Monday, September 30, 2019

Screen grabs indicate business as usual in Scamworld

It could be said that screenshots are the last refuge of the lazy, and I wouldn't argue with that, having been lazy indeed this month, at least blogging-wise. But I refuse to let the month of September slip away without posting anything, so here, just for the sake of saying that I posted something, are a few screen shots from the Facebook pages of various Whirled subjects. 

Kevin can wait
As you probably know, a frequent snarget on this Whirled over the years,
serial scammer Kevin Trudeau (aka KT, aka Katie), is currently serving a ten-year sentence in a (relatively cushy) federal prison camp, FPC Montgomery, Alabama. One of Katie's long-time friends and co-scammers was Mary Miller of the Gentle Wind Project and later of I Ching Systems, whom I wrote about on this November 2014 blog post; see under "What's that smell? It's Mary Milker passing her 'gentle wind' through Scamworld." Mary was a big promoter of Katie's scams, including and especially his mega-scam GIN (the Global Information Network), before he went to prison. Afterwards she was known to visit him in the clink and then write glowingly of those visits on his Facebook page.

Alas, Mary left the planet in late 2017 (
and was duly mourned by her fellow scammers, such as the Morters, who are also long-time Trudeau buds). But not to worry: one of her long-time partners, Shelly Miller, also of I Ching Systems, has taken up the mantle of shilling for Katie. She visited him at sleep-away camp last month and shared her experience on Facebook on August 25. Like Mary, Shelly is shamelessly pushing the narrative that Katie is actually delighted with his incarceration situation and that he has Something Really Big in store for the world.
Kevin and I talked about his vision for the future. And as you would expect, it’s AMAZING. It’s perfect, it’s phenomenal, it’s gigantic. As Kevin was describing his vision to me, what I saw was a coming together of all the separate paths he has walked during his life up to this moment. All roads have led him to this exact point — to this exact vision. I suspect that much of the last few years have been Kevin pulling together his vision and the personal resources he will need to accomplish his goal.

 And make no mistake — Kevin will most definitely accomplish his goal. He will bring his vision out into the world and make it happen. Kevin is one of only a handful of people who are truly able to change the world — and for the better — who can accomplish whatever they set out to do. His next chapter will be his best yet — so standby!

I can only imagine what sorts of McMiracles Saint Kevin has in the works. All I can say is, hold on to your wallet.

Home wreck-onomics tip: if you can't stand the heat, stay in the kitchen and keep on bitchin' 
Another serial huckster and frequent Whirled snarget (who is also a Kevin Trudeau buddy, or used to be, anyway -- and had the pics to prove it) is Joe "Mr. Fire" Vitale, whom I most recently wrote about in reference to his pending divorce from Nerissa Oden, and his decision to cast his lot with New-Wage dilettante (and apparent home-wrecker and gold-digger) Lisa Winston. I'll be the first to admit that the snark factor and the gossip dial were turned way up in that two-part post, one result being that Lisa blocked me from her main Facebook page. But some stories deserve extra snark and gossip, and notwithstanding the block, I got hold of this September 24 screen shot of a post by Lisa, which was also shared by Joe on his timeline. If I'm reading between the lines correctly, Lisa (and probably Joe) have been getting some flak for the way they've been carrying on.

Of course there is always the possibility that Lisa was referring to someone else when she wrote:

I am saddened that Facebook has become a platform for toxic people's smear campaigns in relationship breakups... They are all about punishment because they didn't get their way and of course, they never take responsibility for their part in the breakup...
But I rather think this reads as if written by someone who is trying to avoid taking responsibility herself. 

Take up the white man's bourbon...
Finally, it's been a while since I blogged about one of the stupidest and most evil men in Scamworld, fake doctor
Leonard Coldwell, because frankly I got bored with him, and he has spent the past few years scamming mostly in his native Germany rather than in the US. But he still spends time and money Stateside too, and like most stupid scammers he's still bragging about his material wealth. These days he seems to be hanging his hat, or more accurately guzzling his bourbon, in Milledgeville, Georgia. This little pic should give you an idea of how he spends some of the money that some suckers are apparently still giving him: stocking up "Dr C's Bourbon Room in the Coldwell Mansion." 

If I had a room like that the shelves would be filled with books, but hey, that's just me.

Given all of the madness swirling about in the larger world, with new and increasingly unpleasant surprises popping up on a daily basis, I suppose there's something almost reassuring in knowing that Scamworld and the scammers who live there remain as predictable as ever. I'll be back soon with more substantial fare... but in the meantime,
Shanah Tovah to all who are celebrating the New Year.