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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Katie's in a cage, but Scamworld hums on

Will the circle jerk be unbroken
Buy and buy, Lord, buy and buy
“I got rich and you can too, dude!”
Is a lie, Lord, it’s a lie.

~ Cosmic Connie, in a comment to a July 2010 Salty Droid post

If you've been hanging around this Whirled for any length of time, and/or have endured my endless yammering on various Facebook groups and other forums, you probably know that my favorite mantra, "No neat and tidy endings" refers to much, much more than the long and seemingly endless saga of serial scammer Kevin Trudeau, who has been an all-too-frequenttopic on this blog of late. Every day I see new (and old) evidence that my mantra is, despite its tiresomeness, spot-on. To me it is pretty clear that even if Katie were to be locked away in the slammer for life, and even if what is arguably his biggest scheme of all, the Global Information Network (GIN) were to be totally shut down or rebranded into another branded scam, Scamworld would still go on without missing a beat.

It's really a no-brainer analysis, based upon the sad fact that there are just too many scam ops out there, and neither the scammers nor the scammees can resist a good op. Or they can't resist what looks like a good op, and it is that "looks like" factor that keeps on feeding the big sick machine.

Why, GIN alone has already spurred a flurry of spin-off scams from ex-GIN/ex-KT pals, such as
the IBMS Master's Society scam... not to mention the fact that many of the departing GIN/KT beneficiaries are busily flogging other folks' scams. It's a regular scavenger orgy, not to mention a pimp-n-ho fest.

And speaking of pimps, Peter Wink -- one of the Supreme Founders of the IMBS-ing U Master Baiter's Society scam, former employee of Kevin Trudeau, and now crusader for justice (or crusader for "just-us Scamworld flopportunists") -- is finally going to parade another one of his ex-tarts, Joe "Mr. Fire" Vitale, before the IMBS-ing U membership. It all happens on the phone this Tuesday, November 26, and it's freeeee! And by that I mean that it is freeeee in the way that sleazy lead-gen/promo gimmicks are always freeeee. Here's the invitation, big as life on the IBMS Master's Society Facebook page (I am forbidden from commenting on that page, but maybe you can, if you're so moved). As usual, click on pics to enlarge.

My only question is: What took Peter so long? Did it take IBMS that long to save up enough dollars from their paltry membership fee base to pay Joe, who never actually does anything for free? Or did it just take Peter that long to talk Joe into thinking that there might possibly be some benefit for Joe in this whole thing? Or was Joe just too busy until now to give the time of day to a tawdry GIN ripoff?

In any case, it appears that the bad blood between Joe and Peter -- resulting
from some of those 2009 incidents surrounding their breakup -- is all washed away. (In the original version of the "Escaping Russia" post to which I linked in the previous sentence, Joe slammed Peter without actually mentioning his name. A little later he softened the spin somewhat, but he was still clearly talking about Peter, and mentions of Peter still appear in some of the older comments. And Peter himself, in 2011, called Joe's blog post "silly." There was also quite a discussion on my blog about the Joe-and-Peter split (this was from back in the day when Peter and I were frenemies).)

I have to wonder what Joe is thinking about the latest developments in the Kevin Trudeau saga -- you know, that whole
incarceration thing. After all, in those heady pre-GIN days and during GIN's launch, Joe was quite the champion for Katie and defended the latter's utter "fearlessness" in the face of government agents and naysayers alike. (Here are some purty pictures commemorating that touching friendship.)

But I digress -- an occupational hazard on this beat. Peter and Joe did get a lot accomplished together, back in the day. Word has it that Peter was behind Joe's decision a few years ago to take his Miracles Coaching flopportunity to the Utah boiler room Prosper Learning. And years before that, Peter, while still working at Nightingale-Conant, famously persuaded N/C to publish their first Vitale product, an audio set called The Power of Outrageous Marketing... and the rest is hustledork history. (It seems clear that however Peter felt about the breakup (and word has it that he was a little bitter for a while), Joe was miffed at Peter for a time, because even though in the past he had lavishly praised Peter for the N/C debut, in a post he wrote about six months after their split, he utterly failed to mention Peter's name -- even though in that very same post he said that N/C was a huge turning point in his career.)

Well, past bad blood or not, it's really only fitting that Peter would find a way to bring Joe into his newest scams. The circle remains unbroken. All is right with the world. Or at least with Scamworld.

I have to wonder just how involved Joe will get with IMBS-ing U: will this just be a one-time thing, or an experiment to see how it goes? Or will Joe be a regular beneficiary of the IMBS-ing U scam?

And what might Joe's wife Nerissa think about Joe being involved with an organization whose other Supreme Founder (and owner of the IBMS brand) is Loony Coldwell? I like Nerissa, at least from what I know of her on Facebook. She and I are in agreement about a number of social and political issues. Most importantly, Nerissa seems to be quite sensitive to disrespect for and exploitation of women -- and
Loony Coldwell is the poster child for all of the above.

And will Loony overtly slam Joe for Joe's Law of Attraction magickal thinking obsession? After all, Loony has said LOA is a hoax.


But maybe that's moot for now. I know that y'all are probably pretty excited about this call, so let me give you that call-in info again.

Featured Guest: Joe Vitale
Topic: The Secret to Attracting Money Now
Date: Tuesday, November 26th, 2013
Time: 6:00pm (Pacific), 8:00pm (Central), 9:00pm (Eastern)
Call-in Number: 1-805-399-1200
Access Code: 982755 (you need this to to access the live interview)

But remember: Be sure to call in at least ten minutes early so you can be screened and deleted because Joe is so gosh-darned popular.

And now, Dear Ones, I'm going to throw a damper on your excitement, because that's just the way I am (
I have a long history of being the wet blanket at the mystics' orgy). Are you ready? Brace yourself, because this is bad (or good, depending upon your perspective).

Turns out that if you want to listen to Mr. Fire try to hustle some money out of the IMBS-ers, and you are also a huge fan of
Scientist Bob Proctor, the elder statesman of the New-Wage industry and a frequent guest on this Whirled, you might have a little bit of a scheduling conflict. Ol' Bob, who first started throwing what is arguably his biggest fame ticket, The Secret, under the bus in 2008, is still -- five years later! -- flogging his "Eleven Forgotten Secrets" frauduct/flopportunity. At the moment I'm writing this, he is inviting "Abundance Enthusiasts Worldwide" to an absolutely free class that is the "Biggest Online Abundance Class in 2013."

And oh, my goodness, it starts on Tuesday, November 26, at 6 PM PST -- the very moment that the Peter and Joe show begins.

Oh, the agony, the agony! This is even worse than the fact that ABC's Revenge and CBS's The Good Wife currently play opposite each other on Sunday nights!
But all is not lost. Fortunately there will prolly be playback links for one or both events, as well as endless, endless additional flopportunities. So do not despair, my pretties. The circle jerk remains unbroken, because that's the New-Wage way. Buy and buy, Lord, buy and buy.

And in Scamworld, there are no neat and tidy endings. Some of us here on the Dark Side can even picture a day  when Kevin Trudeau and some of his former b.f.f.s and current enemies reunite in some way. After all, stranger things have happened, in Scamworld.

Have a stellar day, y'all!

PS ~ In other, related news: A friend of mine just saw a spot on CNN advertising a Piers Morgan interview with Secret star and convicted killer James Arthur Ray, who has been defended by Bob Proctor, Kevin Trudeau, and even Joe Vitale (in a lame way, shortly after the sweat lodge tragedy happened). The interview is scheduled for Monday night, November 25, 2013, at 9:00 pm EST (8:00 PM CST). I wonder if Piers will be as nice to JAR as his predecessor Larry King was in the heyday of The Secret. By all indications, at least on social media, the fans are sure giving this convicted killer a pass, according to this comment that came in to my October 8, 2013 post. 

PPS ~ Omri Shabat at Glancingweb weighs in hilariously, with wordplay and graphics, on the upcoming Peter-and-Joe show. A must-read.

Update, 27 November 2013: For those of you who missed the Joe and Peter show last night, here is the playback link. A friend of mine who knows both Joe and Peter all too well listened in and was amused by many things, such as the fact that Joe told the same old stories he always tells (he's quite the recycler); and the fact that Peter actually stunned Joe into silence towards the beginning by saying that JOE was the person who got Peter interested in personal development in the first place. Peter apparently said he owes everything to Joe.

Which is utter poppycock. Peter told me years ago (and it's on my blog, in my Conversations With Peter Wink series) that he had been a self-help and motivational junkie for years before he discovered Joe's work. But you know those Scamworld mutual master baiters -- they're always stroking each other with those on-the-fly lies.

My friend also said it was amusing at the end, when Joe hung up on Peter -- very audibly. Might be worth listening to the thing, at least the end, just for that.

And for those of you who have been wondering about the apparent disconnect between Peter pushing a Law of Attraction guru to the IMBS-ing U folks, and the fact that his Supreme Partner Loony C has ranted that LOA is a hoax, here's the IMBS-ing U mascot, Sarah Barendse, to explain it all:

It all sounds so calm and reasonable and rational (except for the part about how what a wonderful motivating force Joe is)... till you remember just how crazy Loony sounds when he rants in public against virtually anything and anyone who is not in sync with the flapdoodle he is pushing. Sarah notes that Peter has also said he doesn't believe in LOA. But for someone who doesn't believe, Peter sure was flogging some LOA CDs from Abraham-Hicks a few years ago. This blog post is from October 2009, around the time Peter started working for Kevin Trudeau. Wrote Peter: "I like these CDs so much, I'm going through them for the third time and applying what I've been learning." Good going, Peter -- getting advice from a crackpot who channels imaginary friends.

By the way, the purpose of the call was to push a $199 bundle of recycled junk from Joe that includes a "free" Miracles Coaching call -- which of course is a trap to get your personal info and financial profile so the boiler-room predators in Utah can try to upsell you.

Alas, it sounded as if not many people were on the call, according to my friend, who noted that back in the day (just a few years ago), Joe could attract more than 4,000 people at a time on a single call. Nobody's callin'... how the mighty have fallen.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re: James Raye... I believe Peter Wink had an "Enlightening" hour long call with him just recently. I wonder if he'll be the next speaker on display at the IBMS Masters' Society scummy scam. Loony keeps saying over and over that the Law of Attraction is a hoax and scam, yet he and Little Winky don't mind squeezing a little dough out the stars of The Secret. New-wage hypocrisy at it's finest!!

Saturday, November 23, 2013 3:46:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, as GIN falls apart, only the smart marketers like Joe know that there are customers created every minute in GIN. They're already drinking the k-tool aid, so a little GIN doesn't hurt, and Mr. Fire knows a hypnotic opportunity when he sees one. If you really want to Law of Attract yourself some big money, Joe knows the way. After all Kevin Trudeau himself said that Joe should be ON TV!! Joe said so himself in that great blog about meeting Kevin and his young bride.


IT will be a great call next week. I bet Peter and Joe will rekindle their relationship. Who knows, maybe Joe will even write a book about how much he's forgiven his old friend Pete.

Saturday, November 23, 2013 4:12:00 PM  
Blogger Roger Willco said...

It's almost 3:30 ET, Nov. 24. I just returned from the "facebook" announcement of the Joe Joe call. 2 Likes at that point. That's right, two, count 'em two likes.


Sunday, November 24, 2013 2:31:00 PM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

Anon 1 November 23, 2013 3:46:00 PM: LOL. I don't know if you are joking or not but I honestly would not be surprised if Wink tried to pull Ray into his schemes somehow, even though Wink's Supreme Partner Loony C made a couple of snide remarks about Ray recently on Facebook. As I imagine Loony may be making some snide remarks about Joe... just give him time.

To quote myself, in my "James Arthur Ray short-timer" blog post from this past May:

"Meanwhile, many of the rest of us are taking bets on which Scamworld scumbag will be the first to help James pick up where he left off. Will it be Kevin Trudeau (provided he doesn't end up in prison himself)? Bob Proctor? Joe Vitale? Or... horrors... will he be forced to cast his lot with C-List scammers like the Supreme Founders of the IBMS Master's Society scam? (That's a fate worse than a halfway house, in my book. But hey, it could happen. After all, as Peter once wrote in a comment on my blog, '...James Ray is not a bad guy. Maybe he just pushed the envelope a little hard and tragedy struck. I feel awful for the deceased, those who were hurt and the families who were affected...')

"Or will James Arthur Ray be a pariah even in Scamworld?"


Monday, November 25, 2013 9:49:00 AM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

Anon 2 November 23, 2013 4:12:00 PM: Amen re Joe and his hype-notic opportunism. I imagine that Joe and Peter's uneasy bromance is already well on its way to being rekindled. Why, if you were to ask Peter today, I bet he would even say, "There was never any bad blood between us! I don't know what you're talking about." (And Joe might even have a similar response.)In general, Peter has more finesse than his Supreme Partner Loony C, but he is still very clumsy at covering his tracks.

Monday, November 25, 2013 9:50:00 AM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

Roger Willco: The problem with the IBMS Society is that despite all of the hype from the Supreme Founders and Sarah B (who writes a lot of the posts there), the truth is that the seekrit klub has few paying members, and there are relatively few followers on its Facebook page. So I doubt if Joe will really get any monetary benefits at all from his celebrity guest appearance.

Monday, November 25, 2013 9:51:00 AM  

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