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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Kevin Trudeau: The FTC is really, really mad now...sort of...well, maybe not really

This coming week, on Friday, July 26 at 2:00 PM, serial scammer Kevin Trudeau is due back in court to continue hearings on the Federal Trade Commission's case(s) against him. I haven't been able to find out yet if he has returned from his mission in Canada --
a mission for which his aged parents put up their 60-year-old home in order to secure a bond for his release -- but I was able to find another ream of court documents, filed this past week, on PACER.gov. [UPDATE, 23 July: Apparently he did return on July 10 and handed in his passports. ~CC]

On July 15, several documents were filed regarding the civil case (1:03-cv-03904, before Hon. Robert W. Gettleman), including hundreds and hundreds of pages of exhibits. (I shared them on a couple of Facebook forums the other day, but feel they belong on this Whirled too.) I still haven't been able to plow through all of the pages, but one that I though y'all might find interesting is titled, "Plaintiff's Post-Hearing Brief in Support of Motion to Hold Defendant Trudeau in Contempt for Violating the June 2, 2010 Order, Incarcerate Him, and Order Him to Provide An Accounting of and Turnover Assets."


Essentially, this is the FTC's reiteration of all the reasons that KT has utterly failed to prove that he is unable to pay the $37.6 million fine the FTC says he owes. They are farting in the general direction of all of those thousands of pages of documents his legal team has been throwing their way, and are still claiming that incarcerating Katie is the only way to get him to cough up the dough. Or might be, unless the court decides otherwise. Or, as the document concludes in Part V, "Relief":

Trudeau is a triple contemnor who will not comply with the Court’s order that he compensate his victims unless the Court forces him. Accordingly, the FTC asks the Court to incarcerate Trudeau immediately until one of three conditions is satisfied: (1) Trudeau fully complies with the Court’s Order To Pay; (2) the Court finds that continued incarceration no longer serves a coercive purpose; or (3) Trudeau completes a full accounting and turns over all assets that he controls. With respect to the accounting, the FTC further asks that the Court order the FTC to nominate an appropriately qualified independent accounting firm, that Trudeau pay to engage that firm, and that Trudeau, as well as all the companies he controls, cooperate fully with the firm (including any requests for information it makes).
I've uploaded that document to Filesend, and you can download it by clicking here (filename: Trudeau-civil-case-Document-716-07-15-13.pdf (124.45 kB)) 

But just in case you really think that this is it for Katie, and that the FTC is really, really putting its foot down this time,
take a look at this document filed on October 15, 2012, nine months previous to the one cited above. It says a lot of the same things that the July 15, 2013 document says. (Link courtesy Salty Droid, in his still-highly-relevant November 2012 post, "Caging Kevin Trudeau.")

And if you really have a lot of time to waste and are truly interested in this case, there's a 366-page document, filed as an attachment to the July 15, 2013 doc above, that includes the transcripts of his May 21, June 26, and June 27 hearings. You may recall the May 21 hearing was the one where he invoked his Fifth Amendment rights nearly 400 times. (Let's just say the FTC was not impressed.)

I uploaded that long document too, and
you can download it here (filename: Trudeau-civil-case-Document-716-1-attachment-07-15-13.pdf (1.46 MB))

Meanwhile in the criminal case (1:10-cr-00886, before Hon. Ronald Guzman), an order was filed on July 16. It was short and simple:

The parties have previously been ordered to submit all pretrial motions by August 13, 2013 (Dkt # 57). That order is now expanded to include proposed jury instructions. The parties are ordered to submit on or before August 13, 2013 a full set of proposed jury instructions with citations to supporting law and arguments for any proposed non-pattern instructions. The parties should come prepared to discuss jury instructions at the August 20, 2013 pretrial conference.
So apparently they're still planning to go ahead with
the criminal contempt trial. 

But I'm still thinking that True-dough will not end up in jail, 
as much as the very daft Mocktor Lenny Coldwell might like to 
see him there, and has been predicting KT's
imminent incarceration at least since last October. 
Not surprisingly, Loony is all hot and bothered 
over the July 15 doc, (forgetting how similar 
it is to the one filed last October 15), 
though apparently in order to keep it seekrit from 
"hater" bloggers, he is posting exclusively on 
Abe Husein's Facebook page -- from which most of the 
"hatters" and "loosers" are blocked -- rather than
on his own blog, which is publicly viewable.

And so the story goes, on and on and on and on... 

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