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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Kevin Trudeau update: GINtervenor continues histrionics while jailed Katie preaches unconditional love and forgiveness

NOTE: Although this post was originally published on 8 January 2014, there are several updates on subsequent days. Ultimately, in order to keep this post from being too long (I know, that ship has sailed), I began posting updates in the comments section. Be sure to check those out too. ~CC, 12 January 2014

Last week on this Whirled, we visited the latest efforts by some diehards to salvage something profitable from serial scammer Kevin Trudeau's moribund Global Information Network (GIN). Those efforts are ongoing while Katie himself languishes in the lockup -- Chicago's Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) -- as his proxy Janine Nubani Contursi continues to issue sappy crap that paints him as a patient saint. (Again, this is assuming that it is indeed Janine writing this dreck, rather than some third-party hoaxer or desperate Katie fan laboring to keep the dream alive.) Despite what some have claimed, Chicago's MCC inmates do have limited email access and they also have visitors, so it is not beyond the realm of possibility that Katie could be guiding Janine's hands on the keyboard, so to speak. But jeez. The dreck!

At any rate, the saga continues, as you knew it would. In light of the court-appointed receiver's expected "official" announcement that GIN's Inner Circle and other payments to members will not be honored, due to said payments being pre-receivership liabilities (and/or GIN's affiliate program being an illegal pyramid), a new histrionic missive was issued yesterday evening by former GINtervenor, and now budding WINner, Perry Kiraly, scammer wannabe and accomplished drama queen (via email, anyway -- on video he seems rather blah). Here 'tis, with a few blue Cosmic annotations:

January 7, 2014
Dear Fellow GIN Members,
Yesterday evening an abbreviated announcement from the Receiver was made by the Receiver-Controlled-GIN-staff via conference call to Inner Circle Members. In that no mention of confidentiality was made; and in that in this announcement it was stated to be scheduled for release to the general GIN membership today I find it appropriate and in fact necessary to comment upon its content. …For the content of this announcement was spoken in a unique language that is unfamiliar to many and requires translation.
I qualify myself as a translator of this language as it is a language that I have been intensely studying ever since the Receiver usurped control of GIN FDN.
Now unlike most languages no sane person would learn this language in order to actually speak it, but only to understand those that do speak it in order to discern the truth and take appropriate action. ["The language is that of Mordor, which I will not utter here!" (Gandalf to Bilbo, LOTR 1) ~CC]
The origin of this language; that is spoken in the announcement, is from an area known as Hellsville... It is spoken only by those that currently live there and those that are applying for permanent residency. The language itself is called Baal. It is also referred to as Baal Subterfuge or by its euphemistic acronym - BS.
To translate the Receiver’s message I will quote or summarily paraphrase what was announced during the call and then add illuminating commentary.
To begin, the first major announcement after the general greetings was to officially inform all Inner Circle Members that their contracts would be breached by the Receiver. It was then, in order to justify this criminal action, suggested by the Receiver that the current budget couldn’t pay them and that this agreement was illegal.
In short the Receiver, of his own accord, decided he would not pay 202 Inner Circle Members that put up over $12,000,000.00 total to help launch this club. …Members that had a written and verbal contract to be offered consultant positions and receive 200’s of 1 percent or .0002% of the gross of the clubs revenues for life.
The Receiver didn’t mention what law this arrangement broke, nor did he offer an explanation as to why the club was now unable to pay Inner Circle Members their promised compensation. …Though the club was paying this compensation before the Receiver interfered in the club’s business.
The next announcement was that the Affiliate Program was canceled because it was illegal. [Well, we saw that coming, didn't we? Those of us whose eyes are open, anyway. Here's a big clue. ~CC]
What the Receiver didn’t announce was that a letter was given to them by Timothy Shimko, our attorney, from the top MLM attorney that I retained which outlined 3 simple changes that could have made the affiliate program 100% compliant with FTC and world regulation regarding such programs. But the Receiver did not implement those 3 simple changes and instead chose to subsequently cancel the program responsible for the major growth of our club. [And to add insult to injury, the FTC mocked that MLM attorney, Thayer Lindauer. Here's that link again. ~CC]
Next it was announced that a "New Roundtable of GIN members would be formed that was fully endorsed by the Receiver in writing!!!"
The closest analogy I have for this is that a roundtable of members endorsed by the Receiver is like a gangster endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police! [Oh, me, oh, my! Crime all around us! It's a scandal, I tell you! ~CC]
This announcement will however now make the rats a bit more visible for all to see; for any member on this panel will identify him or herself as either a victim of the Stockholm Syndrome, or one of the traitorous cowards mentioned in a previous update that have sold out the club for some illusionary position of power and undeserved recognition. [Could he be talking about Jeff Devine? Or maybe even the Kramers of GINstore fame, who have been trying for months to purchase GIN? ~CC]
Next, it was stated that it is "110% false" to believe that stopping the payment of your dues would get the Receiver out any earlier, and that doing this would only force the court to shut down the club.
So I’ve got to ask, if GIN FDN is shut down for lack of incoming dues, doesn’t that mean the Receiver is out sooner?
If my figures are accurate GIN had approximately 8500 active Members before the Receiver came in. Receiver controlled GIN FDN now has approximately 4000 or less Members. That’s a 53% attrition rate! And now with the announced breach of promise and alienation of the Inner Circle members that rate is likely to climb even faster. The logical conclusion; the demise of GIN FDN is inevitable under the Receiver.
So why would the Receiver want to keep the club going as long as possible?
The Receiver presently takes $125,000.00+ per month from the dues paid to the club by Members to pay themselves for being here. The rest, after operating expenses, goes to the Receiver Estate Fund to pay off Kevin’s 37M$ fine (is it any wonder Inner Circle and other programs cannot be paid?). And once the Members finally get tired of paying the Receivers salary they’ll squeeze the last drop out of the cash cow and sell GIN FDN to the highest, if any, bidder.
So ask yourself, do you really want to keep funding the Receiver’s salary and paying KT’s fine? …When all the pieces are in place now to restart the club and get the assets as well? Please re-read the attached WORD doc/ SWGF update of 12-31-13).
Next it was announced that the new reduction of price in training levels has been a positive thing. From a myopic viewpoint that may be if all you’re looking for is more sales.
But ask yourself why Harvard or Yale or any Ivy League university’s training or any exclusive club membership is priced as it is? …Answer, to attract the highest most qualified individuals; those that have exhibited the willing to do what it takes to get where they want to go.
Then ask yourself what would happen to these universities or clubs if the price to attend or be a member were substantially reduced? Would you get more students or members, yes, very likely? But what do you suppose it would do to the quality, value, reputation, character of individuals and end product of that organization in the long run?
I’ll tell you; it would turn an exclusive club known for its Winter Leadership Conferences, Dream Weekends, European Summer Conferences, and Family Reunions into "Road Shows" (the term used in last night’s announcement for future events).
It would allow a Harvard quality training curriculum to be priced out at community college prices for a lack of understanding of value and the virtue of an equal or greater exchange.
It would cease promoting the development of characteristics of integrity, self-determination, persistence, tenacity and fight…and by unwitting default endorse compromise and capitulation, avoidance, non-confront and surrender.
This is what is happening by way of exposure to the Receiver.
…Now to the "silver lining" in all of this.
It is bringing the dross to the surface as the golden Members in this club are tested in the fire of these circumstances. [Ooo! Dross! Gold! Fire! Why am I reminded of a Velveeta commercial? Now I'm hungry for a grilled cheese-like-substance sandwich. Damn these distractions. ~CC]
It is purging and pruning these trees so they can grow into the mighty Oaks and Redwoods they were meant to be.
What is immerging [sic] are the several hundred Members, and growing, that will rebuild this club, from scratch if necessary, into a planet influencing force.
And so far we’re only using a portion of the Level-I stuff to get it done:
  • Knowing the Score….
  • Knowing who to you listen to…
  • Being teachable…
  • Taking 100% Responsibility…
  • Knowing we can create whatever we want…
  • Knowing in every seemingly adverse situation there is an equal or greater seed of opportunity….
  • And understanding that a good plan executed now is better than the perfect plan executed next week…
And that good plan is has been underway since late August and accomplishing much:
  • I initiated the Stand with GIN Fund (SWGF) in late August of 2013 to generate funds to retain an attorney to represent GIN Members.
  • I retained an excellent legal firm in early October 2013 to represent the Members of this club and fight for the assets and Intellectual property that belong to us. Mr. Timothy & Dan Simko [sic] are the attorneys that are directly handling our case.
  • A motion to Intervene was filed in November of 2013
  • The FTC filed a brief to oppose our motion to intervene in December of 2013
  • The response to the FTC’s opposition brief to our intervention in this case is being completed as I write by Mr. Shimko and will be filed by January 20th. [Deadline is January 17, according to the civil docket. Has that changed? ~CC]
  • Our motion to intervene is scheduled for a ruling by the court on the January 30th 2014.
  • Top MLM attorney Thayer Lindauer is presently working on the legal structure and membership agreements to immediately restart our affiliate program in 100% compliance to MLM regulations around the world.
  • A planned leadership structure as outlined in my update of 12-31-13 (attached) [or see this. ~CC ] is being formatted into the new legal entity where the Members truly are owners and have a vote on the direction they want the club to go.
  • A plan to honor the promises made to Inner Circle and other GIN members as the new club grows and the budget allows is the vision of the World Information Network (WIN).
It is now time to rise up and choose to be a part of this plan. It is time to act.
The foundation of WIN is taking form as I write. All those that join now will enjoy full status recognition and recovery as the club and resources grow. Funding to cover legal expenses and rebuild our club is all that is necessary to expedite this process. No new fee to join is required; dues of $150 per month will remain constant. All who begin signing up now for recurrent monthly processing of their dues at the SWGF/WIN site will be considered a Member in good standing once the corporate structure of WIN is completed. Once completed all funds in the SWGF/WIN fund will be transferred to WIN account.
As Art L. Williams was known for saying: "Do it now."
As a final note, let me make it clear that I am a citizen of the United States of America and have exercised my 1st Amendment right to express my opinion herein. The information provided herein is solely for educational purposes. [And entertainment! You forgot entertainment, Perry! ~CC] Everyone must evaluate and make up their own mind on any course of action they take.
Thank you,
Perry Kiraly
You can send contributions to the SWGF/WIN three ways:
etc. etc. etc. [same info as in previous missives ~CC]
...Please send this to all of the GIN members that you know.
Once again, Perry: The receiver is complying with court orders. GIN is and was a Katie asset, and therefore fair game to plunder (as you might put it) to pay Katie's debt to the gummit. Right or wrong, it's legal. Sorry, pal, you got screwed. But how many people did you have to screw to get your measly (but still considerably more substantial than the vast majority of GIN members) $48,000 in GIN affiliate payments? Think about it.
Meanwhile, as noted above, Katie's proxy continues to spew out McSpirituality -- or should I say MCCSpirituality. In his latest missive he seems to be teetering hazardously close to the contemporary McSpiritual form of Ho'oponopono... and we KNOW how much fun I've had on my Whirled with that. Maybe Mr. Fire can give Janine some Ho'opo tips. Anyhow, here's the sermon from January 7:
Please send love (pray) on a daily basis to both judges in my case, Judge Gettleman (civil contempt case) and Judge Guzman (criminal contempt case), as well as the Mr. Cohen of the FTC, all members of the FTC handling my civil contempt case, and all members of the US Attorney’s office handling my criminal contempt case.
We talk about "love your enemies", and recall Jesus on the cross praying to GOD the Father "forgive them, for they know not what they do". We must walk the walk and not just talk the talk. We must practice what we preach. Forgive and give unconditional love to ALL without exception!
In reality we do not have to "forgive" anyone involved in my cases as they did nothing that need forgiving. And there are no "enemies". I alone am responsible. I take 100% responsibility for my legal and court situations. I am the one that is asking THEM to forgive ME. I am sending ALL of them energetic unconditional love. I am telling THEM that I am sorry. I feel nothing but compassion and love for all of them. I also ask and pray for their compassion and forgiveness, mercy and leniency in dealing with my sentence and punishment. We are all one. Everything is one. There are not "enemies". There is not "evil" and "good" per say. A cat is whole. The head and tail are both part of the cat. One is not "good" and the other "bad". If the cat bites the tail...the cat hurts himself! This is why we must only LOVE.....everyone and everything...for we are all connected. When we LOVE...we help ourselves...when we hate or retaliate…we hurt ourselves. I know the universe is perfection and all IS well. All is perfect no matter what "happens" or what things "appear or seem". So please pray and send love to all involved in my case. Wish only the best for them and their families. Want only good things for them. Send them peace, compassion and unconditional love. They deserve it!
I just have one question, Katie: In this scenario, who is the cat's head and who is the cat's tail?

I'll have the new court docs as soon as they're available.

PS added later on, 8 January 2013 ~ Mr. Ed -- not the talking horse, but the horse's... I mean, former Congressman and honored GIN speaker Ed Foreman -- just chimed in with some down-home wisdumb about the situation:
From: Perry Kiraly
Sent: 1/8/2014 3:34:54 P.M. Eastern Standard Time
Subj: SWGF/WIN Update 01-08-14
January 8, 2014
Dear Fellow GIN Members,
As a follow up to yesterday’s update I am copy/pasting two emails recently sent to me by our beloved Ed Foreman.

In Ed’s first email he sums up nicely in clear Texas style language exactly what this Receiver is up to.

In Ed’s second letter he expresses recognition and praise for the accomplishments of this effort thus far. And I know that this praise and recognition is not just for me alone but due and meant for each and every one of you that supported, contributed, backed and continue to back the SWGF/WIN. It is most assuredly because of that backing that SWGF/WIN has come this far.

Mr. Ed Foreman’s letters, as follows:

Thanks for your clear message about the destruction of GIN by the Receivers. It has been my opinion, all along, based on similar situations, that they would "milk the cow" 'til she goes dry...then barbecue and eat her remains. …Afterwards, they would offer the bones to the "dogs" for their highest bid! Like vultures, they usually start with the eyeballs and brains first. It ain't a purty picture!
Heartiest congratulations to you on the tremendous, excellent work and progress you are making in saving our great club...and going from GIN to WIN is terrific! I am out of the Country now...will be back after the 15th and in touch with you. Keep On Keeping On!
Ed Foreman

Dang if that don' make me proud as anything to be a Texan mah own dang self. Boy howdy. But I beat ol' Ed to that whole vulture/scavenger thang months ago. Yee-haw!
(The difference, of course, is that I consider all of the folks who are trying to reclaim or revamp GIN to be scavengers -- not just the receiver and the government.)

PPS added even later on 8 January, 2014 ~ My friend Paul Wilson, who tried to work GIN honestly but got screwed anyway, had this to say, and he hopes someone will pass the message along to Perry:

Wow!!! Where were Perry and the others like him when they stopped paying us commissions on our Lazy Mans? I guess it's ok to make a written agreement with us and break it but not the Inner Circle Members or Platinum Members. How many 10's of millions of dollars do they think us Lazy Man Members contributed to the club? Especially since many members paid $1000 or more for their Lazy Mans,"Many of them never delivered." What hypocrisy! As far as his comment about members deciding to quit GIN to make the receiver go away quicker, why not just have Janine ask Kevin to write a brief letter telling them what they should all do. He would more than likely in a roundabout way tell them to stop being whiners and complainers, and [tell them] to keep the course and [keep] paying the dues, and always tell them to remember the term[s], "Delayed Gratification," and "Sometimes it may take longer than first anticipated."

As far as his negative comment about the receiver lowering the upgrade fees and how it will bring in less quality people, how about this for a solution. I came up with this idea myself back a couple of years ago when Kevin was talking about getting rid of all the whiners and complainers in the club. Here's the solution. Raise the Initiation fee to $10,000. Then make the monthly dues $1,500 a month. This way you would weed out all those undesirables.
Yeah. That sounds about right.

Update, 9 January 2014: The Shimko weighs in
In which the Shimko sets the stage for bowing out gracefully ("Though I am supremely confident in our ability to prevail in Court on our legal arguments, it is now time to see what is there to be seen. By the time I am able to achieve our legal goals in court, it has now become evident to me that before that comes to pass that only a remnant of this Club will exist.") He also stoops to worn-out New-Wage/McSpirituality guru phrases such as, "follow their own bliss" and "like minded individuals." Oh, brother. Anyway, Perry sent this out to the diehards today.

January 8, 2014
Via Email
Perry Kiraly
Re: FTC vs. Trudeau Receivership

Dear Perry,
You have asked my opinion on a number of issues. First, you have asked me whether or not the remaining GIN members should continue to pay their dues to the Receiver in light of the present status of the litigation and the current stance of the Receiver, and the rapid decline in membership. This is a different question than you asked me previously as to whether or not the Members were obligated to pay their dues to avoid running afoul of the Court’s Order appointing the Receiver. The opinion rendered herein is more of a practical or strategic opinion than it is a legal opinion. After the information you provided to me yesterday, it is now my opinion that members that are continuing to send their dues to the Receiver are now throwing good money after bad.

I learned from you, yesterday, that the overall membership of GIN has fallen below 4,000 people worldwide. This is a decrease of almost 50% from last month’s numbers, which the Receiver represented to me were over 6,000. This is a shocking development, but one not unforeseeable in light of the strategy and actions of the Receiver. Though the Receiver informed me last month that he was implementing a plan to stem the tide of disaffected members, whatever strategy that is has, by all empirical standards, failed miserably.

Though I am supremely confident in our ability to prevail in Court on our legal arguments, it is now time to see what is there to be seen. By the time I am able to achieve our legal goals in court, it has now become evident to me that before that comes to pass that only a remnant of this Club will exist. I firmly believe that the only way to predict the future is if the past repeats itself. And, we must accept the fact that under present circumstances, the exodus of members from this Club is not declining but rather is gaining impetus. And, there is nothing that I see that the Receiver can do to change the direction of this momentum. Therefore, by this time next month, it is very probable that there will be less than 2,000 dues paying Members, and in two months time, there will be less than a thousand. We cannot obtain the necessary court orders in time to prevent this.

As you know, I spoke with the lawyer for the FTC in early December who told me that it was his personal goal to shut down your Club. Yet, when I first began to negotiate with the Receiver’s lawyer, he gave me hope that the Receiver would be more reasonable and see the wisdom of making a quick deal with the members to minimize any further loss in club membership. It now appears that the Receiver’s strategy and actions will accomplish the FTC’s objective, whether or not that is his intention. I have little faith, in light of yesterday’s news, that the Club can be preserved in its present structure under the thumb of the Receiver. Nothing he has done to date has been able to stabilize the level of membership in the Club. If he is like all other Receivers that I have dealt with in the past, I do not think he possesses the imagination to come up with anything new that will reverse this trend.

You have also asked my opinion as to whether it would be a violation of the Court Order to form a new Club, and to invite all of the present and former members of GIN to join it, giving them whatever status they previously held in GIN. I have again reviewed the Court’s Order appointing the Receiver and I can find nothing in that Order, which would abrogate the First Amendment rights of present and former members of GIN to associate with each other in a new club. If that is the strategy that you and other members with whom you are working to save this Club settle on, I would recommend that changes in the Affiliate Program, along the lines suggested by Attorney Thayer Lindauer, be adopted in order to pass FTC muster.

You have also asked me whether or not it would be a violation of the Court’s Order if a new club made offers of employment to the present and former staff of GIN. To answer your question, I can see nothing in the Court’s order that would prevent a new club from making offers of employment to the present or former staff of GIN. However, this is an issue that I think will resolve itself on its own. It is quite clear to me that under the present declining trend of Club membership that within the next two months most if not all of these people will be looking for new jobs anyway. They should be looking for new jobs now. When the membership of GIN has declined to such a level as to be insufficient to support their salaries, the Receiver will terminate them and use his own staff to collect whatever dues the remaining members continue to send. If they are not looking for new jobs now, then they are turning a blind eye to reality.

Finally, you have asked my opinion as to whether the formation of a new club can practicably be formed from the present and former members of GIN. This is a more difficult question to answer for I have no past experience in this regard on which I can offer you a proper perspective. And, there are a number of  impediments to overcome. Nevertheless, I can offer these observations.

First, the path to recreating what you people had is already thoroughly known. What has been done before can be done again. Second, a club like yours is not dependent on a name or on the location of the clubhouse or on who runs it. From what I have learned from you and other members is that your club was a dynamic enterprise made up of vibrant and self-motivating people looking for a better life richer in texture and experience than they had known before.

From the outpouring of support from around the world that I have received since you retained me, I can see no reason why such people would not want to continue to follow their own bliss and to support other like minded individuals.

Third, to this point in time, I have received emails from nearly 500 GIN members voicing their support for your efforts to save the Club. Presently, that number represents somewhere near 15% of the Club’s present membership that still wants this Club to continue. Obviously, this is a base upon which you and the other members can build. If you have the means to communicate with each other there is already a critical mass that can generate an ever increasing momentum.

Fourth, as for the intellectual property of GIN, I have previously advised you that the Receiver’s control of the name “Global Information Network” and the trademark “GIN” is highly suspect, and I would recommend abandoning them to avoid further legal complications from the New York based news organization that has been using both since 1986. Furthermore, to this point in time, the Receiver has given me no proof that the Receiver actually controls the intellectual property that GIN has distributed to over 20,000 individuals worldwide. He may or he may not control these assets. If he does, because of the extremely wide dissemination of these materials that has occurred over the last five years, I do not think they possess any great value in the marketplace. Notwithstanding whatever right to control the intellectual property that the Receiver has, it is my opinion that his ability to enforce those rights would be highly problematic.

I recognize that this represents a change in the initial strategy I outlined for you when you retained me, but the intransigence of the Receiver with its attendant appalling decline in membership compels a consideration of a different strategy. I am still of the belief that I can prevail on the legal issues in Court, but it is now apparent to me that such a victory would be pyrrhic. Your biggest enemy is time. The question has now become whether you and the other members can unite and act quickly enough to save what you all seem to prize so dearly.

I believe that I have answered all of the questions that you have put to me. If I have missed any, please let me know.

Timothy A. Shimko
That darned receiver! Now get busy gathering those dues for the new klub, Perry, so you can pay your Shimkos for their efforts, and maybe have a little left over for you and your pals.

Update, 10 January 2014: Perry discusses intellectual property rights and other Matters of Consequence
Here's Perry's email to the faithful, sent out last night (January 9). Here he expresses hope that the Kramers of GINstore fame will join forces with him and his gang. I'm thinking, "Fat chance."

From: Perry Kiraly
Sent: 1/9/2014 7:20:49 P.M. Eastern Standard Time
Subj: SWGF Update No.2 01-09-14

January 9, 2014

Dear Fellow GIN Members,
It has come to my awareness that the biggest question among the Members presently is regarding the purchase of GIN or GIN IP (Intellectual Property i.e. the Success Mastery Courses and other audio, video and written material owned by GIN FDN).

As most of you are aware, the purchase of GIN’s IP (only) has been and still is among the proposed agendas of SWGF/WIN, but form the most powerful negotiating position we can be in.

So what is the most powerful purchasing position we can be in? Well, in my opinion, if the GIN FDN is no longer funding the Receiver’s salary and KT’s fine by way of dues collected; and there is no staff to run the club, the Receiver would very be inclined to sell the assets in short order to the highest bidder.

Now some have suggested that they might just shut the club down if it stops making money; out of spite? Though I truly doubt that the Receiver, out of spite, would not try to sell a thing that had some value; if they did and asked the court to just shut GIN FDN down and abandoned it – good, then we get the IP for free.

Understand also why do we not want to buy and continue to use GIN FDN as our legal entity and have begun the process of establishing WIN or the World Information Network as that new entity? One, is because GIN FDN is riddled with legal liabilities. Two, is that so much negative press now surrounds that name it could prove detrimental to future recruitment of members.
[Uh-huh. Like GIN's neg press won't travel right along with WIN. ~CC] And three, as Mr. Shimko pointed out, the name GIN could be challenged by a News Agency that has been using that name for many years before GIN was established.

So, can we (all the Members of the club) get together to stand as One and pool our resources to buy the IP?

Representing SWGF/WIN, I communicated with Greg Kramer who represented himself as the spokesman for the Receiver endorsed "Round Table" group. I communicated with him in an attempt to unite all members as one and accomplish a powerful negotiating position as mentioned above. I made it clear that that after months of very hard work and a substantial amount of Members contributions, SWGF/WIN has everything in place for this next step to take place:

  • The attorneys have been retained and are up to speed on every aspect of accomplishing our goal of acquiring the IP assets and launching our club under the new legal entity – WIN!
  • The fund is set up to contribute to for the purchase of GIN IP assets, as well as to pay the legal and all other expenses relating to the reestablishment of everything we enjoy about the club.
  • And we have the backing of approximately 500 Members and counting that have requested to be placed on the Plaintiff list, plus other contributors that have not as yet requested to be on the list.
I further offered to Mr. Kramer and the entire Receiver Endorsed Round Table group, who have yet to identify themselves; I offed [sic] to arrange a conference call with our attorney, Timothy Shimko, whom I hired to represent all GIN Members. I offered this to allow all of these Round Table participants the opportunity to communicate with our attorney and ask any question they desired to clarify anything they were unclear about regarding what we’ve done so far or plan to do from this point on.

Mr. Kramer told me yesterday evening that he would relay this offer to the entirety of the Round Table group and get back to me. Several hours ago, I received Mr. Kramer’s reply. He stated that there is no need for him and his Round Table group to speak with Mr. Shimko for they felt that the opinion letter I sent out by Mr. Shimko this morning was quite clear and that he, Greg Kramer, was going to get another opinion.
[Translation: "We don't want to talk to your sorry a$$, Perry." ~CC]

So while Mr. Kramer gets his other opinion before he and the Round Table group can decide to join with SWGF/WIN to purchase the IP assets and create a powerful negotiating force of One for all Members; let me offer you something for deep consideration regarding this situation.

Some suggest that it appears to be a choice between starting a new club or buying GIN FDN and its assets. It isn’t. A new legal entity is necessary for whatever group purchases the IP assets for the reasons listed at the bottom of page 1 of this update.

So the only thing that will even necessitate a choice revolves around whether Greg and Round Table crew choose to stand as One with SWGF/WIN in the purchase of the IP-assets.

Should Greg and Round Table crew choose not to stand as One with SWGF/WIN then what criteria does one utilize in their evaluation of who to send funds to? This may seem like a difficult choice to make; it isn’t when you consider the following:

We all know that the GIN Staff are constrained and controlled by the Receiver by way of the court order appointing the Receiver. This is true because the GIN staff have been and currently are in "concert" with a Trudeau entity. And all Trudeau entities are now under the control and jurisdiction of the court (see attached court order below in a PDF doc).
Here's a direct link. ~CC]

What is a brilliant move on the part of the Receiver is that as soon as this "Round Table" group headed by Greg Kramer was formed, it placed every participant therein under the control of the Receiver. This is true because the Receiver endorsed in writing the appointment of this "Round Table" group and its activities, which puts them "in concert" with a Trudeau Entity, thus binding them, even if they quit, to the terms in the court order appointing the Receiver.

In all fairness I don’t think that even these "Round Table" participants new
[sic] what they were getting themselves into; at least not all of them. But be that as it may, the choice of where to put your funds is now getting easier.

You will find that since this "Round Table" group is now technically in "concert" with a Trudeau Entity controlled by the Receiver that they will be able to utilize the GIN FDN to further their agenda and raise funds by way of official GIN site announcements.

This next criterion is of major importance and should make it clear where not to send your funds. If you fund the "Round Table" group the funds will likely go into a GIN/Receiver account which will give the Receiver direct control over and ownership of that money even if the "Round Table" group’s bid for the IP assets isn’t accepted!

Even if the "Round Table" group says, oh no, where
[sic] going to establish a separate escrow or other titled account. It won’t remove that account from Receiver control because the "Round Table" group will have opened the account. The "Round Table" group being in "concert" with the Trudeau Entity GIN FDN gives the Receiver complete control over it.

It doesn’t matter what the account opened by the "Round Table" group is titled or earmarked; once an account is opened by a group that is or was in "concert" with a Trudeau Entity at the time is subject to Receiver control. And the Receiver can and will break any agreement made with a bank holding Trudeau Entity assets just as they have broken the numerous agreements made with the GIN membership to date.

This concludes my opinion of the relevant criteria with which to make your decision as to where to send your money to purchase the IP assets of GIN FDN.

In bringing this update to a close I must emphasize the urgency of time we have left to raise the funding for the purchase of the IP assets as well as the need to continue to close the gap on the balance due for legal expenses and the restart of the club.

Keep in mind that we have outsider(s) that do not hold the same ideals as those upon which this club was founded that will be in the bidding for the IP assets. So let’s now join together and get this fund going now. If the remainder of the active membership sends the equivalent of the amount of a month of dues over the next couple of months that should be enough to secure these IP assets and get on with the rebuilding of our club.

Do it now fellow Members; do it now while there is still time to do it.

In closing, let me make it clear that I am a citizen of the United States of America and have exercised my 1st Amendment right to express my opinion herein. The opinion expressed in this update is not meant to suggest or encourage any course of action. The information provided herein is solely for educational and entertainment
[Ha! he must have read my annotation on the day before yesterday's update. ~CC] purposes based upon idiosyncratic imagination and conjecture. No exactitude of content is implied. Everyone must evaluate and make up their own mind on any course of action they take.

Thank you,
Perry Kiraly

Oh, goodness, Perry, it appears that once again you've been Shimko'd. And your Shimkos have apparently been Zanzigged.

But don't worry, Perry my boy; you're not the only one suffering from delusions, and/or trying to foster them, as the case may be. Katie's ex-marketing director Peter Wink, whose nose is surgically implanted in an unmentionable aperture of Katie's ex-b.f.f. Loony Coldwell, is busy trying to convince another group that self-styled "GIN destroyer" Abe Husein is solely responsible for Katie being in the cage. Surely Peter himself is not stupid enough to believe that, but it appears that he is banking on Abe and his followers being that stupid, as indicated in these January 10 Facebook posts:
Abe you have singlehandedly scared the receiver away to the point he is illegally trying to sell the organization. You did it all and deserve all the applause! GREAT JOB calling out this dirtball and his twisted lawyer!

Abe it
[sic] amazing that you and you alone have put the con man in jail and have the receiver and his loser lawyer on the run. Hail Abe!
Actually that sounds like Loony's illiteracy is rubbing off on Peter. Not to mention his abject ignorance of court proceedings. It's obvious that Peter is still trying to court Abe, perhaps because he wants Abe to toss a little bit of that GIN movie pixie dust his way.

UPDATE NOTE, 12 January 2014
Late on January 10, the receiver -- or rather, "GIN Headquarters" under the auspices of the receiver (and KT buddy Jeff Devine) -- finally sent out their expected and awaited "official" announcement that GIN cannot pay any of the obligations and debts. Either later that day or some time on January 11, they sent out another b.s.-filled missive, this one containing an "open letter" from paid GIN consultant Troy McClain (who is one of the good ol' country boys featured in this August 2011 video).

Perry Kiraly responded to Troy's "open letter" -- and Jeff Devine's other announcements -- as might expected in an update that he sent the next day. Jeff and Troy are apparently hopeful that they'll be able to take over GIN. They are full of rah-rah cheerleading for GIN's future, but I've heard whispers that if and when Katie gets out of the clink they'll happily hand it back over to him. We'll see.

Anyway. To avoid making this blog post any longer, I'll post both of those missives in the comments section. I will post additional updates there too until I get inspired to write a new blog post.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, I guess if I was in charge of something that gave me a $100,000 plus salery, plus perks, while the nation's average is $25,000, plus bills, plus taxes, I'd do whatever it takes (even theatrics) to keep that kind of income.

I do believe there are some people who are like on the Titanic, believing the ship is unsinkable while in the very act of going down under, all in the name of faith that someone didn't lie to them.

While the message of love and forgiveness may tug at hearts from some people, it makes me want to vomit hearing it from KT.

And Janine, to me, sounds like a princess of love wanna be: Janine Nubani Contursi/ Comtesse Nicole de Lancret (Ever After, the movie with Drew Barrymore, taken the name of her well loved comtesse mum charecter).

Wednesday, January 08, 2014 8:09:00 PM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

Good points all, Anon January 8.

Sunday, January 12, 2014 10:36:00 AM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

UPDATE: This was sent out from "GIN Headquarters" on the afternoon of January 10, 2014.

Dear [Name]

At GIN Headquarters we realize that you have spent your personal time and money to advance your GIN career via participation in many different programs. Unfortunately, under the current ownership of the Receivers, Robb Evans & Associates, and in cooperation with the court order, GIN is unable to continue its previous financial commitments to these programs. In the interim, GIN Headquarters will work within our means to provide the best possible experience for you, and communicate with you as updates are available.

Below is a copy of the Receiver's communication that explains the current scene:

"We have been working closely with the entire GIN staff in order to better understand the organization's culture and impact this club brings to its members. We have also been actively working with staff to create a positive, legal, and viable company that will achieve ongoing benefits for all involved. The mission of the receivers as assigned by the courts, is simple. One, bring the current operating system and structure up to date and operate legally. Two, financially stabilize the company so it may continue to operate and grow so current and new members may enjoy the improved benefits being offered. The final goal is to achieve the first two goals within a predetermined timeframe in order to sell the legal, compliant, and financially stable company to any approved entity interested in maintaining the club.

Through these many discussions, we have been asked to find a legal way to distribute funds for a series of past obligations and debts, including but not limited to, Go Getter, Summer Sales Bonanza, Summer Sales Bonanza Sponsor, Get 3 Program, Newsletter, Weekly Audio Rewards, Cruise voucher recipients, Visionary and Founder bonuses, Lazy Man order refunds and Inner Circle bonuses. While our goal is to bring this company to a legal and financially sound position as well as maintain its positive impact, unfortunately, and with much consideration and regret, we have concluded that GIN is unable to pay these debts.

Keep in mind finding a perfect balance of honoring past commitments as well as meeting legal requirements has been a challenge due to the previous management team and operating system in place. It is important to note, that prior to the appointment of the receiver, there were tens of millions of dollars of unfunded debts incurred by GIN. Commitments to pay these debts were made by the previous leaders of GIN without sufficient monies to fund these obligations. At minimum, this would be considered unethical and unsound business practices, and possibly much worse.

Therefore, even if we agreed to pay pre-receivership debts, we would be unable to pay them. These are unfunded obligations and GIN does not have sufficient funds to pay them. If we would try to somehow pay these prior obligations, we would continue to jeopardize the financial stability of GIN, operate in a manner of practice outside the bounds of a realistic and sensible business, and possibly bankrupt the operation.

[Continued below, due to Blogger’s infuriating character limitations for comments]

Sunday, January 12, 2014 10:39:00 AM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

[Continued from previous comment]
We want to reiterate our position, which can be simply stated. Our intent is to help GIN operate legally and profitably. Following many efforts and discussions with the current GIN management, it remains our sincere hope that GIN will and can survive as a true club, remain financially stable, and continue in operation for many years to come for the benefit of its members. Assuming that GIN will be financially stable and operated profitability, the Receiver intends to get permission from the Court to transfer GIN operations for a fair price to a new owner or ownership group which may include GIN members. The Receiver's oversight of the GIN operations could then be terminated and GIN would be operated by the new owners."

Please email any questions or comments via Support@GlobalInformationNetwork.com and GIN Staff will happily assist you. On behalf of the entire GIN Staff, we truly apologize for this unfortunate situation. We appreciate your ongoing support and we are committed to working with you as we move forward to improve our GIN club. There are very exciting announcements coming to the Membership in the next week, so please stay tuned.

GIN Headquarters


Another communication followed that one, and Perry responded. Read on.

Sunday, January 12, 2014 12:48:00 PM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

2014 Motto - We survived and now it's time to THRIVE!!!

Dear Valued Members and Associates,

Words cannot express how lucky we are to be family as Staff, Members, and Faculty! On behalf of the entire GIN community, we once again want to wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year and say thank you!

With so much chatter surrounding us and many changes coming about, we have decided to come right out and say it - WE WILL SURVIVE and now it’s time to THRIVE!!!

Let’s start by thanking all our current family members who have brilliantly applied the practices that GIN has taught us, especially during this transitional time in our club. Through positive thinking, envisioning, keeping our eye on the chief aim, and never giving up on our club, we want to recognize and honor the following groups of individuals:

•The entire membership community
•Members of GIN’s past Advisory Boards
•GIN's new Leadership Roundtable
•The Inner Circle Members
•GIN’s Speaker and Education Faculty
•GIN's Platinum and Upper Level V and VI Members 
•GIN’s Executive Management and Operations Staff
•GIN's strategic service providers, especially GIN Tools and the GIN Store

Without you and countless others we would not be able to report, support or announce many of our new initiatives for 2014 such as:
1.New and exciting Regional Education Forums that will be coming to your area soon! These will be comprised of top speakers, performances, and networking weekends to increase your emotional well-being. And they are just around the corner!
2.Dynamic new Education Curriculum as well as innovative Expos and Networking Events!
3.The return of the highly demanded GIN Entrepreneur/Investment Forum. Come present your business ideas in 2014!
4.A new pricing model and Member Rewards program that will allow for more dynamic prospective Members to experience the life changing methods of GIN!
5.A strategic Leadership Round Table voted by and representing Members. This advisory structure will serve to strengthen the foundation communications between the GIN membership and GIN Headquarters to drive club innovation and help establish iron-clad unification among all facets of GIN! 
6.GIN’s new member2member program with its portfolio of real GIN Members showcasing their business successes as a result of the GIN training. This demonstrates the global power of GIN!
7.Continuing development of a host of new and enhanced Member benefits, adding value to GIN’s existing portfolio! 

As KT always said, “Know your chief aim and don't ever let anyone steal your dream.” Ed Foreman has taught us to shout out loud “I'm alive, I'm alert and I feel great!” And, let’s not forget GIN’s favorite country boy, Troy McClain, who says "learn to look beyond the obvious and find the value in life.”

Together as ONE unified voice, ONE unified club, and ONE unified family, GIN will be alive, it will continue to thrive. It will overcome the obstacles to create better opportunities for 2014! As we begin to focus on GIN's future and overcoming any remaining obstacles in the New Year, let us focus on a new message of total unification through total clarity. 

Sometimes that message is better conveyed from others within our community. Below is an open letter recently sent to us from Troy McClain. We believe he offers a solid and well rounded perspective of 2013, however, it additionally supports what our staff has always believed ---which is that our Members are amazing and by sticking together, we can all look forward to a very bright future ahead.

Enough is enough!


[Continued in next comment. ~CC]

Sunday, January 12, 2014 12:50:00 PM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

[Continued from previous comment. This is the "open letter" -- supposedly from paid GIN consultant Troy McClain. ~CC]


To: Gin Members, Staff, and Family

Re: Open letter thanks and offer of support 

From: Troy McClain 

First, I would like to start out by saying thank you to each and everyone one of you who have accepted me into the GIN family, who have made me feel welcome and embraced me into this amazing family, more so, I would like to thank each and everyone of you who followed the teachings of “The best way to get ahead is to give back.” Those that gave unconditionally to a charity I personally believed in showed more than character, you showed as a group we are more powerful than a single person or issue. You proved lives can be changed and obstacles are nothing more than opportunities waiting to be discovered. 

My life has been changed for the better and my heart has been touched. I have been pondering on how I could ever give back to each of you what you gave me. Well, the answer came over the Holidays. As most of you know I run a successful communications company that has worked with some of the greatest companies and teams in the country. Further, most of you know I was, personally hand selected by KT himself back in 2010 to work alongside his “SEAL (Special Executive Alliance League) Team” and to execute, deploy and operate certain projects for KT both public and private. Even now I continue to communicate with him and others around him. My skill sets and those of the working staff of GIN are unmatched when it comes to operations, communications and logistics. I guess this is why KT picked us all. Our skill sets and expertise have been reserved for the highest caliber and endorsed by KT himself, however, for me I have been selfishly sitting on the side lines as I watch this club, the members, and this family get torn apart, rattled up, misinformed by various adversaries, well intended, but misinformed members and others who have set out to close what you all have proved to be worthy of growing and staying open! 

Enough is enough! Your gift to others and me around the world was priceless and my way of showing thanks is to give back what is a small token of thanks that could never compare to what you all gave to others. That said, I have set out to uncover, discover, and report my personal yet professional opinions and recommendation on the 2013 obstacles. Keep in mind, I cast no judgment and sling no mud in any one direction, as this is part of our training. All parties involved, current GIN members with opinions, KT, the Government, previous members; they all have the right to their position and opinion. They all share our respect whether we agree or disagree and we all have a right to be informed of the truth based on professional and historic findings! These are my professional findings in a nutshell. 

[Continued on next comment. ~CC]

Sunday, January 12, 2014 12:57:00 PM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

[Troy McClain's letter, continued from previous comment. ~CC]

Just the facts!

1. The fact is KT started this club with the vision it would continue past him and grow past his inception. A legacy of positive thinkers, motivators, and global life changers! He has preached, promoted and endorsed this to all of us. This continues to be the fact!

2. The fact is each and every one of the members have shared true stories of success and have stood tall and proud as they gave testimony to their personal life changing moments brought about by the positive energy of GIN and its teachings.

3. The fact is somewhere along the line, some members of the former management team and KT began to operate outside of what the government deemed legal and compliant.

4. The fact is KT was charged and convicted of what the government claimed to be a crime, yet none of this had anything to do with GIN, but by way of legal discovery, it has indirectly impacted GIN in recent months.

These are the facts. The matters at hand however are the claims, rumors, and requests that are rolling around. Here is what I have found. Now some may agree and or disagree but I am only attempting to answer with my knowledge and professional opinions. I am open to any conversation and discussion but I believe certain items need to be addressed.

First, I have heard that the court appointed receiver is "bleeding" the company.

My findings - The facts are we had a CEO, bookkeeper, internal auditor, general counsel, accounting team, payroll team, and other staff members who were pulling salaries and income from GIN (fair and customary to the industry) in order to maintain and keep GIN up and running, however, they left or were asked to leave the company due to issues with the legal or financial findings. I am not saying I agree or disagree with the request but I am giving the findings. Since their exit, a replacement team and staff have been put into place. They are made up of a CEO, auditors, general counsel, accounting teams, bookkeepers, payroll teams and more to continue to maintain GIN and keep it up and running. They are pulling professional fees out of the company just like fees that previously were paid to staff and other professionals that GIN previously had on payroll or on retainer so that GIN members can continue to enjoy the benefits of the club. What they are doing different is auditing the club for what they deem, by law, to be out of compliance, and implementing operating procedures to bring the club in compliance. In my research and findings I have found this "They are bleeding the company" to be false. They are charging fees required to perform the duties I have listed. Now, I am not saying this was right or wrong but what I am saying is communications, reporting and findings are supposed to be based on truths and facts, not ideas and scare tactics.

[Continued on next comment. ~CC]

Sunday, January 12, 2014 1:01:00 PM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

[Troy McClain's letter, continued from previous comment. ~CC]

GIN is shutting down is the other thing I have heard.

Well no it’s not! Or at the very least, it has no intention of doing so. In fact, after many discussions with the new Executive Staff including Jeff Devine, it's clear that the hard work and diligence of the entire GIN Headquarters staff is being conducted in a manner to continue to move GIN forward under full compliance. In addition, I've learned that even some members, groups within GIN, and others see the value and want to purchase it for the benefit of the collective members. All of which I would love to see become a reality for everyone. I support all and anyone who wishes to purchase such a fine membership base company, however; I cannot support any notion that it would be easier to start a new club from scratch. This simply is not true. Keeping the positive energy in place, internal staff and operational support up and running and maintaining a legacy through thick and thin is what I believe is what this club needs! We as members cannot be considered FILO if we leave as soon as it gets tough. For those of you who don't know, FILO is a term used by the elite soldiers and even fire fighters that means First in Last out! If you were First in but First out you have not completed your teachings and need to revisit them in order to become a FILO family!

In the end, I believe this club is amazing and all the people who started with it have done amazing things. I want the club to survive, not because it makes money for the government or anyone else that purchases it, but because despite anything else it brings a positive light to people's hearts, minds, and spirits! Yes, there was a tough year that is behind you, but if we look Beyond the Obvious and see the club for the value it brings each and every one of us we will know GIN IS ALIVE AND READY TO THRIVE!


Thank you, Troy for your support and opinions. It’s undeniable that Troy has a way with words and it's also another lesson for us to be reminded. We are a team, family, and a group of amazing people that can change the world! Let's take these words along with the positive news coming out and look forward to making a difference!


GIN Headquarters

Not surprisingly, Perry and gang did not like that. At all. Read on.

Sunday, January 12, 2014 1:03:00 PM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

In response to the latest missives from GIN Headquarters, Perry Kiraly sent this update early this morning (12 January 2014).


From: Perry Kiraly
Sent: 1/12/2014 1:12:47 A.M. Eastern Standard Time
Subj: SWGF/WIN Update 01-11-14

January 11, 2014

Dear Fellow GIN Members,
First, I want to thank everyone for the positive emails that have flooded in to express appreciation and support for this effort to restore the club to a position of freedom. …Freedom from interference and freedom to choose what we, the Members, wish to do with our club. The club being the *Members* that are willing to stand up and fight for what they believe in. The Members willing to fight for their family!  The Members that will not cower or capitulate to that which they know is wrong or unacceptable!

Secondly, over the past several days I’ve had hundreds of emails and am answering them as fast as possible. Please accept my apology for any delay in responding. I do have others helping me but it is taking a bit of time.

Now to main issue in this update. Today the Receiver controlled GIN staff sent out an email entitled "Open letter from Troy McClain," that a few have contacted me about to ask my opinion of.

My first response is; there was a lot of content but I could find no real substance.

The usual plethora of promises were made by GIN Headquarters…then we are told there isn’t any money to pay for any of these things…but expect them soon?

The staff then mentions one thing of substance and says that a “…Strategic Leadership Round Table voted [in] by and representing Members,” is one of the many new initiatives….But I don’t seem to remember being asked to vote for these Round Table members to represent me; nor do I know of any other Members that were asked to vote them in? Few in the general membership even know who they are yet…so how could anyone have voted for them? We do know that the Receiver announced that they made a written endorsement this Round Table group, but other than that they are a mystery. Why the secrecy? What are they up to? Who would trust a Round Table endorsed by the Receiver? Are these the ones secretly collaborating to purchase and own GIN FDN – elected in secrecy and endorsed in writing by an arm of the government? Is this what GIN FDN has come to?

Just the Facts
Next we have Troy McClain’s actual letter; it’s kind of sandwiched in between the GIN headquarters comments. And it outwardly appears that Mr. McClain initiated this letter on his own accord out of concern for the club?

But what Troy did not mentioned [sic] is that he was paid to write this letter.

To state "just the facts" here, Troy has in fact been retained by GIN or one of its management companies or a Receiver controlled Trudeau Entity for the past 2 years; which is something you may want to consider in assessing its content.

Is the court appointed receiver "bleeding" GIN FDN?

The Receive [sic] has charged GIN FDN $125,000 to $175,000 per month since seizing control of the club in August 2013 and all of the dues you pay to GIN FDN presently, aside from operating expenses, go to pay the Receiver’s salary and Kevin Trudeau’s fine. In addition virtually all benefits to members have been canceled to date.

GIN is shutting down
Let’s let the court documents speak for themselves. What follows are excerpts from the court order appointing the Receiver:
It is further ordered that the Receiver is directed and authorized to accomplish the following:
(1) Marshal and hold Trudeau’s Assets (including, without limitation, all personal Assets and all Assets of the Trudeau Entities) for the purpose of paying to Plaintiff the sum the Court ordered paid on June 2, 2010…
(13) Sell, liquidate, or auction any marketable Assets of Trudeau or the Trudeau Entities, or the Trudeau Entities themselves…

This concludes my opinion of the "Open letter from Troy McClain" issued by Receiver controlled GIN Headquarters.

[Continued on next comment. ~CC]

Sunday, January 12, 2014 1:09:00 PM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

[Perry Kiraly's January 11 update, sent out early AM on January 12, continued from previous comment. ~CC]

To close with the gold; GIN FDN and Receiver controlled staff and members may be shutting down soon; but the club is most assuredly not.

My reference to the club, as stated in the beginning of this update, refers to the Members that have been willing to stand up and fight for what they believe in. The Members willing to fight for their family! The Members that have-not cowered or capitulated to that which they know is wrong or unacceptable!

The club, consisting of these Members, has emerged through the SWGF/WIN and represents the best of the best transforming into the next stage of their evolution and the evolution of the club.

A number of plans are very close to fruition and in about a week a gold bullion of an update is in the works for release that should blow your mind…We are almost there.
To close let it be noted that I am a citizen of the United States of America and have exercised my 1st Amendment right to express my opinion herein.

Thank you for all of your support and contributions,
Perry Kiraly

So there you have it: the latest from Perry. There's no doubt that Troy McClain benefited a lot from his association with Katie and GIN, as evidenced by this clip from a live Katie "radio" show in August of 2011.

And yes, Troy has been a paid consultant for GIN, and more than likely ol' Troy still hopes to benefit from the new revamped GIN, as does Jeff Devine, who has been writing those b.s.-filled GIN updates. So Perry is not wrong about the bullsh-ttery of a lot of this stuff.

But from my perspective, it's just a matter of dueling scavengers, and Perry isn't any better than the rest of them; he and his Shimkos just seem to have been shut out of the game, so they're starting one of their own. Good luck with that, guys. And whether what the court-appointed receiver is doing could be considered ethical or not, they seem, so far, to be operating within the constraints of the court order. So... take it up with the judge, guys.

Sunday, January 12, 2014 1:13:00 PM  

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