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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Scientist Bob about to get even richer!

I am so excited, Dear Ones, that I can hardly contain myself. My new friend Dennis, who has been keeping an eye on Scientist Bob Proctor, noted quantum physics expert and wealth guru, has alerted me to the fact that we have a launch date for the new and improved Science Of Getting Rich (SGR) program. That date is tomorrow (or today already, in some parts of the world): Thursday, September 20, 2007. It all starts at 7:00 PM Eastern Time (New York City time).

Dennis initiated quite an interesting discussion on one of my recent blog posts about Scientist Bob. And part of that discussion is based on another discussion that appears on, of all places, a pro-
Secret blog, TheSecretNotes.com. That exchange originally began in March of this year, shortly after the SGR program was first introduced by Scientist Bob and two other Secret Stars: Chicken Soup For The Soul co-perpetrator Jack Canfield, and the Reverend Michael Beckwith, aka Zormak. I called them the Three Amigos.

Early on, Beckwith removed himself from SGR, and it was just the Two Amigos. But in fact it mainly seemed to be just One Amigo, Scientist Bob. Busy Bob was also involved in some money-making schemes with beleaguered Aussie Secret star David Schirmer.

Regarding Beckwith's apparent disavowal of SGR, the SecretNotes blogger, Cathy Lane, issued a plea to Beckwith not to go, but to stay with the program and help people realize their wildest dreams. Several folks chimed in with the opinion that Beckwith had bowed to pressure from religious factions, including his own church, because, of course, those stuffy religious people are always equating wealth with evil. My take on it was that maybe Zormak had an attack of conscience.

In any case, the point is moot, because he's back on board the SGR boat (literally; more on that in a moment). And his smiling face appears on the new SGR teaser along with Scientist Bob's goofy smile and Chicken Soup Canfield's s--t-eating grin. Also on that teaser are lots of fireworks, a vault full of gold, more fireworks, some dancing business-geeks with briefcases, and more fireworks. And you get to listen to some annoying music all the while. Oh, and did I mention fireworks? Yep, there are fireworks aplenty, which to me is incontrovertible proof that SGR is a very exciting program. But don't take my word for it; see for yourself. Here's the link. (Warning: It takes a while to download. Also, it's a full-screen video, but you can always get out of it by hitting your "Escape" key.)

By the way, on the blog post where Dennis initiated the discussion, I called for testimonials from regular ordinary everyday people who have gotten rich through the Science Of Getting Rich program. And I'm not talking about Scientist Bob or his son Brian (who will be accompanying Bob, et al. on the Ship Of Fools cruise next month. Zormak...er...Beckwith will be there too, leading daily meditations). Nor am I talking about the top affiliates or anyone else in the "inner circle." I surely don't mind hearing from them, but the people I'd really love to hear from are the average ordinary Joes and Josephines who made a bundle from SGR, or who in some other way realized their wildest dreams via SGR (beyond getting a free leather briefcase made in China).

So far I have received one comment from "the other side." It was from a guy named Mike who appears to be associated with the SGR inner circle. Mike took Dennis to task for claiming that some testimonials were fake, and... well, you can read the discussion for yourself.

I especially encourage you to read the discussion on the SecretNotes.com blog. What I found particularly interesting was a comment from a person named Steve, who also appears to be an SGR insider. He had this to say to people, particularly one named Andrew, who had expressed doubts and disappointments regarding the (original) SGR program:
"From what i understand Andrew, you are attempting to illuminate on some ways the SGR program at launch was illegal and that certain information was withheld etc. You say that you are genuinely concerned for the investment that people have laid out or will lay out for the SGR program. As well as your continued FOCUS on mistakes that were made initially at launch of the SGR program.
Anyways, ENOUGH, on what you have said, it’s all in the past NOW. i would suggest that if you really wish to be a benefit to man-womankind then please use your power of FOCUS to be in the moment of NOW and direct that FOCUS to what it is you WANT, not on what on the lack or by judging others. Not only have you done a disservice to anyone involved or that would like to be involved in the SGR program, but you have missed the boat entirely with what the ‘law of attraction’ is all about! FOCUS on what it is you want, not on the lack of it. And most importantly, FOCUS that power in the present moment, not on PAST events.

It is a universal fact that to have change in your life presently you need to FOCUS on what it is you would like and have clarity and deep emotion and feelings on those thoughts, NOT on what is presently in your FOCUS. From what i have seen, you have used your power to FOCUS on past events that you say people should be aware of about the SGR program. Imagine if someone kept focusing on Edison’s first few attempts at making the light bulb stating how they failed etc. Any business venture will have continuous changes to it as that venture is progressed through time. To FOCUS on initial changes is insane and can only get you what it is you are FOCUSING on."
As I remarked to Dennis in my own "comments" section, "Spoken like a true New-Wager." In other words, Don't FOCUS on how we screwed you over in the past; FOCUS on the exciting new chances for us to screw you over in the future. (Of course if you get screwed over it's your fault, because you FOCUSED on how you got screwed over in the past.)

It also helps to bring dead geniuses who cannot defend themselves – Edison, Einstein, Newton, et al. – into the discussion.

But the main point is that, as Dennis has pointed out, these are exciting times. Scientist Bob and his friends have a chance to get even wealthier than they already are. And I think we should all be deeply grateful.

PS - This is kind of off the subject, but I am still trying to figure out if I am the "bitch in the blog hut" mentioned in a recent fable. Actually it was a counter-fable to Blair Warren's delightful parable about Mr. Amazing and his magic rocks. A person who is apparently disgruntled with Blair's opinions about The Secret submitted a fable of his own to Blair's blog (see comment number 17). It's pretty easy to figure out that Blair himself is the "persuader of men." And, narcissist that I am, I immediately thought I was the one-eyed bitch (the "one-eyed" part being a reference, perhaps, to the author pic on my Wrath Of The Secretrons article). Blair suggested the possibility that I might not be the bitch that the counter-fabulist had in mind. But how can it be otherwise?

After all, I'm a narcissist, and no matter what it is... it's all about me.


PS ~ Apropos of the Secret Seal pictured above... If you're interested in learning all about the Law Of Extraction, an ancient scientific secret, click here.

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Anonymous Blair Warren said...

Cosmic Connie said...

"Don't FOCUS on how we screwed you over in the past; FOCUS on the exciting new chances for us to screw you over in the future."

Absolutely priceless!

I also love the LOE logo. Very clever.

I still don't know about the "bitch in the blog hut" comment on my site. If/when I find out if it was said about you, I'll let you know.

If so, we're going to have to throw him out of our fan clubs and take away his pom poms for sure.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007 6:46:00 PM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

Thanks, Blair! Of course I have you to thank for the original "Law Of Extraction" inspiration.

Hey...it's less than 24 hours till the official launch of the new and improved Science of Getting Bob Proctor Richer program!

I'm so excited my hands are shaking!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007 6:50:00 PM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

And by the way, Blair, if you can figure out what the "chili peppers" symbolize, clue me in. Thanks!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007 8:02:00 PM  

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