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I always love to hear from readers, whether they loved or hated what they read here, or have questions or corrections. I'm always open to suggestions for new posts or additional insights about existing posts. So please, by all means, feel free to join the conversation or start a new one. You can reach me in one of several ways:
  • Public comments: There's a link at the end of every blog post that you can follow to send a comment. Just keep in mind that comments are moderated (otherwise this Whirled would be overwhelmed with silly or disgusting spam), so your comment most likely won't show up right away. But be patient; I'll get to it. And note that I do allow anonymous comments, though if you are particularly nasty to me, I might chide you for being anonymous. But all things considered, this is a fairly open forum. It's been pretty quiet lately, so go ahead and make some noise.
  • Email: I have two email addresses.
    The one that's easiest for me to check frequently is
    But sometimes that mail box gets full and messages bounce back. My backup is
    If you really want to ensure that your message gets to me, send to both addresses.
    I don't always respond immediately, but be patient.
    I will always respect your confidentiality, and will ask your permission before sharing your story or comments on my blog.
Thank you for visiting my Whirled.

Cosmic Connie
aka Connie L. Schmidt

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