Sunday, February 25, 2018

Conspiranoids shoot off their mouths about Florida school shooting

Every picture tells a story, and it's very much the same old story when it comes to screen grabs of Facebook posts from cancer fraud, proud hatriot, and conspiracy peddler Not-Doktor Leonard Coldwell, the stupidest and most evil man in Scamworld (though, granted, his star is fading rapidly, so both his stupidity and evil-ness may be moot)*. In the wake of yet another school shooting, the one that took place at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida on Valentine's Day, LoonyC returned to his keyboard to push the tired old "crisis actors" motif. The implication is that the whole thing was a fake and was totally staged in order to push gun-control agendas.

At the same time, Not-Dok also seems to be pushing the unfounded theory that this school shooting, and pretty much every school shooting in the past 20 years,
are a result of the widespread use of psychiatric medications. So that looks like an acknowledgment that the shooting was a real thing and not a staged event. (And Coldwell, who pretends to be highly trained in medicine and psychology, has made noise in the past as if mass shootings are real. A few years ago he speculated that in his expert opinion, Jason "Salty Droid" Jones could very well be "the next mass shooter." That was in 2015, when Coldwell was engaged in a ludicrous flawsuit against Jason and me and a few other parties. So far the expert opinionator's prediction about Jason hasn't panned out. I keep looking for and not finding Jason's name when another tragedy strikes. I guess Jason is too busy practicing law to go around shooting up schools.)

The false-flag narrative seems to have the most traction in LennyLand, though, and unfortunately, he is far from the only idiot blathering about crisis actors and whatnot; he is very much a part of a much larger problem, which is my only reason for bringing him up again in the first place. Thousands of other dimwitted souls are pushing the same nutty conspiracy stories, as is almost always the case these days whenever there is a mass shooting (
or a natural disaster, for that matter).

For the record,
here's the scoop about David Hogg, the "crisis actor" featured in LoonyC's Facebook posts.

As ridiculous as the conspiracy narratives are, they can have serious consequences. Hogg and other survivors of the shooting, as well as their families, have reportedly been
getting death threats because of this idiocy.

But one arguably bright spot in this mess is that the mainstream media are finally focusing
a decent amount of attention on the stupidity and ubiquity of the conspiranoids, as well as the fact that their false flag/crisis-actor theories have become so distressingly commonplace, thanks in no small part to social media and alt-right blowhards, not to mention a #NotMyPresident who loves him some good conspiracy tales. Better late than never, MSM. (Not that news outlets' attempts to counter the stupidity will do much to persuade the idiots and Trump fans who are convinced that all of the MSM are "fake news," but you have to give the journos an A for effort.)

The even brighter spot is that
the students themselves are bringing a bold and passionate new energy to the debate over gun violence in America. I'm a firm believer in the Second Amendment and the right to responsible ownership and use of firearms, but, contrary to what the firearms fetishists and ammosexuals are insisting, this wave of violence is very much about guns. You can argue about other societal factors and insist that there's a deeper sickness in our culture, a sickness that goes soul-deep, and your argument may have merit, but the truth is that we need saner gun policies, as well as, of course, enforcement of those policies. In the meantime, I couldn't be more pleased with this passionate new generation; maybe they really will be the tipping point.

And maybe the conspiranoids like Loony Coldwell will finally be shamed into silence. Oh, I'm only kidding; clearly, Lenny and his ilk are incapable of shame.

* Lenny may be yesterday's news in the U.S., but he is apparently still trying to re-ignite the fire in Germany, as indicated on his numerous German-language web sites. Below is a Googlish translation of the bio from the latest incarnation of his German IBMS Master's Society. Currently he seems to be trying to recreate the infamous GIN (Global Information Network) cruises, of which he was so much a part for a couple of years, back when he was still sucking on the teat of now-imprisoned serial scammer Kevin Trudeau. (He was fired from GIN in spring of 2012.) Click on pic to enlarge.

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