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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Kevin Trudeau's GIN: The sky is falling (again)...yawn

Our un-favorite German import, Not-Doctor Loony Coldwell, aka Not-C (get it?) is at it again, making predictions and projections on Facebook. This one is about serial scammer Kevin Trudeau's Global Information Network (GIN). The screen cap below is from a much longer thread (as usual, click to enlarge):

So there you have it, folks: Kevin Trudeau will go to jail in June. For sure. This time Lenny really, really means it. And after all, Lenny has never been wrong about anything else, has he? Well, except for all of the other times he gave us a date when Kevin would be in jail and GIN would be finished... (And except for all of those warnings about what is really going on in the world, such as the thousands of Chinese who are holed up in bunkers in California after the U.S. gave Cali to the Chinese to pay off our debt.)

Now, maybe Something Really Big is going to happen with GIN and Trudeau. And maybe not. This case has been going on for years. In an effort to get money that they say Kevin owes, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has been zeroing in more and more on GIN, but who knows where that will lead -- if anywhere? You can get all of the public records about the FTC's ongoing case against Trudeau
by signing up with the Pacer.gov case search site. Once registered, search for Case NO. 1:03-cv-03904: FTC v. Trudeau, et al., Robert W. Gettleman presiding. You do have to pay a nominal per-page fee for the documents, which Lenny has apparently been doing, and then he posts them for free on his own site. (He apparently hasn't posted the latest ones, but you can get them yourself.)

I have no doubt that other agencies such as the IRS are on Trudeau's case now too. But still, that's no guarantee that Kevin will go to jail in June.

Lenny likes to make himself look important and heroic, and apparently continues to rat out his former b.f.f. to every government agent and other authority possible, and then crow about having done so -- even though he has often bitterly slammed these very agencies and authorities on his own web sites, and has repeatedly and defiantly said that they have no power over him. I still find that amusing. I know I've shared this before, but here it is again,
straight from the little man's web site...

And then there's this recent Facebook post about a planned "Champions For Freedom, Safety and Liberty" weekend coming up this year in Florida:

Wow. It almost looks as if Lenny really is forming a militia.

As for Kevin's wife, I think it's worthy of note that she actually does use the name "Natalie," which is the Americanized version of her (legal) Russian name, Nataliya. In fact she was introduced to Joe "Mr. Fire" Vitale as Natalie
when he first met Kevin more than four years ago. She was also referred to as Natalie in the June 2008 news story about her wedding to serial scammer Trudeau. And she's apparently Natalie Babenko on Facebook too.

"Leonard Coldwell" is kind of an Americanized-sounding name too, but it's a much further cry from "Bernd Klein" or "Bernd Witchner" than "Natalie" is from "Natalyia."

But I quibble. There are so many other blogworthy points in that one post from Lenny that it's hard to know where to focus. One particularly disturbing point is the idea of Kevin sending his wife to Lenny, who is unlicensed and unqualified, for any sort of serious problem such as depression. That makes me shudder.
It should make you shudder too. And if he had been qualified or licensed, it would have been a serious breach of confidentiality and ethics for Lenny to even mention that Natalie had been referred to him, to say nothing of disclosing the condition for which he supposedly treated or counseled her. But then, being ethical has apparently never been Lenny's strong suit, and as for confidentiality, he's a loose cannon and will shoot his mouth off at any time, anywhere.

It's hard for Lenny to look blameless and heroic when he continually states, as he does in the post above, that he was "there" with Trudeau and GIN from the very beginning and saw everything. I know I've mentioned that before, too. As for American Greed... well, maybe they would like to look into some of Lenny's little schemes, such as
the IBMS Master's Society scam, which derived much of its inspiration (not to mention its mailing list, I'm betting) from GIN. A friend of mine has helpfully sent the show an email suggesting as much. (For the record: this was not at my urging; I didn't even know the friend had done it until after the fact.)

There are more tantalizing hints on Facebook about the coming Final Blow to GIN, which, as you may know if you've been following this blog or various conversations on other blogs or on Facebook, has been Just Around the Corner for nearly a year now. Late on Sunday night, February 24, Lenny's protege and fellow freedom fighter Abe Husein wrote on a Facebook thread:
Something BIG is about to happen with regards to GIN. Nobody knows because I havn't [sic] told anyone. Just keep watching. The best has [sic] yet to come! This will be the biggest blow yet and will most likely be the final blow.
When another participant chided him for being a tease, Abe responded:
... it is just too risky to give this info out prematurely. The final blow is near. This meet N greet is going to be a time to remember for sure!
The Meet-n-Greet to which Abe is referring is a get-together some of the ex-GIN are planning, tentatively slated for Vegas in July at the Bellagio. They apparently plan to have a celebratory drink or two or fifty in front of the famous Fountains. What they will be celebrating is the Final Fall of GIN and, perhaps, Kevin's incarceration.Whether Lenny and Peter Wink, aka Petard Winkwell, will be there is not altogether clear at this time. On a recent Facebook thread, Abe referred to Peter and Lenny as his "team captains" in the noble war on GIN, so it seems only fitting that they should be there.

Some people have asked if I will be attending. I think...um... no. I'll be washing my hair that month.

I also noticed that Abe wrote on one of his threads (in another effort to insult GIN members): "The only ones with low self esteem r the ones who need to pay $150 a month and thousands in upgrades to get 'secret info' to fell [sic] special."

I wonder if he feels the same way about those who need to pay a $499 initiation fee and $89 a month to get "secret info" to "fell" special?

We've heard so many times that The End is near for GIN and the sky is falling on Kevin Trudeau. If that's true, great. Maybe Abe really does know something that the rest of us don't. Although I'm sure he's communicating with people in and outside of GIN, more than likely much of the seekrit info he brags about possessing is being spoon-fed to him by his "team captains," Lenny and Peter. At any rate, if I were you, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for a stupendously dramatic and deeply satisfying ending to Trudeau's scamming career.

PS ~ My new pal Aunt Alex, aka Alexandra Nouri, MSW,
focused on Lenny recently on her blog. She managed to sum up both his buffoonery and his insidiousness in one relatively brief blog post.

PPS ~ Apparently the Champions for Freedom weekend mentioned above is going to be in North Carolina instead of Florida. Now dubbed the Wealthy Warriors Weekend, the toy soldiers camp is scheduled for May 25 at the Hilton Executive Park in Charlotte, NC. Here's Bernie with the deets and commentary. Be sure you review this PDF of the promo post Lenny put on Facebook. In the words of the little twerp: "Martial Law is coming Coldwell Law will fix it." Uh-huh.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You were sent the info on lenny not being lenny. If you review it and the other links you were previously sent, that will answer why lenny seems not to be so worried about his own culpability with GIN and all of "his" contradictory statements.

.....oh how we let our own ego (because we are SO smart/astute that if WE think its not true, it cannot possibly be true) get to us even as we point out other's faults.


Thursday, February 28, 2013 4:57:00 PM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

Hello again, "Anonymous!" (Your last name wouldn't be Sutton, would it?) I am sort of an Occam's Razor kind of gal. I go for the simplest explanation as being the most plausible. I think Lenny Coldwell is either too daft to fully realize his inconsistencies, or too much of a sociopath to care. In other words, he's a real person with more than a few screws loose and probably a few personality disorders (to say the least). In my unprofessional opinion, of course.

Saturday, March 02, 2013 2:14:00 PM  

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