Sunday, September 16, 2018

James Arthur Ray: Convicted killer wants to teach you to be Superhuman

Judging by the photos that litter his web site and social media pages, convicted killer James Arthur "Death" Ray has lost none of his swagger as he continues his difficult uphill battle to return to the Scamworld A-list. Take this September 15, 2018 Facebook post (please):

As usual, click on pic to enlarge.

The screen grab doesn't show all of the text (yes, there's much more), but -- spoiler alert -- it's a promo for an upcoming Death Ray event called Mental Mastery and Power, which takes place in Vegas October 27-28. On the actual hype-and-signup page, to which I refuse to link here in much the same way that Gandalf refused, while under Bilbo and Frodo's roof, to utter the language of Mordor, Ray goes on and on and on about how this big event will help you take back your power and have a completely fulfilling life and actually become Superhuman. No doubt you've heard it all before...
...You already KNOW you're capable of owning the world.

Now you can do something about it.

Why am I the one to teach you to grow yourself and become Superhuman?

Because before the stage, I cut my eye teeth at AT&T School of Business coaching and consulting their C-Suite Executives on things like leadership communication, team performance and a whole host of business strategies and tools that helped push their leaders to be greater leaders. In other words, I taught C-Suites to do what I'm teaching you through this experience event.

And since leaving AT&T, I built a $10 million dollar Inc. 500 company, as well as had the opportunity to coach and consult hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and leaders in both their personal and professional lives to greatness. I even got to kill some of them.*

This is your time.

You want to become Superhuman? This is where you start...

...No matter what it is that you want to do, you can ABSOLUTELY do it. As soon as you become...Superhuman and Take Your Power Back with the Mental Mastery Program.

And all for the low, low price of only $997, which we are assured is a full one thousand bucks off of the "regular price." Or if you want to play full-on, the VIP package will only cost $1,297 -- regular price $13,997! -- for which you get all of the following:
  • VIP Seating
  • 12 Monthly online coaching sessions with James
  • Monthly exercises, workbooks and strategic planners
  • Monthly LIVE Q&A Sessions with James
  • Access to an extensive online resource library
  • Exclusive membership to a Growth-Minded Global Mastermind Group
  • All LIVE Q&A sessions with James audio and video recorded and stored in your private membership for future reference.
Wow... that's a $12,700 discount. Clearly Death Ray is desperate, and still feverishly longing for those days when he could draw in an actual crowd. But given his history and (total lack of) character, even a sprinkling of fans, followers, or even attendees are too many.

Meanwhile, the people he killed are still dead.

* Okay, maybe the last sentence in that paragraph wasn't in the original. ~ CC

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