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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Faux heroes and hypocrisy in action

Peter Wink, former Kevin Trudeau staffer and until late last April a staunch defender of that super-scammer, has apparently taken up a new mantle: defender of exploited women. As soon as he heard the story of a woman who had recently been fired from one of Trudeau's outlets, the GIN store, due to the fact that business was down so drastically, Peter jumped on her story. Reportedly this woman (along with numerous co-workers) had been treated shoddily by the owner of that outlet, and Peter was right on board, fighting for her honor.

If Peter cares so much about exploited women and their real tears, why in bloody hell is he "best friends" (
his word) and joined-at-the-hip Scamworld business partners with someone who is allegedly one of the most nefarious exploiters of women in Scamworld: the notorious Not-Doctor Leonard Coldwell?

Maybe there will be a boycott by women of anything remotely to do with Lenny Coldwell.
By the way, I hear that this woman was really upset that Peter used her real name. He apparently did so without asking her. Nice going, Peter. At any rate, if you are going to assume the role of defender of women, you are going to have to field some serious questions about your choice of associates/b.f.f.s. Or you can just block and delete and ignore the questioners and the questions. As per usual.

[Quick update:] Someone just pointed out that Peter is using his own "Christian" faith to reinforce his outrage over the way the ex-GIN store employee was treated. Here, for your amusement (click on pic to enlarge):

Lenny likes to make a big deal out of his own Christian faith as well.

Click on pic to enlarge

Maybe I should change my post title to "Faux heroes and hypoChristianity in action."

And here's Peter expanding on his superhero role with a note that the GIN store is apparently withholding monies for Secret star and convicted, imprisoned killer James Arthur Ray. When I first published this post I didn't have a screen shot of that conversation, but I do now. Once again Peter invokes his "faith."

("When a sinner and blasphemous person is revealed to me, I stay away from them and their business?" Good Goddess.)

Death Ray's crap is still in the GIN store. But where was Peter a few years ago, when the Ray story was in full swing? Well, when I first started communicating with him in late 2009, he was claiming that he had so little knowledge about the incident that he couldn't even share an opinion. By the time I published my first "Conversations With Peter Wink" in April 2010 (I am such a procrastinator), he had this to say (in the comments section):

...James Ray is not a bad guy. Maybe he just pushed the envelope a little hard and tragedy struck. I feel awful for the deceased, those who were hurt and the families who were affected...
You need to read that entire comment for additional context. (Did you know that I am a "doll" and "the real deal?" Well, I was a doll back in April of 2010, anyway.)

At any rate, I have been blogging about the Ray/Trudeau association for quite a while:

Just thought I'd mention that.

Peter isn't the only faux superhero in this fight, of course. Lenny Coldwell has been playing the part of heroic exposer of Kevin's scams too. And here's superhero-in-training Abe Husein, regarding the GIN Store flap:

We have them running scared!! There is so much confusion and doubt running through the GIN office right now. This is the time we need to stay united and hit the Kramers and the GIN store all together!! This is the new target!! A major nerve was struck and its obvious because they all are trying to reach out to me and others. I will show absolutly [sic] no mercy and neither should any of you!!

I won't even mention some of the drunk-Facebooking ditzes who are cheerleading from the sidelines, hailing the spurious heroes as they continue the "good fight." (And by the way, I don't meant to insinuate that everyone who "likes" every remark from Abe or Peter or Lenny is a drunk-Facebooking ditz. I am really only specifically referring to a very few people. I realize it is possible to be supportive of efforts to expose the fraud, while still not blindly (or drunkenly) supporting the actions of everyone who has been part of that effort. Thank you to the person who pointed this out to me.)

Scammers turning on each other is a normal part of the process when the sh-t starts hitting the fan. Even so, it never fails to amuse me.

I'm past the point of making predictions about when and how Kevin Trudeau will be brought to justice, however "justice" may be defined. But even though several of the ex-kt associates are now helping the authorities, the truth is that this is a fight that was begun many years ago, while they were still scamming and skimming. The fight was in full swing when Peter went to work for Trudeau and it will continue regardless of what he or any of the other "heroes" do. Some of the ex-True-doughnuts may receive immunity or leniency by spilling the beans on Kevin and GIN -- but as I've said before, that doesn't make their own scams any less scammy.

PS ~
Bernie has more about the GIN store saga on GINtruth.com.

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