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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Saturday snippets

Just a few tidbits before I get back to the "real world"…

Bonnette v. Byrne: Vanessa weighs in from Singapore
I sent Vanessa Bonnette an email to let her know I’d put up a post
about her plight. She replied to me:

Hi Connie,

I needed a good laugh - that picture is a riot!!

Thank you for presenting so much information. I know that people can only make their own decisions and I know that when my book comes out they will see it in black and white (if they want to). Perhaps they should know that I only made my claim after finding over 100 citations which are now listed on 8 A4 pages forming a page by page comparison....! If anyone wants it I can send it when I get back. Right now I'm just focusing on my work in Singapore as it is more important and I'm also wanting to free myself from the negativity of Byrne/the secret.

Warm regards & blessings,


Yes, I know the burden of proof is on Vanessa, and she’ll face even more of a challenge if she is using a revised version of her original book in the comparisons. I’m just passing her message along. She should be back home around June 8, at which time you can send her an email at info@shekinahtherapy.com.au, requesting the comparison sheets.

Proctor & Gambler: a great new comedy team
I still have don't have details on Part 2 of ACA’s segment on David Schirmer
, who has made a name for himself lately by gambling with other folks’ money. (The link in the previous sentence is to Part 1.) Meanwhile, however, I’ve been keeping myself entertained (did I mention I am very easily amused?) by perusing David Schirmer’s MySpace page.

Do visit the page if you have a chance, and scroll down a bit so you can play the videos. First you’ll see Schirmer’s segment on The Secret; they played part of it on the ACA piece, but this shows a little more. It’s not to be missed. Notice especially the gleam in Schirmer’s eye, as well as the way he demonstrates his creative visualization exercise with a bank statement.

Then play the two-part video that features highlights from a "Secret To Wealth: Mind and Money Strategies" workshop in Melbourne featuring Schirmer and another Secret superstar, the noted visionary, philosopher and scientist Bob Proctor.

The Melbourne workshop video is full of gems. Early on Schirmer tells his audience that for the next three and a half days they are going to be playing a little game wherein they’re allowed to "extract money" from fellow attendees. Is this Blair Warren’s Law of Extraction in action? No, this one is just a simple game wherein if one attendee asks another how he or she is doing, if the answer is anything except "Wonderful!" then the askee has to fork over a gold coin to the asker.

Proctor, who seems to have trouble conjugating the verb "come," has some gems as well. Another Secret luminary, John DeMartini, was apparently also slated to be part of the event, and in his intro speech Proctor says, "I understand Dr. Martini [sic] will be here tomorrow…I haven’t met him yet… We’ve passed like thieves in the night for several years."

I thought the saying was "ships passing in the night." Freudian slip, Bob?

Proctor shares several profundities, e.g., "The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing." Not since Gertrude Stein, or perhaps Yogi Berra, has such wisdom flowed. And what is the "main thing?" It’s… freedom! "If I want to be free, I’ve gotta be me," adds Proctor, quoting one of his own mentors, now departed (no, not Sammy Davis Jr.). The freedom Proctor talks about is the freedom to throw your money around without worrying about how much stuff costs. People who look at price tags or worry about the cost of something are not free, he says.

Proctor also says that "all religion and all science have always taught" that there’s an infinite supply of everything. "When you’re dealing with the infinite, you can never take more than your share," he assures his audience.

And that’s what it’s all about, really: take, take, take. By the way, Bob and Dave are scheduled for more performances, including another one in Melbourne this month that will only set you back 7,200 Aussie dollars or so. Go get ’em, Bob and Dave!

Enlightened obfuscation

Okay, enough about Proctor and Gambler for now. Not long ago I wrote about an English-challenged affiliate of master hustledork Chris Howard. The affiliate called himself/herself "Catalyst For Change." This past week I received another email, via my favorite New-Wage spam service, from someone going by the name of California Catalyst For Change. This Catalyst, which I strongly suspect is the newest incarnation of the previous Catalyst, also has a propensity for taking lots of English words and stringing them together to form… well, sentence-like structures, I suppose.

I visited CalCat’s web site and came across this lovely bit on the Q&A section of the Meditation page:

Q: Why doesn't my experience look like yours?
A: If your experience does not look similar to others, chances are you have connected to the infinite intelligence of life. That is good! If your experience does look like others, chances are you are surfing a similar wave of quantum energy in a universe that is always whole, connected to Oneness. We thank you for being you, for showing up and for amplifying the honoring of this precious moment in time.

Definitely words to ponder the next time you’re stoned out of your mind, which, I imagine, would render CalCat’s thoughts considerably easier to understand. I don’t get stoned, so this stuff is a bit beyond my understanding. So go ahead, fire one up, then let me know what sort of interpretation you come up with.

Hell’s getting emptier every day
I really owe all of y’all an apology. I’ve been so busy following the Schirmer affair and other Secret-related matters that I’ve been quite remiss on my other reporting duties. Most regrettably, I haven’t reported lately on the progress that Extreme Lightworker Bryan James
and his crew have been making down in the Nether Worlds. As you may know if you’ve been here a while, Bryan is working to rescue some 50 million souls from Hell. Of course he couldn’t do it by himself. He’s working alongside the Queen of Heaven and assorted gods, goddesses and Ascended Masters, as well as thousands of volunteers just like you and me.

Here are the latest rescue stats I have, from a message I received from Bryan on May 25:

100% are walking around (89% without assistance)
100% are asking questions (e.g., "Who am I?" or "Where am I?")
69% are regaining cognitive ability and attending schools

Over 2,000,000 have been taken home to start a new beginning

You too can help these poor souls by going to Hell at night while you’re sleeping. In return you’ll get your frequencies tinkered with for free by Bryan or one of his kids. For more info, send an email to contact@circleoflights.com.

Well, that’s it for this edition. It’s back to real work for a while, and then The Rev and I are off to some friends’ for dinner. Happy Saturday, everyone (and Sunday, for those of you in other parts of the world who are way ahead of me, time-wise).

PS (added a little later on Saturday afternoon) ~ No, I'm not quite finished after all. I forgot to add something my pal Lana alerted me to yesterday – an article in the Chicago Reader about The Secret and some of the dead-famous-people quotations and misquotations that appear in the book and on the DVD. Lana said she thought she remembered a previous discussion about same on Blair Warren's blog. Her memory served her correctly; here's the link. Matter of fact, the Chicago Reader article, published on June 1, happened to mention the exact same quotations Blair had mentioned on March 14. Great minds really do think alike!

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