Monday, April 23, 2007

Orgone conclusions

The subject line in the email read, "Full Spectrum Orgone Energy, Etheric Solar Force." And the opening paragraph in the body copy was packed with promises of such apparent import that nearly every word required capitalization:

Empower Your Life with Energetically Encoded Orgone Based Creations! Utilize Full Spectrum Orgone Energy and Attain the Missing Link in the Manifestation of Your Goals! Shatter Limitations and Gain Control of Your Circumstances! Master the Power of Vibrational Energetics! Achieve the Ultimate in Personal Empowerment!
I hadn’t really thought about orgone energy or orgone anything in years; I suppose I considered it a bit passé. That shows you what I know. Truth is, there are a whole lot of folks out there who are not content to let orgones be bygones. And many still regard the creator of orgone theory, Wilhelm Reich, as a misunderstood but brilliant researcher/practitioner who was a martyr to the US Food and Drug Administration.

It’s been nearly fifty years since Reich, an Austrian psychoanalyst and Freud protégé, died in a federal penitentiary in Lewisberg, Pennsylvania – an ignominious end for a man who, in his younger days, was a respected psychoanalyst who received accolades for advances in treatment techniques. I can’t say the US government behaved reasonably or rationally in the Reich case. In fact he was treated pretty abominably. Yet Reich, as brilliant (and maltreated) as he may have been, is most remembered for some pretty loopy ideas and devices – in particular, his infamous Orgone Box.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Reich, like many of those early shrinks, was famously obsessed with sex, and you might say it was this obsession that led to his downfall. Rather early in his career, he grew impatient with the Freudians, convinced that psychoanalysis, with all of its probing of the mind, wasn’t actually doing enough about the sex problems affecting society. Analysts weren't masturbating their patients, for example... Oh, wait, I'm getting ahead of myself again.

Reich had some ideas that were considered very radical at the time, most notably, his theory of orgasm. He believed that the perpetuation of the species was just an incidental dividend of orgasm; its real function was to release sexual tension, which, left unresolved, led to neurotic behavior and worse. Now, you’d think that the simple and obvious solution for unresolved sexual tension would be to have sex, with or without a partner. But in the world of psychoanalysis, as well as natural science (Reich’s other discipline), nothing is ever that simple.

Reich was openly challenged by Freud himself, and eventually banished from the International Psychoanalytic Association for his radical ideas about sex and politics (he was a Socialist and then a Communist, and freely mixed his sexual theories in with his political ideas). He ended up in Germany but fled there in 1934 due to another Reich of a far more sinister bent; it was not a good time or place to be both a Jew and a Communist. Reich moved northward to Denmark, then to Sweden, and eventually to Oslo, Norway. It was in Oslo that he first launched a series of electrical experiments involving the body’s erogenous zones, and where his famed Orgone Box most likely had its origins.

"Orgone" was Reich’s word for cosmic energy, a life force released in great quantities during orgasm. The idea of cosmic energy, or a universal life force was, of course, not new, nor was the idea of sexual energy as a universal life force. Reich himself wrote, "I am well aware of the fact that the human race has known about the existence of a universal energy related to life for many ages. However, the basic task of natural science consisted of making this energy usable. This is the sole difference between my work and all preceding knowledge."

Hmm…sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

And those latter-day orgone pushers – the folks who sent me the email I mentioned above – seem to be pretty much in sync with Reich:
The term Orgone is synonymous with many other terms. In essence, when one speaks of Orgone, one is also speaking of Life Force, Prana, Vitality, Mana, Chi, Virl, Bio-Energy, Ki, Odic Force, Animal Magnetism, Elan Vital, Biocosmic Energy, Eloptic Energy and many other names, all of which mean the same thing…
Actually, they don’t all mean exactly the same thing, but the concept of life energy is so pliable that I guess you can make it mean anything.
Reich’s Orgone Box was a wooden contraption, roughly the size of a telephone booth, lined with zinc. It was said to contain some secret property that would soak up the orgone from the air and contain it so that it could be absorbed into the body, thereby working wonders for patients who were orgasm-challenged. And Reich, who came to the US in 1939 and set up practice in Forest Hills, New York, had other tools at his disposal as well. For example, he sometimes applied…um… manual pressure to numerous parts of his patients’ anatomy to "drive away tensions"; by his own published accounts these treatments often resulted in, shall we say, profoundly gratifying results in patients of both sexes. He also had a special orgone blanket for bedridden patients, as well as a "funnel" for use on the head and a "shooter box" for localized application of orgone energy. And for do-it-yourselfers, his Orgone Boxes could be rented for home use.
In the tradition of healer-hucksters throughout history, Reich seems to have gotten a bit carried away with his orgasm theory, with some help from enthusiastic believers, of course. According to an article in the New Republic in May of 1947, Reich and his followers at various times claimed that "orgastic impotence is the primary cause of cancer, all neuroses, all psychoses, impotence, frigidity, perversions, cardiovascular hypertension, hyperthyroidism, constipation, hemorrhoids, epilepsy, peptic ulcer, obesity, narcotic addiction, alcoholism and the common cold." And that doesn’t even begin to cover all of the ailments that, at one time or another, Reich or his adherents asserted could be banished forever by proper application of orgone energy.

Proponents of Reich’s work claim that the New Republic article, penned by freelance writer Mildred Edie Brady, was filled with distortions and inflammatory claims. In any event, in the wake of that article and other critical press, the FDA went after Reich. Their investigation resulted in a ruling that his claims were false and his "orgone accumulators" were pretty much useless. The FDA obtained an injunction barring the shipment of the Orgone Box, as well as the other orgone products, across state lines.
Reich, who by then was operating his Wilhelm Reich Foundation out of Rangeley, Maine, violated the injunction in order to force a test in court. He failed the test, and he and one of his associates, Dr. Michael Silvert, were found guilty of contempt of court and violation of the Pure Food and Drug Act. Reich was sentenced to two years in prison, and by court order several tons of his books and research journals were burned in incinerators by the FDA – which certainly does not cast the US government in the most favorable light. I am hardly the first to note the deep irony in the fact that Reich fled from Hitler’s Germany, also known for book-burning, only to encounter some of the same atrocities here in the Land of the Free.

Sadly, he did not survive his prison term. In November 1957 he died of a heart attack in his cell. His colleague Dr. Silvert, who had been sentenced to a year and a day in prison, committed suicide shortly thereafter.
But orgone theory, products and therapy of various stripes lived on. Countless therapists – some legit and some kind of fringe-y – as well as numerous folks in the entertainment and literary world, were intrigued and influenced by the concept of orgone energy. In 1971 actor, director and author Orson Bean came out with a book called Me And The Orgone, an intimate account of how his experience with orgone therapy revolutionized his life. The book hit the bestseller lists, but over the years fell out of the public consciousness, as did orgone concepts for the most part, although the American College Of Orgonomy Press issued a reprint of Bean’s book in 2000. And orgone therapy continued to attract believers and practitioners.

The orgone comes again (so to speak)
But I’ve been pretty much out of the orgone loop, having dismissed the entire concept some time ago as being soooo mid-twentieth-century. This, of course, was before I got that email I mentioned above. It came to me from a company called Mystical Wonders, which, in cooperation with a firm called Protonic Creations, is marketing
a whole line of miraculous orgone energy products. I’m sure Reich would be rolling over in his grave… but then again, maybe not.

Though Reich may have been their original inspiration when they were forging their own definition of orgone energy, the Mystical Wonders and Protonic Creations folks seem to have kept up quite well with contemporary New-Wage trends as well:
One way to think of Orgone Energy / Life Force is as a super energized cosmic fluid that knows no barriers and can be "instructed" to literally create realities within your life and affairs!
Orgone is both the "carrier" for information (intent) as well as the power source (energy) needed for the accomplishment of your objectives.
By using Life Force, you can accomplish things that you may have previously only read about! The possibilities are limitless!
This should be good news for all you folks for whom The Secret isn’t working quite the way its "stars" promised. It could be simply that you haven’t properly lassoed orgone energy. Fortunately, the good people at Mystical Wonders and Protonic Creations have just the expensive devices to help you grab those orgones and make them yours.

Did I say "devices?" My apologies; I misspoke (or, rather, mis-wrote). We don't dare use that word, as I found out when perusing the Q&A page of the Mystical Wonders and Protonic Creations. There I found this question: "Can your devices be used for negative purposes?" And the answer:
To begin with, the term "devices" should be addressed. We label our Instruments of Power as Creations because unlike a device, which may be thought of as a machine – our Creations become living extensions of you!* Our Creations are energetic in nature and function on multiple energetic levels.
So let’s look at some of these dev…er… Creations. For only $169.00, you can get yourself a Psion Prime™, which is "an Incredible Multifunctional Creation":
Empower yourself to do and become exactly as your intent dictates! Limits are shattered with The Psion Prime!
The Psion Prime is a power house! It cuts through what we at Protonic Creations call "obstacle energies"...
With the Psion Prime, you will become a Force of Power for change and creation. Make things happen the way you want them to happen!
Here's the science behind this Creation:
The Psion Prime's housing undergoes an intensive regimen of energetic processes which profoundly affects its structure at the subatomic level; permanently reconfiguring the energy pattern which the housing was originally composed of! This is achieved via our Protonic Energy Pattern Reconfiguration Process.™
And the darn thing apparently works. No, there are no double-blind studies or any of that bothersome scientific-agenda crap, but there are some pretty powerful testimonials from satisfied customers, to wit:
I purchased the Psion Prime recently and I must tell you, within a couple of weeks of using it, I went to the casino to play the quarter slots and after inserting six quarters (3X2), I won about $2500.00! I was wearing my Psion Prime around my neck. Also, since then, we've bought a wonderful new house – THE EXACT ONE my husband had wanted for a while! Anyway, lots of good things happened after I started using it. I really love my Psion Prime!
Well, heck, $169.00 isn’t very much for a dev… er… a Creation that will get you anything you want in this world. But wait, there’s more. You honestly didn’t think you would get by with spending only $169.00, did you? If so, you definitely have some issues with limited thinking. The Mystical Wonders and Protonic Creations people have many more Creations to sell to you.
There’s the $139.00 Pronamicron, for instance, which looks like a sex toy and may very well be, but it is ever so much more. This "Singularly Unique Protonic Creation" offers "Implosive Power at your Command!" It has a "Fully Contained Energized Life Force Vortex" and is "Magick and Manifestation Evolved.™" According to the site, "Whatever you keep within, your Pronamicron will be Amplified, Energetically Charged and Magnified for your purposes."
If you really want to take advantage of all of this advanced technology, though, be prepared to spend a little more money. Consider the Causal Chamber.™ It might look like an ordinary fake-Native-American vase that you can pick up at a gift shop in Taos or Sedona, but looks can be deceiving:
The Causal Chamber is by far the most powerful and empowering Protonic Creation!
Previously, our most Powerful Creation was the Psion Prime and when it comes to top level empowerment The Psion Prime is still an excellent choice! Having said that however The Causal Chamber is something else entirely.
The CHAMBER is an Ultimate Level Energetic Creation!
If that’s not enough to convince you to shell out $598.00 – or $767.00 for an add-on "special transference capacity" Psion Prime unit – I don’t know what is.
And to supplement your high-tech Creations, you have your Astral Ultrasonics CDs, which allow you to "Reach your Astral Mind and be Transformed!" They are "light years beyond Subliminal CDs." The price? A mere $89.90 per CD, or, for a special customized CD made just for you, only $129.90 a pop.
The Mystical Wonders and Protonic Creations people also have a whole line of Protonic Elixirs, "energized liquid elemental preparations specially created to enrich your life!"
Unlike homeopathy or any other modality, our Protonic Elixirs are subjected to a completely distinct set of procedures producing a unique and superior result.
Central to the creation of Protonic Elixirs is our proprietary Energetic INFUSION Encoding Process™ Our INFUSION Encoding Process imbues our Elixirs with specific energetic information. The Super Purified Water used to create our Protonic Elixirs undergoes an array of treatments which converts this purified water to what we have termed The Omicron State. The Omicron State is a state in which the unlimited nature of water is fully unfolded. The word "energized" does not even begin to describe Omicron State Water!
There are several different types of Elixirs, including "Soul Body Purifier," "Astral Injection," "Manifestation Nebula," "Akashic Recall," "Paradigm Shift," and several others. Each variety comes in a four-pack for only $119.60.

In the unlikely event that your Mystical Wonders and Protonic Creations dev... er Creations do not work, you are, alas, S.O.L. A disclaimer on the site says, "Due to the unique energetic nature of our Creations, returns, exchanges and refunds are not possible." 

But the point is probably moot, since they can't NOT work. "The Energies constantly generated by our Creations have unlimited potential to profoundly influence the human experience when properly directed by intent. Use with appropriate premeditation as amplification of your intent will occur! Protonic Creations are meant to become extensions of your being and respond to your focused intent. They bond with you on the deepest energetic levels and fully integrate into the fabric of your life - this is one of the many reasons our Creations are so effective and powerful."

Lest you are concerned that, despite their care not to call their products "devices," the good folks at Mystical Wonders and Protonic Creations might be in danger of sharing the fate suffered by the father of the orgone, fear not. For their Creations also come with this disclaimer: "No health claims are made or implied. People with pacemakers or other implanted medical devices should use caution when using our Creations due to their magnetic components… Protonic Creations are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any condition. We do not make any therapeutic or health related claims. Always seek the advice of a qualified licensed medical professional."
I knew you'd be relieved.

And the Lord led us into the land of the Orgonites...
If the Creations sold by the Mystical Wonders folks are a little too pricey for you, never fear: the Internet is full of less expensive products from some profoundly disturbed people other serious orgone scientists. Consider, for example,
Sherry Shriner, a Carrollton, Ohio Christian who is also an alien expert ("Aliens are losers…fallen angels!"), and, as it happens, an orgone researcher. She offers a genuine orgone pendant for only $21.99.
Sherry first got into orgones because Yahweh, aka God, told her about them.
I kept praying that the Lord would show me how to tear down the strongholds of the New World Order. And He kept leading me to Orgone.
Sooner or later I realized it had to be the answer since He kept leading me to it and I began to research it. I ran into groups online where it is quite a mixture of believers and non-believers who had already spear headed their own orgonite movements to neutralize these towers. And they were doing it by what they call "tower busters" however I changed the way they were being made and have made them even more powerful. I call them Orgone Blasters!!!
The towers Sherry is referring to are what most people believe to be cell phone towers, which in reality are not cell phone towers at all, but mind-control devices used by the New World Order, or the NWO. They exert this control by emitting extreme low frequency (ELF) waves, which, Sherry says, mimic brain waves. And the NWO is doing its dirty work subliminally. "They're talking to you," Sherry warns, "subliminal hypnotic messages…courtesy of these towers…in particular they are Mind conditioning and Mind control towers and they're going up in every neighborhood across the country… Sensitive people can pick up messages such as ‘Accept The New World Order’ and others being blasted by these towers. If you see white flashes of light emanating from them then, and even if you don't…they are working to condition your mind."

Thank Yahweh, then, for Sherry’s Orgone Blasters, which fight this insidious mind control. "Not only that," she adds, "they will repel anything evil and keep it away from your yard, home and family!! Unwanted aliens and demons on your property? No problem bury a few of our OBs at each corner of your property!"

In her research, Sherry has discovered that there are different types of orgone energy:
Orgone is an energy. It creates an energy of either positive energy or negative energy. Positive energy orgone repels evil. Negative energy orgone attracts evil.
Naturally the pagans like negative based orgone energy and they add many extra things such as cursed water and objects into their orgone to magnify the amount of negative energy it will produce. They also wind their coils counter-clockwise as opposed to clockwise that are inside the orgone. Some people don't think it makes a difference but it does.
The only orgone I make is Positive energy orgone and I have the instructions on my websites.
Just as darkness cannot stand light, they can't stand positive energy either. Anything negative such as demons or aliens will be repulsed and repelled by something positive.
If you’d rather not spend even the modest amount Sherry charges for her Orgone Blasters, she tells you how you can make your own cupcake orgone blaster.

Somehow I don’t think this is what Wilhelm Reich had in mind. But then, what do I know? The important point is that, one way or the other, the orgone lives on.

And now I’d better go. Not only has this post dragged on more than long enough, but I am seeing white flashes of light, and I am hearing voices, deeply disturbing voices, whispering ever so faintly to me: Accept the New Whirled Order

* In addition – and I'm just speculating here – there may also be a teeny-tiny little FDA issue with the word "device."

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Unknown said...

Wow! well written and informative. I agree that this orgone stuff may be going to far and sucking lots of folks into it. Look up Don Croft and orgonite or his site I wish orgonite really did work, but simple tests in a microwave oven will bust the orgonite theory wide open. Nuke a tower buster or orgone blaster and it doesn't transform the bad energy into anything but melted tower buster.

Anonymous said...

Ummmm -- who said that an orgone buster wouldn't do anything in a microwave? Have you actually put one in a microwave (and turned the microwave ON - LOL???) --- HELLO - Aluminum foil ALONE would make the microwave spark -- you are REACHING for an answer to disprove the unexplainable power of the ORGONE BLASTER -- and it's not holding water.

Cosmic Connie said...

Hi, Dan and PG... I don't know much of the science behind any of this, but I do recognize New-Wage silliness when I see it, and I certainly see it in some of those contemporary "orgone" products, which is why I wrote this post in the first place.

Getting back to the topic of Wilhelm Reich, though, I do think that he was shoddily treated by the US government, but he wasn't the first and won't be the last in that department.

Anonymous said...

Hello, apparently there has been the following done....

- Kirlian photography
- Kinesiology/muscle testing
- Faster growth of sprouts
- Attraction and crystallisation of ice
- Observation of immediate dramatic changes in climatic conditions after placing orgonite near cell phone towers
- Psychic and energy sensitive individuals react strongly to orgonite sensing the positive chi it produces and its transformative energies

Is there any of these tests or studies availble for public viewing anywhere, if someone knows can you let me know.

I am on the fence with orgone products, orgone or life force, well yeah its true, I mean if you can see your on etheric like I and many others can well we know for sure it's true, we are electrical, energy filled beings, but these orgone products seem a little, hmmm. I really want them to be good and true, and I guess the tests could be doctored so I don't know maybe it's my intellect getting in the way of my judement. Have ordered a phone orgonite, so I will test the difference with my EMF meter and report back =) Peace and Love to all.

Anonymous said...

Evidence of orgone and orgonite at work are all over the web and specifically all over youtube.
This blog is crap.

Cosmic Connie said...

Anon May 18 2010 4:24 PM: Well, gee, I'm convinced! If it's on the Web and on Youtube, it's GOT to be true.

Anonymous said...

This is a great informational post, however there are things that science has yet to prove. This is why Wilhelm Reich in his last will and testament wanted his books and research sealed for 50 years, in hopes that science would be more advanced by then. We must admit that even Telsa was thought as crazy when he suggested images could be transmitted through the air. Of course then there is the greatest nonscientific proven theory - GOD! Think and believe what you will because that will become your reality.