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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Access Consciousness gets a little more MSM lovin'

You know what? I just realized that I've been smiling all day. I've been smiling partly because of the results of yesterday's U.S. presidential election. I don't hold out any great idealistic hopes or anything, but for several reasons the guy who won is, in my not very humble opinion, a better choice than the other guy. As usual, my pal Salty Droid nails it about some of the reasons Romney would be pretty bad for the US of A. One reason is that, as the little fake robot put it in today's post:
... Mitt Romney is from Scamworld. That article on The Verge :: or this one on Mother Jones :: or this one on Salon :: or this crap right here on The Droid about the kid torturing assholes ... barely even touch the surface of it.
All righty, then!

There's another reason I'm smiling. Award-winning journalist
Craig Malisow at the Houston Press became interested in doing a story about the cultish Access Consciousness, in part from poking around on my Whirled. As you regulars know, I've been blogging continuously about Access since 2007. It seemed nobody was really that interested. There was a bit of scuttlebutt earlier this year when retired NFL player Ricky Williams made the news with his Access kids' activities, but that died down.

Then Craig stumbled on my blog while researching something else, and he got interested in Access. And today the Press published his terrific cover story about Access:
"What's Behind Gary Douglas's Scientology Knockoff?"

It's good to know that the wackadoodle Access is FINALLY getting more mainstream press coverage. Craig actually did all of that due-diligence journo stuff, including a lot of digging and researching and talking to people on the phone (I HATE talking to people on the phone) -- though oddly enough, many of the Accessories just didn't want to talk.

Funny, they don't seem to have any problem with sending in anonymous or pseudonymous comments to my blog, telling me how ignorant I am while boasting about how free and open Access encourages people to be. Some of them, including Access founder Gary Douglas himself, have even fake-praised me for raising questions about Access because it's all part of a healthy, open, honest convo that encourages people to explore and make their own choices, blah blah blah.

But few of them -- including a quite prominent Houston society type named Curry Glassell, who claims to be an Access facilitator -- wanted to actually talk to a serious journalist doing a serious piece. Nevertheless, Craig turned out a fine story. He was able to find out more about Gary Douglas' Scientology roots, and other tidbits from Gary's past, than I ever could with my half-baked research efforts. I couldn't be happier.

I often think that "alternative" weekly newspapers are the last best hope of print journalism. Kudos to Craig and to the Houston Press.

So... big smiles all around.

Here again is the link to Craig Malisow's Access story:

Here's the print-friendly version:

And here are links to some of my own Access-related offerings:

Oh, yes, and here's the link to
Andrew Blanford's wonderful Access Schism site. Just launched this past June, Access Schism is an excellent resource for ex-Accessories, the people who are worried about current Accessories, and the idly curious.

PS ~ There's another big mainstream media story coming up about another one of my favorite snark targets, any day now. This isn't my project but I have been interested in it and have supported it from the beginning. I am not at liberty to talk about it in detail at the moment, but...well, any day now.

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Anonymous Andrew Blanford, I guess my name is out there now! said...

Great write up by Craig Malisow! You get a lot of that credit as well for being the catalyst.

Thank you again Connie for your hard work over the last few years exposing Access Consciousness and Gary Douglas!

Friday, November 09, 2012 2:44:00 PM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

Thank you, Andrew. Catalyst, Muse, Instigator... I'll accept all of those roles! :-) And you can't imagine what a relief it was to me when you took up the cause with your insider's information and dedicated Web site about Access. You have provided a tremendous resource not only for those affected by Access but also by other LGATs. I appreciate your support and friendship.

Sunday, November 11, 2012 12:24:00 PM  

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