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Monday, December 05, 2011

True-dough updates: bad poetry for KT, hate mail for CC

Not long ago I was nosing around one of the main sites of a favorite snarget of mine, the infamous infomercial king and compulsive flopportunity huckster Kevin True-dough. As you may know if you have been hanging around here any length of time, or even if you've just been observing KT, he has a legion of worshipful followers who look upon him as a hero, fighting the good fight on their behalf against the forces of evil. Sometimes they express their love for him by writing atrocious songs or bad poetry. And that's just fine with me because, as you may also know, I am a dedicated fan of bad poetry, whether it's intentionally awful or not.

More than likely this attempt at a limerick, and the numerous responses to same, fall into the "not intentionally awful" category. Here's the original, published on the KT site this past August:
There once was a man named Trudeau
Like a Jedi knight on the go
With Knowingness Transcendent
And his trusty e-pendant
He'll soon have all Congress in tow.
~ BB
Well, that got the inspirational juices flowing among the True-doughnuts. Here is an early response, from a poet named Stephen:
Hail! The Jedi named Trudeau,
Bring forth Siddus, Vader or Emperor.
Challenge! K.T. will with Kenobi and Yoda true,
Darth Congress that doth made America poor.

E-Pendant a swinging purifying the energies,
Flight to dark corners false rulers will.
They swarm but fall like flies,
When K.T. come to light the lying Congress Bill.

Indignant the populace shall be,
Their cause is to be free.
Kevin will raise the proud flag,
Hey, Trudeau your seat’s in the bag.
By "your seat's in the bag," I assume our poet is not referring to True-dough's buttocks being stuffed into a paper sack; rather, I believe he means that Kevin's Congressional seat, should the Great One choose to run, is secure. And those references to the E-pendant? Glad you asked.

There are several more poetic offerings on the site for your reading pleasure. Well, Dear Ones, inspiration is contagious: I was moved to write my own limerick in response, though I did not submit it to the KT Radio Show site.

You’ve heard of that huckster True-dough
And his wingnutty radio show
He’ll shamelessly spout
Lotsa nonsense about
All the stuff “they” don’t want you to know.

His followers treat him like God
Caring not that he’s served time for fraud.
They swallow the crap
That spews from his yap
Each utterance makes them applaud.

He started this scheme he calls GIN –
A thousand bucks just to get in
Thousands more to advance
It’s a desperate dance
And a dead end for all except him.
I may add more verses later if the inspiration hits me, and you're welcome to contribute some of your own. And, hey, I know that "him" doesn't rhyme with "GIN" and "in." But cut me some slack, all right?

In other True-dough news, it appears that the Jedi Knight with Knowingness Transcendent has lost his valiant battle to get his $37-plus million dollar Federal Trade Commission fine for lying to his customers thrown out. He's been fighting that thing for years. No doubt he will continue to fight it, accepting money from suckers who contribute to his KT Legal Defense Fund. For now, though, as the Infomercial Hell blogger wryly noted in response to this latest news: "It appears that Kevin’s magic genie and GIN/Illuminati buddies are letting him down on this one." Not to mention his E-pendant.

And by the way, although KT spewed some racist rants about Hispanics on his show a few months ago, grousing about the way those gosh-darned illegal Mexicans are taking over the US, he has absolutely no qualms about hustling Hispanics in their native tongue. Lately I've been noticing Spanish-dubbed versions of his Free Money infomercials playing on the Latino channels late at night. Never miss an opportunity... Oh, but of course, he is probably marketing only to legal "Mexicans." (I'll provide a link when and if I can find one. Meanwhile, if you are in the US and do some channel surfing late at night, you're bound to run into Señor Dinero Gratis.)

Finally, I was recently contacted by one Lynndel "Lynn" Edgington, an author and radio show host who runs a non-profit anti-fraud organization, Eagle Research Associates, Inc., http://www.eagleresearchassociates.org. Mr. Edgington, whose mission includes helping to protect the public from Internet investment fraud, is particularly concerned with Ponzi and Ponzi-like schemes, and notes that in today's desperate economic climate, so many people are grasping at straws, thinking these get-rich gimmicks will be the answer to their prayers. Among many other projects, he has worked on a TV show about a major scam that occurred in his neck of the woods, Orange County, California. The victims were all senior citizens in ill health; over half of them died before the perp ever got to trial, more died during the two-year trial, and today, out of 127 victims that came forward, only about a half dozen are still alive. Mr. Edgington, who had written an article about True-dough's G.I.N. scheme, asked my permission to re-publish one of my recent True-dough articles on the site. I granted it (here is the link).

Now, it may just be one big coinky-dink, but shortly after that re-publication I started getting some "fan mail" to one of my older True-dough posts, "First Amendment Stuporhero." Do I even have to add that both fans are named "Anonymous?"
The first one:
Wow! There's a reason why people like you remain losers your whole life and why the rest of us are making thousands of dollars a month with wait for it....Global Information Network, Juice Plus+ (NSA), Joe Vitale, Abraham, etc...the difference is we don't pertain to know it all like you do.

I've just sat and read through your entire 'blog' (I'll prefer to call it 'bog' from now on, as it's full of crap!) and a cold-shiver went through me as I recalled being just like you before making money by listening to someone who has money.
As you do NOT have money, why anyone would listen to you is beyond me. Although I suspect that your 'bog' is more of a vent for yourself than anything else.

You undoubtedly hate anyone who is successful and especially anyone who has learned to market that success for their (and others') benefits.

Do you actually believe the crap that you spout? I daresay you do and no doubt you would rebuke the retort against you as me being just another deluded individual, suckered into some MLM scam?!
Well, that's fine with me...when you're making $6,000 a month from sitting at home, not doing these MLM programs, as I am, get back to me and perhaps I'll think you've got something worthy to say. Until then, I think you're just proving yourself to be nothing more than an egotistical, self-centred, know-it-all, without the slightest clue as to how to be successful.

Good luck with being a continual loser and having loser friends with loser mentality!
Spoken like a loyal True-doughnut. Their hero is always talking about "winners" and "losers." The "losers," of course, are those who don't care enough about improving their lives to listen to Your Wish Is Your Command hundreds of times and to drink True-dough's G.I.N.-spiked Kool-Aid.
And then there was this comment, which may very well have come from the same person:
And the award for the most ignorant blogger and blog goes to YOU!!

What a scumbag you are! You dare to slander people who have been proven to help others and then you ask for 'donations' and have irrelevant google ads on your page? Pot calling the kettle black!

It's obvious to me and many others, that you haven't the first clue about most of these people you pull down. In fact, it seems to me that you enjoy bitching about successful people.

No problem there...you're a loser, always will be.
If you follow the links you'll see my replies, including my explanation about what a huge cash cow the GoogleAds program has been for me.

It seems to me that so far, in the great scheme of things, critical bloggers and watchdog sites can't hold a candle to the twin forces of scammers' greed and scammees' gullibility (or desperation). On an August KT Radio Network show, the topic of discussion was secret societies, which, of course, are the underlying theme and main hook for the ludicrous G.I.N. Here's a direct link to the video, in which, among other things, True-dough seems to be saying that he'd recently offered a free-car giveaway mainly so he could bring the losers who actually needed a car out of the woodwork and give them a good talking-to about trying to get something for nothing.

In response to this show, there was an outpouring of gratitude from True-dough's fans.
Such as this one, from someone named Lidia:
Yanno, I feel like crying too when I read stuff like that.

PS ~ Here's the story of another criminal huckster following in True-dough's footsteps by casting himself as a noble fighter against the evil government. (And another hat-tip to Salty.)

More True-dough on this Whirled:


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just saw that Response Magazine covered this.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011 4:32:00 PM  
Anonymous Hhh said...

Wow, I never thought of you as a scumbag before, just as a really nice lass who's funny. Now, after taking in the carefully delineated arguments from such a powerful and ethically motivated intellect I'm afraid I have to agree Connie, you're a scumbag!

Thursday, December 08, 2011 9:38:00 AM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

Anon Wednesday, December 07, 2011 4:32:00 PM: Thanks. I'm glad the word is spreading. Meanwhile, I wonder whatever happened with "No Wrong Doing?"


If you don't mind my quoting myself again, here's a snippet from my "First Amendment Stuporhero" post, written in August of this year:

I'm a critic but I try to be a fair one, and I think it would be egregiously unfair of me not to mention a recent post on the Stand With KT blog, "No Wrong Doing." This post features a video of Kevin telling a recent dinner crowd that after every single Federal government agency investigation of him, the agency has invariably issued and signed a document at the end of the investigation saying they can find no wrongdoing on Kevin's part. "But you never hear about that!" he says. I immediately thought that we should all hear about that. I felt Kevin should publish those documents, and I further decided that if he does I will publish links to them.

One of his fans was thinking along the same lines as I. On the KT Facebook page, the person wrote, "You should post those letters here and link it on wiki. Plaster them all over the internet..." And True-dough's online proxy replied, "funny you should say that, we are already working on that - with everything to be posted at StandwithKT.com soon!"


Well, here we are, well into December, and so far, I've yet to see copies of those letters on the Stand With KT site, to say nothing of plastered all over the Internet.

The Stand With KT site does, however, have a response to the news that KT's fine still stands.

According to that article, here's KT's response:


"The decision does not just effect [sic] me, it effects [sic] every author in America," said Kevin Trudeau. "This decision goes directly against the core meaning and intent of the 1st Amendment!”

“Remember this case is about me writing the book the Weight Loss Cure, and quoting it on TV. The FTC and the courts say quoting from your own book on TV is against the law if THEY do not agree with the contents of the book!”

This fight with the Federal Trade Commission has been going on far too long, forcing both to spend millions of dollars litigating this matter. In the Government’s case, that would be tax dollars wasted on legal proceedings when there has never been even 1 consumer complaint made to the FTC!


Disingenous to the end, that KT. Supposedly he's head-huddling with his legal team, planning his next move, and he says he'll take it all the way up to the Supreme Court if necessary.

Meanwhile, he continues to implore the suckers to contribute to the cause, using the usual alarmist hook about how their rights are at stake as well. And, of course, most of the comments to that post are supportive.

Friday, December 09, 2011 9:44:00 AM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

HHH, isn't a female scumbag a scumbagess?

But alas, you're probably right about those ethically motivated intellectuals who have got my number. Still, you have to admit I'm a pretty good Bad Poet. So there's that.

Friday, December 09, 2011 9:46:00 AM  
Anonymous disillusioned said...

Late, again. Scumbags can be female in the UK, I know because I am often one, or often called one at any rate.

Does KT, who has never really caught my interest,(being so much of a joke pitchman)really have a following that expects him to get a seat in congress?
Mind boggling.

At least we have a good laugh at our joke politicians here in the UK--even Bliar got the slow handclap from the Women's Institute.
(Towards the end of his papacy, of course, better late than never)

Wouldn't want too much free speech from the likes of Trudeau in the UK. Makes me wonder how much of a lickspittle (Bush's poodle etc)we are to you lot (not to be divisive, just thinking about that free speech thing)

Saturday, December 17, 2011 3:24:00 PM  

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