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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tuesday sight-bites

Crazy deadlines loom in the world of my "real" work, so this is going to be another one of those "bits and pieces" posts.

Hawkins squawkin’
Recently I received a private email asking me if I am familiar with psychiatrist, mystic and applied kinesiology advocate Dr. David Hawkins. My correspondent was kind enough to send me several links, including a link to comments by Skepdic Online author Robert Todd Caroll. I replied that I had only a passing familiarity with the good Dr. Hawkins, having mentioned his Hawkins Frequency Scale in passing on one of my blog posts last November. The real subject of my November post was Extreme Lightworker Bryan James, whom I have blogged about many times before and no doubt will again…in the very next paragraph, I predict.

Among many other services and products he offers, Bryan James helps people raise their vibrational level for "ascension." Regarding Dr.Hawkins, Bryan has this to say on his Circle of Lights web site:

Dr. Hawkins developed a Scale of Consciousness based on a logarithmic scale of 1 to 1000. He claimed that all ideas, thoughts, literature, etc., vibrate at some level. Energies above 200 are considered positive, and those below 200 are rated as negative. A level of 1000 is considered the number required for ascension.

If you follow the above link to my November blog post, you’ll be amazed at the ultra-high frequencies (far beyond 1,000) achieved by some enlightened souls – most notably Bryan’s own kids, who are, it goes without saying, Indigo children.

On his April 23 Guruphiliac post, Jody Radzik paid homage to Dr. Hawkins in the way that only he can. Or, more accurately, he allowed one of his readers to pay homage, and that reader did a fine job. As it turns out, it was the same person who had written to me, and who has also written about Hawkins on Rick Ross’ Cult Education Forum. I was particularly interested to read about the source of Dr. Hawkins’ Ph.D., which seems to be the foundation of his work:

I can see why some people might believe Dr. Hawkins’ claims; after all, Dr. Hawkins has an M.D. and a Ph.D. But, while he is a psychiatrist, his Ph.D. is from the unaccredited diploma mill Columbia Pacific University, a fact not noted in his books or on his website. This degree is the basis of his work.

Columbia Pacific University happens to be the same diploma mill where Dr. John Gray, "Ph.D." got his doctorate. Alas, CPU was shut down by the California Department of Consumer Affairs. As our reader noted, however, you’re probably not going to see much about that on Dr. Hawkins’ promo material.

But y’know, these days, it really doesn’t matter if your degree is real or not. You put those letters after your name, and voila! Instant credibility. I really gotta buy me a fake Ph.D.

Hell is rapidly emptying
Speaking of Bryan James, I recently received another email from him regarding the progress of the Nether Worlds Reclamation Project, his mission to rescue 50 million lost souls from Hell. With the assistance of the
Queen of Heaven, a few assorted gods and goddesses, an Ascended Master or two, and thousands of volunteer lightworkers, Bryan is roundin’ ’em up and sendin’ ’em home. Here are the latest numbers (as of April 17, 2007):

100% have shown some movement
100% have opened their eyes
100% are walking around (63% without assistance)
93% are asking questions (e.g., "Who am I?" or "Where am I?")
47% are regaining cognitive ability and attending schools
572,593 have been taken home to start a new beginning

If you’ve been following the progress reports here, you know that Hell is emptying at an increasingly rapid pace. Why, as of April 4, only 202,000 folks had "gone home." And now look at the numbers. For information on how you too can go to Hell and get involved in this project, just hop on over to my Easter blog post.

This place is a magnet
And speaking of numbers (do you see how all of these snippets are cleverly connected to each other?), some time over this past weekend, my "hit list" passed the 10,000 mark. The start date – the date I activated my free
hit counter – was February 22, and I have it set to log only "original hits." So, okay, I’m not getting hundreds of thousands of new hits a day, but at least a few people are making their way over here. I appreciate all of y’all – new and repeat visitors alike. I hope you’ll keep coming back.

Public service
Oh, and speaking of Jody and his Guruphiliac blog, I received a "thank you" email from someone who, apparently as a result of reading some of the posts on my blog, jumped to Jody’s and found some pretty revealing information about Sri Lanka guru (and former
Rhonda Byrne consort) Tilak. "I just popped over to Guruphiliac and learned a bunch about Tilak," the person wrote to me. "I wanted to thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I was definitely on the wrong road with this guy. So thanks."

It’s good to know that occasionally this blog can provide more than cheap laughs – not that cheap laughs are anything to sneeze at!

Calling all "Abundant Members"
And while we're on the subject of cheap laughs, my friend
Tony Michalski alerted me the other day to a brief thread on Marcy From Maui’s Powerful Intentions Forum. The topic was, "What is an abundant member?"

I responded to Tony (though in retropect it would have been more fun to respond on the actual forum):

I know the answer! An abundant member is an appendage that is belonging to man who wants to make his Woman holler and beg for more and so has responded to most urgent email composed by Person from India who know very little English but know how to Sell a pill that will enable Man to grow Monster Member to make his woman holler!

Read the first footnote in this post for real sample of such spam (although in this case it is a product to make a man *last* longer, not *grow* longer).

But, as I discovered when I actually took the time to follow the link to the thread, an Abundant Member on the PI forum is something altogether different.

I thought it was good for a cheap laugh anyway.

And now… I hate to blog and run, but the Rev and I have books to write, edit, and design. Oh, yeah, and I gotta pick up my copy of Night At The Museum, which just came out on DVD in the US today. Not only am I a diehard Ben Stiller fan, but when I was a kid, my favorite school field trips were to the local natural history museum, where I used to be drawn to the dioramas, fantasizing about what it would be like to enter those worlds-within-worlds, and have all those cave men and extinct animals and whatnot come alive and take me back in time. And believe me, there are days when I would still like to disappear into a diorama. But for now, I’m going to disappear into my other life. And for many reasons – but mostly because my other life includes The Rev – that’s not a bad thing at all.

PS on Tuesday evening: No sooner had I posted the latest numbers on Bryan James' Nether Worlds Reclamation Project than I received yet another email from him. Apparently the Nether Worlds Reclamation people have been very busy since April 17. Here are the latest numbers (as of April 21):

100% have shown some movement
100% have opened their eyes
100% are walking around (65% without assistance)
95% are asking questions (e.g., “Who am I?” or “Where am I?”)
50% are regaining cognitive ability and attending schools
629,201 have been taken home to start a new beginning

Bryan also reiterated the mission of his company: "Our goal is to help create a critical mass of higher frequency energy that will raise the planet's vibration and lead all creation into the New Age." That's why he offers the vibe-enhancement services I mentioned above. And just in case you are wondering if they are bogus, here's evidence that they're the real deal – a couple of testimonials from some hot, hungry, excited, crazily vibrating clients:

Hey Bryan! Just wanted to thank you & Kevin [Bryan's Indigo son] for the above Activation!! It was a nice surprise to get a higher frequency than was originally intended!! During the Activation, my hands got quite hot (I AM a Second Degree Reiki). I also felt Love, Peace & Beauty during the session. I also felt a lot of energy, & it was difficult to sit still after the first 15 minutes; ALSO, I got very hungry! It is GREAT to work with my First Template, & I AM excited to be able to manifest more quickly!
- Carole

Dear Bryan, I´m having trouble, because all my bodies are vibrating like crazy, that was the far largest frequency-jump I did yesterday so far. (Sample-comparison for the jump: I started at a size of a single carbon atom, now I am stretching myself far beyond the milky way galaxy). But I know that in 2 or 3 days that feeling is normal. I start on planning and working today with the new tools. That feels very good to use them, I´m quite excited.
All the best, Andreas

As I read those testimonials, particularly that one from Andreas, the lyrics of an old song were running through my mind: "Call Alice.... when she was just small..."

All I can say is, they must have some VERY good drugs in Bryan's part of the Galactic Federation.

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