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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Trudeau still caged, vultures still circle, and Wink seizes the moment, blabs to press, and pimps for Loony Coldwell (again)

I apologize for being away from my Whirled for a few days, when there has been so much going on in the saga of serial scammer Kevin Trudeau. But wonderful things were going on in my real world, and they occupied most of my time and energy for a few days. Now I'm back... well, mostly back, anyway.
As most of you may know, Katie is still behind bars and is expected to stay there at least until his next court hearing on Monday, October 28 at 1:30 PM Central Time. After being allowed to attend his legal defense fundraiser in the Washington DC area on October 21 (his brother Bob says that 58 folks gave Katie checks for $1,000, but I have not been able to substantiate that), he had another civil case hearing on October 22, during which he made a last-ditch effort to keep himself out of jail. Alas,
Judge Gettleman showed him no mercy this time and Katie was forced to surrender to US Marshals.

There was a follow-up hearing on October 24, continued to October 28. At the October 24 hearing, the government -- not the FTC, but the US Attorney's office -- was granted a motion to unseal a January document (Document 540, filed under seal) that they are claiming contains false financial statements from Katie. The US Attorney is actually the one who's prosecuting the criminal case. Katie's lawyers had protested that motion, saying that the US Attorney had no business intruding into the civil case. But Judge Gettleman apparently disagreed and granted the motion, giving Katie's attorneys leave to file a redacted version of Doc 540. The catch is that they only have until Monday, October 28 to do so, which didn't give them much time.

Anyway, the bottom line is that for now Katie is in the clink, until and unless he can either pay the fine or prove to the court beyond a doubt that he simply can't do it. Meanwhile, he's been complaining that being in jail without Internet access is making it difficult for him to prepare for his upcoming criminal trial, which commences on November 4, a week from this Monday.

UPDATE, 28 October: Today's hearing resulted in Judge Gettleman springing Katie from the cage so he can better prepare for his criminal trial. But the judge still doesn't believe Katie has been honest about his assets. And to add to the drama, one of the FTC attorneys has repeated the oft-expressed concern that...duh...Katie's biggest scam yet, the Global Information Network (GIN) could possibly be an illegal pyramid scheme.

And in other news...

...some of the remaining members of GIN may be trying to scrape together a class action lawsuit to recoup their own considerable investments in the GIN scam. Or at least it looks like that may be happening. A high-level GIN member named Perry Kiraly has proposed a "plan of action" that he thinks will help the GINfolk push to the front of the line, even in front of the FTC, so they can get the money they think they have coming to them. It appears that Perry is basing his argument on the belief that GIN is actually member-owned, when most of us who have read the court docs know better. (Actually, I figured out that GIN was Trudeau's personal piggy bank years ago, even before I saw a single piece of correspondence between him and his "asset planner" Marc Lane... but I guess you're probably tired of hearing me repeat myself about that.)

My first impression was that despite that whole "ownership" delusion, Perry was -- on the surface, anyway -- still taking a marginally more civilized and intelligent approach than ex-Trudeau b.f.f. Mocktor Loony Coldwell, with all of his big talk, last year and more recently, of a "class action" lawsuit. The problem with Perry's plan is that it's too little, too late. He should have awakened and smelled the coffee about a year and a half ago. Actually he should have awakened and smelled the coffee before he invested so much in GIN, because...duh...GIN is a Trudeau business entity, and it was never a "member-owned" club.

And actually, the more I look at his letter (see screen shots below), the more I am inclined to agree with some of my Facebook pals that it seems like just another money grab, but this time a money grab for Perry. Perhaps his name should be added to the list of
circling vultures. Read the letter and decide for yourself (and note that page 5 is not included, because it contains personal contact information).

In still other news,
the "alternate" cruise that the GIN faithful were planning is apparently going to have to sail without Fred Van Liew and B-list huckster Joel Bauer, who have pulled out. I guess they decided that all of that love and light and positive energy couldn't make up for the fact that the speakers were not going to be compensated.

However, it appears that "Gentle Wind" fraudster Mary Miller, who like so many GIN speakers sells grievously overpriced frauducts and flopportunities, may be sailing with the alt-GIN cruisers. So the scavengers continue to circle...
So let's get to the pimp-n-ho already
But that "other news" and "still other news" are probably fodder for another blog post. I'm still running on limited steam after the festivities of the past few days, and I need to stick to only a couple of topics at a time. And since I already have that purty Halloween pic at the top of this page, let's focus on that general topic.

One of the most entertaining things to happen over the past week is that Peter Wink, former GIN marketing director and former good buddy of Trudeau (or so he used to claim) insinuated himself into the drama again, holding a "press conference" on October 22. He was quoted by a few local (Chicago) media, but his stellar meet-the-press moment apparently didn't make it into many of the other stories about Katie getting thrown in jail again. In this Chicago CBS story Peter comes across as a tad self-righteous, and he seems to be saying that notwithstanding his claims of pennilessness, Katie really does have money set aside.
Peter Wink, a one-time employee of Trudeau’s, attended Tuesday’s hearing. He said Trudeau’s a con artist, and got what he deserved.
“It was what was expected. Do I believe someone of Kevin Trudeau’s nature would have no money? I don’t personally believe that, but I never was involved in his finances, and can’t prove it,” Wink said.”He’s not the type of person who’s going to get out of jail, and have no funds. That’s just not his makeup, and it’s not his personality.”
But another Chicago media story seems to qualify this statement somewhat, quoting Peter as saying Katie was always one step away from being penniless.
A former employee of the TV pitchman says Trudeau likely has money, somewhere, but probably not much. “I believe that he’ll always keep something for himself when he gets out of jail.  I do believe that.  Does he have $37 million?  I believe that he was always one step from broke because he spent money as fast as it came in,” said Peter Wink.
Some are speculating that this is exactly what Katie needs for more people to say, because it backs his tale that he is a poor boy and can't pay the fine. They say that Peter, either by design or unwittingly, was helping Katie's cause by making that statement. But I don't think the court is buying the poor-boy thing, no matter who says what. Furthermore, some of the past court documents have indicated that the courts are not likely to give Katie much leniency if they believe that he was responsible for his penniless state.

In other words, if being broke had been something beyond his control, if he didn't have the money because he simply couldn't make the money or because he was faced with some catastrophic event, that would be one thing. But if he was raking in the dough like a mo-fo and blowing it on Bentleys and fine cigars and McMansion rentals -- when he theoretically could have been using at least some of those earnings to pay the FTC fine -- that's another story altogether. The court docs have revealed plenty of evidence that the latter scenario is the correct one, that he has willfully and deliberately funneled and hidden money all over the world. And even the long-patient Judge Gettleman is not inclined to look kindly upon Katie's extravagances any more.

Whether Katie is actually broke or not, Peter Wink in his press ops has come across to many as opportunistic and sleazy. I suspect that most of the journos he talks to have that same impression, but they go where they must to get quotations for a story. The big elephant in the room where Peter is concerned is that ever since his separation from GIN and Katie in late April 2012, he has made numerous references to his long-time observations of Katie's behavior. He has said that Trudeau was predictable and that none of what has happened has surprised him. Yet -- and I know I've harped on this before, but it needs to be said repeatedly -- for two and a half years he promoted Trudeau and GIN, and actively participated in the scam.

At the same time Peter has also said that he got duped, just like everyone else. Well, I don't buy it, and I don't think many other people are buying that he's just a nice guy who got fooled by a master con artist and is now simply trying to do the right thing.

In other words,Peter is not exactly what one would call an unimpeachable source, particularly since he has been promoting a more evil scammer for years, and a cheap GIN imitation scam,
the IBMS Master's Society, since the beginning of this year. And (this is where we get to that Halloween pic), he has now apparently taken over Loony Coldwell's "GIN Council" email campaigns (if you follow that link, scroll down to "Dispatch from Deutschland: the phony letter from the 'GIN Council').

Peter, or someone who writes remarkably like him, just sent out a mass email to GIN and ex-GIN. As usual, the email address has a German suffix, but this one -- gin-council at newbigjob.de -- is a different one from the semi-literate, obviously Loony-written missives the "GIN Council" formerly sent. (Newbigjob.de is one of those automated proxy deals; there is no actual site at that domain.) Anyway, here's the message, and I am not responsible for any links that may have been tinkered with. Well, yes I am.

Dear GIN Members and Affiliates,

Now that Trudeau is locked up tight behind bars, it’s time to dust off and pick up the pieces in a big way.

The unfortunate reality is that it appears Trudeau manipulated thousands of people --- perhaps even you. He seems to have put many people in their own mental and financial prison through clever manipulation tactics.

If this is the case, you need to understand that it is not your fault and you can break free.

Trudeau utilized PROVEN mind-altering techniques to program your conscious and subconscious minds simultaneously to do whatever he wanted. He used NLP, Hypnosis, Science of Mind, and Scientology. It has been cleverly placed used in audios, emails, videos, conference calls, and at all his live seminars. This is how he created his buying frenzy totaling tens of millions of dollars of people’s hard earned money. Many people lost their life savings and real properties with questionable investments like the Inner Circle, Lazy Man, Hot Leads, and other programs rendered financially useless based on measurable results --- not Trudeau’s verbal hype and folly. Some people have even been pushed to the brink of suicide.

He obviously also used specialized techniques for the purposes of marketing including telling people he had access to special secrets that did not exist, as well as access to ghostly billionaires, invisible millionaires and the phantom GIN Council. It turns out that all he had access to is your money --- which he unfortunately spent handsomely at your expense.

The good news is that help is on the way.

Dr. Leonard Coldwell is hosting a special de-brainwashing live event where you will not only learn how to de-brainwash yourself --- you will also learn the basics of brainwashing so you can recognize when someone is doing it to you. This is a one-time teleseminar event being taught by one of the world’s leading authorities on the mind and how it works.

Here are the details...

Brainwashing and Debrainwashing Exposed
Date: Tuesday, October 29th, 2013
Time: 6:00pm (Pacific), 8:00pm (Central), 9:00pm (Eastern)
Call-in Number: 1-805-399-1200
Access Code: 982755 (you need this to to access the live interview)

And there’s even more...

Dr. Leonard Coldwell, who was maliciously pushed out of GIN because he was telling the members the truth about the fraud and deception committed to the Gin members, by Kevin Trudeau, has been planning how to help GIN Members and Affiliates de-brainwash themselves from Kevin Trudeau’s trickery for over one year now. He is a master at Neuro Associative Conditioning and reprogramming the mind --- based on actual results. He has personally helped hundreds of people recover from cults, agenda-based religions, and other mind-altering groups.

Before you go off on a Dr. C tangent, I want you to remember who the only speaker was who talked with every member during and after seminars. Remember who it was that captivated audiences. Remember who it was that worked on Members and Affiliates for hours and hours to help them reprogram their mind. And here’s something you probably never knew --- Dr. C had more positive testimonials from Members and Affiliates than anyone else including Trudeau himself.

Hopefully, everyone can get around, and get past the hype and negativity that has circulated around GIN since all the Dr. C turbulence. Remember, Dr. C truly cares about you, which is why he stuck around to do what I’m about to tell you.

Our friend Dr. C is inviting you back into his life --- not only on the teleseminar --- but he wants to be in yours again and truly misses you --- and he’s here to help you, laugh with you, entertain you and most of all teach you.

On December 6th, 2013, in Panama City, FL, Dr. C is hosting an event called...

Taking Back your Mind and Your Life (The Debrainwashing LIVE Seminar)

The only cost is $49 to attend --- which covers his real cost for the room and to promote the event to you.

If you want to attend, please sign up at
www.DrColdwellEvents.com or let Amy Chappell know at amy@drleonardcoldwell.com --- and she will help you register right away.

You can come FREE if you join the IBMS Master’s Society.

For more information or to petition to join, please go to...

Hope to see you in FL! Call into the teleseminar early --- limited lines!

What, Peter? No "Hugs" this time?

It's amusing to me that Peter is indicting Trudeau for using some of the same mindf--k techniques that
he has insinuated he also possesses and uses, techniques that, according to him, provide the big advantage that has made him a master copywriter (or whatever it is he used to be before he became Loony's pimp).

At any rate, Peter's letter on behalf of Loony is wrong on so many levels that it goes beyond being amusing and stupid; it is downright disgusting. He insinuates that there is some negative buzz about Loony C, but doesn't mention
the police report, or even the phony degrees or dodgy cancer cure claims. I suppose that isn't surprising, since Peter has been pandering on Loony's behalf to vulnerable folks for many months now. Once again I am reminded of Ron's comparison of Peter to a serial pimp who promotes diseased whores. (Since Loony has spread lies about me being an AIDS-infected former hooker, it seems only appropriate for me to haul out that handy comparison again.)

There will be more to come soon; this coming week and the next one are going to be busy ones. Within the next day or so I will post links to the latest court docs on this blog. I shared them on a Facebook forum as soon as they came out, but I also want to share them with a wider audience, since I am aware that there are still some folks who are sensible enough to not be on Facebook.

However, if you are on Facebook,
go to the public group, GIN Network Truth, and look for my posts from October 22 through 26. You'll see several posts concerning both the civil and the criminal case, and you can download the documents from there. My friend Julie Daniel has also posted lots of links to the latest news media coverage of Trudeau's troubles. GIN Network Truth is becoming a great resource for keeping up with Kevin, and the good thing is that even if you're a pro-Trudeau person, you can join in the conversation without being derided.

Stay tuned!

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Anonymous Gina said...

Great post, Connie! This one needs to be shared whirled-wide. I especially love your analysis of Peter Wink's statement and that picture!!! Priceless :)

Monday, October 28, 2013 1:41:00 AM  
Blogger Sheila O'Shea said...

He used NLP, Hypnosis, Science of Mind, and Scientology.

I think the funniest thing about that sentence is that he's not even trying to be funny.

Monday, October 28, 2013 7:54:00 PM  
Blogger Roger Willco said...

Hey Connie,

Good to see you back! It's been terribly frustrating trying to get context from the news reports; and I don't see any national media coverage on his pending cases either. Whatever has happened to the fourth estate of our democratic republic?

If BrudderBob is correct, the BrudderHoods must be reaching beyond our "corrupt gubmet" to the masses to have effected such minimal attendance--only 58--at KT's fundraiser. $58K? Why that's only a skosh more than KT expected to score from the receiver for his monthly stipend. Bummer, KT!

At the risk of sounding too optimistic: If KT gets taken off the streets and GIN goes away, what do we do for "fun" then? Oh yeah. Sorta looks like there'll be plenty of GIN spawn for you to work on (as in take down).

Monday, October 28, 2013 9:58:00 PM  

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