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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Jack and Bob: the show must go on

I dropped in on one of the threads on Marcy From Maui’s Powerful Intentions forum – you know, the one where they’re discussing the Three…make that Two Amigos Science of Getting Rich (SGR) seminar. (As I noted in my previous post, the Reverend Michael Beckwith seems to have gone missing*; he’s left philosopher Bob Proctor (who performed so brilliantly in his interview for the March 23 Nightline) and Chicken Soup chef Jack Canfield holding the (money)bag.) But the show must go on…even without Reverend Michael, and even with the possibility of Rhonda Byrne’s attorneys rattling their sabers.

Anyway, one participant in the Powerful Intentions forum offered a link to one of the "lessons" included in the SGR seminar. This lesson covers the Energy Redirection Technique, which Jack and Bob say is really simple. All you have to do, when faced with a bad situation, is to think of a way to turn it into an exciting challenge.

"Now, we're not saying you need to forget or ignore the negative event," say Jack and Bob. "That can sometimes be very hard to do."

Wow. Who says these rich guys don’t understand the rest of us?

"But by finding a challenge, a goal – something that can motivate and inspire you – you now re-allocate a large chunk of your energy away from the negative thoughts," they continue.

To illustrate how beautiful and simple this is, Jack and Bob offer a few examples of negative situations that, with a little creativity, you can turn into a good old time.

Bed-Ridden in Hospital: Decide that you're going to use this free time to learn something fun, say a new language. Now you're thinking about a new skill rather than focusing on your illness.

My mom fell and broke her left hip last week and had to have surgery. The next day it was discovered she had a bad infection in her right foot that necessitated her having to have a toe amputated. Although she is out of the hospital, she is now bedridden in a rehab joint and, frankly, I think she’s a little bit too focused on her suffering. So I’m rushing out to buy some books and tapes, and by golly, I’m going to make her learn Portuguese this week, and maybe a little Russian next week. I think the challenge will be good for both of us!

Got Laid Off: Set a goal to find a job that pays you 25% more than your previous job. Think about this new job and stop thinking about being laid off. Start job hunting. Do not hold any negative feelings towards your boss for laying you off. Instead, think of him as having done you a favor because you're now going to find a better job.

That’s it! Now I am really beginning to get excited, and I bet you are too, especially if you actually have gotten laid off. Just go out and find yourself another job. Why didn't you think of that? Well, I guess that's why they're Jack and Bob, and you're not. But why stop at a salary of 25% more than your other miserable job? How about hundreds of percentage points more? It’s easy!

Someone Owes You Money and Refuses to Pay Up: Forgive them. As long as you hold a grudge, you're telling the Universe that you've lost money. And indeed, you'll attract the loss. Instead, set a goal to earn twice the amount of money you've lost.

And if you are beginning to feel you got screwed for spending nearly two thousand bucks for this Science of Getting Rich course, you are just attracting more loss to yourself. Buck up and forgive Jack and Bob for swindling you. Then give them more money, with the idea in mind that the Universe will have even more for you to give them soon!

Got Dumped: Decide that you'll find a new love. Someone better suited to you. Make a list of all the qualities you'd love to see in your ideal mate. Now focus on meeting this new person.

Remember that Joe "Mr. Fire" Vitale said it’s as easy as flipping through a catalog and placing your order. In fact if you are a man, there really are online catalogs where you can buy yourself a very nice Filipino, Russian, or Eastern European bride. (I may be wrong but I believe this is what BluBlocker King Joe Sugarman did. There I go again, reading between the lines.) Or you can buy any number of books and audio products by "seduction experts" who will teach you how to pick up women.

Granted, if you happen to be a heterosexual woman this might not be the best option, but if you live in a city of any reasonable size, there are single men on every street corner holding up cardboard signs. They are just waiting for you to stop and talk to them!

Lost a Business Due to Bankruptcy: Use your creative hat. Decide that you're going to rebuild a new business and regain your financial freedom. Set a goal to earn 3 times what you previously had. Bonus Points: Decide that you're going to earn so much more than you'll be able to repay all your debts - even though you legally may not have to.

This is the best advice I have seen anywhere in a very long time. If you do not have a creative hat you can buy one at any party-supply store or even your local dollar store. Put your hat on and get busy setting goals and manifesting. The best way to start manifesting is by sending me at least $10,000.00 USD so I can start getting my own debts paid off. I will be so happy that my happiness will eventually trickle down to you. And you will then be so happy that perhaps you’ll be motivated to find a really good job, or even start your own Internet-based business. So c’mon, what are you waiting for? Start redirecting that negative energy.

"It’s really that easy!"

* My pal Tony Michalski just sent me a link to this blog, in which a Secretron pleads with the Reverend Beckwith, "Baby please don't go!" Or words to that effect.

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