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Thursday, September 26, 2013

'Til Tuesday is more than just the name of an 80s rock band

Kevin Trudeau will NOT go to jail on September 26.
Loony Coldwell is not happy. (Click to enlarge.)

Oh, dear me. Kevin Trudeau's court hearing -- that thing I was just going on about a little while ago -- has been continued 'til Tuesday, October 1. The imaginary Bubba that has Kevin's loudest and looniest detractors salivating is just going to have to wait a little while longer. Perhaps indefinitely. [See updates below. This really does keep changing. ~CC]

It seems that another "final nail" turns out to be a broken thumb tack.

But you know what that means: let the fake lawsuits begin! Watch your back, Robb Evans, Kenton Johnson, Blair Zanzig, Judge Gettleman, and the FTC! "Real justice" is...ah... coming up close. Or at least the Three Stooges are. Watch out for Moe and his hammer. Here's part of a Facebook exchange from September 24 (click to enlarge, of course)...

I'll have the latest court docs as soon as they are available. [Note: See PS below. ~CC]

For now, there's this from James Hill at ABC News, via Nightline. One big piece of news -- apparently overlooked by a certain ranting lunatic who was supposedly monitoring the hearing more closely than anyone else -- is that Judge Gettleman decided to suspend Katie's modest-by-Katie-standards monthly allowance, an issue that we've snarked about a few times on this Whirled, including here. Writes Hill:

"It's not that I want Mr. Trudeau to starve and be homeless," U.S. District Judge Robert Gettleman said. "But when the orders of this court are constantly being violated, willfully violated, this has to be brought to a head. It's not going to be pretty." 

Also noteworthy: the receiver is reportedly starting to agree with the FTC that throwing Trudeau in jail might be the best chance of recovering assets.
For the first time since taking the job seven weeks ago, the court-appointed receiver agreed with the FTC that incarcerating Trudeau offered the best chance of recovering assets, citing ongoing concerns with Trudeau's "troubling credibility issues."
It would appear that Katie is running out of friends. Even Judge Gettleman has jail on his mind, according to the ABC report.
Though Judge Gettleman decided against sending Trudeau back to jail, he was very openly considering it. He ordered Trudeau back next week for another hearing and warned him that he "was very close to being exactly where the [FTC] wants him. You reach a point where there is nothing else to do."
Anyway, we'll know more in a few days...maybe.

Meanwhile for your amusement, here's Loony Coldwell, who, instead of popping the champagne, seems to be munching on the sour grapes. He does seem to have an obsession with gayness. Not that there's anything wrong with that! But it does seem that he's stretching the point a bit by suggesting that Judge Gettleman is gay and has the hots for Kevin. Loony is obsessed with sex, though, which is probably why he made up the lie that I am a former prostitute with AIDS.
Click to enjoy the hilarity at full size.
Since Coldwell brought up the subject of multiple passports,
one wonders how many passports Bernd Witchner/Bernd Klein/Leonard Coldwell has.

Aside from my amusement over Loony's misguided rage, I have to wonder why he and his little buddy Abe overlooked what seemed like rather significant developments in the latest hearing, since they were supposedly monitoring the proceedings "live." Maybe the monitoring was via their buddy Peter Wink, who resides in the Chicago area. Maybe Peter just takes lousy notes. But Loony was one of the first to announce the news of the continuance, so he got something right. I suppose that after that, he and Abe were so busy being outraged that Kevin hadn't been thrown to Bubba, and that GIN hadn't been shut down once and for all (as both Loony and Abe had been predicting nonstop) that they forgot to "look for the gold!" Fortunately there are responsible journalists who are following this story and keeping it alive.

Here's a thread that was on Abe's page but now seems to be missing in action (maybe it's still there but my friends can't see it any more).

If it is gone, I wonder if it was deleted because Abe was embarrassed by being shown up once again as having overlooked some important news. Or maybe he got spooked about the consequences of making the accusations he made. Or maybe both. (Of course, if the thread is actually still there, but my pals just can't see it... then never mind.)

I also have to wonder when the "GIN Action" goofballs are going to accept the reality of this situation, which is the reality of Scamworld, which I've been repeating for the past year like a mantra...

 "No neat and tidy endings!"

PS added September 27 ~ Lacking a Facebook post from Abe about the "gold" in the latest hearings, I would have expected a video, but his most recent video, made earlier today, is about how GIN is going Hollywood because some film production company has contacted him to be a "consultant" on a movie they are considering doing about Kevin Trudeau. Not a peep in his September 27 vid about Kevin having his allowance cut off, or the receiver appearing to come around to the FTC's side. However, at
GINtruth.com, Bernie as usual has pertinent commentary and more hilarious graphics.

Also, here are two court documents filed on September 27. The only document filed on September 26 and immediately accessible was a one-page minute entry granting the FTC's motion to modify the receivership document regarding Katie's monthly allowance. [See update immediately below.]

PPS added October 3 ~ Today
I found a "missing" court document from this civil court case. I retrieved this one not from PACER but from the Robb Evans and Associates (receiver) web site. Though filed in the courts on September 26, it was apparently only uploaded to the receiver's site on October 1, and was not even visible on the docket on PACER. That's why I mistakenly stated above that the only document filed on September 26 was a minute entry.

This is the actual order that Judge Gettleman on September 26. As you know from reading the post above, as well as other previous and subsequent posts, that was the hearing for which some of Kevin's loudest and looniest detractors held out such high hopes of Katie being thrown in jail and GIN being shut down once and for all. That didn't happen, of course; the hearing was continued and as of this writing is set for October 16. The delays are due to the government shutdown, which has crippled the FTC and its attorneys.

As noted above, this doc isn't even listed on the court docket yet, or at least it wasn't when I checked yesterday evening. I had noticed that there was a number missing in the sequence, and wondered exactly what was missing. Now I know. It is Document 760: "ORDER ON FTC’S MOTION TO MODIFY THE AUGUST 7, 2013 ORDER TO TERMINATE TRUDEAU’S PERSONAL EXPENSE ALLOWANCE."

Besides terminating the allowance for now (until further order of the court), the judge also notes that Katie violated several orders (some of which listed in subsequent court docs, already shared here) -- and he said that the consequences will be discussed at the next hearing. Sounds pretty ominous. You'll notice that on this document the hearing is listed as being set for Oct. 4, so the doc must have been generated (or modified) after the FTC filed its emergency motion to move the hearing from Oct. 1 to later in the week.

In this same document we see that the judge is also denying Katie's request to travel outside of the jurisdiction (Northern District of Illinois) until and unless he pays back (to the receivership estate) all of the money he spent -- or transferred -- in violation of the court orders. I don't know for sure how much out-of-jurisdiction traveling he did or tried to do since he was last restricted, but apparently this is still an issue.

By the way, if all goes according to schedule and the main part of their work has not been affected by the very recent government shutdown, the receiver's next monthly report should be due on or about October 7.

Click to enlarge.

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