Monday, May 22, 2017

"You fool of a Drumpf!"

Laying hands on a Palantir isn't going to make those tiny paws any bigger, Herr Drumpf. All it is going to do is create sinkholes in front of your garish palace, and sap your strength. And you of all people should know that being president requires stamina -- the kind of stamina that Madam Secretary (she who should have become Madam President) had in abundance.

Truly, worrying about the fate of the nation under Mad King Donald is sapping my strength, and I fear that even Gandalf won't be able to save us.
Drumpf's loony-tunes shenanigans in Saudi Arabia haven't helped matters any. But I haven't given up on this Whirled. So bear with me.

Meanwhile, from SHAMblog earlier this month, here's my pal Steve Salerno
connecting the dots between our narcissistic selfish-help culture and the SCROTUS we're suffering now.