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Friday, July 26, 2013

No cage for Katie (sorry, Lenny)

I very rarely post twice in one day, but just wanted to share an update about Kevin Trudeau's civil court case. Despite predictions from certain daft ex-Trudeau buddies, KT is not going to jail. Not yet, anyway. But the judge did find him in contempt (again), and he has to transfer all of his assets to a receiver. Here's the link to the NBC5 Chicago story about today's decision.

On Facebook, judicial expert Loony Coldwell weighed in with his opinion that the criminal case with Judge Ronald Guzman will result in a 15-year jail sentence for Katie.

Coldwell also says once again (he just can't quit crowing about this) that the IRS is after Katie too. It's true that according to the FTC, at least $6 million in federal and state tax liens have been filed against Trudeau. So it is reasonable to assume that the IRS -- and numerous other agencies -- have had their eye on Katie for years. (But I wonder how many agencies have their eye on Coldwell. After all, he put up a video a while back, with the title, "I would tell the IRS to go get lost!", in which he said that the US income tax is illegal and people don't have to pay it, in his opinion. That video was posted on several sites but seems to be gone from most of them now, and in the one remaining link I found, the bit about telling the IRS to get lost seems to have been edited out. Lately, Loony and his buddy Peter Wink have been saying that you have to join their IBMS Master's Society seekrit society scam in order to get information about the IRS and related sovereignty issues that "they" don't want you to know about.)

Regarding the 15-year prison sentence, it is true that the government filed a document this past April regarding their recommended sentence if Kevin Trudeau is convicted in his criminal contempt case
(number 1:10-cr-0086, with the Honorable Ronald A. Guzman).   Originally it was set to go to trial on June 3, but numerous delays occurred -- including a possibly short-lived bankruptcy case -- so the trial is currently scheduled for late August, subject to change as always.

Anyway, as I wrote in a May post, in that April document the government recommended a sentence of between
188-225 months in prison -- or between 15.66666666 and 18.75 years. They used a specific formula for determining this recommendation. But there is no guarantee that this case will even be tried, much less that Trudeau will be convicted, much less that he will be sentenced to prison for nearly that long -- or at all.

And as I have said before, even I do not believe that a prison sentence, particularly a lengthy one like that, is really justice for a nonviolent criminal like Trudeau. For one thing, it doesn't scratch the surface of the money, time, energy, and emotional/mental well-being he has stolen from untold thousands of people (though I also realize that many of his fans and followers do not feel he has stolen anything from them). That $37.6 million civil case, and the related criminal case, are only about Trudeau's weight-loss book and only marginally related to his massive Ponzi-like scheme, the Global Information Network (GIN).

As I have also said before, it is t
oo bad our justice system does not allow for a forced life of humble servitude and subsistence living. THAT would be the worst punishment of all for Trudeau, who is an insufferable elitist. That would be mainly punitive and would not do much to compensate any alleged victims of Trudeau's scams, but it would be poetic justice.

Many of his fans would say that the fact Trudeau feels compelled to live in exile is punishment enough. They have been suitably indoctrinated by Katie, and believe the government is the real culprit in the Kevin Trudeau saga. What a horrid punishment -- being forced to live in luxury digs in Zurich, one of the world's most expensive cities. Now all he has to do is manage to get back there at some point, and I have a feeling that he will.

Meanwhile, the party is going on in Zurich -- the GIN summer conference, which lasts through tomorrow (July 28) -- even though the fearless leader cannot be there in person.

And who was it who said there will be no neat and tidy endings? Oh, yeah. The Cosmic Slut.

PS ~ Here is a link to the order issued by Judge Gettleman on July 26.

This order references a document filed on July 15, which may also interest you. That document, number 713, is
important because it contains a handy summary of the case since 2007, explaining how the contempt issue just kept growing. And more importantly, it has a summary of the tangled web of Kevin Trudeau's business entities -- information that points to serious efforts at asset concealment. There is also a summary of the way KT has blown through money over the past few years -- money that the FTC claims could have been used to pay down the $37.6 million fine. It's a good nutshell summary of the FTC's case against Katie. Here is that link.

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