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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

High freak-uency

"It is now time to claim dominion over earth!" thundered the email. No, it was not an email from Hitler on the Other Side. Nor was it sent by a terrorist group from the Christian Right. Instead it was from my old pal Bryan "The Lightworker" James at Circle of Lights. You’ve met him on this blog before.* Bryan is still pushing his Unlimited Frequency Acceleration program, which is a process whereby we can all learn to raise our vibrations – without batteries – and become Lightworkers ourselves. In that way we (the good guys, presumably) can claim, or re-claim, spiritual dominion over the earth.

Bryan the Lightworker’s Frequency Acceleration program is the real deal, too, even though it is not sponsored by Fermilab or the National Academy of Sciences. No, we’re talking about Sources much higher than those – luminaries such as Ganesh, St. Germain, Thoth and Dionysius, the latter of whom, Bryan tells us, is "in charge of ‘Divine Sanction,’** which entails authority to bring Divine Energy into any given area." Best of all, according to Bryan, "Special cosmic awards will be presented to those who distinguish themselves during this special, unique training."

Frequency Acceleration might sound as if it’s a little too technical for the average person to grasp, but that’s not the case at all. "Despite its incredible power, learning how to apply this technology is so simple and fun that a 6-year old can easily do it in a few short lessons," Bryan assures us, offering the following "recent results" as proof that anyone can reach a high frequency:

Katherine J. (age 11) – 900 Unvigintillion
Kevin J. (age 13) – 500 Novemdecillion

Lisa J. – 240 billion
Susan R. – 840 million
Alan M. – 580 million
Diana W. – 17.6 million
Sajith S. – 513,000
Marie R. – 412,000
Don O. – 250,000
Sydney H. – 44,000
Susan Z. – 43,000
Lisa M. – 41,000
Tom L. – 38,000
Debbie W. – 29,000
Estella R. – 24,000
Irene F. – 19,400

By the way, those ultra-high-frequency kiddos at the top of the list just happen to be Katherine and Kevin James, the Indigo offspring of Bryan the Lightworker. I imagine that "Lisa J." would be Bryan's wife and the kids' mother. Obviously her vibes aren't nearly as high, but they're still up there. And just in case you don’t quite understand the significance of the above results, he elaborates:

For those with some prior understanding of individual frequencies, the possibility of being able to manifest and maintain an almost unlimited vibratory state has been a bit difficult to comprehend and accept. Most didn’t think a person could possibly get beyond 1,000. And yet we see it with nearly every person we activate, as individual frequency rates have been astounding and have reached heights never before realized on this planet. While everyone generally gets their frequency up high enough to receive their Divine Template, most reach into the tens of thousands, and a few have passed the millions, billions & beyond!!

Bryan apparently bases these measurements on something called the "Hawkins Frequency Scale." As he explains it, "Dr. Hawkins developed a Scale of Consciousness based on a logarithmic scale of 1 to 1000. He claimed that all ideas, thoughts, literature, etc., vibrate at some level. Energies above 200 are considered positive, and those below 200 are rated as negative. A level of 1000 is considered the number required for ascension."

Hence, frequencies up in the thousands, billions and novemdecillions are pretty impressive. Bryan does not explain exactly how these high frequencies are measured (or how high he personally has to get in order to detect those frequencies), but I’m sure it’s all on the up-and-up, so to speak, because Thoth and Dinonysus would never lead us astray.

Come to think of it, Bryan also fails to specify which Dr. Hawkins (witch doctor Hawkins?) invented that Frequency Scale. But hey, the dude's a Doctor, and that's good enough for me.***

By now you might, understandably, be feeling a little inferior to the high achievers, even if you still don’t exactly understand the true import of those really big numbers. If so, Bryan the Lightworker has these reassuring words:

…because I’ve been practicing what the Holy Ones have coined as "Extreme Light Work," I've discovered that there truly are no limits to how high our personal vibration can go. One of the more interesting things we learned is that children far exceed most adults in their ability to raise their frequencies, and both of my children are testament to that. I keep saying that our children are the planet’s secret weapon for leading us to ascension because they can do so much more than we're asking them to do. I hope that parents will encourage their children to get involved and make a difference for the planet.

If you still haven’t grasped the enormity of some of those numbers above, here is a helpful web page. But it doesn’t matter if you understand the numbers or not, for it’s clear that all of those high-freq folks do. Or at least Bryan and his children do. So who says we have a math illiteracy problem in the US? Or a spiritual crisis, for that matter? Numbers don’t lie, and neither do Lightworkers. And as long as Bryan continues his Extreme Light Work, I think we’re covered, both education-wise and enlightenment-wise, for the next gullibillion years or so.

* My inner critic tells me to quit shooting at such easy targets and do some real research and reporting on this blog. But no one is paying me to do that – either with money or with Amazon gift certificates – and besides, this is my blog, so I’ll shoot away until I get bored (or till I get ordered to cease and desist).

** Dionysus is traditionally in charge of wine too – in this case, maybe a little too much wine?

*** More on (moron?) Dr. Hawkins can be found here on my Whirled.

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