Friday, September 05, 2014

Blue dies, Coldwell lies, crazy minions terrorize

I so wanted to start the month of September fresh and free of
toxic debris, and I almost made it. I love September, because rather than feeling like the beginning of the end of something, it always feels to me like the beginning of something new and exciting, even though in my neck of the woods it's not really fall-ish yet. We generally don't get the burst of sudden cool air in early September that some places do, and we don't get the glorious fall colors that some of you lucky folks in the high country are already experiencing... but something changes, subtly, even here: there's a small excitement that whispers of relief from the oppressive summer.

But I am sorry to say that I am beginning September with one more (and I hope it's only one more) post about the stupidest man in Scamworld: cancer quack and alt-health fraudster
Leonard Coldwell, the lowlife of the Lowcountry, ex-b.f.f. of another Whirled favorite snarget, Kevin Trudeau. Believe me, I was totally ready to get back to Kevin, aka KT, aka Katie, since I have quite a few tidbits for you, including nearly 900 pages of trial and sentencing transcripts that I was finally able to get from PACER. Actually they've been available for a while but I have been busy. I also have updates on some of the Global Information Network (GIN) ripoff clubs, as well as blogworthy stuff about other scams and scammers.

And I am painfully aware that for the past six weeks I have spent far too much time and space on Coldwell, including a five-part deconstruction of his current and past lies and lunacies (links to individual posts are below), as well as a lengthy piece on his crowning lunatic achievement where I am concerned:
his recent accusation that I poisoned his pit bull dog Blue. So I thought I had things pretty well covered and that I had finally said everything that needed saying on this blog about that little skeev for the time being.

But darn it all... LoonyC keeps looming, casting his fat little shadow over my Whirled.

In a surprise plot twist, Coldwell's dog dies.
In late August, despite previous reports that Blue was almost all better, the poor dog died, according to Coldwell's garbled laments on Facebook. Accordingly he has redoubled his attacks on me.

Bernie at GINtruth wrote about it here. Frankly, he said most of what needed to be said, and in much more forceful and direct language than I use, but I want to put in my two-cents' too, and elaborate on a few points.

Please understand that I am not making light of a dog's death, assuming that the death actually occurred. (With Coldwell you can never be certain.) I have been through that heartache myself too many times to make light of it (
here is but one example). My dogs and cats are my children. But I hope you can understand why it is immensely difficult for me to work up any sympathy whatsoever for Coldwell at this point. I can't see past the evil he continues to perpetrate against me, crassly and cynically using whatever it was that happened to his dog in order to incite people to commit violence against me.

I had honestly thought the dog situation was resolved, at least on Lenny's end, to the point that I decided to stop fretting about it and go quietly on about my business. I even gave up on trying to get Facebook to take down the worst of Coldwell's screeds accusing me of poisoning his dog. They had taken down the first two after receiving complaints from other people (I wasn't one of the complainers), but they refused to take down the third one, which was so bad that even I complained about it. It was worse than the first two but they refused to remove it, saying it didn't "violate their community standards" regarding potential threats of violence.

So although my full name and home address were and are all over Facebook -- they appear on several of Coldwell's pages, and have been shared numerous times, complete with Coldwell's invitations to his lunatic fans to "get in touch with me"-- I had, as noted, decided to let things slide for now, at least on this Whirled. I did add a few updates in the couple of weeks after I published
my blog post about Coldwell's dog being poisoned. For instance, on July 26, 2014 I noted that on July 22, eight days after the dog poisoning saga began, Coldwell published two noteworthy threads to his Facebook page:
  1. An announcement that Blue was almost fully recovered, thanks to love and help from friends.
  2. A list, apparently taken from the ASPCA site (though either drunk-typed, typed on a malfunctioning keyboard, or (more likely) the results of bad OCR), of plants that are toxic to dogs, with the note that he had learned about this list while trying to save Blue's life. (The picture to which I link is only the first panel of several, he actually published a long list of poisonous plants.)
Oddly enough, it appears that none of Coldwell's minions responded to the toxic plant list by asking him if accidental toxic plant ingestion had been the real cause of Blue's illness after all, rather than a deliberate poisoning by a "revengeful Women in Texas." That's right: not one person asked the obvious question -- at least that I know of. Maybe someone did, but perhaps Coldwell chose to wipe the comment -- and the issue -- from his thread. That's certainly a possibility because he is scared nutless of tough questions that will expose his inconsistencies and lies.

Even so, it's difficult not to read between the lines when you look at the comments that are still on the thread. One of the first commenters asked if animals would eat those poisonous plants on their own. Coldwell simply answered, "Some do." So... maybe a certain pit bull, left unsupervised, scarfed down a plant that he shouldn't have at the Coldwell rented McMansion or apartment? (By the way, you'll need to click on the screen shots for an enlarged and undistorted view. I'm not sure why some of them came out distorted on the smaller views, but they're fine when you click on them.)


Notice that great cancer-curing advice from a guy named Kai, who seems to be saying that it's okay to give your dogs apple seeds and apricot kernels, which, claims Kai, are not poisonous to dogs and can cure doggy cancer. Jeez.

Actually there had been another discussion among the natural "cures" experts a few days before the announcement that Blue was almost all better. There's a revealing thread about the natural remedies with which Blue was presumably being treated. It seems good ol' Blue had alt-health support from all over the place.

In any case, I figured that the dog situation was more or less over for the most part. People who watch out for me reported no more ramblings about the dog on Coldwell's Facebook page. As awful and unforgivable as Coldwell's accusations against me were, I was relieved that the dog was okay, because as you know if you've been following this blog at all, I dearly love dogs and know that they are all innocent beings, no matter how monstrous their humans might be.

Then on or about August 30, 2014 the rants began again. This took me totally by surprise. Since Coldwell has me so thoroughly blocked on Facebook, I didn't see this when it first happened, but some of my "eyes" let me know that Coldwell had announced his dog had just died. And once again
he went on a rampage against me, redoubling his attacks, this time publishing not only my home address but also my private cell phone number, which I have never published nor shared publicly. In case you can't get to the screen shot I linked to (it's from Bernie's post about the matter), here is what Coldwell posted on Facebook on August 30, 2014:
My Heart has been broken today! They murdered our believed [sic] dog BLUE! At 6pm EST Blue died! This is the very last picture of Blue ever, hours before he died! The pain is overwhelming my tears make it impossible to see clearly. I hear myself crying with all my pain in my inside to deal with the pain! FB will as usual take this post off because Connie Schmidt has some kind of contacts to get this done and websites will be taken down, blocked etc (Her cell phone number is #-###-###-#### in case you want to ask her yourself, if she was responsible. (All information is Public information don't take my post down FB dirt!) Please repost this post asap because it will be taken down. The website for Justice for Blue with all the info videos and facts and proof is in the making since 11am this morning.) All info will be soon on my main website. Because they will as usual delete my post. Please re-post it!

Today is one of the worst and painful days of my life and I and many people believe we know who caused his death and ordered directly or indirectly his murder! Blue was poisoned directly after, Horny Connie, as many call her know [sic] inquired about my physical living location. As I just heard: She called my brother after that and stated that she will hurt me hard and will never stop. She called employees and friends of mine telling them it was just the beginning. And all of this just because I did not want to have sex with this disgusting women [sic]. She harassed me and my employees and family members to make them to make me meet with her for a sexual weekend. (Since all of this started we got countless information about her alleged drug use -- jut look at her picture and make up your own mind.) Witness Testimonies will be provided...
The rest of the long rant contained some tear-jerking prose about Blue's last day (and again, I'm not making light of his death, if he really died, but you have to understand the context here). Following that was a copy-and-paste of the long screed he wrote on July 17, 2014, which contained my name and home address, and that was shared on several of his Facebook pages. That's the rant that I had tried to get Facebook to remove and which they refused to remove because it conforms with their "community standards."
The picture of me that Lenny mentioned -- the one that allegedly proves my drug use -- is my Blogger profile pic that you see on the upper left hand side of this page if you're looking at the Web version of Whirled Musings. If you're looking at the mobile app the pic is somewhere down there at the end of the post. I wrote about that pic and what it means to me on
my 8th Blogaversary post on July 27.

The "Horny Connie" nonsense refers to a painfully immature but thankfully dead-in-the-water defamation project that Coldwell or some of his twisted buddies initiated early in August; it has come to naught. For deets, see this post, under the bright red subhead, "Honk if you're horny." 

As for the rest of the garbage in Coldwell's post -- the claims that I've posted under dozens of hundreds of fake names and have created fake web sites in order to smear him; the claims that I "found" two known child molesters and a "fake wannabe lawyer" to help me destroy him -- well, we've been through that already (see links at the end of this post), and anyone with any cognitive abilities whatsoever knows by now that it is just absolute bull.

I will say that the claim that I have "contacts" at Facebook is bitterly funny, in light of Facebook's steadfast refusal to take down the very posts that endanger me. Not only has Facebook left the July 17 post up there intact, but they've also left several subsequent rants in which Coldwell shared my home address and spewed his disgusting sexual fantasies about me. For instance, there's the semi-pornographic nonsense in the shot below, which I've shared before in part.


Notice that in the conversation that follows that post, Coldwell claims that I was a co-worker of one of his business partners, and he says that I have spoken to Coldwell and his family and friends on the phone numerous times over the years. Lies, lies, lies. Actually the claim that I am a former co-worker of one of Coldwell's business partners is a brand-new lie; I'd never heard it before. Being self-employed for decades, I haven't been anyone's co-worker since long before Coldwell moved to the U.S., so I seriously doubt that any of his "business partners" has ever even met me, much less worked with me. And I have never called any of Coldwell's numbers and have no intention of doing so. 

Coldwell, surely you -- or your vigilant family, friends, and employees -- would have recorded at least one of those numerous "horny" communications from me, which supposedly took place either over a period of three years, or four months, or three months... depending upon your lie du jour. Lacking that, surely someone from your top-notch legal team would be on the ball and would have made the recordings. But they couldn't because those phone calls never happened. You have no evidence and no proof, because you are completely making all of it up. Moreover, I've never heard a peep from any one of your lawyers, so your claim that they have been "dealing with me" for years is total hogwash (no offense to hogs). And I can't wait to see all of those "Witness Testimonies" about my "alleged drug use."

As stupid as that August 30 death announcement was, however, quite a few people shared it on their own Facebook timelines -- 24, at the last count [as of 15 September, 2014 ~CC]. There are 68 "likes," including Coldwell's b.f.f. bidness partner and my former frenemy Peter Wink, and Coldwell's first U.S. wife, Wendy Elayne Witchner, a fellow animal lover with whom I have tried to communicate privately to no avail. Wendy Elayne Witchner seems to "like" every scurrilous lie her ex-hubby has told about me, even though I have a very strong sense that she knows he is lying. Shame on you, Wendy. And shame on you, Peter Wink. You know better.

At any rate, the disturbing responses from Coldwell's most loyal and unthinking fans resumed on Facebook. There had been dozens of similar responses to the first rash of accusations, and after the doggy death announcement the cretins just took up where they'd left off. One man named Michael Arnold wrote, "I'm so sorry Dr. C... I hope some justice will be served... like revenge very coldly." Another person going by the name Ashley Alkalise-Energise Gilbert (I'm sure that was her birth name; maybe her parents were batteries), wrote... well, let me just share the screen shot of her post.
A lawyer friend of mine said that although it's profoundly stupid for Coldwell to insinuate that I could poison a dog remotely, the comments from some of Coldwell's imbecile followers made it clear that it is possible to poison minds remotely.

Here are snippets from a private Facebook conversation with a person in Belgium whose mind has clearly been poisoned by Coldwell. He had actually initiated the conversation on August 22, a little more than a week before the dog's alleged death. Out of respect for the guy's privacy I won't tell you that his name is Florian de Waele. Oops.

Conversation started August 22
8/22, 4:33pm Florian De Waele
Dear zionist whore, I wonder how much is big pharma paying you to destroy Dr Coldwell's business?
8/26, 8:11pm Connie Schmidt
Dear Aryan idiot: Nobody pays me anything to attempt to tell the truth. Oh, wait... this is a joke, right? Ha, ha, good one!
8/27, 7:44am Florian De Waele
The truth? Jewish lies! I prefer listening to a true man of God instead of a filthy frustrated prostitute. I'm warning you Connie Schmidt, you and your neo-Zionist pharma sponsors might have started this fight but Dr Coldwell will finish it!

8/27, 10:12am Connie Schmidt
You are joking, right? If not, where do you get the idea that I am Jewish or a Zionist? Not that there is anything wrong with either -- and not that it is any of your business -- but I am neither Jewish nor Zionist. Even Coldwell has not lied that I am Jewish/Zionist -- well, not that I know of anyway. He is such a sniveling coward that he has blocked me from reading his social media rants, so no telling what the little liar has said about me lately.

Coldwell HAS told many despicable lies about me, though. He has lied that I am a prostitute (or former prostitute), and he has lied that I have awful diseases, and he has lied that I made sexual passes at him (a big laugh because I am happily married and he disgusts me), and he even lied that I poisoned his dog last month. And he has lied that Big Pharma is paying me (or that anyone is paying any other blogger who has written about him).
And he DID start this fight with me when he made the choice to start telling filthy despicable lies about me, simply because I raised legitimate questions about him -- questions he is afraid to answer. He lied about other bloggers too, falsely calling them child rapists (among numerous other lies).
And he lied about all of us "hacking" his web sites and radio show. Even his webmaster and social media admin knows that those are all lies but she dare not speak up against him, apparently for fear of losing his business and/or his friendship.
Flo, you need to open your eyes and stop parroting that ridiculous little man. Learn to think for yourself. When you do, come back and apologize and I may accept it.

[NOTE: Between the time of that comment and his next response, the dog died. ~CC]
9/2, 10:46pm Florian De Waele
Do you think you're fooling me with your Jewish nose and surname? Go tell to the children being murdered by your Zionist buddies there's nothing wrong with Zionism. Now you've killed an innocent dog you perhaps can go join those Israeli murderers

Dr. Colwell is fighting for YOUR rights and YOUR health as well and what is your gratitude? Attacking this brave man who follows the Lord with all his heart! Let us ask the age-old question "Cui bono?" "Who benefits?"
How on earth could Dr. C benefit from making up lies about you? On the other hand you and your pharma sponsors have immense profits to lose when Dr. C's message becomes mainsteam [sic].

You probably mean the "Bernie O'Mahony" guy? That guy IS a child rapist, there was a picture to prove it on Coldwell's site. People should be made aware he's dangerous. If big pharma has the resources to hire you to murder his innocent dog it is not hard for me to believe they're hacking his sites too.
Dr C. is a ridiculous little man? OK, that's your opinion, let me give you a quote "Multiple awards winning Radio host of Coast to Coast George Noory stated in his new TV show with Dr. Coldwell: "I know and have interviewed most experts worldwide, Dr Leonard Coldwell is simply the best of the best!"

9/3, 5:48am Connie Schmidt
You cannot even keep Coldwell's lies straight, can you? He claims I killed his dog because I was angry about his sexual rejection of me. He didn't say Big Pharma hired me to kill the dog.

Granted, his original lie (which he started telling in October 2012) was that Big Pharma hired me to destroy his reputation by writing about him on my blog. But when he couldn't get anyone except possibly the stupidest of the stupid to believe that whopper, he switched to the "woman scorned" lie.
In any case everything he has written about me is a lie. It is your choice to continue to believe those lies.

And everything Coldwell has written about Bernie is a lie too. You obviously do not know that originally Coldwell and Bernie were friends and allies. Coldwell was at one time very supportive of Bernie's blog GINtruth, back when Bernie was only writing about Kevin Trudeau and GIN. Coldwell called Bernie "brother" and said he loved him. Bernie in turn was supportive of Coldwell and even had a link on GINtruth to Coldwell's main web site.

Eventually Bernie came to realize that Coldwell had been as much a part of Trudeau's huge scam as Trudeau was and that Coldwell would have continued to happily push that scam, knowing it was a scam, if Trudeau had not fired Coldwell. Coldwell only became anti-Trudeau because he was angry that he had lost an easy income source.

Bernie also found out some more unsavory info about Coldwell (on his own -- not because of me or Big Pharma or the Zionists), and he ultimately decided that Coldwell was not someone he wanted to continue to support. So he began writing critical information about him on GINtruth. Coldwell started threatening Bernie and telling him to choose sides or else Coldwell would sue/destroy him. Bernie, in my opinion, chose the side of truth.

So contrary to what Coldwell has said in different lies, Bernie is not someone that I "found" to help me destroy "Dr" C, nor is he someone recruited by Big Pharma.
I won't even address your stupid statements that I support any murder of innocents, whether done in the name of Zionism or patriotism, Islam or Christianity. Clearly you will continue to believe whatever you want to believe. You are one of those for whom "the facts don't matter if the story is good."
9/3, 7:01am Connie Schmidt
It occurs to me that I did not answer your question, "Who benefits?" Coldwell is trying to benefit from his lies about me because he is afraid of the truths I tell about him. He is scared of the legitimate questions I raise about him on my blog. Same deal with Bernie and with all of the other people who have written critically about Coldwell. Coldwell would obviously benefit if he could silence all of his critics. Truth is a scary thing to people such as he. Since he cannot silence us he is doing the next best thing and using outrageous lies to appeal to idiots. And clearly, some idiots are swallowing every piece of crap he throws out to them.
I went on to tell Florian the truth about the "child rapist" lies about Bernie, giving him links to Bernie's GINtruth blog post about the matter, as well as the direct link to Bernie's original Facebook post that he wrote just after he was beaten up by the Japanese thugs who gave him that black eye. I also sent Florian a few screen shots of Coldwell's praise and thanks to Bernie back in the old days, when Bernie was just writing about Kevin Trudeau and GIN on GINtruth. I've yet to hear back from him.

The same day Loony announced his dog's death, an anonymous commenter,
apparently quoting from lyrics in Les Miserables, wrote to my blog.

It is possible that the Anon commenter was just being ironic, perhaps making fun of the idiots who really are supporting Coldwell's histrionics. But I don't know for sure. I'm erring on the side of caution these days. So as always, I've recorded and reported everything.

Over the next couple of days following the death announcement, Coldwell continued to use his Facebook page as a wailing wall, milking that old sympathy cow for all it was worth, portraying his dog as the embodiment of pure love and innocence, and me as evil personified.

 But he wasn't finished yet.
Coldwell brings Mommy into the mix

I figured that with the dog dead, Coldwell's beloved mama had to be next on the list of pawns in his deranged little game, particularly since he had previously used Mommy to threaten me, pretending to be his brother and using the totally fake name "Rudi Kauder." I've shared that story and these screen shots before, of course, but here they are again. This message was sent on November 4, 2012. What spooked me when I first saw the threat (I didn't actually see it till January 2013) was Coldwell's threat to share my private information with his rabid fans. Ultimately he did make good on that threat, of course, although not until more than a year and a half later.

For someone who "isn't a public figure," Mommy sure appears on public posts a lot, as well as in Coldwell's books. He parades her around in public like a prize-winning heifer. As you probably know if you've been following this blog (or him) at all, Coldwell's "health expert" shtick is based in large part on his tall tales of curing Mommy of liver cancer ("in a terminal state"), liver cirrhosis and hepatitis C 43 years ago (never mind that Hep C wasn't identified by medical science until 1989 -- a mere 25 years ago).

In any case I was of course correct in my prediction that Coldwell would bring Mommy into the mix in the wake of the dog "poisoning" saga. But I don't deserve too much credit for my prescience because he is such a predictable little nutjob. In the shot below you'll see how he threw Momma into the narrative. Also notice that our favorite caps-lock terrorist, Haiah Victoria Kingsley, is back with her threats of violence against me.

In truth, I've never shared Mommy's current name anywhere, nor her address, so chalk that up to just another one of Lenny's lies. I shared her MAIDEN NAME once on my first blog post about Bernd/Lenny, which I initially
published in May 2012. I got that name from a publicly available document concerning Coldwell's legal name change, which took place in Fauquier County, Virginia on June 25, 1998. But in a subsequent post about the name change -- the one where I celebrated the Quinceanera (fifteenth birthday party) of Lenny's new name -- I even redacted her maiden name.

As for her address, which presumably is somewhere in Germany, I don't know it, don't want to, and wouldn't share it if I had it. I don't think Mommy is totally innocent -- after all, Lenny has publicly boasted online and in interviews and in books that she manages his "businesses" in Germany (which I can only imagine has something to do with money-funneling) -- but nevertheless I do think she is being used and perhaps to some extent duped by her wicked son. And I always leave family members of scammers alone unless there is a compelling reason to do otherwise.

So, Coldwell, show us some place where I published Mommy's name and address. Show us some concrete proof or even credible evidence that Mommy was "hurt" by anyone as a result of anything I wrote, ever. You claimed in a recent rant that she was "instantly" hurt after I published her name and address. When and where did this happen? If it happened immediately after I published her maiden name on May 31, 2012 -- which is the only time I ever published it -- why are you only just now saying that she got hurt as a result of something I published?
Why didn't you start hollering about her Cosmic-Connie-induced injuries more than two years ago?

For that matter, show us proof that I went online and obtained your home address, which is the foundation of your ridiculous lie that I poisoned your dog or that I was responsible for poisoning him. As noted before on this blog, I have only ever availed myself of free data that pops up when your name is entered into a search engine. I have never paid for a search for your address or your dodgy background. With the exception of mentioning the street where your mailbox is (an address that you have published on all of your web sites), I have never published your address, not only because I don't know it but because I simply don't do things like that -- unlike you, who published my address and private phone number with the clear intent not merely to discredit me -- something you've not been able to do with your nearly two years of lying about me -- but to incite violence against me. You are such a coward, Lenny. If one of your stupid fans comes after me it will, I promise you, not end well for them, and that will be on your shiny little head.

I suppose the next thing Coldwell will do is make up another story about getting his car bombed (again) or about some other brand new threat to his own life or property. He might even post a picture of a bombed-out car, or even a pic of himself with a fake black eye to make people feel sorry for him. He has often claimed that there have been numerous attempts on his life -- four, eleven or twelve, depending upon the conversation. He claims he has been shot at and hit, and that he has a bullet in his body. If all of that is true, it seems that Big Pharma sure is hiring some incompetent hit men.

Or maybe Coldwell is not through with using Mommy to incite fans' wrath against me. Perhaps she will get ill or take a fall, as older folks unfortunately often do. And of course he will blame me and get the imbeciles all fired up yet again. You just never know.

Somebody knows what really happened to Coldwell's dog(s).
According to Lenny's lament on August 30, Blue was to be cremated and his ashes scattered "in the country." There was no mention that I could see of a necropsy (which is what
they generally call an animal autopsy, for some reason) to confirm cause of death, so I suspect there is a dearth of forensic evidence. Not that his idiot followers are going to even question his story, though.

Nevertheless, many people besides me have questioned his story all along. Some outside speculators have gone so far as to suggest that the dog did not actually die or never was ill in the first place and that Lenny made the whole thing up as an excuse to get people to attack me. That seems like an awful lot of trouble to go through, even for Lenny, and besides, Blue was supposedly an attraction at some of his seminars, and I can't see him giving up any edge he might have had, since his seminars have had so little to recommend them ever since Kevin Trudeau divorced him. Some folks even suggested at the very beginning of the dog saga that Lenny or someone else close to Blue did something to the dog to create the drama -- kind of a
Munchhausen syndrome by proxy thing. I think that is far-fetched, but then again, with Coldwell, you never know. He is pretty much bat-sh-t crazy.

Some people thought it possible that Blue had some chronic or acute disease process going on, perhaps contributed to by owners who fed him too much people food, or the wrong kind of people food. (Oysters, for instance, really are not good for dogs in excess. Raw oysters can give people hepatitis A, and it's possible that dogs can get some form of hepatitis or other serious illness from eating raw oysters too (
though canine hepatitis is usually spread in other ways). Left untreated, hepatitis can eventually kill. Even cooked oysters can have toxic algae that can make dogs sick. Just saying, in light of the fact that Coldwell has shared this 2011 pic.)

It's even possible that all of those "natural remedies" that Lenny claimed to be stuffing down the dog had something to do with hastening his demise. Food grade hydrogen peroxide, colloidal silver, benzonite clay, sodium thiosulfate, and all kinds of homeopathic stuff... good Goddess!

I've even heard theories from some folks who have looked at all of the still pics and videos Coldwell has shared of the dog, and have suggested that there might be more than one dog involved. In some pics the dog Lenny calls Blue has a lot more white on his head and body than in other pics. A trick of the light... or a trick of a lunatic who will stop at nothing to silence a critic? Lenny has said that he has several pit bulls. One friend of mine said he either can't tell his dogs apart or he is being untruthful about what happened to one or more of those dogs... and my friend is banking on the latter. As farfetched as the "different dogs" theory may be, it's still not as farfetched as his lie that I had anything to do with harming any dog.

All I know is that there are lots of holes in Lenny's dog story, apart from the big lie that I had anything to do with whatever happened. And the longer you look the more holes you can see. It's like a sky full of stars, except ugly.

In any case, assuming that the dog(s) really did get sick -- from whatever cause -- I have no doubt that somebody, somewhere outside of Lenny's tight little circle of insanity knows much more about what really happened to Blue than has been told so far. Whether it's somebody who worked on the dog(s) at the Charleston or Mt. Pleasant area animal emergency clinic when he first took ill around July 14, 2014, or someone who subsequently tended him/them at his regular vet, or cared for him/them along the way or even before the alleged poisoning... somebody knows something and has some information that can help me.

Maybe it's one of Lenny's neighbors or a property manager or landlord, wherever in Mt. Pleasant or Charleston that he may be squatting at the moment. (As noted before, I don't know his address and don't want to, but there are indications that he moves around a lot -- more than the average person, even in our highly mobile society.) 

Somebody knows what happened to that dog, and I am not going to give up until I find out or until Coldwell retracts his horrible accusations. And this isn't any sort of invasion of Coldwell's privacy. As I said in my previous post (under the sub-head, "Why I have spent so much time writing about Leonard Coldwell"), he invited me to the party by falsely accusing me of a specific crime and by sharing my private information. He gave up his right to privacy where the situation with his dog is concerned. And no matter how obsessive it makes me appear, I am going to keep on this until I get to the bottom of the mystery or until he retracts and apologizes. I suspect you might do the same if you or someone you love were similarly accused.

If you are reading this and you happen to be someone who knows what really happened to Coldwell's dog, you know he is lying about me and deliberately putting me in danger. You know that it is wrong to just sit on this information. Sharing the information with me is the right thing to do. If you work at one of the vet clinics and are afraid you will lose your job, I understand and I will keep you anonymous to the extent that it is possible.

For the possible benefit of those who might be familiar with some of the veterinary clinics in Charleston, here are links to a couple of videos Coldwell posted on Facebook about his dog's suffering. They reveal a little bit of the hospital environment but I don't know if there's enough to make it distinctly recognizable.
Below is a still photo of a dog that was posted on Coldwell's Facebook page on July 19, 2014, five days after the first rash of accusations and presumably 5 to 6 days after Blue took ill. (Don't believe the claim that the post was written by someone named "Katie" -- that is Coldwell's writing style. And a friend of mine has had private convos with "Katie," who wrote a LOT like Coldwell and even referred to Coldwell in the first person.)

The point is that I need your help. Again, it's the right thing to do. Allowing Coldwell to continue his lies about me will not bring his dog back and will only be enabling a psychopath. I can't offer you a $10,000 reward like Coldwell did back on July 15 for information linking me to the dog poisoning incident -- in fact I can't offer you any reward other than the satisfaction of knowing you did the right thing. But please, help me if you can. Or Coldwell could just save us all the trouble and tell us where his dog was treated, and share the complete veterinary records. But I don't see that happening.
As for the rest of you, I will try not to bore you any more than absolutely necessary with any more Coldwell nonsense on this blog. But count on this: I am not going to go away.

UPDATE, 17 January 2015:
Coldwell fanboy Florian De Waele, who hurled his potshots from Belgium and whose toxic conversation I shared above, may or may not be the author of this new blog, which purports to "expose" me as a Big Pharma Whore and was launched yesterday, 16 January. (Florian's Facebook page seems to be missing in action, though it's possible that he has simply blocked me...but Yahoo's error handler indicates that it cannot be found. If it were a mere blocking, then I would get a "content not available" message from Facebook, not from Yahoo.) At any rate, the blogger's arguments to the comments some of us have made to his blog sound a lot like those that Florian made during that August/September 2014 conversation, and besides, several of the lame Photoshop efforts have the word Schermafbeelding in the file name, which happens to be Dutch for "screenshot." And Dutch is, of course, one of the official languages of Belgium. Coincidence? Maybe. Surely I have more than one hater, and possibly some of them speak Dutch, and possibly some besides Florian just happen to be in the Central European Time Zone reflected on this new blog. But maybe it is Florian. Anyway, hurry and read the blog post and ensuing conversation while it's still up there; it may not be long for this world.

The back story to this post (complete with disturbing screen shots of comments from crazed Lenny fans):
Leonard Coldwell goes too far: lies about me poisoning his dog (originally published 16 July, 2014, with several updates)

Deconstructing Lenny in five not-so-easy pieces:


Anonymous said...

That looks like it could be a costume for Halloween for the right person.

This blog contains an honest plea. I have never seen Connie do that before. So I will add my plea to hers.

Please lets end the lies about Coldwell's dog and get to the truth of the matter. It has gone on long enough, to be very dangerous.

Thank you,
Julie Daniel

Alex said...

I have pets, and I'm very mindful of :PotsoNous Ple.rqTs. Dr. C. is smart and helpful for increasing the awareness of :PotsoNous Ple.rqTs. In fact, I think I've heard you can harm dogs from seven states away using :PotsoNous Ple.rqTs. Nothing idiotic or delusional about that. (Gotta go -- my cat might be getting into my stash of :PotsoNous Ple.rqTs.)

Cosmic Connie said...

LOL about the costume, Julie. I actually do have a devil Halloween costume. And yes, I don't normally beg on my blog. But this is a sincere plea. Thank you for your continuing support and friendship.

Cosmic Connie said...

Hi, Alex, it's good to see you here. Yes, I agree about those :PotsoNous Ple.rqT. Very bad things for our puppies and kitties. BTW, the little nut job still thinks you are I. But then again, he thinks Julie is also I. We all are one...

Anonymous said...

This blog is under investigation by the FBI Cybercrime Division for infringement of privacy rights with libelous articles. New posts could potentially lead to further persecution.

Cosmic Connie said...

You're full of crap, Anonymous Sunday, September 07, 2014 4:33:00 PM. (Is that you, Amy? I still hold out hope that you might eventually grow up and get out of that little monster's clutches. You have your whole life ahead of you, sweetie!) Whoever you are, I haven't infringed on anybody's privacy and I have committed zero libel. You're barking up the wrong tree: your daft little "doctor" friend is the one who is invading my privacy and endangering me by posting my private information in conjunction with libelous accusations.

He has been publicly telling actionable lies about me for going on two years now (the first comment I saw was on October 19, 2012, and I have screen shots of everything).

First he said I was an AIDS-infected ex prostitute -- an outrageous lie, and the very textbook definition of speech that is not protected by the First Amendment. Lately he's been saying that I have been sexually harassing him and that the only reason I write about him is that I am angry because he rejected me. That's an even stupider lie. He also lied that I poisoned his dog. If you're Amy or someone else close to him, you know he is lying. You know what happened to the dog, too. Maybe you feel a little guilty, because maybe the dog got into something he shouldn't have while you were watching him. Maybe you made oatmeal cookies with raisins and gave him too many; raisins can kill a dog.

In any event when it comes to "libelous" content Coldwell is the criminal, not I.

And I think you mean "prosecution," not "persecution." That is, unless you're talking about Lenny's famous persecution complex, LOL. He does seem to make up a new and wilder lie about me every time I write about him. So maybe you really meant that new articles about him could incite him to make up even crazier persecution tales.

I am always open to the possibility that this comment is a fake and you're just having fun with me. Okay, have your fun. But if you are seriously trying to intimidate me, it isn't working.

Unknown said...

Stop talking crap!

Anonymous said...

What an annoying little runt of a dog.

I meant Bernie, not Blue.

Then again, calling Bernie a dog is an insult to dogs. I take it back - he's still just a maggot.

The Munchhausen suspicions are probably correct. I have a hard time believing somebody that delusional, self-absorbed, and full of malice could truly care about anything else other than himself, and it's clear he'll do anything nefarious he can get away with to rally his minions to his side.

Cosmic Connie said...

That's telling Anon, Bernie. :-)

Cosmic Connie said...

So, Anon Monday, September 08, 2014 2:30:00 AM...
What do you have against Bernie? You seem to not be a Coldwell fan; why would you not be supportive of Bernie, who has also spoken out against Coldwell?

Cosmic Connie said...

Back to Anon Sept. 7's comment...

If you are truly a Coldwell supporter and believe everything he writes or says, why do you even believe that the FBI has any jurisdiction over me or my blog? After all, I don't live in Washington DC, and according to Coldwell's disclaimer page on his main site...

"To the clowns out there acting as if they where [sic] a legitimate government: I do not consent to you having any kind of jurisdiction over me or my work. I do not give you my consent to contact me directly or indirectly. I do not consent to your courts authority or your corporation regulations or company policies which have no power over me. I do not consent to your admiralty courts or being contacted or trialed by them. I am a free man living on the land and do not consent to be trialed by admiralty or marital law. I insist on the application of common law and only accept trial by jury in a common law procedure and by the court of record. So you get it? I do not consent to anything that you the corporation or the ones acting for the corporation imposing to by our rulers or dictators or for that matter a lawful government. To me you are not and keep the Washington DC based corporate employees and their unlawful actions away from me. I will use all lawful means to protect my common law rights. My legal team tells me that every US of America corporation employee acts in his own name and authority and is not protected by any immunization from personal and criminal responsibilities or law suits if they step out of the framework of what their job allows them lawfully to do (That is what my legal team confirmed to me). Whatever I do or say now or in the future, does not mean I give you jurisdiction over me or my matters. I will never give you jurisdiction or consent to anything. You do not have any consent to anything regarding me, I will never give you and further, you do you have any jurisdiction or authority over me or my matters. No FBI, FTC or FDA etc has any jurisdiction over me as a free citizen of the Republic. The constitution is the supreme law of the land and every law, rule, act etc that is unconstitutional, has no enforceable lawful value. The only jurisdiction are my unalienable rights and the constitution of we the people and the bill of rights. Get it guys? I do not consent to anything regarding you! This is the conclusion of extensive research of my legal team and I trust they are right. UCC1.207"

The whole disclaimer is hilarious, particularly since Coldwell goes on to claim, without any apparent trace of irony, that he "does not trade or sell anything in any way, shape or form."

Anonymous said...

I would like it if anon's identified themselves with any sort of id. I never know if it is a new person (being an idiot), or if it is just an old poster continuing on.
I have a hard time thinking that there comments mean anything at all. ___ Oh wait I am right on that one.
But, if you each gave yourself some sort of a name, then I might even read what you say.
You can still post as anon, and I am just sign it.

Like this;
I am Julie Daniel.

So who are you anon?

Julie Daniel.

Alex Bones said...

I call false flag doggy death operation, carried out by a sheep dipped, compartmentalized black ops team. Those who carried out that operation are already deader than hammers, the psychopathic globalist NWO elite always cleans up after itself.

Anonymous said...

This might seem like a stupid question. I'm very new to this story. But, he seems to be trying to incite a mob. No better mob than animal lovers too because they can be completely cray cray. Have you notified the authorities?

Anonymous said...

Just to be clear, I'm not that weird Anon in these other comments. I'm a new reader. Hopefully my IP proves I'm legit!

From a Memphis person who is very concerned about crazy animal people coming after the blog writer.

hhh said...

All anons are the One anon ?

Anonymous said...

Hey you crazy cunt....time to get a job like your hero salty droid and the terrorist from isreal. I couldn't even read this 50,000 word rant, but you are an obsessive psycho just like them with too much time on you hands. If you spent this type of energy on something productive you could actually make some money online but you are a psychotic black hole..they at least realized what a waste of air, sperm and effort they are. I'm not a fan of Caldwell, but what is your story? You sound like he fucked you and dumped you or something, lol.

Anonymous said...

I can't help but chuckle at the cowardice of "men" who are so threatened by intelligent women that all they can offer - from the safety of anonymity, hidden behind their keyboards, nonetheless - is juvenile name-calling, with a helping of their own obviously unfulfilled sexual fantasies thrown in for good measure.

Connie is brave enough to be forthright about who she is, and displays integrity in documenting her comments with facts. Her more juvenile detractors would do well to take lessons in integrity, not to mention courage, from her. Not that I expect them to do so. They prefer to hide. It's what cowards do. Meh.

RevRon's Rants said...

I can't help but chuckle at the cowardice of "men" who are so threatened by intelligent women that all they can offer - from the safety of anonymity, hidden behind their keyboards, nonetheless - is juvenile name-calling, with a helping of their own obviously unfulfilled sexual fantasies thrown in for good measure.

Connie is brave enough to be forthright about who she is, and displays integrity in documenting her comments with facts. Her more juvenile detractors would do well to take lessons in integrity, not to mention courage, from her. Not that I expect them to do so. They prefer to hide. It's what cowards do. Meh.

Cosmic Connie said...

Thanks, Ron! I have no way of knowing who wrote that little screed but it kind of reminded me of Coldwell's buddy and supporter, Michael Vara of the nutjob-radio show "Late Night in the Midlands." (Although I noticed that the person spelled Coldwell's name incorrectly.) A few months ago during the height of the dog poisoning flap Vara called me a psycho bitch, which is why this comment made me think of him.(Previously, however, when Coldwell first began squawking about the dog, Vara had sent me a private message, kind of an LOL thing, asking if I'd poisoned some doctor's dog. He wrote, "Good job!")

Whether it's Vara or just some obscure, anonymous wanker, I think you nailed it in your "profiling."

Tom Banjo said...

Speaking of "too much time on your hands" how does anonyCOWARD feel about Caldwell's ridiculous lawsuit against Salty Droid and the hilarious response from Salty? Pretty fucking embarrassing no? Anyone who decides to step up and be Lenny's hero should read the court documents for that case first.

Cosmic Connie said...

Hi, Tom, good to see you here. And... points well taken.

First off, as discussed on other forums, it is interesting that the anony-coward would mention Salty and Omri (the "terrorist" in Israel), and would leave out Bernie O'Mahony at GINtruth. That is obviously because Bernie is still actively blogging; in fact he's been a lot more active on his blog lately than I have on mine. (Sorry, y'all; I will make it up to you.)

Salty and Omri, on the other hand, haven't been so active on their blogs because they are indeed involved in other things right now, but it wasn't because they "got a job." I strongly suspect we haven't heard the last from either one of them.

But getting to your point: yes, let's rub that anonymous wanker's nose in the lawsuit thing. As many of you may know, Coldwell comically filed a defamation per se lawsuit against "Jason Michael Jones [Salty's real name] aka Omri Shabat" back in February of this year (2014). He was all over Facebook bragging about it.

But the lawsuit was a major fail because...
(1) Salty/Jason and Omri are not the same person, and even though Jason was named as the defendant, all of the supposedly offending blog posts cited in the complaint were Omri's. Every single one of them.
(2) Although Jason formerly lived in Chicago at the address listed on the complaint, he had moved to a new address in another state about a year prior to the filing of the lawsuit. Therefore he could never be properly served with papers. (Coldwell was all over that story, saying that Jason was in hiding in a cheap apartment or under a bridge somewhere, because he had heard that Coldwell was suing him.)
(3) When Jason got word of the lawsuit, thanks to friends who shared Coldwell's Facebook posts with him, he sent a friend who still lives in Chicago to the courthouse to get a copy of the filed lawsuit so Jason could properly answer it.
(4) Jason answered the lawsuit properly -- sharing his new address -- and he filed a motion to dismiss and a motion for sanctions against Coldwell and the opportunistic PERSONAL INJURY lawyer who had been foolish enough to take Coldwell's case.
(5) Omri answered the lawsuit too and both he and Jason submitted affidavits stating that they were two separate individuals.
(6) The PERSONAL INJURY lawyer who had taken Lenny's case, Dennis J. Kellogg, submitted a motion to withdraw as counsel only a few weeks into the case. Motion granted.
(7) Around the time his lawyer dropped out, Lenny began spreading the story on Facebook that he had just found out that his case against Jason was a Federal criminal case and so he was getting new lawyers.
(8) Lenny apparently never found another lawyer, and nobody showed up for the hearing on the original lawsuit. The sham of a lawsuit was, in the end, dismissed "for want of prosecution."

"I will start the fight... and I will forfeit it with my own stupidity."
~ Leonard Coldwell (if he were honest)

Cosmic Connie said...

Oh, a couple more points, anony-wanker:
1. My blog isn't the one with the theme that "you can't make money online." That's never really been my central issue. I am well aware that people can make money online. I've often considered better ways to monetize my own efforts. I just don't have the unrealistic expectations that are created and nurtured by the Internet Marketing scammers Salty Droid and Omri Shabat write about.
2. Re my sounding like a woman scorned... surely you could come up with something more original than that! But it's typical misogynistic response when a woman writes something that the misogynist doesn't agree with. In fact as you probably know, Coldwell used a version of that lie as a foundation of his own defamation campaign against me. He says I write about him (and that I even killed his dog) because I wanted to have sex with Coldwell and he rejected me.

Coming from a 12-year-old boy that would just be puerile nonsense, but from a 56-year-old psychopath it's something infinitely more disturbing. And if you bought into that story, Michael Vara (or whoever you are), you're just as bad as Lenny.

There now. You've been handed your balls on a platter; take them and go play elsewhere.

Tina said...

AnonyCoward is cleary someone close to the faux doc, commenting that he doesn't know who coldwell is and then misspelling his name to back up the claim. Maybe Klein would have been easier to spell.

Cosmic Connie said...

Clearly you're right, Tina! :-)

Kristin W. said...

Hi Musings. Stumbled upon your blog chasing info down a rabbit hole and was delighted to find you!!! Keep up the great work!! It's inspiring that aside from dealing with everyday life you put yourself out there and post info about people like Coldwell. I too have had run in's with ID Ten T's aka ID10T's of Scamworld. It helped me to read and re-read the last chapter of "Lies: And the Lying Liars Who Tell Them" by Al Frankin.

Besides I just can’t get over what the practical application of his accusation would entail. I think that most starting out on a interstate revenge mission would be turned back quickly by the horrible bathrooms, speed traps, and bad highway food. Then there is the issue that your writings are much too rational, and only serve to betray his accusations. Besides he’s gross!!! If I were a snake oil salesman I would do everything not to look like one!! It’s obvious he failed to get that memo!!

Then there is the very real issue that any vet that treated a dog that was obviously poisoned, combined with the owner having a keen suspicions who it was would report it to the authorities!!

What I’m most curious about is how he would know if you frantically searched for his personal address only days or the day before his dog got ill???? Seriously – Too bad Sony didn’t have this guy working for him. Someone needs to hire him to find out who’s behind all the hackings in the world!!! I think he missed his calling!
Happy New Year!!! Glad there are people like you in the world!!!!

Cosmic Connie said...

LOL, Kristin, thank you for the comment. Actually a road trip with my husband sounds like a pretty good idea -- bad food and all (we only stop at the nicer looking rest stops and try to avoid horrible bathrooms -- and some of that highway food is so bad it's good). But if we were going to take a road trip we would probably go to the West Coast or the Rockies instead of the Carolinas.

I have no idea where the stupid little not-doctor got the notion that I was frantically searching for his home address; I imagine he's just making that up along with everything else. As I noted in this blog post and several other places, I have no idea what his address is and never did know. In fact I don't know if he's still even living in South Carolina; for all I know he could have high-tailed it to North Carolina, where he has some newer businesses registered.

All I know is that he reportedly moves around a LOT -- and I got a big hint of that on the 2007 police report. I'm thinking that one reason for all the moving around could be that he is trying to avoid civil lawsuits or arrest warrants. Who knows. Of course he will say that it's because he has to hide out from the Big Pharma thugs.

But regarding my supposedly frantic search for his address and the subsequent dog poisoning: He's either lying, or so insane and deluded that he truly believed his accusations. I rather doubt that the latter is the case, but either way, this is one more huge piece of evidence that he has ZERO credibility. And IMO, anyone who believes in him after doing even rudimentary research about him either has business and/or sexual ties to him (the latter is a truly disgusting thought, but I hear rumors...)... or is desperate, willfully ignorant, or simply an idiot.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by, Kristin, and I hope you continue to visit this Whirled. I also hope to have much more substantial content about something besides that little German lunatic.

Unknown said...

Has AnonyCoward gone back into his hole? Probably banned account like his "Sarah Quick" one?

Cosmic Connie said...

Gosh, I'm not sure, Bernie. But there will always be more AnonyCowards to take his place -- count on it!