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Sunday, December 24, 2006

It’s a party down there!

Just in time for the holidays, I got some good news from Bryan James, the self-described "Extreme Lightworker" who has been emailing regular updates on a mass rescue of 50 million souls who are caught in the Nether Worlds. Bryan is coordinating this project in conjunction with Mary the Divine Mother, and a channeler named Shondra Burt, aka The Chakra Queen, as well as innumerable Lightworkers from many dimensions. Shondra, by the way, is a member of the Powerful Intentions forum, and one of her stated intentions is, "To Emerge into Freedom and Radical Wealth beyond reason, Complete, just as I AM. " Sounds like a pretty powerful intention to me!

But I digress. Although I predicted a few weeks ago that all of these lost souls would be rescued by Christmas, it looks as if it’s going to take a little longer. But the news is still good; for one thing, there are now flowers in Hell. Here are the latest stats:

As of 12/15/06, about 98% have shown some movement (49 million), 94% (47 million) have opened their eyes, 26% are walking around with some help (13 million) and a small percentage (750,000) without assistance. 20% (10 million) are starting to ask questions such as "Who am I?", "Where am I?", "What is this place?" and "Why am I here?," and 500,000 are regaining cognitive ability.

There has also been a manifestation of grass, flowers, trees, streams and birds as the Light energy continues to pour into this once desolate, dark area.

You still have a chance to get in on the Nether Worlds rescue project. That's right: you too can go to Hell in your dream state and share your light with the lost ones. It’s very simple. For instructions, click here and scroll down to the subhead, "It’s now or nether."

To tell the truth, I really don’t know what to believe about the Nether Worlds. According to Bryan and friends, it's dark and desolate down there, or at least it was before the emergency Lightworker teams showed up. According to some Hollow Earth researchers, though, the World Below is home to many advanced civilizations. In fact, some believe Heaven is located at the Earth’s core instead of somewhere Up There.

And then there's a group of people who believe that Hell is just one big party, with attractive guys, gals and goats for everyone. They present some pretty compelling evidence that it's a blast down there. Who knew?

But maybe you don’t want to go to the Nether Worlds for Christmas, even in your sleep. Maybe partying in Hell isn’t for you. Perhaps you’d rather stay up here on the surface and enjoy your own private holiday Hell on Earth with your dysfunctional family and your marginally functional friends. Matter of fact, that’s what I’m doing. Well, I recently found out about something that can help you celebrate the season and make it extra special (actually, you’ll be getting a bit of a late start, but better late than never). On her Stupid and Contagious blog, RockitQueen reports on a little-known tradition that gives a whole new meaning to the term, "Yule Log." Check it out.

Whichever traditions you choose to follow, whichever holidays you are celebrating, boycotting or merely enduring, I hope the next few days are filled with good food, good friends, and good fun.



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