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Saturday, September 09, 2006

The family stoned

Next year will mark the fortieth anniversary of the Summer Of Love – the summer that, for better or worse, changed everything. It was the summer of "beads, flowers, freedom, happiness," to quote the lyrics of the song "Hare Krishna" from the musical Hair. It was also, of course, the summer that put LSD and other recreational drugs on the cultural map. Today many former Flower Children look back fondly on those days, while other more traditional types decry the era as the beginning of a long decline leading inevitably to the crash and burn of the American Empire.

Well, as one who wasn’t part of the hippie subculture, but who never fails to get all teary-eyed when I watch the movie Flashback, I think the truth lies somewhere in between. And I for one am grateful for the legacy of hallucinogenics, for they opened the way to an explosion in beliefs and practices that might not have been conceivable otherwise. Ideas that would have landed folks in the loony bin just a few decades ago are not only spoken of with all seriousness now, but have become cottage industries (and, in many cases, mega-industries). And to those born-agains and other folks who say the drug culture – and the ideas born of that culture – are a dire threat to family values and spirituality, I say, au contraire! Allow me to introduce some enlightened couples and families who are working diligently for the spiritual advancement of humanity.

Notice that I am not stating or even implying that any of these folks are actually taking hallucinogenics or have ever taken them. I am just noting that when the hippies flung wide "the doors of perception" forty years ago, they let out a whole slew of ideas that bred wildly over the next few decades. (Yes, I know that hallucinogenics have been around for centuries, but 1967 was arguably the pivotal year for the acceptance of recreational drug use in our culture.) Now it’s way too late to close those doors, a fact for which I am thankful every day when I open my email "in box," which is currently overflowing with the progeny of the hippies’ wild ideas.

For example, I recently received a notice about Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Ka and Angelic Oracle Kira Raa, a husband and wife team who are reunited for the first time ever since the end days of Atlantis to be of service to humanity. They are offering to help me come back to who I am. I wasn’t aware that I had left me, which I think is precisely their point. Apparently their re-unification after many millennia has resulted in an expansion of energy and consciousness that created a direct connection with the Angelic Realms. They are Divine Oracles ("99% accurate!"), and are "gifted with the energies to offer Fifth Dimensional Activations, (and beyond), directly from the Archangels."

You have to kind of wonder how it went for them when they first met in this lifetime. For them, "Haven’t I seen you somewhere before?" wasn’t just another lame pickup line. But I wonder, how long did it take them to figure out that they’d previously been together during the burning of Atlantis? Oh, wait, that was Atlanta that burned, and that was Rhett and Scarlett. Atlantis flooded, if memory serves me. Anyway, I wonder if they figured out the Atlantis connection right away, or was it after they’d been together a few years, had been laid off from their day jobs and were drowning not in flood waters but in debt?

And when they fight with each other, do they occasionally get into the blame game, as do many couples, and if so, how far back do they go? Most couples get riled at each other for mundane stuff that may not necessarily be recent but at least took place in the present life. "It's your fault I was late for work. You forgot to fill the car up again!" Or, "You just had to get drunk and empty that bowl of green-bean casserole on my mom's head...you completely ruined another Thanksgiving!" But with Ram and Kira there's no telling. "It's totally your fault we drowned when Atlantis sank. We could have escaped, but noooo, YOU had to fart around with packing all of those mermaid knick-knacks and dried fish heads, and we missed the last boat out!"

Well, no matter. What matters is that, "as Ordained Ministers, Best selling Authors, and Master Avesa Quantum Healers, Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa and Angelic Oracle Kira Raa continue to document the teachings of the Archangels in NM." Naturally, if it’s not Maui, it has to be New Mexico. They are also "International Speakers and workshop facilitators" who "offer a rapid acceleration of your mystical development and physical wholeness. It is this magical integration that opens the door for your ability to receive and maintain true bliss." (In case you aren’t aware of it, "bliss" is a pretty hot commodity these days, surpassing even "passion" on the spiritual shopper’s must-have list.)

Ram and Kira are going to be featured at the upcoming 2012 Ascension Symposium in Santa Fe on September 29-October 1. 2012, in case you don’t know, is the year that Nostradamus predicted the world either will or will not end. Apparently if you go to the Symposium, you can help make it not end. It's only $325, not including hotel, travel expenses and a few other auxiliary events. And if you really want to experience all of the enlightenment that Ram and Kira have to sell, including an Archangelic Discourse and Egyptian Healing Rods, visit their Temple Of Self Ascension web site.

It’s one thing when couples choose to become professional healers and enlighteners together, but when you bring the kids in on the act – well, to me that is a true example of family values. Consider, for example, "Lightworker Bryan James and his Indigo/Crystal children (Kevin and Katherine James) of Galactic Federation." (Rounding out the family is a wife and mother, Lisa, but not much is said about her on the James’ web site.) The part of the Galactic Federation the James family lives in is California, where they have formed a family business they call Circle Of Lights. Together Bryan and his remarkable kids have written a couple of books, Children Of The Light and Agents Of The Federation, and a newsletter. Their mission is to teach folks how to interact with "Holy Beings like Jesus Sananda, Archangels, Ascended Masters and other galactic Lightworkers, and perform color ray healing."

Now, most parents think their kids are extraordinary in some way, but Bryan James actually has proof that his children are Indigo brats, part of the next evolutionary step in human development. For example, his son Kevin "co-authored Children of the Light and helped illustrate Agents of the Federation. He is a Lightworker of significant proportions and travels frequently to other dimensions. He's excellent at color ray healing, and has prepared illustrations of his many spiritual visions. Kevin has channeled numerous messages by Holy beings from higher dimensions (including Jesus Sananda) concerning the importance of sending Light to a dying planet. Kevin is also in contact with the Galactic Federation and supports them in a variety of missions to help restore this planet to the Light. He enjoys designing and building elaborate gadgets with whatever nuts, bolts and materials he can find. He's also an excellent student, artist, swimmer and writer."

Daughter Katherine also co-authored Children of the Light. According to her father, "She’s received numerous messages from Holy beings such as Jesus Sananda and her angels, and has also communicated with departed souls from the 'other side.' Katherine was personally taught how to send Light from Jesus Sananda, who encouraged her to freely send Light throughout the planet. In doing so, Katherine has become excellent at color ray healing. She enjoys singing, dancing, and playing piano, and is also an excellent student, artist, swimmer and writer."

Well, I don’t know about you, but that’s proof enough for me that the kids are Indigo all the way. However, I can’t help but wonder how they will embrace their Indigo-ism once they reach adolescence. If they go through the typical teenage rebellion, the results should be quite interesting. I hope they write and illustrate a book about it.

Speaking of color ray healing, the James family has a major announcement for Planet Earth. It seem that a new Light Energy is now available. "Rated 1,000 times more powerful than the Violet Flame, and sponsored by our beloved GENESH, this rarifying Light is referred to as the Crystal Iridescent Ray," explains Mr. James.

The James family also offers a Chakra Expansion and Frequency Acceleration Package. For only $199.00, you get:

  • Activation of up to 8 million chakras
  • Frequency Acceleration above 1,000 as per the Hawkins Scale (considered the level necessary for ascension)
  • Inter-dimensional space travel at the speed of thought
  • Template upgrade to Divine Blueprint

In case you’re wondering, the Template is "a manifestation magnifier that enhances our ability to create in our current third dimensional state." However, it’s not for everyone. "Participants must have achieved a level of 1,000 before they can receive the template. This level of attainment was very rare until just recently, when these energies and tools were made available to the planet."

If you have any doubt as to the authenticity of the James’ Frequency Acceleration Package, the story of how it came to be should erase all of those doubts.

On July 1, 2006, a few Lightworkers were guided to a dimension far, far away and never before reached by human beings (how we got there and why we went is another story). The beings who met us asked us why we had come.

"We're on a mission to save our planet," we said. "Can you help us?" They gave us a template that they said would serve as a major upgrade to our current divine blueprint. They said that the Earth is now ready to receive it so "spread the word."

During this process we discovered that we had activated up to our 8,000,000th chakra instead of the approximate 33 (some teach more or less) we thought were possible, and that each one opened up a new world, seemingly as large as a universe within itself.

We were then able to travel inter-dimensionally at the speed of thought, anywhere we wanted to go. In the location we received this special Template, we participated in activating it for our personal use.

Most amazing of all was the seemingly exponential growth of our individual frequencies. While the average vibration of everyone on planet Earth had been until recently holding in the mid- 200's (as per the Hawkins Scale in which 1,000 is considered the number necessary for ascension), it is now increasing dramatically due to the discovery of this new template.

Fortunately you don’t need a space ship in order to visit the James family; just log on to the Circle Of Lights website.

And finally, there is Michel Nebb, a family man who doesn’t actually seem to have a family, but talks about his children nonetheless, and felt moved to write a children’s book, The Secret Key: A Tale of Celestial Adventures for Bright Children Aged 8-98 and Their Grandmothers. The book is described as "a celestial fairytale about the Norwegian girl Gro Wise, the Dutch blue Pegasus Akasha van Tastic, the Chinese boy Tao In Song and the red dragon Yang An Strong. Together they fly to the Cabinet Beyond Space (CBS) to visit King Sun´s 12 Cosmic Ministers, one by one. This book is full of fantasy, excitement and fun. At the same time it highlights critical issues in today’s world in a tenderly enlightening way that everybody can relate to."

We’re also informed that "THE SECRET KEY abounds in wisdom and worth-while knowledge for young and old alike. And what an unforgettable animated film it will make!" I didn’t see any indication that DreamWorks or Disney had optioned this property yet, but it could be that the author is holding out for the highest bidder.

To me, Nebb’s biography is even more interesting than the book description:

MICHAEL NEBB is a herald of the emerging Aquarian Paradigm that is already profoundly changing the ways in which we see and manage our world. Michael’s background is as multifaceted as his personality, including training and work in diplomacy, business, medicine, parapsychology, astrology, philosophy and education. He sometimes refers to himself as "in permanent orbit". By this he means that he travels almost constantly, has for many years had no formal permanent residence and considers himself a global citizen of the Space Era. After two conventional marriages engendering three sons, Michael Nebb is now a free roaming soul. Gro and Song are imaginary spiritual children of his, who did not materialize physically.

For all you single gals, I’m reading between the lines here, and I just bet this guy is available. Who says there are no great single men left? All you have to do is catch up to him, wherever and whenever he may be in his permanent orbit. And you don’t even have to worry about whether his kids will like you. After all, three of them are living in parts unknown (I get the feeling, though I may be wrong, that they don't have much contact with their dad), and the other offspring "did not materialize physically." (Come to think of it, I've probably met this guy at some point during the years I've been hanging around the metaphysical crowd.)

Whatever you may think about the legacy of the Summer Of Love, one thing is certain: it was, indeed, the dawning of the Age Of Aquarius, without which this blog would have no reason for being. So all I can say is…far out, man.



Blogger ~~*\@/*~~ said...

i'd say beware of following anyone who wants to charge you only $199 for enlightenment and ascension.

i'd say beware of following anyone...

look within your own heart....

we all are sparks of the divine...search your own soul...focus and work from there...

seeking accredition from anyone else for your own spirituality is always a dangerous thing....

Friday, May 11, 2007 9:26:00 AM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

Well said, ~~*\@/*~~ .

And I love your Women Artists blog.

Friday, May 11, 2007 9:44:00 AM  

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