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Friday, November 22, 2013

Kevin Trudeau: Slammer overkill, and a chance for Loony Coldwell to eat his words (though he probably won't)

This isn't your ordinary scammer-in-the-slammer tale. As most who are following this case know by now, serial scammer Kevin Trudeau got a double whammy after Judge Robert Gettleman signed an order November 21 to incarcerate Katie in the matter of his civil contempt charge. Judge Gettleman snarkily noted that if the court-appointed receivers want to talk to Katie some more about his hidden assets, "they'll know where to find him."

Now, to some this "second incarceration" may seem like overkill. After all, Trudeau is already in custody awaiting sentencing after
being convicted of criminal contempt on November 12, in the court of Judge Ronald Guzman. So now he is being held on two separate cases, the civil and the criminal. To slightly misquote an old saying, "If I were any worse, there'd have to be two of me." But there's only one Kevin to do jail time for both offenses.

It appears that the almost endlessly patient Judge Gettleman finally grew tired of dealing with Katie after years and years and years of hearing the latter's excuses. Moreover, his order clearly states that this incarceration is a separate matter and that the time spent in custody for the civil case will not cut any time from the criminal sentence, whatever that may be. (Currently, sentencing for the criminal conviction is scheduled for February 6, 2014.)

Here is the link to Judge Gettleman's November 21 order.

For all practical purposes the order cages Katie indefinitely -- until and unless he can purge himself of the civil contempt matter by either paying the $37.6 million fine or by convincing the court that he honestly does not have the funds to do so. The latter scenario -- True-dough convincing the powers-that-be that he is truly OUT of dough -- appears increasingly unlikely. Judge Gettleman noted that Trudeau has been caught in several lies already and that there's no more reason NOT to incarcerate him to force cooperation with the receiver. Previously the judge gave Katie a little leeway so he could prepare for his criminal trial. The judge agreed with Katie's attorneys that this could probably be done more efficiently with Katie out of the clink.

But that trial has come and gone, so that reasoning won't fly anymore.

No doubt other matters were discussed at the November 21 hearing. After all, that was the day that the receiver was supposed to present a big invoice to the court, and the day that Katie's fairly-recently appointed tax attorneys were supposed to appear and tell the court that the receiver had not been cooperating in giving Katie access to records he needs in order to prepare for an upcoming reaming by the IRS.

And then there's the matter of The Intervenors:
Ohio GIN member Perry Kiraly and a couple dozen other folks who are trying to hold up the civil case stagecoach and wrest ownership of the remains of GIN from the court or the receiver or whomever. Presumably Perry's part of the case will at least be discussed in the court (either in open court or otherwise) before it gets summarily dismissed. And then there's the matter of another threatened lawsuit by the Loony Lenny Coldwell contingent, another effort to squeeze every drop of money from GIN before it gets shut down totally. I wrote about some of that on this recent blog post. In short, there are vultures and hyenas circling all about the twitching remains of the Global Information Network.

Anyway, I'll have info on additional court papers as soon as they show up.

For now, Kevin Trudeau is indisputably in a cage, and there's no telling when he will get out. He still has scads of fans and supporters, and judging from some of the comments on Facebook, a few of them haven't been following the news very well and are shocked that he's behind bars. A few of his minions are posting
sappy gunk to the "official" Kevin Trudeau Facebook page, in order to keep the troops encouraged (and perhaps to lay the groundwork for Katie's next scam).

Some say that Trudeau's exceedingly loyal longtime friend, business partner,
fellow litigant and ex-girlfriend Janine Nubani Contursi is writing the posts, which contain numerous spelling errors and are variations on the same theme: All is well, this is an amazing experience for Trudeau, and he will emerge from the slammer stronger than ever. Whoever is writing them (it almost certainly is not Katie himself), it's all crap, of course -- at least the "all is well" part, because word has it that being in jail, particularly if you don't know when you'll ever get out, sucks no matter how you slice it. And I suspect that even Kevin's most devoted and gullible fans know at some level that he wishes he were just about anywhere except the slammer.

Once again I'll say that I don't think caging a scammer like Trudeau = justice. In general, I simply don't like the idea of caging someone who is not a violent offender (and in the category of "violent offenders" I include serial sex offenders such as some ex-KT b.f.f.s are alleged to be). But for better or for worse, throwing Trudeau into jail is within the law.

The big burning question I have is this: Will Loony Lenny Coldwell, Katie's ex b.f.f. and GIN's former alt-health spokes-liar, have to eat the words
he spewed out this past September when Judge Gettleman failed to incarcerate Katie and refused to shut down GIN on that very day? Has Loony changed his mind about the judge being (a) corrupt and paid off; (b) old and incompetent; (c) afraid; (d) gay with the hots for Kevin Trudeau; or (e) all of the above?

Loony isn't much for eating his own words, and I've never known him to admit he was wrong about anything. The only thing of which we can be certain is that he will continue to milk these latest developments by trying to pull more people into his IMBS-ing U Master Baiter's scam (for "anti-brainwashing" sessions), and trying to get people to come to his idiotic party in Florida in December. (Already the event is free for pretty much anyone who wants to show up.)

But the little man's efforts will be mostly in vain, for Loony will almost certainly never enjoy anything remotely like the level of devotion and loyalty that Kevin Trudeau -- however misguided many of us may think the True-doughnuts are -- has managed to earn over the years. And if by some miracle of legal and poetic justice Loony gets thrown in the slammer himself one day, I doubt that many people will weep the way they are now surely weeping (despite those all-is-well Facebook posts) for Kevin Trudeau.

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Blogger Jack Purdy said...

Just found your blog. I followed the Trudeau case and was shocked to see one of his infomercials on cable a couple weeks back. I guess TV doesn't care ass long as the check clears.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014 6:21:00 PM  

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