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Sunday, April 08, 2007

They have risen! More good news from "down there"

Easter is the holiday when much of the world not only pays homage to the hollow-chocolate industry, but also to a big event on the Christian calendar. I am not exactly a Christian, but I like the idea of resurrection / rebirth as much as anyone else. And I'll say this for Christianity: it has been around a long time, and at least Jesus did not, to my knowledge, try to give His ideas leverage by claiming they had been proven by quantum physics.

Speaking of hollow, if you've been in my Whirled a while you know that I am fascinated with Hollow-Earth theories. What lies beneath is a perennially intriguing topic to me. Some people have long believed the interior of the Earth is home to advanced civilizations, Utopian societies, even Paradise. Others believe that's where Hell is.

Which leads me to another topic with which I am also inordinately fascinated: the Nether Worlds Reclamation Project. The latter is a project headed by Extreme Lightworker Bryan James and the Divine Mother. It seems that Bryan discovered there were some 50 million lost souls from all over creation stranded in the Nether Regions. I don't know if this was due to bad weather, missed flights, or just a poor sense of direction, but some had been stranded Down There for thousands of years.

And then Bryan came along. For several months now, he and the Divine Mother and thousands of volunteer lightworkers have been working to get these folks back to their homes. I have been periodically sharing progress reports, and I am pleased to present the latest numbers Bryan just sent to me:

100% have shown some movement
100% have opened their eyes
94% are walking around (48% without assistance)
80% are asking questions (e.g., “Who am I?” or “Where am I?”)
36% are regaining cognitive ability and attending schools
202,522 have been taken home to start a new beginning

Now, that's progress. And you can still get in on this project too. All you have to do, before you go to sleep, is ask to be taken to the Nether Worlds in your dream state. Once you get there, the Divine Mother or someone will tell you what to do. Do exactly as you're told, don't wander around the place, and don't think you can get away with stealing artifacts from Hell that you can later sell on eBay. When you wake up, or even before, send an email to Bryan at contact@circleoflights.com. For each night you serve, you'll get a free frequency acceleration activation. I'm still not sure exactly what that is, but it would normally cost you $24.99.

Anyway, I just thought you'd want to hear this happy news. It's also a heads-up, so to speak, to be on the alert as more and more lost souls return home. Although many are going home to other realms besides Earth, I am sure that a number of them are coming back here. So if you suddenly start noticing some rather odd-looking strangers in your neck of the woods who look like they've been to Hell and back again, they very well may have been. Treat them kindly.

And now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go bite the head off a hollow chocolate bunny. I hope y'all have a happy Easter, Passover, Generic Spring Holiday, or whatever you choose to celebrate.

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Anonymous Lana said...

Oh man oh man oh man. I think I'm going to be sick. I just clicked on the link to Bryan James' site. Oh man oh man -- I know Bryan and Lisa! Unbelievable. Really a sweet and nice couple. Unbelievable...

Monday, April 09, 2007 6:06:00 PM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

Thank you for the insight, Lana. As a matter of fact, I've always thought Bryan and Lisa *look* like a nice, sweet, normal couple. (In fact it always appeared to me that Lisa isn't really involved in the woo stuff at all.)

And their kids look like nice, sweet, normal kids. I always felt Bryan was sort of exploiting them, but they seemed to be going along with it. But I just wonder what sort of blowup they're going to have when the kids become teenagers and start rebelling.

But the good news is that all those lost souls in Hell are finally getting to go home, so some good should come of this. :-)

Monday, April 09, 2007 6:12:00 PM  
Anonymous Lana said...

I have to think that somehow this is meant to be a joke to show people how gullible they can be. Trying to look on the bright side!?

I am absolutely stunned.

Monday, April 09, 2007 6:34:00 PM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

Maybe it's a joke, but Bryan sends fairly frequent emails, about the Netherworlds Project and other matters, through my favorite New-Wage spam email service. I don't know why he would pay to have these emails sent...or maybe he owns the spam service too and doesn't have to pay. I dunno...

Monday, April 09, 2007 6:41:00 PM  
Anonymous Lana said...

Yes, that's it. He owns the spam service. Whew! Close call.

I'm going to go reread Shermer's Why People Believe Weird Things.

Monday, April 09, 2007 7:07:00 PM  
Blogger RockitQueen said...

Did you know that my lovely home state is the proud residence of the Memorial to the Hollow Earth Theorist? Behold: http://www.roadsideamerica.com/tour/94day6.html

Also of note, Hamilton, Ohio, where this fine monument is located, is the only city in the nation that once boasted an exclamation point after it (Hamilton!) because the powers that be thought they needed to add a little excitement to the city. I wish I was kidding.

Great rant, per usual. Where do you find these people??

Monday, April 09, 2007 7:09:00 PM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

LOL. Anyway, if it IS all a hoax, Bryan is a hoaxter extraordinaire. He had me fooled. :-)

Monday, April 09, 2007 10:24:00 PM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

Hi, RQ! (My previous "LOL" comment was in response to Lana's last comment.)

You should feel proud for living in the same state as the Hollow Earth monument.

Where do I find these folks? you ask. Well, I don't find them; they find me. I'm kind of like one of those lizards that just sits lazily on a rock waiting...and when a juicy bug flies by, the lizard flicks its tongue out, and that bug is dinner!

I guess that's the Law Of Attraction in action. :-)

Monday, April 09, 2007 10:55:00 PM  
Blogger RockitQueen said...

I'm completely fascinated by this "lightworker" business. Those kids have that look like, "My parents believe everything I say!"

With your permission and with proper credit of course, I may comment about this myself. Thanks for opening our eyes and providing plenty of laffs at the expense of these kooks!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007 8:58:00 AM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

By all means, RQ, blog away. I've written about the James family several times since last September, most frequently in the context of Bryan's "Nether Worlds Reclamation Project," where Bryan and Mother Mary and a bunch of volunteer lightworkers are rescuing 50 million lost souls from Hell. They don't seem to talk about that on the Circle of Lights web site, but I get emails about it all the time.

I first mentioned Bryan and his allegedly Indigo kiddos in a post called "The Family Stoned" last Sept. 9 (http://cosmicconnie.blogspot.com/2006/09/family-stoned.html). (I'm sure you'll be interested in the "Atlantis" couple I mention at the beginning of that post too. :-))

Re Bryan and gang, you might also be interested in my Nov. 7 entry on math illiteracy, "High freak-quency" (http://cosmicconnie.blogspot.com/2006/11/high-freak-uency.html), since Bryan and his kids do something called "frequency acceleration," which involves some mighty big numbers!

I've applied labels to most of my posts, and I *think* you can find all of the relevant ones if you type in "what lies beneath" or "loveable kooks."

Anyway, have fun, and thanks for stopping in!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007 9:59:00 AM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

OMT, RockitQueen: As you can see, the URLs for the posts I cited were cut off, but you can go to the monthly archives (Sept. and Nov.) or just type in the titles, "The family stoned" and "High freak-quency."

Someday I *will* learn how to insert hyperlinks into text-format comments.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007 10:08:00 AM  
Anonymous almost rich said...

As I was checking out the Bryan James’s website I glanced over at my two young daughters and realized I was sitting on a pot of gold. I can exploit their youthfulness and teach them the art and language of Woo-Wooism.
They are naturally talented in make believe. They could come up with some imaginary feats of spiritual undertakings that can then be tested by the same team of experts from the “Secret”.
With the results based on science, and with the help of marketing make believe experts like Joe “V” I can write books, teach, conduct seminars for $1999.00 a person….. OH MY GOD!! I will be rich rich, rich!!!
OK, OK I’m sorry, I was getting carried away. I’m better now.
Thank you Connie for reminding me to hug my kids because I love them. (not for the money)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007 3:39:00 PM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

LOL, Almost Rich. Actually you sound like a very wealthy person to me. However, if you do decide your daughters are Indigo children with extraordinary powers of interdimensional communication, be sure to do your market research carefully in order to decide precisely which ascended masters, archangels, disembodied entities or imaginary creatures will appeal to the widest audience.

Somebody needs to write a book about how to create and market imaginary friends. Maybe I will, when I get the time... :-)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007 4:40:00 PM  

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