Thursday, October 26, 2006

Hollow down there!

Lately I’ve been getting lots of emails from folks who are channeling important messages from ascended masters. This is to be expected, what with all of the galactic-shift stuff that is now going on, particularly that Cosmic Trigger Event that happened just last week. Or maybe it has something to do with the fact that, through no fault of my own, I happen to be on a new-age spam email list. Anyway, what is truly intriguing to me is that now some of these messages are coming not from some ethereal plane far above this mortal coil, but from inside the earth.

In other words, the masters imparting this wisdom are living somewhere down below us. So much for being "ascended." But no matter; they still seem to have something mighty important to tell us.

Or Telos, as the case may be. Telos, I have learned, is a city of highly advanced souls who are rumbling around in our planet's nether regions, bursting at the seams to help enlighten us surface-dwellers. And you probably thought the Devil lived way down there, didn't you? Shows what you know.
Ever since ancient times, people have been fascinated by the idea of a hollow earth.* The notion has survived intact through the centuries, and today it is alive and kicking on the Web. Hollow-earth advocate Max Fyfield has drawn an intricate map of what lies beneath (or inside, as the case may be). Follow the link; it'll be worth your while. If you want, print it out and give it to your kid to color. According to Fyfield and many others, the legendary land of Shambhala (or "Shamballah," as he spells it) is located "down there," rather than in some misty place beyond the Himalayas. (And now that song is going to be in my head for the rest of the day, and probably yours, too.) Supposedly, many other subterranean civilizations exist as well, and some folks think that at least some UFOs come from inner space rather than outer space.

Stuffy old science has done everything in its power to disprove the hollow-earth notion, but I say, "What does science know?" I’m going for the entertainment value – or, if you prefer, the enlightentainment value. You can have your wet-blanket scientists; I’d much rather listen to people such as the James family – daddy Bryan James and his Indigo brats Kevin and Katherine – whom you met previously on this very blog. The James family is apparently now in contact with an entity named Adama, who dwells in (on?) the aforementioned Telos. To me, that’s proof enough of a hollow earth. And here’s what Adama of Telos said about the October 17 Cosmic Trigger Event before it happened:
The time on the 17th (October) is of great importance to the Earth. The time is coming of a great opening, where there will be free sharing of what we keep here with those on Earth. We will tell people more about Telos, and will be communicating in more direct ways with people engaged in a holy work for the planet.
Naturally, the James gang can tell you much more about Adama, the people of the land of Telos, and other subterranean Lightworkers. All you have to do is subscribe to their Agents of Light newsletter, which you can do when you access their web site.
I have to admit I was pretty curious about this Adama character, but I really did not feel moved to subscribe to the James’ newsletter, despite the fact that it’s free and probably worth every penny. So I decided to do some serious research, and that’s how I discovered Dianne Robbins of Rochester, New York. She’s the author of an entire book about Adama and Telos and those underground Lightworker types. Presented as a $4.50 USD e-book titled, Telos: The Call Goes Out From The Hollow Earth And The Underground Cities, it is a series of "telepathic communications from Earth's Interior." Apparently Adama telepathically (Telos-pathically?) dictates to Dianne, and she, out of a deep desire to serve humanity, has chosen to share some of these dictations. The main message seems to be this:

Adama, a former denizen of the doomed Lemuria, is now an ascended master and high priest of Telos. Or maybe he’s a low priest, since Telos is…well…down there. "Down there," by the way, would be somewhere below Mt. Shasta in California. According to Adama/Dianne, over a million folks live in Telos in perpetual peace and prosperity. Actually, aside from the "perpetual peace and prosperity" bit they’re a lot like you and me, in that they’re human and physical just as we are. What makes them so special is that their mass consciousness "holds thoughts of only Immortality and Perfect Health." This enables them to live hundreds and even thousands of years in the same body. Adama himself has been in the same body now for over 600 years.

So how did the Telos dwellers get down there in the first place? According to Adama/Dianne:
We came here over 12,000 years ago before a thermal nuclear war took place that destroyed the Earth's surface. We faced such hardships and calamities above ground, that we decided to continue our evolution underground. We appealed to the Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet for permission to renovate the already existing cavern inside Mt. Shasta, and prepare it for the time when we would need to evacuate our homes above ground.
You’re probably wondering how a bunch of 600-year-old and older subterrestrials could become so much more evolved than we surface dwellers. Here’s what Adama says:
For the past 12,000 years, we have been able to rapidly evolve in consciousness due to our isolation from the marauding bands of extraterrestrials and other hostile races that prey on the surface population. The surface population has been experiencing great leaps of consciousness in preparation for humanity to move through the photon belt. It is for this reason that we have begun to contact surface dwellers to make our existence known. For in order for the Earth and Humanity to continue to ascend in consciousness, the whole planet must be united and merged into ONE Light from below and ONE Light from above.
And that’s why we’re hearing so much from the subterrestrials these days. They’re here to help us. Or, rather, they’re down there to help us. From their perspective, however, we’re the ones who are "down there," at least from a spiritual-evolution viewpoint.

In case you’re baffled by all of this "above" and "below" stuff, you needn’t be. Adama explains, "You, on the surface, are situated ABOVE us, and BELOW the Ashtar Command. You are receiving LIGHT from above and below. You are between two great forces of Light. We here in Telos, watch over your surface population very carefully, monitoring your movements and reporting back to our councils. We know all that occurs on the Earth's surface."

Adama also has a message about humanity’s mission. "In Telos," he says, "we are Spiritual Warriors, as you on the surface must become. A Spiritual Warrior is one who acknowledges the Light within, and knows he/she is here for the purpose of bringing in more Light to Earth. So you are all here to bring in the Light."

Besides having a hotline to Adama and the folks on Telos, Dianne Robbins is also apparently in close touch with Oceanus, or at least with some of the children of his watery realm, most notably, the cetaceans (dolphins and whales). She channels messages from Keiko, star orca of the Free Willy movies. Keiko, it seems, wants us to free all of the captive dolphins and whales from the world’s aquariums. Naturally Dianne wrote a book about this, too, The Call Goes Out, Messages from the Earth’s Cetaceans (available as an e-book for $3.50 USD or a paperback for $19 USD). I’d be careful about this one if I were you, though. I don’t see any indication that Dianne is even marginally aware of some of the current cutting-edge research on cetaceans, which I wrote about recently on this blog. I personally think that if we were to free all of the captive cetaceans, they’d come after us. So we’d better leave well enough alone.

I do think the subterrestrials have our best interests at heart, however. You might wonder, as I did, why Adama picked Dianne, of all people, to transcribe his messages. Turns out that the Moody Blues were responsible. (Warning to baby boomers: Careful about following that link; the guys are pretty old and scary-looking now.) As Diane explains it on her bio page:
As a child, I used to stand outside and look up at the night sky, and wonder where, in the starry heavens above, was my home. In 1990, when I was listening to music of the Moody Blues, and heard their song "I Know You're Out There Somewhere," it suddenly flooded me with memories and I instantly knew there was a whole other world out there, just waiting to communicate with me. I began a process of meditation that reawakened me to the rememberance (sic) that I am a telepathic receiver and transmitter for the Inner-Earth terrestrials and Cetaceans. I also awakened to my divine mission and role for this lifetime.
Okay, I know that by now you're all fired up to go down and visit Adama and his pals in in person. Sorry, you can’t do so right now, at least not in your physical body. When asked how one gets to his underground city in Mt. Shasta, Adama replies, "Through the tunnels, of course, which are strictly guarded and camouflaged. Only our own people know the way."

But there’s good news here. Adama explains, "Soon, you too, will be given directions to locate us, and you will be met by one of us who will lead you through the underground tunnels to our city. It isn't far, just a mile beneath the ground, and once you're safely in the tunnels, there are conveyances that will take you the rest of the way."

Meanwhile, Adama/Dianne offer this caveat: "Mt. Shasta is very rough terrain. There have been serious accidents on the loose rock. Do not go wandering/climbing in this area without an experienced guide. You may practice astral traveling there." So even though the physical you can't go there right now, the etheric you can, if you know how. But good luck proving you were there, unless you can somehow extract the astral body from your camcorder. By the way, if you are having trouble astrally projecting, you'll be delighted to know that there is now an astral projection pill to make it much easier to leave your body. It's a true breakthrough, perfectly legal (I think) and a bargain at only $79 for a month's supply.

While we’re waiting for the green light for physical travel to Telos, I really think it might behoove us all to invest $4.50 USD to read Adama’s message, and to spread it to as many people as possible. After all, as Adama himself says, "Our book of channeled messages is written to humanity, in hopes that they will recognize and receive us when we emerge from our homes beneath ground and merge with them on the surface, in the not too far distant future. We will be grateful to you for the part you play in helping us broadcast the reality of our existence. We thank you."

So I just wanted to give you a heads-up, in case you’re walking down the street some day in the not-too-distant future, minding your own business, when suddenly the Earth splits open and mobs of filthy old people come clambering out of the cracks. Just know that they come in peace. And if they start talking about "merging" with you, don’t worry; it’s not anything sexual. They only want to share their Light with you. But just to be on the safe side, make sure they wash their hands before sharing anything with you. You can get all kinds of nasty diseases from dirt these days.

* If you truly have time to waste, here’s a link to more links on Hollow Earth stuff.

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RevRon's Rants said...

Hey! Those astral projection pills haven't gotten much more expensive than the purple microdots we bought when I was in college! And these folks must be onto something pretty powerful, what with making the Earth defy the laws of physics and all.

Who knows... If the planet really is hollow, there might be a heck of a lot more oil than we thought, and the dire warnings we get from all those lefties & tree-huggers out there might just be a spin campaign to get us to buy their t-shirts and bracelets. Who'd a thunk it?

Cosmic Connie said...

And the good thing about the astral projection pills is that, as of now, they are legal.

Good point about the lefties and tree-huggers. Obviously, they are part of the disinformation conspiracy. You just never know who to trust these days...thank Goddess for those few folks of integrity who are able to receive messages from down below (or up above), and are generous enough to share those messages with us.

Cassandra said...

I want you to know it is your fault I am sitting in an Indian restaurant singing "So Long and Thanks for All the Fish".

Cosmic Connie said...

Hey, that's a GREAT song, Cassandra.

And I love Indian food!