Saturday, January 26, 2013

Vital signs: "Immortal" (former) breatharian Mony Vital dies on GIN cruise

Attention New Evaluations
There is going to be a short delay for returning phone calls for recent requests for evaluations. Energetic Balancing appreciates your patience.

~ From the Energetic Balancing site of immortal, Mony Vital

Well, yes... hmm... there is probably going to be quite a long delay now. Mony Vital, self-professed immortal, has apparently shuffled off of this mortal coil after all. There's buzz on Facebook about it at the moment, and I'm sure the news will reach the larger world soon.

Maybe it's some kind of cosmic joke. Maybe it's a Sign from the Universe that lifelong scammer Kevin Trudeau's Ponzi-like
Global Information Network (GIN) is moribund. But Mony Vital, who was one of the featured hustlers on the GIN Leadership Cruise, apparently died in his sleep on the ship.

Moment of silence... Okay, that's enough.

I feel bad for his family and friends and the people who loved him, but compelled to point out a few painfully obvious things.

Mony Vital claimed to be immortal. He also taught that everyone is immortal, if he or she will only stop believing in "the culture of death." He has also reportedly claimed to be the oldest man alive (though several ex-GIN members who knew him put him in his mid to late 50s at time of death).

Mony Vital on 2013 GIN cruise,
presumably lecturing about immortality.
Click on pic to enlarge.

And Mony had claimed at various times to be a
breatharian, existing mainly on air and light, and rarely taking in food or water at all. (See first comment below for clarification about his dietary habits.) Some sources say he was a breatharian for a mere 18 months; some say he claimed he'd been one for five years. Who knows what to believe? He looked pretty skinny at the end of his life -- either like a person on a severely calorie-restricted diet, or a cancer patient. Not the kind of person you'd necessarily want to be paying to give you health advice.

Most significantly, Mony made a living "balancing the energies" of people, animals, plants, and buildings. The deal was that each person, animal, plant or building had to pay his, or or its own annual or "lifetime" membership fee.
There was a special offer on "Vital Energetic Balancing" for GIN members only.

*Each individual Person, Child, Animal, Plant, House and Office must have their own application and all have an equal fees.
Individuals: 1 year = $550. Lifetime = $2700. (Saving of $50 for the year and $175 on the Lifetime for each individual application).
*For Animal, Plant, House and Office you will receive an identification number of 15 digits on stickers (10 stickers) to attach to the surrounding local space. Please call us before you apply. [toll-free number]
payment plan information, or if you feel urgency to apply, or for long evaluation, call Mony for an interview [toll-free number]
**Regular (Periodic Evaluation) are free every 3 months.

*Energetic Evaluation and sound only $35.00 can be obtained every 15 days. Request by email or phone. payments at the time of the evaluation.
*Energetic Evaluation and sound with review $450.00
*Members – Energetic Evaluation and sound with review $300.
Upgrade to lifetime=$2075.00
Evaluation + Sound (no review)=$35.
Evaluation + Sound (with review)=$450.
Evaluation + Sound (with review) for members=$300.

Actually, it looks like a real bargain; maybe he can continue doing it from The Other Side. As of now, Mony's frauducts and flopportunities
are still listed in the GIN Store.

As for the cause of death, I haven't heard yet. Maybe he just breathed some bad air. People are always getting sick on cruises after eating bad food, after all. Or maybe
he drained his body of "vital energies" one too many times.

I am sure that once the news of his death becomes widely known there will be many fans and supporters who will say he chose to die... or to transition, or translate, or move into the Vortex, or whichever New-Wage/McSpirituality euphemism they prefer. [See PPPS below. ~ CC]

Unless it's all a publicity stunt, with the plan for Kevin Trudeau to miraculously bring Mony back from the dead -- using techniques that will only be revealed when you get to Level Seven in GIN.

PS ~ Here's a pretty snarky 2008 article on Mony from the Las Vegas Sun.

PPS added on January 28, 2013 ~ Not surprisingly, Not-Doctor Lenny Coldwell has weighed in on Mony Vital's death in his usual semi-literate manner. (Lenny snarked about Jerry Hicks' death too, but months after the fact, since at the time Jerry croaked (that's the Hicks' preferred term), Lenny was still in GIN, and the Hicks are on GIN's reading list.)

PPPS added on February 6, 2013 I originally wrote and published this post within hours of hearing about Mony's death -- and that was within hours of its occurrence. At the time, it was still just some buzz on a few pages on Facebook, and the world at large had not yet heard the news. As it turned out, though, my prediction was correct regarding some people's rationalization that Mony "chose" to depart this existence. (I can't take too much credit for my foresight: it wasn't at all hard to predict, since the "s/he chose to leave" is the tale that that the fans of countless New-Wage and McSpirituality hucksters, as well as the followers of more traditional religious leaders and gurus, have used for many, many years.) Anyway, on Mony's web site -- the one from which I quoted at the very beginning of this post -- we are now informed:

To all of our valued and cherished Vital Energetic Balancing members and future members, we would like to inform you that Dr. Mony Vital made a choice to leave this existence for a higher calling. We have full intention of resuming VEB standard operations as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and please stay tuned.
Uh-huh... So we are expected to believe that Mony chose to leave this existence while he was on a cruise where his job was to preach about immortality, and to sell all kinds of frauducts and flopportunities related to "ageless living," and to plant the seeds for future sales. That is pretty lousy marketing, if you ask me. As my new pal Doc Bunkum wrote to me:
Wonder what his higher calling is anyhow?

Selling immortality in heaven?

I realize we should exercise a certain degree of decorum in this matter, as there's probably a family grieving somewhere, but this is serious funny stuff! 
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    Anonymous said...

    Maybe he just ran out of air in his tiny stateroom.

    I went to one of Vital Money's talks when I was still in GIN. He was not a very good speaker and had a way of alienating himself from his own audience. I also heard from another GIN member that Money was a member of Neo-Think/Neo-Tech/Nova-Tech (Mark Hamilton's magical mystery school with the magical ever-changing name).

    I have no cause to defend the late Money, however, I noticed some discrepancies in your post (and I can hardly blame you for not being up to date on this stuff). When I saw Money speak last May, he was no longer a "breatharian". He said that he had been for 18 months, but that he started eating again because not eating was having an impact on his social life, because our culture's social lives center around food, according to Money.

    The second discrepancy is that Money does not just claim that HE is immortal-- he claims that EVERYONE is immortal, and could experience everlasting life if they wish, and if they follow correct protocol. Too bad he will no longer be around to teach us how to stay alive forever.

    As for his age, he refused to answer any questions regarding his age at the talk. When asked how old he was by an audience member, his response was "How is that going to help your hair grow?" It seems that Money believes hair growth is a sign of vitality. He seemed to embrace the concept of "agelessness" and appeared to believe that discussing age only cemented the aging process.

    Anyway, I hope that gives you more snippets for your snark!

    Cosmic Connie said...

    Thanks, Anon, I appreciate the insights and the clarification! I did in fact see in one of the articles I cited in my post that Vital had claimed to have been a breatharian for 18 months. However, in another article I read, the person writing the piece said Vital had claimed to have been a breatharian for five years. He is commonly described online as being a breatharian. I wasn't sure about his current dietary practices, which is why, in the body of my post, I wrote, "He has also claimed at various times to be a breatharian..." However, I realize that the title of my post may have been (unintentionally) misleading.

    I also realize there may be a fine point of difference between merely claiming that one is immortal and teaching that we are all immortal if we just stop "believing in death." But again, Vital by implication pretty much marketed himself as being immortal, so I went for the cheap sensationalism. :-)

    If hair growth is a sign of vitality, well...

    Anyway, thanks again for your comment.

    Cosmic Connie said...

    I just changed the title slightly to make it more accurate.

    Anonymous said...

    Keep it up with the cheap sensationalism. That's half the reason I read your blog! It's probably also why I ever joined GIN (or I was just highly hopeful and rendered slightly gullible by my despair).

    I notice contradictory info about Money on the webs, too. I'm just going by what he said at the talk I attended. Maybe he still considered himself a breatharian even when he ate food because of the minimal amounts he consumed and the very strict diet he was on.

    This may seem cruel to say, but his death is actually quite a relief-- part of me thought "What if he's right?" And when I heard he passed it was more like "Phew! He was wrong and I can eat my mushroom cheeseburgers completely guilt-free!". Unless of course he ate a cheeseburger and that's what killed him.

    Connie, I think your blog is giving me the snarks.

    Jeff said...

    Judging from the color of his skin in that "oops" photo, I'd say he died from an overdose of genetically engineered blueberries. You know, that IS a superfood...

    Oh, and though a scammer Vital may have been, you still won't see a line form to urinate on his grave stone the way you will when Kevin Trudeau checks out.

    Cosmic Connie said...

    LOL, Kief. A lot of people end up looking blue on this blog -- it's the lighting here, I think. :-)

    Doc Bunkum said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Mariah said...

    How inconvenient! Nice of not-doctor Lenny to point out hoaxes when he sees them.

    Anonymous said...

    One does have to give credit to Mony for believing in what he did. He knew that much of what he said would not be well received, and probably faced mockery for it quite regularly...whereas an actual scam artist is more inclined to tell people what they want to hear. I will say this; I called him on the phone once to speak about some business matter and we began to discuss his program. He asked a few details about my life, followed by a period of silence, then all of a sudden I felt tingly and the hairs on my arm and neck stood up. He then said that he had just put me on his program for one year, free

    Mariah said...

    Anonymous- actual scam artists say all kinds of things, including things people "don't want to hear". Then they say, "only a few are even ready to hear this, only a few can actually do this."

    I'm sad for you that you've given significance in retrospect to that tingly feeling. I used to think like that, too, though. But that way of thinking is full of pitfalls.

    Zo said...

    Wait, was their money refunded. Not that they deserved any such.

    Breatharians were big in Berkeley in the Sixties ... tho they tended not to have many followers.

    Some things never die. Except people who don't eat.

    Unknown said...

    We were honored to take a taxi ride to a GIN event in the Bahamas with Mony Vitale. Mony's visit with the taxi driver was about their service in WWII. ...that puts age of death 2013 in the 90's. The cruise was no investigation in open waters. relocate due to Mony's agelessness was spoken of. We think of Mony often & wish we could connect w our lifetime energetic balancing evaluation. Mony's health evaluation was "spot on" 10 years later. JOY

    Unknown said...

    It would be interesting how successful your business venture turned out after being put on Mony's energetic balancing program for free. Mony was truly remarkable for those accepting of his wisdom & physics designing his AI program beyond...his projection was approx 21 years beyond. We have lived 10 years beyond our initial evaluation & Mony was "spot on" I had the honor of several calls from Mony when I was problem solving & dwelling on various issues...then I would get THE CALL. Extremely helpful & beyond. Mony was such a positive personality. Wish his daughter would reach out to Mony's fans. Shame on those who ridicule & know little of WHO Mony truly is & was.