Friday, June 16, 2017

Kevin Trudeau still begging Donald Trump to free him from prison

It's really #sad that #NotMyPresident Donald J. Trump's problems with "this Russia thing" keep popping up in the fake news media, and that the problems just seem to be getting worse. That whole totally-made-up saga is keeping Drumpf from his real work of taking America back (to the nineteenth century), building a better world for the one percent, and -- most important of all -- freeing imprisoned serial scammer Kevin Trudeau, aka KT, aka Katie. It just isn't fair.

But Katie, who died for your sins... oh, wait, sorry... that was another savior... I mean, who allowed himself to be thrown into a minimum-security Federal sleepaway camp (which he calls "Camp Cupcake") in order to fight for your rights to freedom of speech, and who became a true martyr to the cause, will not give up in his quest to be redeemed by Cheeto Jesus. As I've mentioned here before, this is probably a matter of professional courtesy. Being a career con artist, Katie no doubt believes that lifelong scammer Trump will be sympathetic. And truly, Katie isn't asking for much at all; he simply wants Trump to commute his ten-year prison sentence for criminal contempt related to fraudulent claims about Trudeau's weight-loss book. He also wants Trump to pardon him.

The problem is that he just can't seem to get Donnie to notice him.

Katie's most recent (as of this writing) plea appeared
on his Facebook public page, on June 8, 2017.

Wrote he, through one of his faithful proxies:
As you may know, I am serving a 10 year prison sentence for "contempt of court", because I went on TV and talked about my books (all the details are at [KevinTrudeau dot com]). I have filed an Official Petition for Commutation of Sentence with the President. This means I am asking the President to exercise his power to lower my sentence and have me released. As of today, there has been no response from the White House. However, this is not unusual. The President has yet to appoint and have confirmed the person who will be in charge of the Pardon Office. So, keep writing, tweeting, emailing, posting on the facebook pages and calling. The President, the Vice President, The First Lady Melania, Ivanka, Eric, Donald Jr, Jared Kushner, Kelly Ann Conway, as well as your Senator and Congressman telling them you support the decision to have my sentence commuted. Tell them about all the information at [KevinTrudeau dot com]. Maybe send them copies of my books, or copies of the letters I have sent to the President. The more you do, and the more often you do it, the better the chances are that the President will see the massive support there is for commuting my sentence. Thanks for all you do! While I am optimistic that the President will commute my sentence, there still is one more legal appeal I can file. This is called a 2255 motion. This appeal must be filed by November of this year. That is the deadline. My current lawyers cannot file this appeal. I need to find a new lawyer who has successfully filed 2255's in the past and would like to take on my case. If you know of a lawyer that would be interested in being considered, please have that lawyer contact me at [KTLegalDenfense [sic] at gmail dot com] email address. Perhaps if you are motivated you could reach out to some "superstar" lawyers and see if they would be interested in representing me. The lawyer who takes on this appeal, will be massive publicity. They could, if they wanted, be on virtually every major TV and radio talk show as well as be interviewed in newspaper and magazines worldwide, as this is a free speech, and government suppression and censorship issue. Thanks for your help on this! So you all know, I have no attachment to any particular outcome. I know everything is perfect right now. I am happy right now. There is nothing I "want, need or desire". I have it all! This is a wonderful state that you too can be established and anchored in at all times, regardless of the circumstances and external conditions you are experiencing. I teach how to have this state in The Science of Personal Mastery Course. To become a student and get the Course (emailed to in monthly Lessons) email KTlegaldefense [at gmail dot com]. Much love, and I will see you all at the TOP!
"See you all at the TOP?" Maybe he means the top bunk. I am almost completely certain that I have used that joke before, though I'm too lazy to search my own blog to confirm it, but I believe in recycling. I think it's a nice touch for Katie to list some of the other people his fans should be bugging besides Drumpf. I know Melania will be thrilled to hear from all of Katie's fans, and I'm sure that Drumpf's son-in-law Jared Kushner, whose business dealings are currently being investigated by special counsel, will be sympathetic to Katie's plight. Maybe Jared and Katie can get together and cook up some new scams. Or maybe they can just share some fine whines about how oppressed and persecuted they are. Perhaps they'll be joined by the Whiner-in-Chief. 

As for Drumpf having yet to appoint and confirm "the person who will be in charge of the Pardon Office," I imagine that's way down on the list of priorities in
an administration where hundreds of vacancies remain unfilled.

Anyway, judging from Katie's plea to his gullibles to help him find legal representation, it appears that he is having as much trouble finding a good lawyer to help him through his travails as
Herr Drumpf is having. Why, oh, why, do such bad things happen to such good and righteous men? 

But dry your tears, Dear Ones. Katie tells us that he is still perfectly happy and at peace right where he is, and that he doesn't actually care when, or if, he is ever set free. At least that's what he keeps on telling us, and telling us, and telling us. (Never mind those crocodile tears he cried, while begging for his freedom, every time he stood before a judge. That was just for show.) And for just a modest recurring fee, he will be thrilled to share his secrets to perfect inner peace with you.

However, I do think he misrepresented one teeny-tiny little item in his June 8 Facebook post. The post indicated that the White House had not yet responded to all of the zillions of letters, emails, phone calls, tweets, texts, whines, and threats sent their way. And yet... and yet... on the KevinTrudeau dot com site, there's
this June 2, 2017 entry on the #FreeKevinTrudeau blog, titled, "Persistence Pays: White House Acknowledges #FreeKevinTrudeau."

After literally thousands of letters, emails, tweets and phone calls The White House has taken the first step in acknowledging the Free Kevin Trudeau campaign (#FreeKevinTrudeau)

We have been provided with 2 (almost identical) replies from the White House acknowledging that correspondence is in fact being received.

While President Trump hasn’t address [sic] Kevin’s case or his own views in the communication, he does go on to thank the writers for their support for himself and his wife Melania.

You will be familiar with the Acres of Diamonds story, where people often quit just an inch from the goal. Remember, if this we [sic] are [are] an easy task, it would have already been done by now.

So who cares  if the "acknowledgment" was nothing more than a generic form letter with a digitized Trump signature? It's a beginning! And remember those
Acres of Diamonds!

At any rate, it's really, really important that all of y'all who want to see Kevin Trudeau freed continue to hammer away at everyone who is even marginally involved with Donald Trump. Maybe you can even start another petition to the White House, such as
this well-meaning effort that was launched in February of this year.

For my part, I have been racking my brain to think of any "superstar" lawyers I know who might be able to help Kevin with his 2255 motion or any other heroic legal feat to help spring him from Camp Cupcake. As it happens there are a couple of sharp-as-a-tack legal eagles in Greensboro, North Carolina who might be a perfect fit. They seem to have a lot of experience defending drunk drivers and violent criminals and whatnot, as well as suing harmless bloggers on behalf of various nutcakes. Maybe I'll recommend them. They did such a good job with one of Kevin Trudeau's moronic ex-boyfriends that I'm sure they'll be able to help Katie too.

There's also
a personal-injury lawyer in Kevin's old haunt, Chicago; a year before the North Carolina case, this lawyer helped that same ex-boyfriend of Kevin's by suing a harmless blogger for something that another blogger had written, and then withdrawing from the case and throwing his client under the bus. Maybe this attorney could use some new business.

And if neither the North Carolina comedy team nor the Chicago clown works out, maybe Kevin can contact his old bromantic partner directly for recommendations, as the latter
is still furiously and impotently rattling the legal sabers. To hear him tell it, he has a huge and formidable legal team, poised to sue any and everyone on the planet. So, good luck, Katie!

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