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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Joy to the Whirled

It's been another holly jolly Christmas, rich with the holiday traditions we always enjoy in this household. For example, I spent this Christmas morning picking up pieces of thrown-up Christmas garland from the cats' part of the house, a joyous activity that I wrote about last year. I can only thank Goddess we don't have a Christmas tree.

I was actually going to write a special Christmas post today, but I just don't have the presence of mind for that right now. As it turns out, though, SHAMblog's Steve Salerno pretty much captured my thoughts about the meaning of the season, and other matters of consequence, on his own Xmas blog post today.
Personally, I must say, [Christmas is] also the one day when I find myself focusing my thoughts and emotions on the single pivotal issue left unaddressed by the impeccable logic (and dismissive smugness) of books like The God Delusion: How did nothing come from something? I understand, I guess, how we got from amoebas to A-Rod, from paramecia to Paris Hilton (though some might say the latter isn't much of an evolution). But how did we get from a perfect void to amoebas? And please, oh please, don't bring up string theory or unified fields. Not on Christmas...
I think Steve makes a pretty good case for, at the very least, sticking with agnosticism, as opposed to veering off into atheist territory. Come to think of it, I addressed some of these issues on my own Yule blog post last year.

And now as I write this, Christmas is almost over (and in fact is over in some parts of the world, where Boxing Day has already begun). I feel no guilt for having taken the lazy way out by letting one of my blogmates (and my last year's self) do most of my blogging today. Matter of fact, I took the lazy way out with Christmas dinner too, letting Ron and his daughter do most of the cooking of our traditional Christmas dinner, which this year was smoked brisket, barbecued boneless pork ribs, potato salad, deviled eggs, artichoke dip, etc. It was kind of like a Fourth of July picnic – July In Christmas, so to speak.

All things considered, it's been a pretty good holiday, and I hope yours was good as well. I leave you now with a little gift that a friend of mine sent to me: a link to what he describes as "
a chuckle-inducing thread from the Secret Forum of a bunch of Secretrons discussing sex in a manner that makes Beavis & Butthead look scholarly.” It's not really about Christmas per se, but laughter is one of the best gifts one can give, so here it is.



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