his fellow members. Maybe he should be given the benefit of the doubt. Giving the Shimkos the benefit of the doubt, it is possible that the receivers and their attorneys were not communicating accurately to the Shimkos during the previous court hearings... or perhaps the Shimkos were misinterpreting the communications, or perhaps the Shimkos were, for reasons of their own, deliberately distorting things to their clients. I don't know. Maybe it doesn't matter. All I know is that Perry seems to have changed his tune from previous updates. He 'splains why in his December 20 update, which is below.

It appears that Perry is now more fully cognizant that the receiver is not his b.f.f. His Shimko told him that the receiver wants to remake GIN in the receiver's own image. Perry also says the receiver has changed the entire vibe of the club. And Perry is miffed because the Shimko told him that the receiver is talking to other people besides Perry and his gang about re-building GIN, and will not name those people. I am thinking that perhaps Perry or the Shimko should start with the name "Jeff Devine" when trying to find a clue about that.

At any rate, here is Perry's update. You'll note that he put a December 20 date on his email but he apparently did not send it out until December 23.

From: Perry Kiraly
Date: December 23, 2013 at 10:58:51 AM EST
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Subject: SWGF Update 12-20-13

December 20, 2013

Dear Fellow GIN Members,
This update is to address the issue of membership dues. As mentioned in my previous update of 12-17-13 many Members have expressed their resentment with the Receiver's interference with our club and have told me of their plans to stop the payment of their dues.

The Members have told me of their disagreement with the Receiver's alteration and elimination of club programs and payouts and conversion of the club into that which is was never intended to be -- and using our dues to do it.this will continue unless funding is cut off.  Therefore to compel the Receiver to cease   It was thus reasoned that his torturous interference with our club many Members have chosen to downgrade to associate status or simply stop paying their dues until the Receiver steps down and control of the club is returned to the Members; and I can find no flaw in their logic.

In my update of 12-17-13 I suggested that presently (meaning at that point in time) I thought the best course of action was to keep paying dues to keep staff in place and because negotiations between the Receiver and our lawyer were underway which we thought might soon be completed.

During the hearing on the 5th of this month the Reciever's lawyer indicated in open court to judge Gettelman that he was in negotiations with us and that although we had some differences he thought we could work it out between us in a timely manner.

From subsequent discussions between our attorney and the Receiver this week however, we have come to realize that what the Receiver felt was a "timely manner," meant several months to him, and this is unacceptable.  In a few months, given the current membership attrition rate, we won't have a club.

On December 5th our lawyer additionally posed the question to the Receiver: "What if the remaining worldwide Members were asked to send their dues to an escrow account?"  This suggestion apparently ignited grave concern in the Receiver and prompted him to issue the recent Message from the Receiver sent to the GIN membership via email.

After issuance of the Message from the Receiver to the GIN membership on 12-13-13 and reading the Receiver's innuendo therein as to what the stopping of dues legally entailed (from the Receiver's perspective). I thought it prudent to ask Mr. Shimko, our attorney, to research the legal aspects of Members stopping the payment of their dues and disseminate his opinion to the membership before Members decided one way or another or encouraged other members to stop paying their dues.

Mr. Shimko's legal opinion on this matter is attached in a WORD document.  Please read it carefully and decide for yourself what the best action to take is to expedite the return of our club to the Members hands.  After reading it, it should become very clear what action that is.

To give you additional information with which to make your decision I leave you with the following observations for consideration
[I hope you don't mind a few Cosmic annotations ~CC]:

  • From current discussions between our counsel and the Receiver, it has emerged that the Receiver intends to redesign our club from top to bottom before he feels he would be in a position to close on a deal with us. The Receiver reports that he and others, whom he refuses to identify, are working on a completely new structure and design of the Club.he is creating new training programs and events that he believes  The Receiver announced that will make the Club profitable.knowledge, was never a goal upon which this club was   A club for profit, to my founded. The goal of our club was to create an environment where talented and varied thinking individuals came together to share ideas and help each other; and where all of the dues and fees collected by the club, not paid out for expenses and commissions to run and market the club, would be used for Member benefits.
  • This arm of the U.S. government has informed our counsel that he, in effect, intends to remake our club in his image with his goals and his values.
  • Since August, millions of our dollars have been collected by the Receiver.  And for that showing of support, he has cancelled our events and programs, fired our leadership,and used our dues to perform a worldwide search for Kevin Trudeau, During that time, the Receiver's interference has resulted in a membership decrease of at 's assets. least 25% and growing. On an individual basis these people that have left the club are people with exceptional talents and with whom the rest of us enjoyed meeting and associating. This is tragic. [No, tsunamis and earthquakes are tragic. This is just another day in the collapse of a pyramid scheme. Please spare us the histrionics. ~CC]
  • At present attrition rates, how much of our Club will be left by the time the Receiver creates a club he thinks is worthy for us to be Members of? One should sincerely question whether they would want to be a member of a club constructed by the Receiver and his ideal of a "profit motive." [Um... most of you guys were focused on making profits for yourselves through the MLM, so I wouldn't be so snarky about "profit motives." ~CC] Would we, a club consisting of Members known for their fierce independence of thought, really want to be a part of that model? [Members known for fierce independence of thought? Oh, my goodness... don't get me started. You were indoctrinated by Katie and you're carrying on the indoctrination. ~CC]
  • Exposure to the Reciever's [sic] vibration is changing the vibration of our club and a few of the members have already succumbed.  The recent claim of the Receiver of being assisted by members of the club (whom the Receiver refuses to identify and plans to make an advisory board of), is an ominous signal that such is occurring.  Are these members suffering from Stockholm syndrome?  Maybe, but it is sure that the presence of the Receiver and his minions are the culprits.
      I would implore the members to which the Receiver refers to, but won't identify, please be aware that any assistance you offer at this point will only serve to prolong the presence of the Receiver and send a message of capitulation to the unwanted and forced changes that are being made to our club to other Members.
  • Finally, Know that every dime of the dues paid in, aside from the expenses running of the club, goes to pay the Receiver & his associates (approximately $175,000 per month to date).  The remainder goes into the Receiver's Estate Fund collected for the FTC for the payment of Mr. Trudeau's 37-million dollar fine.
In closing, let me make it clear that I am a citizen of the United States of America and have exercised my 1st Amendment right to express my opinion herein.  The opinion expressed in this update is not meant to suggest or encourage any course of action.  The information provided herein is solely for educational purposes.  Everyone must evaluate and make up their own mind on any course of action they take.
Thank you,
Perry Kiraly
And here is Perry's list of promises that he said the receiver "breached" -- again, with some Cosmic annotations.
  • Receiver's [sic] canceled the annual cruse [sic] and breached the promise of a free curse [sic] to all new members. [A free curse? Seems they were already cursed from the moment they started this "Intervenor" thing. ~CC]
  • Visionaries get no $5000 bonus at Level V.
  • The 2% Platinum bonus for 5 years has been canceled. [It was always a crock, Perry, and word has it that it’s currently being investigated by the FBI and the USPS. ~CC]
  • The Summer sales bonanza monthly payments have been canceled. [Yeah, that’s reportedly being investigated too, guy. ~CC]
  • Inner-Circle Member’s payments have been canceled.
  • The car bonus program has been canceled.
  • The "Get 3" program double-commission has been canceled.
  • The Development series winners program has been canceled.
  • The Level 7 to 12 have been canceled.
  • Kevin Trudeau was barred for speaking at club events.
  • The Receiver has breached the promise to Founders for a $25,000 bonus at Level V.
  • The Receiver has a written stated claim that the council of 30 does not exist and never did – maybe they just don’t know how to contact them? [Maybe they don’t exist, Perry. Occam’s Razor might apply here. ~CC]
  • The Receiver has breached the promise to the 10 winners of BMW's and has refused to honor the payments due.
  • The Receiver has canceled the Affiliate program – which was responsible for the growth of our club – we now have a 25% and growing attrition rate.
  • The Receiver has breached the promise to pay commissions to Affiliate members that have worked very diligently to earn those commissions.
  • Cancellation of the affiliate program has left many members and "GIN tools" holding large volumes of obsolete tools – yet they offer no compensation. [That's what happens with pyramid schemes -- eventually they collapse. ~CC]
  • The Receiver has breached the promise to refund or make good on the Lazy Man’s program many where [sic] involved in.
  • Some GIN speakers/consultants have not been fully paid due to the receiver.
  • Several valuable and loyal members of the GIN staff have been fired by the Receiver. [No worries; most are off on their own schemes and scams. Sweet Janine, for instance, is busily helping Katie scam from behind bars. They've moved on, Perry; maybe you need to as well. ~CC]
  • The Baccarat training, listed as a benefit of level VI training, has been removed from the training section. [The baccarat training is a SCAM, Perry. Reportedly, even some higher level GIN members are very pissed off that they lost so much money on it. This baccarat thing may come back to bite Katie in the butt, though his butt is already pretty well bitten, but it could also backfire on his UK buddy and co-conspirator, Lee Kenny, of FTC infamy (Future Transactions Company, that is). ~CC]

I'll write this slowly so those who have trouble understanding it can maybe understand it: The. Receiver. Is. Following. A. Court. Order. The receiver's only obligation regarding GIN was and is to keep it running legally and profitably so they can get as much money as possible to pay towards Katie's fine (and yes, to pay themselves, too -- but again, that's written into the court order). Even I figured that out, months ago, and I'm no legal brain at all. The legality of the MLM (the Affiliate program) has been seriously called into question, which is why the program was discontinued. Perry and his pals might as well admit that they joined a doomed club, and the person who doomed it was Kevin himself.

Here is the Shimko opinion to which Perry referred in his update.

Timothy A. Shimko & Assocs. Co., L.P.A.
Cleveland, Ohio
Brooklyn, New York

December 20, 2013

Via Email

Perry Kiraly
[sic] vs. Trudeau Attorney-Client Opinion Letter
Dear Mr. Kiraly,
You have asked me for my opinion as to whether or not Members of the GIN Fdn are required to continue paying their monthly dues while the Receiver is still in control of the Club.  In coming to my opinion, I have reviewed the membership documents of the Club signed by each Member, the Order of the Court appointing the Receiver, the several reports of the Receiver to the Court, and the relevant law.  It is my opinion that the Club Members are free to discontinue making dues payments without violating any law or Court.

My analysis is strongly reliant upon the voluntary nature of the relationship of the Members to each other and to the Club.  No one is compelled to join or to remain a member of the Club.  The only condition necessary to remain a member of the Club is a member’s continued desire to voluntarily pay his or her dues.  No Member can be compelled to remain a member.  The Club is powerless to demand or make a claim or institute any kind of litigation or arbitration to compel a Member, past or present, to make a single dues payment, or to recover "unpaid dues."

According to the preamble of the Court’s Order appointing the Receiver, the purpose of the Order is to offer Mr. Trudeau an opportunity to avoid coercive incarceration.  Clearly, the Court did not intend that the innocent Members of the club be punished for the conduct it found that Mr. Trudeau had committed, or that innocent club Members be required to pay off the judgment the Court entered against Mr. Trudeau.  The Court, however, made a finding that the Club was an entity under the control of Mr. Trudeau.  I express no opinion as to whether or not Mr. Trudeau did or did not control the Club, as that train left the station months ago.  My opinions are based upon the fact that the Court made that finding and all the wishing in the world is not going to change that reality. However, this does not preclude a future finding that the Club is no longer under the control of Mr. Trudeau, which appears to be the present reality.

Therefore, as applied to your Club’s circumstances, the Court’s Order appointing the Receiver is targeted against the GIN Fdn and other entities that the Court determined were controlled by Mr. Trudeau and individuals "acting in concert" with Mr. Trudeau.  No part of the Order is directed against individual members of the Club, except for those that may be "acting in concert" with Mr. Trudeau or with the GIN Fdn.  I am aware of no evidence that you or any of the other Intervenors are "acting in concert" with Mr. Trudeau.  Furthermore, the Order does not equate membership in the Club with "acting in concert" and no definition of "acting in concert" is provided in the Order.  Interpreting the Order as a whole, it is my opinion that "acting in concert" means a person or entity that is holding asets or funds owed to or owned by Mr. Trudeau or the GIN Fdn.  I am informed that none of the Intervenors owe money to or are holding any assets or money for Mr. Trudeau or the GIN Fdn.  I know of no fact or allegation made by the Receiver or the FTC that would establish that the rank and file members of the Club were or are "acting in concert" with Mr. Trudeau or with any entity under his control.

The Order clearly defines what the Court considers are "Assets" that are subject to its Order.  It is critical to my opinions that under paragraph (2) of the Definition section of the Order captioned "Assets," the Court did not include club dues as an "Asset" covered by the Order.  However, please note that copyrights, patents, trademarks and intellectual property are included in the definition of "assets."  That being said, although it is probable that Mr. Trudeau or the GIN Fdn or some other entity controlled by Mr. Trudeau owns the copyrights or intellectual property, I have seen nothing that establishes that fact to be true. Yet, until the ownership of the copyrights and trademarks is firmly established, it would be prudent to act as if they were assets of Trudeau or an entity under his control. Turning to the "Asset Freeze" section of the Order, the GIN Fdn and individuals "acting in concert" with Mr. Trudeau are enjoined from transferring converting, or withdrawing Assets owned by Mr. Trudeau and the GIN Fdn.

Again, the rank and file of the club are not identified or defined as persons "acting in concert," and there is no finding or holding that "unpaid dues" constitute an asset covered by the Court’s Order. This cannot be considered an oversight by the Court and is explained by the fact that the Club has no right to any Member’s unpaid monthly dues.  The membership documents clearly establish that the Club has no right to force the Members to continue to pay dues.  Any Member may withhold his dues with impunity.  Anytime a Member wants to leave the Club, he or she merely needs to stop paying his or her dues.  There is no legal right possessed by Mr. Trudeau or by the GIN Fdn that would permit them to compel any Member to pay his or her unpaid dues.  The only repercussion attached to not paying the voluntary dues is separation from the Club.  There is a distinction between paid dues and unpaid dues.  To be fair, once a Member pays his or her dues, the dues payments do become an asset of the GIN Fdn, but not before.  Prior to the Club’s receipt of dues, the obligation to pay them is only voluntary and payment of dues cannot be compelled or enforced.  Accordingly, unpaid dues do not fit within the traditional definition of an asset.

The Order does give the Receiver the right to "collect any money due or owing to Trudeau" or to the Club, including membership dues.  The Order gives the Receiver the authority to collect dues that are voluntarily paid, but it cannot compel anyone to pay their dues, or bring a legal action against those that do not pay their dues.  The Order does not give the Receiver the authority to sue for unpaid dues.  It is my opinion, as established above, that because of the absolute voluntary nature of a Member’s dues obligation, unpaid dues do not constitute "assets" or moneys owed to Mr. Trudeau or to the GIN Fdn, and they do not become an asset of the Club until after they are voluntarily paid.

Under the "Cooperation with Receiver" section of the Order, Mr. Trudeau and people acting in concert with him or with the GIN Fdn must cooperate with the Receiver.  Mr. Trudeau and those individuals acting in concert with him or with the Club are obligated to advise all persons owing money to Mr. Trudeau or to the Club to pay it. Nevertheless, it is my opinion that membership in the club does not in and of itself establish that a person is "acting in concert" with Mr. Trudeau or the Club.    More importantly, as discussed above, unpaid dues do not constitute money owed to either Mr. Trudeau or to the Club.

Finally, from my discussions with the Receiver, it is clear to me that Mr. Kane
[Brick Kane, president of Robb Evans & Associates ~CC] desires to make a deal with this Club, but only under his time schedule and only after he has remade the Club in an image he chooses.  It is my opinion that the Receiver will continue to remake your Club in his own image with programs and events that the Receiver designs and promotes as long as it is profitable for it to do so.  Translation: as long as the Members continue to send the Receiver their "dues," he will continue to use that money to finance his project of reconstructing a Club of his own design, which may not be one that the Members want.

As far as I can see from the Receiver’s reports to the Court, the only significant fund of money being collected by the Receiver is the "dues" that the Members voluntarily pay.  Each Member should ask himself or herself whether he or she wants to pay the Receiver to continue to redesign the Club.  Mr. Kane has informed me that he is working with individuals that he would not identify, for that purpose, and that this process will take months for him and his staff of four lawyers to accomplish.  In the meantime, he can legally use all of the "dues" that the Members voluntarily pay to the Club for that purpose. From my review of the Receiver’s records, several million dollars of "dues" paid by Club Members have already been spent on the Receiver’s efforts.  Whether or not any Member will wish to remain a Member of the Receiver’s club, after he creates his club, is anyone’s guess.

One final observation; in my experience, when a Receiver can no longer profitably perform his or her functions, he or she generally finds a way to terminate the Receivership.

I trust that this correspondence addresses the issues on which you have asked my opinion.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call me.

Timothy A. Shimko
Timothy A. Shimko & Assocs. Co., L.P.A.

Of Counsel: Daniel Shimko, admitted in New York and New Jersey
So the Shimko appears to be strongly hinting that it would be a good thing for the GIN members to stop paying the receiver, and then perhaps the receiver will go away, because the money will dry up. Some of you may recall that this is basically the same advice that Katie's former marketing director, Peter Wink, has been giving.

Like many of us laypeople who have been watching from the sidelines, I believe the Shimko is correct when he says that the GIN members are under no legal obligation to continue paying their dues. They are free to quit GIN at any time, and are not violating any court order if they do so. But many of us had that figured out week before last, when that "message from the receiver" went out.

However, I suppose it is possible that the receiver could make a case that the rebellious GIN members are deliberately trying to stymie the receiver's efforts, since those GIN members (as well as ex-GIN members, staffers, and speakers) have specifically mentioned the receiver and have clearly stated that the only way to make the receiver go away is to stop paying dues. It may not be an actual case of obstruction of justice, and it's probably a murky legal area at best, but the GIN rebels are clearly targeting the receiver in their efforts.

In any case, while being mere "rank and file" GIN members probably lets them off the hook legally, that status also keeps members from enjoying the ownership privileges that they have tried to declare as Intervenors. To reiterate, GIN members -- including Perry -- are just that: MEMBERS of a "club," and as such they are not owners of the organization. Perry, I wonder if the Shimkos fully understood that little detail when they took on your "Intervention" case and started billing you.

Moreover, Perry, you might want to re-read the report by the FTC's economist and pyramid scheme expert, Dr. Peter Vander Nat. Dr. Vander Nat's opinion -- with which I happen to agree -- is that like most pyramids, GIN was set up so that only a few people would make any significant money; the vast majority lost money and will never recoup their "investment," even if GIN's MLM is restored and is allowed to exist in perpetuity. Of course, as I've noted before, the court still has to rule on this.

But -- if I may belabor a point -- it's really not looking good for the Intervenors. On the same day that Perry issued his update, the receiver was filing their own response in court to the motion to intervene. And the receiver agrees with all of the FTC's allegations and oppositions. From Document 809, dated 12-23-13:

Robb Evans & Associates, LLC (the “Receiver”), in its capacity as court-appointed receiver over the assets of Kevin Trudeau and the Trudeau Entities, hereby joins the FTC’s Opposition to Pyramid Scheme Participants’ Motion to Intervene [Doc. #808]. Because the interests and position of the FTC and Receiver with respect to the Proposed Intervenors’ motion to intervene are aligned, the Receiver has sought to avoid the unnecessary legal expenses required to prepare an independent, and what would ultimately be a largely duplicative, response. The Receiver has reviewed the opposition filed by the FTC and adopts it in its entirety as reflecting the Receiver’s position. For the reasons set forth in the FTC’s opposition, the Receiver requests the Court deny the Proposed Intervenors’ motion to intervene.
Dated: December 23, 2013
Again, the court still has to rule on the above, but...well, you know. Doesn't look good for the Intervenors. 

Look, Perry et al.: If y'all want to blame someone for how it all went down with GIN, put the blame on your hero, Kevin Trudeau. He's the one who set GIN up as a money grab for himself in the beginning, and got thousands of members' hopes up, and then, when the sh-t started hitting the fan, he threw GIN under the bus. Chew on that for a while. In the meantime, it appears that you have your work cut out for you if you want your Shimkos to get paid what they are owed for work done so far. Do you think that your fellow members will want to keep contributing to a fund when they know that it will just be going for legal work that's already been done in what is increasingly appearing to be a futile fight? Good luck with that.

Meanwhile, I guess I need to stock up on more popcorn.
[Be sure to see update below. ~CC, 12-26-13]

"ME" time for Katie
Kevin himself continues to provide rich entertainment, with the help of his cohort Janine Nubani Contursi. On one of the December 23 updates on Katie's Facebook page, Janine babbles about how Katie was "in training" almost full time back in the 1970s and early '80s. And now he is "in training" again. "In training": is that what the kids these days are calling incarceration?

It's funny that there is no mention in that update of The Brotherhood, though there is a mention of an "uncle." And I wonder who that "uncle" was... Ed Foreman? The late elder Morter?

Kevin was born in February of 1963, which means that the 1970s saw him grow from a lad of seven to sweet 16. According to his brother Bob, when he was 15, Kevin got in trouble for mail fraud, and as I recall from Bob's story, someone with the Postmaster General's office showed up at the Trudeau home. Kevin was a minor, so there were no serious legal consequences, but according to Bob, Kevin got a whipping from their dad. Kevin was 15 in 1978, which according to him fell within the interval of his full time "training." So in light of this Facebook update, one has to question whether his "training" taught him to commit mail fraud. Or maybe his uncle did. Or maybe Katie was just ambitious on his own.

At any rate, following his "training" in the 1970s and early '80s, here is what he was doing between 1984 and 1990 (these are jpegs of a three-page indictment):



And in 1991-93, he enjoyed nearly two years of well-earned "ME" time -- time that nearly killed his poor mother, according to Bob.

Katie hit the ground scamming when released, and since then it's been nonstop working to earn more "ME" time.

Meanwhile, he does seem to be making a desperate effort to scare up some funds from some of the assets that the receiver knows about: his homes in Oak Brook, Illinois and Ojai, Cali. He claims that his houses and all of the stuff in them have "special energies." And the fans are just eating it up.

The pathetic thing is that he does have many fans who believe this nonsense. This sort of thing isn't restricted to Katie fans, of course. Lots of New-Age ninnies believe all kinds of things about special vibes and energy balancing and so forth. Many folks who are more traditionally religious have similar beliefs -- consecrated items, holy water and so on. Katie has New-Age as well as Christian fans and is playing to both.

As nutty as they sound to some, Kevin and Janine are nuts at all; they are cynically pandering to people's gullibility and beliefs and superstitions. But as long as it helps put money in the coffers of those who earnestly pursuing Katie's funds, I'm sure that neither the receiver nor the FTC will have any objection.

So that's if for now, update-wise. I hope all of you, Katie fans and critics alike, have a wonderful holiday. I'll be back soon, if not sooner.

Update 12-26-13: A very Perry Christmas
That Perry Kiraly, he sure does have him some mood swings. Late on Christmas Eve, after I'd already gone off line and was busy not hanging the stockings by the chimney with care, because the cats would have destroyed them, Perry sent out this missive. I would have shared it yesterday, but I took Christmas Day off from blogging (and didn't actually miss it that much).

From: Perry Kiraly
Date: December 24, 2013 at 10:44:32 PM EST
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Subject: SWGF Update 12-24-13

December 24, 2013

Dear Fellow GIN Members, 
It's Christmas Eve so I will make this a brief update and leave you with the gold for the coming New Year and our soon to be renewed club.

First, know that the game is still very much in play - we are in it to win and it's getting more interesting by the minute.

The release of the 20
th wherein I expressed my opinion may have a few wondering what's next - plenty!  The last update was to enable everyone to see a viewpoint they may not have considered, and for those that took heed and acted, a precursor of what is to come. Just know that Members already have more power than they realize to achieve the restoration of our club -- absolute power in fact.

The continuation of our goal to restore control of our club to the Members is in progress and on target. And know that we do not have to wait for court rulings, or FTC or Receiver approval to begin the process of this restoration. It has in fact begun, right now with the battle tested strongest Members this situation has produced to get on with what we started -- Giving people the tools and training to be Free in every respect of the word.

The framework is being laid with counsel as I write and it will soon be ready to go. Our metamorphosis is underway and almost complete -- soon we shall have our wings.

Please bear with the metaphorical expression for the moment. I will update you with specific detail over the next two weeks. A plan is underway and it is a good one.

Have a great Christmas and New Year. All is well.
Wings... oh, my. I don't know about you, but I love metaphorical expressions, particularly ones that make me envision winged monkeys. Perry didn't specify whether or not the "counsel" to whom he refers are those Shimkos, or Thayer ("Your MLM Attorney") or all of the above, but I'm sure they will be more than happy to continue to take the remaining GIN members' money.

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Blogger Auricfield said...

Gee Connie... I know you have blue skin and look like you're out of Avatar but I think you're really HOT...!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013 3:38:00 AM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

Not so hot right now... it's cold in my neck of the woods! :-)

Thursday, December 26, 2013 12:02:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy freaking Oly! IF YOU ARE STILL IN GIN, GET THE HELL OUT NOW!! I'm a former member and I can't stress it enough. They are promising you a new GIN just to keep you sending in the cash. Here's how to get out without a problem.
1. Go to your account and empty the boxes where your credit card is on file. Make the expire date 10 years ago if you cant' update without that box filled.
2. Wait 24 hours for the credit card change to take hold.
3. Contact them and request to unsubscribe as a member. QUIT!
4. If you don't do things in this order, you will no longer be a member and your credit card will continue to be billed and you can't get back in to change it.
5. Good luck making contact with a real person who can help you with that problem. A year ago, chargebacks were difficult as I heard (may not be true) that dues are transferred asap so account is empty and chargebacks can't be done. True or not, I wouldn't take the chance. Just do it right the first time!
6. You will continue to get emails from various KT tentacles begging for money or promising a new club. DELETE THEM!
7. Keep reading Connie's blog to realize how lucky you are that you escaped the cash death trap.

Thursday, December 26, 2013 5:40:00 PM  
Blogger Roger Willco said...

Reading today's update on this post made me realize that there really are people so determined to find the magic promised in "The Secret" and GIN that they'll follow anyone in their search. I suspect there'll be plenty of GIN veterans who'll follow Kiraly into GIN II without questioning how KT the Great's prodigious brainpower and secret knowledge was mysteriously transferred to their new leader--whoever that is. And they will happily keep paying money to access it.

It seems to me that GIN's toxicity would be obvious to any reasonably critical thinker. I wonder how many of its victims lost their ability to think critically through prior involvement in more insidious cults, such as MLM or self-help programs.

Whatever the case, GIN members at least get to choose their poison. However, GIN's destructive tentacles reach far deeper than into its members wallets, leaving those who love and care for them no choice but to live with the social and economic consequences.

As you've said so often, "no neat and tidy endings".

Thursday, December 26, 2013 11:12:00 PM  
Anonymous anon said...

She's lovely isn't she ? See the big brown eyes and well defined features.

Monday, December 30, 2013 7:34:00 AM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

Anon Thursday, December 26, 2013: Thanks for the tips. And good point re KT's "tentacles." No offense intended to our Cephalopod friends, I'm sure. :-) Some of Katie's biggest buddies are now busily pushing other MLM scams. It is a neverending story.

Monday, December 30, 2013 12:07:00 PM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

Roger, thank you for your input. You're right about the tendency of many to follow Kiraly (or someone else) into the Next Big Thing -- whether it's GIN or something like it, or just some random MLM scam. (And I assume that when you used the term, "destructive tentacles," you too meant no offense to our octopus, squid, and cuttlefish pals, which at least serve a useful purpose in nature. Now I find I am getting hungry for calamari... :-))

Anyway, your points are well taken. There's very often a lot of collateral damage when a person continues to jump from one MLM or other "foolproof" moneymaking scheme to another.

Monday, December 30, 2013 12:13:00 PM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

Anon Monday, December 30, 2013: Are you talking about Katie? Are his eyes brown? They should be, as full of crap as he is.

Monday, December 30, 2013 12:14:00 PM  

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