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Friday, December 21, 2012

2012: The Whirled goes on

Well, Dear Ones, once again I have been away from my Whirled for a few weeks, due to work and other distractions. Those "other distractions" include the adoption of still more four-legged babies. It's really kind of amazing. At this time last year, due to the deaths in recent years of some of our elderly animals, such as Noelle and Coca -- and the loss of one who died of cancer before his time, Rex -- we were down to two dogs and two cats. But 2012 has been a busy year, and we now have six dogs, four cats, and not-quite-a-donkey (regarding the latter, we still need to get some pasturing issues straightened out). We're also babysitting a friend's three dogs while he's up north for a couple of weeks, so it's very noisy around our house, as you can imagine. And the yard is a mess.

Despite the lack of new posts, there have been some behind-the-scenes goings-on related to my blog and other blogs and discussion forums on which I have participated. Some of you may know that for the past couple of months I've been getting some blowback (in the form of threats and actionable lies) from an angry little German man whom I first wrote about this past May. And I haven't even written about the worst that is known about him, but my pal Salty Droid has. (Here's a link to all of Salty's tagged posts about that subject.) Steam has been coming out of the little man's ears, and he has been threatening to sue all of his critics. He even recently told a little fib about his lawyer going after Salty, when it turns out that apparently Salty is the one who initiated the contact. Maybe I am reading too much into this, but it appears that the conversation went pretty well for Salty.

More recently,
Bernie O'Mahony of GINtruth.com wrote a piece about the little Teutonic twerp. Since the latter formerly considered Bernie a brother-in-arms in the fight against serial scammer Kevin Trudeau's Global Information Network (GIN), I can only imagine the sort of waves the GINtruth piece has been causing. Follow the link to Bernie's post -- you really should, if you've not done so already -- and you'll see a private message that the enraged not-doctor sent to Bernie: a message that reveals more about the little man's true nature than just about anything that anyone else could write about him.

Here's an excerpt from another private message from the not-doc to Bernie (unedited):

And by the way I have hundreds of thousands of testimonials and thank you letters emails and video testimonials and what do these losers have??? / I am rich like shit and everybody that gets in my way will be paying legally the price... believe me it will finish everybody involved financially I dont care about money -- just ask Peter how much cash I showed him in my house. I deal with numbers that you cannot even fathom...
Meanwhile, Kevin Trudeau himself is apparently lounging somewhere in Europe -- Switzerland, at last report -- while the FTC and other agencies continue to build their various cases against him, as they have been doing for years. It's like road work; it never really gets finished but it keeps a bunch of people employed. July through early December of this year was just one continuance after another in the FTC's civil case that has been going on since 2003. But so far, Trudeau is not in jail (despite the FTC's recommendation for incarceration), and he continues to run his GIN scam from somewhere in the Alps or wherever. Or maybe he's hiding out in a little hole of an apartment in Chicago. Who knows?

This is not to say he won't end up in jail eventually. But up till now it's been one big long game of Catch Me If You Can... and apparently they can't.

I hate to say this, but I am almost coming to the point where I don't really even care all that much. There have been so many various predictions about when and where True-dough's scamming days will end that I am suffering from a serious case of prediction fatigue. I am coming close to getting burned out on the whole topic of GIN and KT. For one thing, I'm not even receiving the court documents any more, which may be because I ticked off my source (who happens to be a pal and bidness partner of the little German not-doc). Oh, well. Easy come, easy go. Others are on the case now, including my pal Salty, so I don't feel such an obligation to report every little detail.

Anyway, I apologize, to any of you who might have been waiting for something, for not tending my Whirled very frequently during the month of December. But don't worry; I'm still here. And I'm not going anywhere. I still have tons of stuff to write about: half finished posts, back-burner items, and so forth. And I will get to them, sooner or later. It's just that I do have (paying) work to tend to, as well as all of those extra mouths to feed. And the holidays are here. It's all good, as the people who like to say "It's all good" are always saying.

So don't fret; it is not the end of the Whirled. I do want to take this opportunity to wish a Happy Solstice to my friends everywhere -- Winter to those of you in the North, and Summer to those of you in the South. And to all a good night... or day, depending upon where you are. Why, it's almost night here now, and in some parts of the world, it's already tomorrow.

And tomorrow, as they say, is another day.

PS ~ My one contribution on this Whirled to the 2012 madness was a post in November of 2009.
Here's the link, in case you haven't seen it already.

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Anonymous hhH said...

All that waiting, and nothing...
Anyone been noticably eating their words over this ?
I haven't really checked, got to admit, because I got sick of the drivel years ago and didn't want to hear any more, but there must be some satisfyingly eggy faces out there in new Age land at the moment.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012 3:14:00 PM  

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