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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Calling all lazy men: let's build a pyramid together!

Note: This post was originally part of the second installment of my two-part snark about Neo-Tech/Nouveau Tech/Mark Scamilton and Kevin True-dough. But then, due to the mysterious workings of blog tectonics, it broke off and became its own little island. (Jeez, I don't know why I have islands on the brain...maybe it's that silly Gilligan's Island post on Mr. Fire's blog.) Anyway, we'll get back to the real Part 2 in a couple of days. Consider this Part 1 1/2. I warn you that you will probably need to take a shower again, or at least have a stiff drink, after this one too.

In the previous post we briefly visited the sagebrush desert of Utah, where we met an old polygamist who had been taken in by numerous mail-order scams, including one perpetrated by an organization called Nouveau Tech, aka Neo-Tech/Neotech/Novatech, keepers of ancient secrets and advanced technologies. From Utah we rapidly progressed to a point where geography was no longer relevant: that timeless place where eternal hope and profound greed collide. In the process, not surprisingly, we ended up visiting this blog's favorite spokesman for the Illuminutty: the con artist known as Kevin Trudeau, who is apparently a buddy and bidness partner with Neo-Tech front man Mark Hamilton. Actually, as I failed to mention in my previous post, True-dough met Scamilton's dad, the late Wallace Ward, aka Frank R. Wallace -- the founder of the Neo-Tech empire -- when both were serving time in Federal prison. Here's a link to more information about that.

Given their common penchant for made-up seekrit knowledge and their cunning, conning ways, any alliance between True-dough and Scamilton would seem to be a match made in marketing heaven. Many folks are clearly enamored of both men, and reading some of these people's testimonials and love letters truly makes me wonder if there is any hope for the human race at all. On True-dough's KT Radio Network site, for instance, I found this from a young man in California, published in February 2010:
This year, for my twentieth birthday, I gave myself a very special present, a GIN membership. I am going to make a fortune with your help, even if it requires me sneakily placing my savings and minuscule income in lazy man’s way to riches and that’s it, period. I am plugging into “the system” and IT WORKS! Your show is an essential piece to achieving my dreams and creating Mark Hamilton’s “superpuzzle” which I have been so fortunate to learn all about. Knowing this makes me excited, confident, and a more valuable creator.
GIN, as you may know, is True-dough's Global Information Network, an exclusive seekrit society that becomes more exclusive and seekrit as you pour more money into it. Your minimum investment is a $1,500 "initiation fee" (or $1,000 if you pay all at once), plus $150 a month. And that is merely for a Level 1 membership, which one member describes as being akin to merely looking through a window at a beach instead of standing there feeling the sand on your bare feet. Presumably the higher up you get, the more real that beach becomes, the sandier the sand between your digits. I wouldn't really know, though, because the detail$ about the higher levels are Top Seekrit. Or as it says on the GIN Web site:
Level 1 members are informed of the requirements to qualify for level 2 and the benefits of level 2 are also revealed. Level 2 members are informed of the requirements to qualify for level 3 and the benefits for level 3 are also revealed. This continues through to level 12.
In other words, it will all be revealed in the fullness of time (and money)... my goodness, that is seekrit-y. But we've covered the GIN basics here before. Why, you might be asking, are we revisiting them now? I'll tell you why: it's because of that "lazy man's way to riches" reference in the twenty-year-old's comment above.

At first I assumed this was merely a figure of speech and I thought little of it, though I did feel a twinge of compassion for a young guy who was just starting out in life and was almost certainly squandering his meager resources. But then I saw the phrase pop up in other passionate love letters to True-dough/Scamilton. So I poked around the sites a little more and found that Lazy Man's Way to Riches in this particular context is apparently a fast-track plan to get rich through GIN. That's another one of those things I apparently overlooked when writing previous posts.
There are even a few posts on the KT Radio Network site that have a "lazy man" tag. Here is one (and here's the link):
I am a member of your book club (I have bought all of the recommended books so far), insider email club, and subscribe to the podcasts and can’t wait to get home from work on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and listen to what you and your guests will reveal that day. In the next year or so I won’t be working that every day job, I will be retired and listening to your show from my yacht in the Caribbean all because of the lazy man’s way to riches. Thank you GIN!
So just how can a Lazy Man (or presumably a Lazy Woman) get rich? Here's a video explaining it, numbers and all: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pW1glXmDDoI

I don't know about you, but those references in the video to "purchasing members" (rather than selling memberships) sound a little disturbing. What do you get to do with the members you purchase? Can you make them into your slaves? And just where are you supposed to purchase them? Is there an endless supply?

If you were confused by the maths in the video, or if you don't feel like wasting nine-plus minutes you'll never get back,
here's a rundown, courtesy of a recent commenter on my blog:
Anyway, I think it is all a scam and that GIN members will soon need to drink a lot of gin as they will start running out of humans to join. $1,000 to start, $150 a month, and $1,500 to move up 11 times to the 12th level costs only $19,300 if you want to do it in a year and requires roughly 100 recruits at a fee of $200, and four levels down every earthling is a member and we are sending space ships to recruit in the universe...
Actually, recruiting in the universe at large might be right in keeping with the vision of Mark Scamilton's dad Frank R. Wallace, who, as I mentioned above, founded Neo-Tech. Frank got a little loopy in later years, what with his Zonpower and all that.

In any case, I think my correspondent provided excellent insight, if any was needed, into why the Global Information Network is a company "organized" in
Saint Kitts and Nevis -- out of reach of the mean U.S. Federal Trade Commission and all other haters of that ancient architectural wonder known as the pyramid. No doubt Nevis also keeps the moneys tucked safely away from pretty much anyone else who might want to come after True-dough, so any of you disgruntled GIN affiliates who are thinking of taking legal action should be advised:
It's quite expensive to initiate any lawsuit in Nevis. If a creditor or any other person would like to sue a Nevis company and its owners, that person must post a non-refundable bond of at least $25,000 and hire a Nevis lawyer.
In a subsequent comment my contributor wrote, in reference to True-dough's 14-CD upsell for GIN, Your Wish Is Your Command:
The scary thing about those recordings, he [True-dough] mentions in the beginning that you should listen as often as you can, and the friend that gave me the MP3s listens 7 hours a day every single day over and over again, whole presentation in two days, and listened to it about 50 times over and over. Now that's scary. That is what I call "follow your master" and who knows where he will lead them...
Here are more Google results for "Lazy Man Global Information Network." I think you get the drift.

Despite my commenter's opinion that GIN is a scam, hope springs infernal (as my pal Steve Salerno at SHAMblog might say) in GIN members, as a visit to the KT Show Facebook page shows.
One commenter, for example, wrote, "If you're what Kevin calls a Winner, go to: http://thepaywindow.com." I followed the link, and judging from the copy on that page, as well as the video --- which contains images such as the Magic Wish Genie that were apparently "borrowed" from The Secret -- the person issuing the invitation to Winners is a GIN affiliate inviting people to join GIN. What's this, then -- one sucker using a forum for suckers to try to sucker in other suckers who have presumably already been suckered in? That doesn't sound like the activities of a Winner, but then, what do I know?

On the KT Show Facebook page someone else wrote:

Once is not enough for Your Wish is Your Command
Twice is not enough for Your Wish is Your Command
Three times is not enough for Your Wish is Your Command
100 times and you've just begun!
Um-kay. Someone else responded, "and I'm only on 6!"

Finally there's this, from the True-dough proxy who is writing the updates on KT's behalf:

Brandy & I are in the studio recording new GIN material. What are YOU doing to build your GIN business on this fine SUNDAY?
Brandy and GIN... jeez, sounds like a real party, one with a lot of hangover potential. Actually, Brandy is True-dough's producer and trusty assistant, the one who is always posting testimonials and stuff on the KT Radio Network blog. She's one of his staunchest defenders, and if you follow this link you'll see one of her blog entries from last year, detailing how she got a taste of the rich-and-famous lifestyle that she says Kevin enjoys every day.

Brandy describes the fancy restaurants, the stupendous fresh food and endless glasses of fine bubbly, the luxury hotel right next to the Eiffel Tower, the giggly girl time with True-dough's wife Natalie while True-dough was off conferring with a nameless billionaire and getting more secrets to share with GIN members. It's all by way of demonstrating that Kevin is not the bad guy the mean ol' media say he is, that instead he is a very caring and generous soul. He doesn't have to do his radio show, she says. He doesn't have to battle the government officials. He doesn't have to go all over the world to get the information "they" don't want you to know. He does it all for you and me, because that's just the kind of guy he is.
[Memo to Brandy: It is actually possible for someone to be a "snake oil salesman" and a "very caring person." And kings have always dined well, and generally have seen to it that those closest to them do as well. But they do so on the backs of hundreds of thousands of nameless subjects. ~CC]

But I don't want to get too far off track. Here are some of the answers to the Facebook question -- unedited -- revealing how some ostentatiously motivated GIN members chose to spend their fine Sunday:
  • reading books, listening to audios, and feeling good right now :)
  • Sharing, growing, improving, focusing, and feeling good!
  • Prepping for a meet-in with my favorite prospect, and his first prospect. Hopefully they both join afterwards. Listenning to Chris McGarahan explaining the compensaton plan in the affiliate developement. Then off to Zurich for some success mastery. Have to give out a YWIYC in a bit, and go for a walk in the nice neighbourhood for some dream building. Then I'm gonna read more of Dr.C's Only Answer to Success, and Ask and it is Given. Quite a busy day! And I'm lovin every minute of it.
  • 3 new contacts, 4hrs of training, 1chapter in the magic of thinking big, 1 chapter in the Andrew carnegie biography, 1 chapter in the secrete societies bible, My cousin ordered 450.00 worth of tools, A commitment for a upgrade from affilliate to member on the 29th.
  • i am listening to some of the cds and applying what i am tought
  • I was putting all the GIN prospect business cards in order I have collected in the last 9 months in my NEW business cards sales lead business binder... NEXT year on Sunday morning I will be Swimming in the Caribbean or someplace as nice...OR Better!
The KT proxy praised the commenters for their "productivity." Oh, Good Goddess, my brain hurts. Looking at those responses, it seems to me that there was quite a bit of reading, listening, walking, business-card-shuffling, cousin-harassment, and general recruiting activity (or plans thereof) occurring on that fine Sunday. This hardly sounds like a "lazy" way to riches. In fact, a lot of it sounds like the terrible four-letter word that intimidated Maynard G. Krebs on the old Dobie Gillis TV show: "W-O-R-K!" The question is: what will these dutiful listeners have to show for all of that work, all of that repetitive listening to Your Wish Is Your Command, one year from now? What about five years out? Probably not much, while KT will be off and running with his newest money grab.

Incidentally, I have a feeling that the reference in that third comment to "off to Zurich" did not mean that the writer was poised to hop aboard a private jet for Alps country. In fact I suspect that the vast majority of GIN members will never see Zurich or Paris or the Caribbean or any of the other places they dream of visiting, at least not as a result of their GIN membership. Oh, they may get to go on a GIN cruise, or they may manage to scrimp and save and go to a GIN event, but most will probably never enjoy the decadent luxury that KT's faithful Brandy described in the link I provided above -- at least not as a result of pouring thousands of dollars into True-dough's Nevis account. The most that many can hope for is a nice dinner in Chicago with True-dough
if they contribute $1,000 or more to his legal defense fund. Of course at the dinner they will have yet another opportunity to contribute even more to the cause.

More than likely the person making that comment about Zurich on Facebook was simply planning to listen to a GIN training session that supposedly took place in Zurich. As for the "Dr. C." this person mentioned, he is one of True-dough's b.f.f.s,
Dr. Leonard Coldwell, who is not an M.D. licensed to practice in the U.S., but who claims he has been "curing cancer" for 30 years. And Ask and It is Given? That's the name of a classic work by imaginary-friends perps Abrascam-Hicks, whose works are apparently part of the GIN toolkit, along with The Secret.

But you don't have to listen to me. After all, I'm from the Dark Side. So go ahead... just put your ear buds back on and listen to Your Wish Is Your Command for the 79th time. That way, you won't hear the very loud sucking sound as most of my remaining hope for the human race is sucked right on down the drain.

More on Nouveau Tech/Neo-Tech to come.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are right I need to shower and scrub my eyes and ears. This is really creepy because this is cultish mind control. This makes Abe seem like child's play aurgh.


Thursday, August 25, 2011 7:10:00 PM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

Thanks, Anon. But look at it this way. At least you're clean! Of course you haven't read Part 2 of my Nouveau Tech snark yet, which is coming in a day or so... :-)

Thursday, August 25, 2011 8:40:00 PM  
Anonymous jack atkins said...

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011 7:43:00 PM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

Looks like you've pretty well unified everything, Jack. Been hittin' the Very Special Brownies, eh? :-)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011 7:56:00 PM  

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