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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Martrydom of Saint Kevin

For over a week some of us have been laughing and shaking our heads over the missives that jailed serial scammer Kevin Trudeau is supposedly posting on his "official" Facebook page -- messages that gush on and on about what an amazingly wonderful experience it is for him to be in the slammer. In one of his latest missives we see that the hoosegow is kinda like being at an ashram or retreat. Writes Kevin the aspiring monk, from his cell on November 26, 2013 (psst! it's really just one (or more) of his minions writing this dreck):
For years I had wanted the opportunity to go to an "ashram" or monastery, or some kind of "retreat", where I could be alone and contemplate, think, reflect, meditate, exercise, and be totally removed from society. I am enjoying my time today doing just that! WOW! You do get in life what you ask for! I am so blessed and happy. Think of your life. You are in fact living the life you created. Make the most of it or change it and create the life you want. Remember, everyday you and you alone can make the decision to be happy and have a great day no matter what the circumstances appear. Life is truly exciting and wonderful!

Be careful what you wish for, Kev...

As of this moment, 834 people have "liked" this comment. Look, see for yourself.

I wonder how many people honestly believe Kevin is having a marvelous time behind bars. Kevin's brother Bob certainly has a different story to tell; on more than one occasion on Facebook he has talked about his brother's past incarceration experience, and how it almost destroyed their mother whenever the family went to visit Kevin in prison. I feel so bad for Kevin's parents, who definitely seem to be examples of collateral damage.

But never mind those dear old people; the spin must go on. And the martyr's legend is being kept alive on a page from which I have been blocked for some reason I haven't yet figured out: the GIN International Page. Fortunately a friend of mine can still get there, and that friend sent me some screen shots of a convo that took place last week, around the time that the jailhouse crock began.

This bit, from a commenter named Jean-Marc Jacot, is particularly amusing:

...the Feds are turning KT into a living Legend, the archetype of a Martyr fighting and thus persecuted for Truth and Justice, of the same dimension as Henry David Thoreau, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela!
Katie is going to have to fight a few other folks for fake-Gandhi rights. At any rate, as we know, Kevin has been grooming that martyr image for years, and now it's just a self-perpetuating motif that has taken on a life of its own.

Also noteworthy is that
Fred Van Liew, aka Fred van Loony, long time friend of Kevin Trudeau (and by the way, brother Bob shared on Facebook that their parents never liked Freddy) is doing his part to keep that martyr legend alive, and is striving to rally the troops for a "peaceful" war. Fred, as reported here recently, was at one point planning to go on that "alternative" GIN cruise that some of the minions are planning, but later backed out. It appears that these days, Freddy is kind of allying himself with some of the scavengers who want to wrest control of Trudeau's massive scam, the Global Information Network, or GIN, from the court-appointed receivers.

Apropos of that, I hadn't been to PACER in a few days but visited again yesterday and saw that a couple more docs were filed after my last visit on November 21. Two documents, Document 802 and 803, filed on November 21 and 22 respectively, indicate that the receiver is getting paid (per their request) and that the "Intervenors'" case, led by Ohio GIN member Perry Kiraly, is going to be heard.

I am actually surprised that the court didn't just throw out the whole motion to intervene, but the docs filed a few days ago seem to verify what Kiraly's
Stand With GIN updates are saying: the court has indeed approved the Shimko brothers to represent Perry Kiraly et al. (the "Intervenors"). Response to motion to intervene is due by December 20, reply to that response is due by January 7, and another status hearing is set for January 30. And as indicated above, the receiver's motion to approve fees was granted.

Whether or not the Shimkos were treated as respectfully by the court and the receiver as the Stand With GIN update indicates, I couldn't tell you. It's hard to tell what is really going on. Sometimes, as we know, attorneys put spins on things for their clients, and sometimes, as we also know, those clients spin things for their followers. All I have seen besides Kiraly's updates are the rudimentary court docs available on PACER. They are very neutral.

In any case it seems that the "Intervenors" are still holding out hope that if they cannot make a case for member ownership of GIN, they can get first dibs when and if it goes up for auction, but preferably they would like to make an arrangement to purchase it outright. To many of us this may seem patently absurd, and some of the "GIN Destroyer" contingent are guffawing about it on their Facebook forums, but in the right (or wrong, depending on your perspective) hands the intellectual property could theoretically be worth a pretty penny in Scamworld.

And it seems clear that Perry and gang have a "vision" for what GIN could be. This part caught my eye, though:

[Our vision is] of a club so in-ethics and in possession of that which enables one to makes their dreams come true, that those that find out about us will be knocking on our door at 6am to get you to sponsor them in.
"In-ethics" is a Scientology phrase. Just thought I would mention that. But it seems that Yon Vetter Cole, a long-winded fellow who is also in on the Intervenors case, is pretty deeply into Scientology, so maybe that explains some of the language. (Trudeau has promoted Scientology and Dianetics too.) Yon, who is into all kinds of New-Wagey things, and is the founder of the Your Wish Foundation (not to be confused with the Make A Wish Foundation) has lofty visions for GIN, as he shared in a protracted convo on the GIN International Facebook page on November 19, 2013:
Rarely have there been the spiritual giants who are called to serve millions in their lifetime. The love from source absolutely radiates through GIN, but what is coming in the future, the radiance and magnificence that are being prepared to emerge... are unlike anything the world has ever seen. The monetary platform in GIN brings in certain kinds of people, and the membership levels, especially 2-6, prepare their hearts to discover whole new dimensions of love. This combination and the scale of GIN's mission/vision are unlike anything this world has ever scene [sic] before.

Oh my goodness, I hear the heavenly harps playing now. I see the pure golden light emanating from Saint Kevin Mark Trudeau. Or maybe I am supposed to be seeing that golden stream coming from some of Kev's good and faithful serpents...I mean SERVANTS... who surely are spiritual giants in the making. Anyway, I am pretty sure I see something streaming from somewhere. And lo, my heart is full, and I am at peace.

But anyway. I am no legal expert, as may be obvious. But after going through hundreds of pages of legal documents I do not think the Intervenors have a legitimate case regarding the ownership of GIN. It seems so obvious that despite the convoluted structure -- deliberately set up by Trudeau and Marc Lane years ago --  it is a Kevin Trudeau asset..

However, the receiver and the court could possibly decide that despite any huge earnings in the past, GIN will never be a viable source of funds to pay towards Kevin's humongous FTC fine -- and they may decide to sell the rights (i.e., the intellectual property, including the name) to the Intervenors or some other group of scavengers, just to get it out of their hair.

So it is possible that GIN may live on under the auspices of
lesser crooks and maybe a Scientologist or two. And if they happen to be Katie fans they can keep his legacy alive -- yes, even if he stays in the joint... er... ashram -- as a martyr who is rockin' the orange on behalf of freedom and justice for all.

PS ~ Saint Kevin is not the first martyr to appear on this Whirled. Anyone remember Aussie investment "expert" David Schirmer, the "car park, cheque's in the mail" guy in The Secret? He earned his sainthood by being exposed on an Aussie TV show as a scammer. He even likened himself to Saint Stephen. Eventually he got banned for life from working in theinvestment industry in Oz. Actually, come to think of it, just about every New-Wage sociopath I've covered here has at some point played the martyr card. That's always Plan B, when trouble knocks on the door, as it almost invariably does.

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Anonymous Anon from AZ said...

LOL. Your "Kevin" picture at the top of the post reminded me of a half-life size painting my brother-in-law did of himself dressed as Indiana Jones. This work of art (and really, my BIL is a very good painter, which is why I wish he'd stop wasting his time trying to sell movie scripts) hung in a prominent place in their home. My sister (his wife) told me acerbically that the only thing missing was a neon sign blinking "KEVIN...KEVIN...KEVIN" over and over again. (She did put her foot down and refused to her her husband paint their sons as Indiana Jones.) At least my BIL Kevin just churns out movie scripts and doesn't rip people off, like Katie does.

Friday, November 29, 2013 1:05:00 PM  

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