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Monday, October 14, 2013

Sale on, big sick machine!

When it comes to explaining what I mean by my mantra, "No neat and tidy endings," sometimes a picture is worth more than a thousand words. Especially if it is a picture of words.

I have used mostly words and a few pictures to elucidate that oft-repeated message about no neat and tidy endings, with my most recent posts focusing on the carrion feeders who are now circling the remains of serial scammer Kevin Trudeau's scammy Global Information Network (GIN). There is, for example,
an ex-KT b.f.f., Matt DuBiel, formerly of KTRN Radio Network, who has been busy exploiting his Katie connection to push new scams.

But this picture... well, to me it illustrates in an even more poignant way that the end of GIN will not be the end of similar scams, nor of the scammers who have so clearly benefited from GIN. It also illustrates that GIN and Katie have left a mighty legacy that will survive no matter what happens with the civil case or the upcoming criminal trial. In fact, GIN and Katie's most lasting legacy seems to be that they have provided second- or third-string scammers with a larger platform.

The shot above is from a Facebook page devoted to planning an alternative to the annual GIN Leadership Cruise. The actual GIN Leadership Cruise has been cancelled due to Katie's legal problems finally catching up with him. The GINtanic may really be sinking this time, and if GIN doesn't go away, it will almost certainly be re-branded without Katie.

But it seems clear that those events will make barely a dent in the big sick machine.

Out of respect for the privacy of the people planning this alt-cruise (I had previously applauded them for seemingly planning for life after Katie and GIN), I redacted all names except for the high-profile huckster and long-time Trudeau friend who is apparently going to be on board with the sea-gullibles. That huckster is of course Fred Van Liew, who has been an honored guest on my Whirled previously.

Please don't take this as victim-bashing in any way, but I have to say this: As long as people are willing to believe in stupid things (like the GIN Council, and the ability of third-rate hucksters to "heal" energetically), there will be people to take advantage of that willingness.
A Facebook friend recently indicated on one of the self-proclaimed "GIN destroyer" Facebook pages that fighting scams is like a game of Whack-a-Mole. That's an apt comparison. And while said "GIN destroyers" are high-fiving each other and claiming victory because of the apparently eminent demise of GIN, those of us with a more realistic perspective know that there will be no Hollywood ending to this story... and really, no ending at all.

PS added 17 October 2013: The Fred Van Loony alt-GIN cruise is causing quite a buzz on the GIN destroyer pages, and once again another Loony -- that would be Mocktor Loony Coldwell -- engages in some pot-calling-kettle action by accusing Fred of being a fondler who is "practicing medicine without a license." Click to enlarge if you need to -- particularly the second pic, which shows Loony Coldwell at his echolaliac best (or worst).

Hello?!? Hands-on "healing, anyone?

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