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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Kevin Trudeau saga updates: Perry Kiraly tries to WIN with new money grab, while Janine begs for more money for Uncle Katie's defense fund

Happy New Year, my pretties! I've been away from my Whirled for a little over a week (except for the occasional update), winding down my year and finishing up some real writing projects that actually pay me a little money, but I'm back and ready to hit the ground running. I might as well start with the easy, obvious topic (with apologies again to those of you who are totally bored with this by now): another update on the continuing saga of serial scammer Kevin Trudeau, aka KT, aka Katie, aka "Everyone's 'Uncle Kevin.'"

Speaking of which, here's Janine-as-Katie from earlier today, writing like a teenage girl (though I've been reminded that this is how Katie and other manipulators actually speak when trying to motivate the troops).

"Everyone's Uncle Kevin" makes him sound a little creepy and pedophile-ish, kind of like
The Who's Wicked Uncle Ernie in the 1970s rock-opera Tommy, but actually my friend Julie Daniel, who worked with him years ago, said it might be an indication that he has been gaining weight behind bars, or anticipates that he might do so. Julie wrote, "I do remember once he said he was ready to settle for being the fat happy 'uncle Kevin'. That was a very long time ago. Right before he lost all the weight and wrote the book."

So maybe the Uncle Kevin the world will someday see will be more like Drunk Uncle on Saturday Night Live, except maybe not drunk, though every bit as full of crap as the Drunkle.

More and more, I'm beginning to wonder if it's really not Kevin's proxy Janine writing this (with or without his approval), but instead an independent hoaxer who is just trying to make things more difficult for Katie. If so, the joke's on all of us, especially Katie. Good one, hoaxer!*

Anyway. The courts are still closed for the holidays (and I visited PACER earlier today to see if there were any new court docs since the last time I shared; there were not). But stuff has been happening outside the courts, which is actually where most stuff happens. What kind of stuff? Let's just say that New Year's Robbin' Eve was a busy night for scammers and wannabes.

The phoenix rises from the asses... er... ashes
It is becoming more apparent now that
the GINtervenors, led by Ohio GIN (ex)member Perry Kiraly, have all but given up on their bid to intervene in Katie's civil case. They've apparently decided to leave GIN to the other vultures, and now seem bent on taking their toys and forming another club under a new name. The proposed name of that new Phoenix, rising from the ashes and spreading its wings (that is Perry's metaphor, not mine) is WIN -- an acronym for World Information Network. Perry issued another call to arms on New Year's Eve.

As he has indicated previously, he wants to restore the MLM and the cash programs as quickly as possible (including making good on Inner Circle, Platinum Bonus, Lazyman commitments, etc.). And he seems to think he can restore the Membership levels to their former glory, such as it was.

But one has to ask: On what foundation will the WINners build those Membership levels? Are they planning on absconding with the existing GIN content (most notably, the Success Mastery Courses, Levels 1 through 6)? As far as I know, Perry et al. still have no legal right to that content, unless they have purchased those rights and I didn't get the memo. It seems that if they had acquired the rights then surely he would have said so in the update (which I'll share below).

Acquiring the rights will certainly cost money. And if they do somehow acquire the rights and try to build the club around that existing course work (and I use the term "course work" loosely), they will have to go after everyone who has freely shared the content -- and that's a whole lot of folks at this point.

I see more legal bills ahead.

Alternatively, I suppose, the long-winded Perry and his even more insufferably long-winded fellow pontificater You Cole (a practicing, if not card-carrying, Scientologist), could make up their own content.

Perry also seems to think that the previous high prices for the Membership levels were fine and that the receiver, with his evil influence and bad vibes, was wrong for lowering them (see below). But that's little wonder; Perry keeps mentioning the GINtervenors'/Stand With GIN Fund folks' mounting legal fees, so it appears that once again the lawyers will be first in line when and if the money starts really flowing in again (I know, big surprise).

It's clear that Perry and pals need capital for WIN. But the capital they don't currently seem to possess, which made GIN so successful, is Kevin Trudeau himself. I see an uphill battle ahead.

But let me let you read Perry's update for yourself -- and as with previous updates, I hope you will pardon my CC annotations.

SWGF [Stand With GIN Fund] update: PERRY KIRALY
December 31, 2013
Dear Fellow GIN Members,
It is New Year’s Eve and I find an excitement and urgency as I write this for we are coming to a pinnacle point in the future of our club. The move we make from this point on will be of paramount importance in determining the future of our club; and from my perspective that future looks bright. So let me start with an overview of the continuation of the plan to restore our club to the rightful ownership and control of its Members.

It occurred to me that up to this point we have been “at effect” of court rulings, and FTC/Receiver cooperation and/or approval of our motions, proposals and plans in relation to the future of our club.
[Aha. Another
Scientology concept/term: "At effect." Perry's writing, like his buddy Yon's, is full of that stuff. ~CC]
No longer! This “at effect” state which we ignorantly agreed to ends now! We have had this power all along, we only needed to ask the right question to get the answer; that question being: “How can we be in control of this situation?” So I asked the question and the answer became clear. From this point on, we, the Members, will be in full and complete control of that future – of the future of our club and here’s how:

The Plan / The Vision
Step one We establish a new legal entity for our club to move forward in which we, the Members, are in complete control – this frees us from the interference and dictates of any implanted agent of the government. Up to this point we have been in the “boxing ring” with ropes tied to our hands and feet controlled by a crony of our opponent. No longer...time to cut the ropes.

Know that this move was enevitable
[sic]. No matter what the outcome of our motions or what deal we might come to with the Receiver…even if we outright got the court to vacate its order appointing the Receiver tomorrow and dismiss him, we would still have to establish a new legal entity for the club going forward. Because the liabilities of the numerous breaches of promises and agreements by the Receiver coupled with any legal entanglement with Mr. Trudeau’s case could severely hinder the club going forward if we did not create this new entity.

And we are currently in the process of doing just that. A corporate structure and framework is being worked on and will soon be established and implemented that will encompass ownership by the Members and a solid leadership structure.

Step two Begin funding of our newly established legal club entity. Dues for our newly formed entity will remain at $150 per month. Pending the completion of filings and other particulars in the establishment of our new legal structure the $150 per month can be sent to the SWGF.  All funds collected will be used to cover current legal expenses and the reestablishment and growth our club and benefits to club Member  As soon as the formation of the new legal club structure is completed the SWGF balance and all future dues collected will be diverted to that entity/

Since my last update a credit card processing site has been set up to support this effort and the legal fees that are accruing. If you go to
[the Stand With GIN Fund web site] and click the Donate button you can now use a credit card to contribute to the SWGF. If you would like to do recurring monthly processing or payments just put a dot/check in the box next to the amount box. Then in the lower left area where the pictures of the credit cards are just click “continue” and enter your CC data. For those that have chosen to stop paying their dues to the Receiver controlled GIN Company…. They may now consider using the extra $150 on hand to contribute to the SWGF and reformation of our club controlled by us.

Step three Once the new legal structure for our club is completed (and when I say our club I am referring to the people that make up the Members– for we the people are the club, not a legal structure per se, and this is what gives us unencumbered freedom)…. So, once the new legal structure for our club is completed; to quickly facilitate growth an Affiliate Marketing Program will be established implementing the requirements necessary to make it 100% legal and compliant with FTC regulations governing MLM’s as advised by our MLM attorney whom is considered among the top MLM attorney’s in the country. [This would be that Thayer Lindauer guy.
I wrote about him in this blog post. ~CC] Pending officially acquiring the data through legal processes, that listed one’s downline in the entity known as GIN FDN, please make a copy of the entirety of your downline. In our new legal entity all downlines will be recognized and commissions will commence as fast as the computational program software can be written, acquired or manually implemented.

As a part of the leadership structure 7-Reginal
[sic] Directors (chosen from the Membership) will be appointed in 7-Countries
[sic] as follows:
  1. USA [Okay, that's a country.]
  2. Canada [A country too, till we decide to annex them. ]
  3. Europe [Um... a group of countries, despite that whole EU thing. Also the UK might have an issue here.]
  4. Australia [Okay... country AND continent. I'll give you that. But what about the Kiwis? What are they -- chopped liver?]
  5. Japan [All right... country.]
  6. South America [Def not a country. A CONTINENT. And a big 'un.]
  7. Scandinavia [Not really a country either, Per, but several.]
The Regional Directors will have specific duties that in essence require them to continually test the pulse and vote of the general membership to see what the membership wants in terms of specific topics taught, benefits, speakers and events in order to facilitate the membership training aspect of the club.

The 7 Regional Directors will report to the board of director’s or management board (comprised of Member(s) of the club) which can be likened to the CEO of a company and will be the official designated final say leadership of the club which will most likely consist of 3 Member’s
[sic]. This managing board of director’s will be governed by a specific (black & white so-to-speck [sic] code of ethical conduct). Any violation of this ethical code, which can be challenged for compliance and ruled upon by the 7 Regional Directors, will result in the dismissal from duty of their post. [I can't wait to see that "code of conduct." "Rule number 1: Always wear a suit and tie, and speak politely, while scamming someone out of their life savings." ~CC]

Step four: Be it known that all former members of GIN FDN that either terminated their membership, downgraded to affiliate/associate status, or just stopped paying their dues will be welcome as members in good standing in the newly established legal structure for our club at the training and/or affiliate level they were at before their termination or downgrade just by paying and maintaining the dues of the newly formed legal entity of our club which I will name at the end of this update.

Step five
: As our club begins to grow and the budget allows, which could happen very quickly, the current GIN FND [sic] staff can be approached and offered employment in our newly formed legal structure…and our family will be complete. ["Family" -- spoken like a true cultish MLM-ish leader. ~CC]
Lastly: As the budget further allows, all former programs and promotion of GIN FND [sic]can be honored one by one including and starting with the Inner Circle agreement, the Platinum Bonus, Lazy Man’s or refunds thereof, the Bonanza Bonus promotion, the BMW winners leases, the Go-Getter program, the Get-3 program, and the Car Payment program.

Know that this plan can come together so quickly that it amazes all of us. The speed at which it does will be contingent upon the number of members that see its potential (Visionaries), believe it is possible, and jump on board. So I reach out to all of you that have yet to join and say join us now and let’s get on with making this club into the ideal upon which it was founded…a club that changes lives and changes the planet.
[Um... the ideals on which GIN was founded had everything to do with keeping Katie's lifestyle intact and his assets largely hidden. ~CC]

Finally, before I close, I must address yesterday’s (12-30-13) message from the GIN/Receiver controlled Company regarding the discounting of training levels and free upgrades for certain level members. The discounts announced were as follows:
  • Level I - New Member initiation fee is $600, formerly $1000
  • Level II Upgrade is $1,000, formerly $1500
  • Level III Upgrade is $1,500, formerly $1500
  • Level IV Upgrade is $2,000, formerly $3000
  • Level V Candidate Upgrade is $2,500, formerly $10,000
  • Level VI Candidate Upgrade is $3,000 or free to Level-V members, formerly $25,000
  • Level VII Candidate, free to Level-VI members

Translation: this is a going out of business sale…it is a last ditch attempt at milking the Members for all they can get before liquidating the GIN FDN permanently. It is a testament to the destruction of value that the Receiver’s presence and vibration [there's that word again. ~CC] has resulted in, in less than 5 months! It is an insult to the training; it is an insult to the value of the material; and it is an insult to the intelligence of the Members of this club for once GIN FDN folds, and it will under the Receiver’s control, all this training could be obtained for free since no former member of GIN FND [sic] would be obligated to a non-existent entity to keep it confidential! [That train has left the station, Perry. The content you're talking about is pretty widely available now for free or cheap. ~CC]
 We have been insulted and assaulted enough and it is time to say enough is enough. [Spoken like a true drama queen! ~CC] We have the power right now to create the future of our club. We have a good plan that will work if enough of us stand together and take the control that we have at our fingertips!

Now is the time to put the valuable training we learned to use, now is the time to let the true value of that training be seen. Now is the opportunity to truly transform our club into the phoenix out of the ashes of this situation…and let us call this bird The Word Information Network or WIN. [Note: This is a typo. As you'll see, he later says he actually meant WORLD Information Network. That makes more sense and sounds less oppressively, pretentiously hypo-Christian. ~CC] A few weeks ago one of our beloved Member’s [sic], John Foster, suggested the name for this phoenix and I think it’s a good one….

Had John not have suggested this name I might have chosen The Impossible Mission Force or IMF, but I think that’s taken. [I really  like John and I hope he isn't throwing more of his hard-earned money into another black hole. ~CC]

And there you have my vision of the plan for our club for the new year of 2014! Let it be the best year we’ve had yet!

As is necessary know that I am a citizen of the United States of America exercising my 1st Amendment right to express my opinion. In case the Receiver or other parties that may read this are not familiar with the 1st Amendment I have attached a summary copy of what it entails below. The information and statements herein are my opinion and expressed solely for educational purposes.

Thank you.
Perry Kiraly

You can send contributions to the SWGF/WIN three ways:
  1. Go to [the web site] and click the Donate button to use a credit card to contribute to the SWGF. If you would like to do recurring monthly processing or payments just put a dot/check in the box next to the amount box.  Then in the lower left area where the pictures of the credit cards are just click “continue” and enter your CC data. ["CC" could stand for for "Cosmic Connie." You might as well eliminate the middleman and go straight to my donation button up there on the left (if you're viewing the Web version of this blog). ~CC]
  2. If you have a PayPal account or wish to create one (which can be done fairly quickly) you can send the contribution to [email] from the PayPal site (this email is my PayPal account name).
  3. Send a check payable to:
[Some P.O. box in Ohio. ~CC]
If you have any questions please contact me at the following email first [Perry's email].. Also include what a good time to call you is if you would like to speak with me by phone.

You can call me direct at ###=###-####.  If I do not answer when you call please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as possible.
Please send this to all of the GIN members that you know
[Better yet: Donate to my Whirled! Ha, ha, just kidding. But if you are so moved, there is that donation button up there on the left side (again, assuming you are reading the Web version of this blog). Or donate to Bernie's blog. Or donate to the charity or other good cause of your choice. There's a whole world full of individuals and organizations that need and deserve money far more than Perry and his Shimkos do. ~CC]
The First Amendment of the United States Constitution protects the right to freedom of religion and freedom of expression from government interference. See U.S. Const. amend. I. Freedom of expression consists of the rights to freedom of speech, press, assembly and to petition the government for a redress of grievances, and the implied rights of association and belief. The Supreme Court interprets the extent of the protection afforded to these rights. The First Amendment has been interpreted by the Court as applying to the entire federal government even though it is only expressly applicable to Congress. Furthermore, the Court has interpreted, the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment as protecting the rights in the First Amendment from interference by state governments. See U.S. Const. amend. XIV
And this ... Correction to update: typo WORD should have been WORLD.
New name should have been: WORLD INFORMATION NETWORK or WIN
Have a really great New Year everyone.
WIN is good. It should work. And I'm sure that the late Gerald Ford wouldn't mind. Maybe the WIN-ners could invest in some vintage WIN buttons and turn them upside down, as some wags did in days of yore, to read, "NIM," for "Need Immediate Money."

I've noticed that Perry has been going on a bit about the First Amendment in his recent updates. It almost sounds as if he is trying to become another
First Amendment Stuporhero. One would almost be tempted to think that he wants the receiver and the courts to come after him, so he can holler, "Help! Help! I'm being repressed!"

"Now we see the violence inherent in the system!"

That video was just to get you warmed up. I found some videos of an actual Perry Kiraly seminar, recorded on September 28-29, 2013, back when he was still trying to snooker people into joining GIN. At that time Perry seemed to be acting as if he knew nothing about the very serious trouble Katie and GIN were in. Or maybe he knew but was in denial, which I suppose is understandable since he was earning some respectable pocket change in GIN. (
The FTC, in its opposition to the motion to intervene, noted that Perry had earned $48,000 in the GIN affiliate program -- not an extravagant amount but nothing to sneeze at either, and far more than almost everyone else earned in GIN.)

If you want to listen to Perry, you will have to turn the volume way, way, way up. Here is Part 1. And in Part 2 here he is going on about how to Go Platinum in 90 Days. He discusses how you should divide your scam targets into an "A" team, a "B" team, and a "C" team, hastening to add that to do so is not to engage in pre-judgment, which Perry preaches against at the beginning of his video when he says that everyone's a prospect. Spoken like a true hustledork... "Always be closing!" And so it goes...

Janine's turn to beg
Following in the footsteps of
former KRTN Radio guy Matt DuBiel and a few others, Kevin Trudeau's longtime pal, business partner, and past co-defendant, the above-mentioned Janine -- that would be Janine Nubani Contursi -- is using the Natural Cures email vehicle to beg for money for Katie. This email also went out on New Year's Eve:

Help us support Kevin at Christmas!
Unfortunately, Kevin will not be able to spend Christmas with his loved ones…but let’s come together and give him a great BIG Christmas gift!!
Once again Kevin’s closest friends are masterminding to help Kevin and support his legal defense. The Lawyers are very busy filing appeals, organizing sentencing letters, and just plain old fighting this incarceration. [And I'm keeping my eagle eye on PACER to see what's going down. ~CC]

So we are all gathering together for a spectacular weekend of fund raising to insure that they do their job! Kevin needs us now more than ever! Your support is so vital.

The terrific Ed Foreman, the noble [noble?!? ~CC] Dr. Tom Morter and special guests will all be on stage sharing never heard before mastermind secrets.
["Never heard before." Where have I heard that before? Oh, yeah, everywhere in Scamworld. ~CC]

There will also be a special reading by Janine of a message directly from KT to you!

[Um... yeah... I wonder if she will be revealing the deets of
that McMiracle that some of us have been wondering about? ~CC]
  • For a $1000.00 contribution you may attend the seminar held on Sunday, January 26th at The Renaissance Hotel at LAX Airport. BUT IF YOU CONTRIBUTE IN THE NEXT 5 DAYS WE WILL DISCOUNT THIS TO only $750.00!!! DON’T DELAY. It will be from 9am- 2pm. We will have a special hotel room rate available - just reference The KT Legal Fund
  • For a $2500.00 contribution you will receive an invitation to attend a private dinner with all of us on Saturday evening the 25th at the Renaissance Hotel. BUT IF YOU CONTRIBUTE IN NEXT 5 DAYS WE WILL DISCOUNT THIS TO $1750.00!!! SIGN UP NOW TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS SPECIAL PRICING. Get a chance to sit next to and dine with these coveted speakers and raise our glasses to toast KT…
  • For $500.00 you can receive the audio of this seminar.
  • We hope you can join us in support of our incredibly brave and courageous friend during this Holiday Season.
Please contribute at the link below
[Link redacted. By me. But hey, there's always that DONATE button up above, and to the left. ~CC]

With Sincere Appreciation,
On the KT Legal Defense Fund whose link I redacted, they're still advertising a one-on-one with Kevin for only $5,000.00. You have to email for details, though. I didn't check to see if the email was to the Katie Defense Fund or to MCC.

The other day some Facebook buds and I got into quite the spirited exchange because I had shared Janine's Facebook profile on the GIN Network Truth group. A couple of pro-Katie, pro-GIN folk said I was inviting people to harass her and that I was unfairly invading her privacy. After all, one reasoned, she had put herself out there in defense of her pal, but (said that person) she was doing so as a private person, and her privacy should be respected. One person intimated that my allies and I were unfairly classifying Janine as a scammer just because she is a loyal friend to Katie.

Well, first of all, I didn't invade Janine's privacy. I did not provide a phone number, email or snail mail address, or even a direct link to her Facebook page. And she has put herself out there, and is acting as considerably more than a private person. Until I see credible information to the contrary, I will view her as actively begging and campaigning on behalf of Katie, as well as helping him and some of his other buddies and defenders cook up more schemes and scams.

So with all due respect to those who disagree with me on this matter, she's fair game for snarking at this point. She is not fair game for abuse or stalking or harassment, and that's never been what I'm about, ever. But if she is supporting and enabling a scammer -- and whether those Facebook posts are coming from her or not, she is still actively supporting and enabling Kevin Trudeau -- then yes, she deserves to be called on it.

That's it for the updates for now; I have a feeling that the next week and a half will be quite eventful. I'll be back soon.

See also:

* You should know that I have a very lousy record when it comes to calling out Scamworld crap as hoaxes or parody. Many's the time I've read or heard utterly stoopid things written or spoken by Scamworld hucksters (or some of their followers), and I have speculated that it has to be a hoax because nobody could possibly write, say or believe these utterly stoopid things. But I am almost always wrong, and even though this stuff has been an obsessive hobby for me for many years, I am still continually amazed by the utter stoopidity of the things Scamworld hucksters say, that their fans are willing to believe. So very likely my speculation about the Janine/Kevin thing being a hoax is wrong too.

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Blogger Roger Willco said...

Question for Janine: Izzy or izzy not happy to be in jail; or can we add dissociative identity disorder to megalomania, narcissism, kleptomania and pseudologia fantastica to his psychiatric history?

Wait! Maybe that's too kind. Could it be that he's just a lying predatory prick . . . I mean "cog" in the big sick machine?

Oops. Colors showing again. Sorry 'bout that.

Tuesday, January 07, 2014 5:44:00 PM  

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