Tuesday, June 30, 2015

#LoveWins... but hate is still throwing tantrums over there in the corner

I'm very busy right now, but there is no way I am going to let an entire calendar month go by without posting at least once. So here I am, just under the wire for June. It's hard to stay focused on my little Whirled beat when there is so much going on around me. While June has been a horrendous month in the U.S. in some ways -- the church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina on June 17 being one of the most newsworthy examples -- it has also been a month to celebrate. Charleston rallied, and the rest of the country united in outpourings of love and compassion -- and then there was Bree Newsome and her brave and symbolic act of climbing that flagpole and removing what is, despite "Southern pride" protests, a symbol of hatred and racism from the Charleston State House.

One of the most celebration-worthy events was the June 26 decision by the Supreme Court to
legalize same-sex marriage. Love wins!

Well, maybe. The backlash began immediately. The right-wing politicians and clergy are foaming at the mouth, and
even our own Attorney General here in Texas folded his self-righteous arms and declared that county clerks can refuse to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

And -- bringing it back to my beat here -- one of those whose head exploded over the SCOTUS decision was none other than my least favorite little homophobe, Not-Doctor Leonard Coldwell, former b.f.f. of imprisoned serial scammer Kevin Trudeau. Since I am kind of on the run,
I will let Bernie 'splain it to you.

Apart from ranting about marriage being between a man and a woman, and about how gay parents mess up their adopted children, Lenny has also been using Facebook to promote links to writings and videos by notorious anti-Semitic Holocaust-denial types, such as the late
Eustace Mullins and the rabid End-Times lunatic Texe Marrs. He has also been promoting "Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told" again. And yes, I have screen shots of all of it.

So the next time any of you sharp-minded legal eagles are even thinking of suing me for indicating that Lenny Coldwell is a hateful little being, or for anything else I have ever written about him, you'd better think again. You don't have a case.

My hope is that, in the end, love will win, despite those rabid little haters over there in the corner, foaming over about gay people getting married, or for that matter, ranting against the removal of historical symbols of hatred and oppression

For now, just know that I love all of you who have supported my efforts here, and I will have much more as soon as I can. See you in July!