Thursday, December 22, 2011

Beautiful daze in the Aber-hood

Jerry is gone, but the show must go on.

Actually, Jerry Hicks, the George half of the George and Gracie of the imaginary-friends industry, isn't really gone, despite his having croaked* on November 18, 2011.
As I predicted (but really, it was a totally no-brainer prognostication, and I was far from the only one predicting this), Jerry is still very much with Esther and her pretend pals Abraham. After joining Abe in The Vortex, Jerry is now apparently playing pranks on Esther and her audiences at the Abe-Hicks events she has bravely chosen to continue, despite her grieving.
The ever-vigilant Kyra provided a capsule summary of Esther's recent (December 10) LIVE workshop. Dave Stone, another Abe-Hicks critic, also weighed in with lots of good information and commentary, as well as additional links.

But there's trouble in Paradise, and there has been for some time now. What's going on is not a war of good versus evil per se; it's more like a war of The Vortex versus The Torrent. (Google Abraham-Hicks torrents and you'll see what I mean.) It seems that some Abers are using AbeEsther's own words against her/them, employing Abe-Hicks' pronouncements about sharing information to support their own sharing of Abe-Hicks content.
To some degree this is a money issue. It seems that despite repeated attempts to use Abe-Hicks' teachings about the Law of Attraction to attract wealth into their lives, large numbers of Abe fans apparently can't afford to attend the workshops in person or even on the Web, to say nothing of being able to afford those lavish sea cruises. To the rescue: a few Abers who are working to help people acquire as much Abe-Hicks content as possible gratis.
Not surprisingly, the folks at Abe-Hicks don't like it.

Again we turn to Kyra's blog, as she discusses the Abe-Hicks' organization's attempts to crack down on copyright violations. She notes that the efforts to fight copyright violators seem to have been stepped up after Jerry stepped into The Vortex last month.

On one level, of course, the torrents present just another example of people wanting something for nothing, and that's a very human trait, which the Internet has in many ways nurtured. But it's something more as well, as at least some of the torrent troops seem to fervently believe they are working for that New-Wage/McSpirituality conceit known as the Greater Good, which in this case means spreading Abe's loving message to a world that is starving for it. For them as well as for other Abe-Hicks watchers, it's also morally complicated because some of the things the Hicks have said over the years could have been interpreted as carte blanche for the content sharers.
There's this recent bit from Esther/Abe, for instance, uploaded in September of 2011, before Jerry got sucked into The Vortex. And as a reminder for those who aren't familiar with the Abe-Hicks shtick, that's Esther's voice, but you'll hear "Jerry and Esther" referred to in the third person because, you see, that's Abe talking through Esther.

I listened very carefully to this rambling, but it was kind of hard to tell exactly what Esther/Abe is/are saying about copyrights. New-Wagers are so indirect. If they're not couching things in enlightened-sounding euphemisms, they're just plain babbling. However, in this recording Esther-as-Abe seems to be saying that protecting copyrights is kind of a negative thing and isn't really necessary if you're going with the flow. She/they also seems to be saying that "this thing you call the Internet" is wonderful, because it provides an earthly demonstration of how LOA really works.

Then again, that was apparently recorded before Jerry croaked. Now the heirs to the throne are redoubling efforts to protect the territory. For the most part the Abe-Hicks organization seems to be couching the copyright fights in the most altruistic terms, claiming that their desire to protect their material is just so people who need their message can easily find them, and that it has nothing to do with money. Uh-huh.

But the torrenters fight on. One dedicated activist attempts to address both the legal and the moral issues surrounding the sharing of Abe-Hicks material (I won't name him, nor will I provide a link to his sites, but I imagine you can find them by Googling). He writes that in 2006 he came across the Abe-Hicks teachings, which changed his life for the better. He downloaded some MPFree files offered by Abe-Hicks and he got hooked. The more he studied their teaching, the more he wanted it. Alas, he was unemployed and could not spend the money they were asking for their recordings. (In my many years of observing, I've noticed that New-Wage gurus seem to attract more than the average bear's share of freeloaders.) 

But our activist asked and searched, and, as he 'splains it, the Law of Attraction led him to Abraham-Hicks torrents. I would have put my money on Google rather than the LOA that led him torrentward, but whatevs, as the hipsters used to say until that phrase got worn out (yeah, I know I've used it here too, and I'm not even a hipster). In any event the torrents were his lifesaver, he noted, and he felt so blessed that he decided he wanted to share the goodies with everyone. It felt really good to spread the word and help others find what he'd found. At this point in his narrative he quoted Abe-Hicks:
You are uplifters to the core of your being. Part of your selfish nature is to share the good stuff. Part of your selfish nature is to revel in what feels good, and spread it so others may find it too. - Abraham-Hicks
He wrote that he was concerned about the legality of torrents but was reassured by no lesser beings than Abraham themselves. Here are the quotations that apparently assuaged his moral anguish:
Everything is valid and everything is truthful, because Law of Attraction lets everything be. The question is not whether it's right or wrong, whether their approach is right or wrong, or whether my approach is right or wrong. The question is: Does their approach feel good to me? And if it doesn't, then I choose a different approach. --- Abraham (Excerpted from the workshop in Los Angeles, CA on Sunday, August 2nd, 1998)
The Universe is not discriminating about the rightness or the wrongness of your request. It is here to accommodate all requests. All you have to do is be a Vibrational Match to your request, and the Universe will yield it to you. --- Abraham Excerpted from the workshop in Sacramento, CA on Saturday, May 13th, 2000
When you manage to stay connected to your Energy stream, you always win. And you know what, somebody else doesn't have to lose for you to win. There is always enough. --- Abraham
Alignment trumps everything including the supreme court. Stay true to your own desire. You don't have to convince anyone. --- Abraham
In other words, if taking and sharing other people's stuff makes you feel good, it's all right. Sorry, dude, but that probably ain't gonna hold up in court, if it comes to that. And all that stuff that Abe supposedly said about copyright being not all that important? I don't think that's going to fly either. I'm no lawyer so I really couldn't say how these things work, but I have watched a lot of law shows on TV, and I don't think there's any sort of precedent for calling imaginary buddies to the stand. I guess there's always a first time, though.
Hypocritical as the Hicks team seem to be on so many levels -- not the least of which is the ongoing masquerade that they're not in it for the money -- intellectual property rights law trumps what someone's imaginary friends supposedly said about sharing, feeling good, or what have you. 

My biases here are twofold, and at first glance they seem to be somewhat in conflict with each other. First off, I look at the Hicks enterprise, and always have, from the perspective of one who firmly believes that Esther and Jerry made the whole Abe thing up, originally inspired in large part by the success of the late Jane Roberts and her made-up mate Seth. (I know I've linked to this 2007 Independent (UK) article about the Hicks before, but I'm linking again because it really does paint a revealing portrait of Esther and Jerry.) They have been pulling this brilliant scheme off for more than twenty-five years, and I suppose you kind of have to hand it to them for that. At some point one or both Hickses may have started to believe some of their own b.s. ("Be careful what you pretend to be," warned Vonnegut in what I think was his finest novel, Mother Night), but that doesn't make it any less b.s.-y. At any rate, the result is that Hicks and their bogus buds have provided much snark chum for this Whirled and a few others -- most notably, Kyra and Dave.

But I'm also looking at the torrent issue from the viewpoint of an author. Part of my role as a book editor and ghostwriter for going on twenty years has been that of author advocate, and I know something about the creative process and the work that goes into producing and marketing content -- even if you have someone else create all or part of it for you. The law is on the Hicks' side, of course, but, legal issues aside, I don't think anyone has a moral right to consistently take and share huge chunks of commercial content unless it is freely offered by the creators of that content. (Yes, even if those creators are hammy scammers who have made millions from selling their imaginary-pals shtick to spiritually, emotionally, and financially needy people, and even if they have kind of made it sound as if it's okay to freely share their creations.) Quoting segments -- even extended segments -- for the purpose of criticism or commentary or just plain poking fun is one thing. Consistently taking entire copyrighted works and distributing them without permission is quite another.

Some might think my whole spiel about protecting content is contradictory to my passionate defense of Internet freedom, as expressed in my anti-SOPA post just the other day. Not so. In my opinion, SOPA reaches much too far in "protecting" the rights of content creators, and unfairly punishing those who share content even in the most indirect and innocent way. On the other hand, I've never been particularly sympathetic to torrenters. I will be happy to hear from those who disagree with me on any of these issues, of course.
From my perspective, however, the larger and more disturbing issues here are not the hypocrisy (or Hicks-ocrisy, as the case may be), nor the greed that fuels the Abe-Hicks empire and apparently has for years, long before The Vortex welcomed Jerry into its infinite delights. Hypocrisy and greed are certainly prominent characteristics not only of Abe-Hicks, but also of New-Wage rockstars in general.

But what concerns me even more is the fact that so many presumably educated adults are fighting passionately for free and unlimited access to what is basically a package of derivative crap. Branded derivative crap, yes, but derivative crap nonetheless. Aside from the ludicrous premise of receiving "wisdom" from a group of disembodied entities, even a casual glance at the messages that those all-knowing, all-wise entities are supposedly sharing should give pause. 

Consider, for example, this snippet about one of Esther's recent solo workshops, as reported and commented on by Dave Stone (I've mentioned it on my Facebook page and at the end of my November 28 Abrascam post, but it's worth sharing again):
Asked by a mother in the hot seat about dealing with her young child who refused to share toys, the brilliant, all-knowing Abraham responded the the child was in alignment, enjoying his toy "like Jesus not freaking out about the toylessness of his friends."

Which coldhearted Jesus was that, Abe?

Farther along in the conversation, Esther told her she should not be concerned or interfere with her son's kicking their cat. It was between the animal abuser and the cat, Esther said, and the cat would teach him. That's right, Abe, bring us one more Ted Bundy.
Kind of creepy, no? (Or perhaps the kid was just demonstrating Jerry and Esther's folksy observation that life is "a kick in the pants.") And consider "Abraham's" teachings about evolution, as noted by Kyra a few months ago. In her December 11 blog post I linked to above, Kyra also noted that at the December 10, 2011 LIVE event, Esther-as-Abe informed her audience that the human species was on Earth at the same time as the dinosaurs. Move over, Creationists!

Some Abers will probably say that I'm cherry-picking, that it's unfair to judge an entire body of work by a couple of arbitrarily chosen examples. But just go to Kyra or Dave's sites and poke around through the archives, and you'll see tons of other examples to support the basic premise that the Abe-Hicks material is a steaming pile of sh.. perhaps not the wisest choice of a guidebook for living.

Meanwhile, it seems clear to me even from my vantage point as an outsider that in the wake of Jerry's death, many people are struggling desperately to cling to their beliefs in Abe and Esther, finding ways to justify (or simply ignore) the increasingly glaring hypocrisies and inconsistencies. At this point there is a whole herd of elephants in the room -- or dinosaurs, if you prefer -- and many of the Abe defenders are still finding ways not to talk about them, at least not honestly. They choose to remain in their beautiful daze, which I'm sure is just fine with Esther and her minions. 

The only bright spot in all of this is that more of the natives really are getting restless, and perhaps for the first time are questioning not only the motives of the Abe-Hicks principals, but the validity of the stuff that spews out of Esther's mouth. And while the guardians of the Abe-Hicks empire may not find that very comforting, I think it's a very, very good thing.

PS ~ In other copyrights-and-wrongs news, the Hicks apparently also tried to trademark the phrase, "Law of Attraction" but had no luck. They have, however, cornered the market on Vortex of Attraction TM. Take that, all of you Secret stars and thousands of other other two-bit New-Wage hucksters and wannabes who are trying to capitalize on LOA. LOA ain't got nothin' on VOA.

PPS added on 28 December ~ Someone on Kyra's blog pointed out this blog post from an apparently recently disillusioned ex-Aber, who gives a very good account of her own experience in the Aber-hood. She describes the euphoria that comes from thinking one has finally found the true path, as well as the uncomfortable process of disillusionment. And I think she also nails the Hicks' true motives. Read the post here while you can:

PPPS ~ In this recent article, Dave Stone documents that Esther-as-Abe has declared for many years that yes, it IS all about the money. Even religion is all about money, according to Abe, who apparently has also said that Esther herself is on a par with Jesus and Buddha. Good to know.

PPPPS added 3 January 2012 ~ Good Goddess, the post-script section on this thing is going to be longer than the actual post if this keeps up. But I just recently became aware of another new blog by a former Aber: Mariah's fine Post-Abe blog, which documents the lies one learns in the Aber-hood (and, in Mariah's case, eventually un-learns). Of particular interest: This post, dated December 29 (which also happened to be the birthday of long-time "friend" of the Hicks, Joe "Mr. Fire" Vitale). The Abe-on-parenting theme fits in with that kick-the-kitty thang. Good job, Mariah. And beyond that, read the comments to this post. In particular, a commenter named Tina brings up what appears to be another sad tale of collateral damage -- easily worthy of separate subsequent posts. Stay tuned...

* By using the word "croaked" I am not being disrespectful; that's apparently a term freely used by the Abe-Hicks gang and their followers.

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kyra said...

Omg. I spent about five minutes crying from laughter when I saw the pic of Esther. Ingenious.

I like the distinction you make between the hypocrisy and copyright infringement. As much as it may be hypocritical of Abraham Hicks Publications to approach this situation like this (based on what Abe has said), Ether Hicks is still legally in the right. If she decides to take legal action, I have no doubt the courts would make the torrent sites shut down and pay up. Of course, that will be a whole 'nother bag of worms because Esther has lengthy dialogues about how "upstream" litigation is and how "they" (Abraham) would never go to court over anything. But again, she'd still win because she is legally in the right, and (as you pointed out) the courts aren't going to care about what her imaginary friends think about copyright law.

To me, the real issue here is that Esther thought she could confuse people about how the real world works and then expect them to play by the real world's rules. Abraham loves to talk about how there is no right or wrong and that people should do what feels good to them. Well, what is Esther supposed to do when torrenting feels good to someone? She's learning the hard way how "Abraham's" philosophy plays out in the real world. But hopefully her fans are learning how much Esther--and oddly enough Abraham--care about their cut.

Great work. I am adding a link to this post immediately!

hhh said...

What a picture!

Clarity~ said...

As always Connie…love the snarky. Encourage everyone to click the pic to see detail in all its glory.

And while I understand your issue with torrents, free sharing, freeloaders, I would add are not dealing with the average ‘free is better’ crowd. I have found that Abers that have the bucks to pay do. It's kinda a badge of honor that something right is working in their lives. Thing is LOA darn it has not worked for everyone, life is still a daily struggle, and they believe, key word, believe, that if they can ‘just get it right’ then the tides will turn in their favor. They hang on to every word Abe mutters hoping to find the magic key that will unlock the teachings and become real in their day to day struggling lives. Even if they don't admit the struggle publicly or even to themselves, all the wonderful things promised via the vortex are not happening. You see it on the faces of the hotseaters all the time.

The Abers that do the torrents are on a mission bc they believe this is the message the world has been waiting for (Abe even tells them this) and it's so important to get every last pearl of wisdom ‘out there’. They believe this will change the world. Abe tells them they are teachers and they came to teach. So you're not dealing with your average free loader (sure there are some in any group). You are dealing with ppl that believe they are on a mission. It would be easy for them to share privately and it has been brought up repeatedly in their forums, but that is not the intention. They believe in Abe’s message with their heart and soul and they take Abe at their word that sharing is caring, it is our natural state of being and copywrite is pure bs (basically Abe’s own words).

There is a big difference in set point when someone is on a mission. A mission that was carefully crafted and scripted by ole Jer himself. Now Ester and her AH goons want to whine bc the message was taken seriously.

Jer whined too and we see where that got him.

Mariah said...

This is the funniest thing I have seen in a LONG time! Very clever.

Cosmic Connie said...

Thank you, Kyra, I appreciate your support. I think this whole copyright thing is going to be a learning experience for Esther AND her fans.

Cosmic Connie said...

HHH, consider the picture my holiday card to my dear readers. :-)

hhH said...

Wow, Connie, thanks!
I wish I was that little dinosaur in the arms of our sweet Lord and you know, sometimes, I almost think I am.

Cosmic Connie said...

Clarity, thank you for your continuing support and your insights. I do suspect you're right about many of the Abers being genuinely unable to afford the A-H material, and not just being your average freeloaders. I'm not intimately familiar with the Abe-Hicks community, but over the years, I've known lots of folks who were into various forms of prosperity spirituality, and despite their incessant repetition of affirmations and prosperity-related rituals, many were continually struggling for money (and trying to get something for nothing). So I understand the general pattern, even if I miss sometimes on some of the details.

I also think you're probably right about those who feel they are on a "mission." As noted, though, the courts aren't gonna care about that mission, no matter how noble it is.

However this plays out, it's really quite amusing that "Abe's" teachings are coming back to haunt Esther now. You gotta watch those imaginary pals; they're loose cannons. ;-)

Cosmic Connie said...

Thank you, Mariah, for your kind words. I was just in a photoshoppin' kinda mood yesterday, I guess... :-)

Clarity~ said...

And you know Connie~this is a completely different subject but someone I was reflecting on last night. An Aber who had lost a leg I think (may have been an arm but pretty sure it was a leg) asked if it was possible for her to grow another leg. Abe said sure, the leg was there in her vortex and she simply had to line up with it.

I wonder if she is still trying to do so and how great her frustration/depression/despair that she still hasn't 'got it right'.

These are some of the ppl that I feel truly bad for and why I believe it is so important for you, Kyra, Dave, Miriah to keep exposing this charade.

Kudos and Respect~

Cosmic Connie said...

You a dinosaur, HHH? Somehow I can't picture it. :-)

Cosmic Connie said...

Thanks, Clarity, not only for the accolades but also for that anecdote. And really, this is not a completely different topic; it's all part of the general theme. It's no big deal for Esther-as-Abraham to go out on a limb, so to speak, about about missing legs or arms whirling around in the vortex. She still has all of her limbs, and all of the money and other benefits that come from being a world-class charlatan.

I realize that some people would laugh at anyone naive enough to believe Esther's declaration about all things being literally possible if one only "aligns" oneself properly. But even though I laugh at the Abers sometimes, I do feel compassion for the truly desperate who are trying to find succor through Esther's wild (and I daresay cynical) imaginings.

That said, if I'd known about this story at the time I was writing my post and doing my mad Photoshopping, I would have mentioned it in the post, and added a couple of spinning limbs to the composition. Ah, well, there's always next time!

PS ~ Just in case you hadn't read this, here's a post I wrote earlier this year about a New-Wage guru wannabe who delivers workshops on such things as limb regeneration. When he's not doing that, he's sucking up to "Dr." Joe Vitale on Joe's blog. So far the sucking-up hasn't gotten him the fame and fortune that I imagine he's seeking. Here's the link:

Francois Tremblay said...

I totally disagree with you about IP, but I don't really see any point arguing about it. This is not a political blog. However, I have also presented an alternative scheme to IP which both lets people share content for free and makes more money for the authors/inventors than they make on the present scheme (less than 2%, I believe):

T.Beast said...

The pic is great. I noticed the karate kicking kid forcing his attack at the cat.

I think it was in Kyra's blog where I read Esther as Abe was telling a mother it was o.k for her kid to kick the cat because the cat was there for the kid and Jesus would of kicked the crap out of it too or something like that (forgive me for my horrible and inaccurate paraphrasing if I am way off). Reason I bring that up is maybe, just maybe Esther was onto something.

I was able to smuggle a video tape of the kid and the cat in question. If you watch closely the cat does in fact enter the kids "vortex" and the spinning energy does send the cat off into the ether. Obviously this is what Esther as Abe was referring to as the cat helping the kid find where the walls of his vortex are (in a very physical way) and what happens when you fall out of it. :)

Cosmic Connie said...

Thanks for weighing in, Francois. I look forward to reading your blog post. I'm always interested in hearing alternative points of view about these matters.

Cosmic Connie said...

Hi, T-Beast, good to see you here. Thanks for the comment. Towards the end of this post I do mention the kick-the-kitty bit, as well as a snippet that implied Jesus was a selfish S.O.B. who as a child wouldn't have freaked out if his little friends had less than he. You'll see that I quoted from one of Dave Stone's Squiddo pieces. And Dave of course was paraphrasing too. Anyway, that's why I worked the kicked cat and the greedy Jeezus into the composition.

LOL about the vid.

Maria L. said...

I can't imagine how much time and energy you and Kyra use to lash out at this Abe guy, but it must be a lot.

The image you posted is creative indeed, watch out for copyright infringement on the drawing. But you did a good job putting the woman in there.

Isn't it interesting how some of the scientists are now explaining the Paluxy River fossil find?

If this Abe guy is real - then there is no hypocrisy about the Hicks' copyright material. There is only a controversy if the woman is faking it.

Cosmic Connie said...

Maria L: "This Abe guy?" Spoken like an Aber who is pretending to be some objective casual observer who don't know nothin' 'bout Abe-Hicks but just dropped by to share some opinions.

As you undoubtedly know, "this Abe guy" is what Esther refers to as a group of disembodied beings from which she "receives" information and interprets it for eager believers. Her late partner in this clever scheme, Jerry, got her into this stuff back in the 1980s. As she tells it, she was reluctant at first but with Jerry's help and persistence, she warmed to the idea.

But even if "Abe" were real and it could be proven so (which is highly unlikely; it's so difficult to prove imaginary friends are "real"), the hypocrisy re the copyright issue has nothing to do with Abe's veracity. It has more to do with claims from the Abe-Hicks organization that it's *not* about the money -- when in fact it seems that it is about the money and always has been. Apparently even Esther (or Esther-as-Abe) has often claimed that it is indeed all about the money.

And I still think "the woman" -- that would be Esther -- is faking it.

I used several images to create my composite, modifying them to fit the article. Several of the images I used are from the photo-object library I own.

Clarity~ said...

Yeah, I love how these sock puppets waltz in like random objective (ha) commentators.

But Maria...since you is more that the Hicks saying it's not about the money (which they proclaim all the time). This 'Abe guy' specifically says copywrite is bs and 'upstream' and to just ignore the whole damn copywrite thing.
Abundance is not determined by trying to control something (upstream again darn), it's about lining up vibrationally. The never ending vortex of abundance is key to the teachings by the way. So the bigger issue is the Hicks operate in direct contrast to the teachings. Well hell...they've done that across the board. So if they don't follow the teachings what is as I say not as I do? Uh right...a religion.

The HIcks (well Hick now) and AHP (Abraham Hicks Publications) are selling specific teachings claimed to be from god source energy but everything they do is opposite of the teachings. Things that make you go ummmmmmmmmm~

ps...I LOVE the copywrite warning on the pic...that's a dead giveaway to your identity. Did you realize that or are you just one of the stupid AHP goons that can't think past your nose? Oh right, Ester's first experience with Abe was 'him' spelling words with her nose. Sorry, let your nose carry on :)

Cosmic Connie said...

LOL, Clarity, and thanks. The copyright "warning" was a red flag for me too, but to me the real giveaway was the fake-casual "this Abe guy." But that's okay; goons and sock puppets are welcome here too. :-)

Anonymous said...

rofl Connie I love you.

Cosmic Connie said...

Thanks, Anon. It is good to be loved. :-)

charmcat said...

Thanks so much for your brilliant musings on Abe and comments on Kyra and Mariah's blogs and Dave's article. I do love to laugh and it feels so good to do it more and more now about Abe. It was hard at first, It is not fun to be fooled by a scam artist who isn't terribly bright and can't laugh. You must be the great, great, great, greater, grandaughter of Mark Twain. did you ever read his take on the creation of the Morman religion?

Cosmic Connie said...

Thank you very much for your comment and support, Charmcat. I've been fooled by scam artists in the past myself, and I am very familiar with the process of disillusionment: the growing feeling that something is amiss, the point where the feeling gets too big to ignore, and the whole facepalm process ("HOW could I have been so gullible?"). Oh, yeah, and the anger.

But when you get to the point where you can laugh about it, even just a little, that's really healthy, IMO. You can still be angry (a certain amount of anger is also healthy, and anger has fueled many worthy social causes), but you can also laugh. And you can snark. And you can take pleasure in knowing that more and more people are joining you every day.

I've been a fan of Mark Twain most of my life and appreciate the comparison, though I don't think I deserve it. I have read his dry snarky commentary about Mormonism, as well as his snarks about other religions. He was truly a master.

Anonymous said...

I'm posting on a few different Abraham skeptics blogs because I'm a recent ex-Aber and I want to talk more to other ex-Abers who are willing to trade stories and such. You can reach me at jameselizabeth751 at

Cosmic Connie said...

Thank you, Anon July 01. I hope you get the feedback you're seeking. Welcome to the light! :-)

Iha777 said...

Very interesting article and very well written. Thank you. The comment about the leg spinning in the vortex is absolutely hilarious but totally absurd to even think that just until recently I was pondering the possibility of it for real!

I remember in one of her seminars she was coming down with flu or something and apparently loosing her voice. When speaking to somebody in the hot seat she said that she put some lozenges in her pocket as she was coming up on stage and then with a quiet and soft tone of voice said 'You know, it is not possible in this world to live completely resistance free'. I didn't make too much of it at first. It just seemed to me a bit odd because I thought there were supposed to be no limits and now she is talking about always having 'a little bit of the bad'.

However, looking back now and being enlightened by this forum, I can totally and clearly see why she said that and mainly why she said that with such an emphatic voice. She is telling people they can grow missing legs back, regrow their teeth, remove scars from their skin, become multimillionaires even billionaires and all that with such a simple act of alignment in as little as one afternoon and with tangible evidence to be seen in as little as 30 days, and now she is there sick with flu?! Of course, she had to say what she did in order to keep the masses reassured that 'all is well'. She truly is such a con artist!

Also, speaking about Jesus in the article, I remember her saying that Jesus was not born from Virgin Mary, that the story was screwed by people and that Jesus would never wish to be viewed as someone extraordinary, anything above ordinary people and that his main message to us was that we create our own reality. She also said he wasn't walking on water or better said not walking on water in real life, that it was only in his imagination. She compared it with some monks that she visited who said they were levitating but when she looked into the room they were all sitting on the ground and therefore levitating only in their minds. Yes, of course, Esther, Jesus didnt walk on water and monks didn't levitate but you can teach us how to grow our missing legs back for sure!

The more I think about this the clearer I see how clever she is. If she would agree that Jesus was walking on water and performing miracles, people would expect her to do the same, as Abraham is obviously at the same league like Jesus together with other 100 non-physical beings. Very well thought through Esther, very well!

I cannot believe that I couldn't see any contradictions in the teachings when I was passionately listening to it. Now when I took my pink glasses off, I can clearly see how cleverly is this scam done and how many contradictions there are. And also, if a psychiatrist would hear some of the things that are said and that people sincerely believe, they would just need to get hospitalised.