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Monday, August 04, 2014

Leonard Coldwell's medical lackground and other hilarities from his new Bio website, Part 2 of 5

NOTE: ALL links to web pages, and comments about the content on those pages, were accurate at the time this post (and updates) were originally written. In this post, information about said content was accurate at least through February 2015, but it appears that subject may have subsequently taken steps to redesign/"clean up" some of his sites.

Now we are going to take a closer look at alt-health cancer quack Leonard Coldwell's "medical credentials" and "cancer cure" claims. They are on his Bio site, which has been on the web since late June. In a previous post we took a detailed look at a page on that site on which he attempted to document ways that his critics were "defaming" him. However, the site contained legally actionable lies about the very people he claimed were defaming him. It was reported as abusive and that page is now gone. But the "credentials" and "cure rate" claims are still up there and beg for a closer look.

I suspect that some of you are profoundly bored with this subject, and I'm getting a little bored with it myself, but I promised a Part 2, so here it is. (There's even going to be a Part 3, 4, and 5.) After that I intend to get back to more important topics, or at least more amusing ones. There really is a big horrid Scamworld out there far beyond the lunacy of Loony C, as I am reminded every time Salty Droid -- one of the bloggers
Coldwell tried unsuccessfully to sue -- publishes a new post. (Like this one.)

~ CC

In Part 1 of this originally two-part but now five-part series, we explored the spurious claims of "defamation" and some of the other outright lies that Not-doctor Leonard Coldwell -- the former Bernd Klein aka Bernd Witchner of Germany, and the former b.f.f. of jailed serial scammer Kevin Trudeau -- put on his new Bio web site. The site, clearly built to get even with Coldwell's critics, got its little nuts cut pretty early on because it contained some seriously defamatory lies about some of the very people Coldwell was accusing of defaming him.

In fact that site has been through quite an ordeal since its launch around June 20, 2014, with Coldwell falsely claiming that his most persistent critics hacked into it. Before we get to the main topics of this post, which include Coldwell's questionable medical creds and his lame attempt to "prove" his "92.3% cure rate," let's review what really happened with the site. If you already know most of this story from reading about it on Bernie O'Mahony's GINtruth blog, I apologize for the redundancy but as always, I think it is important to document things here as well, and in more detail than you probably need. I'm obsessive that way, you know. If the web site stuff bores you, go straight down to the big Bernd-shirt pink subhead ("Certified... or certifiable?") for a closer look at the certifiable Coldwell's not-so-impressive certificates.

Coldwell's bio site glitches, and he lies that it was hacked
The controversial page on Coldwell's Bio site was titled, "Defamation." After complaints from several people about whom Coldwell wrote blatant lies on that page -- people such as Bernie, whom Coldwell falsely accused of being a child rapist -- the web host, WIX, demanded that the site owners take the page down. Apparently the webmaster tried to comply. Either that, or WIX removed the site without first giving her a chance to comply. The stories are a little confusing.

In any case it seems there was a glitch somewhere. For a day or so, the entire site was down. Not long afterward it was up again, but the menu was missing, and the only pages you could get to were the home page, which had an abbreviated bio and summary; and the extended bio page, which you could get to from the home page only because there was a link on the body of that page. You could not get to the other pages except by typing in the direct links to them, if you happened to have saved the links.

There was one exception, however: the "Defamation" page -- which could not be reached even by typing in the direct link. That link would take you straight to the home page.

During this time Coldwell was all over his little Facebook universe, complaining that I had hacked the site and/or that Bernie had hacked it under orders from me.

Not long after the first flurry of accusations, the site was back up -- including the menu, and including the intact Defamation page that had been the target of the complaints in the first place. Oops! The only difference was that the pictures loaded a little more smoothly and didn't obscure the text, as had originally been the case. So it was much easier to read Coldwell's false accusations about Bernie, as well as his accusations about me and several others.

I will note again, as I did in Part 1, that my name was not actually mentioned on that Defamation page, nor did my picture appear. However, Coldwell wrote about a woman who had allegedly tried for years to have sex with him, and he wrote that because he had refused her, she went on a hate rampage against him. In light of the fact that this is one of his newest lies (or twisted fantasies) about me, and in light of previous things he had written about me on Facebook, as well as subsequent Facebook posts where he told the exact same story and posted my full name and address, it is very clear that he was talking about me.

In addition, Coldwell wrote on the Defamation page that he would gladly share the full names, addresses, and contact information of everyone mentioned on that page; all one had to do was write to him at a specific email address, which he also included. To many of us this seemed like more than a veiled threat and a call for some sort of vigilante "justice" against Coldwell's critics. (Unfortunately he later made good on that threat with me, posting my name and address all over his Facebook platforms in conjunction with more actionable lies and false accusations.)

I believe Bernie complained again, as he had every right to do. Remember, Coldwell had falsely accused Bernie of being a child molester. My husband Ron also complained. (I never did complain to Wix, however, although I did subsequently complain to Facebook when Coldwell posted the accusations against Bernie on his Facebook pages.) And the entire site disappeared again, for a very short while. Once again Coldwell whined that Bernie and I had hacked into his site. At some point, hilariously, he also turned his wrath upon the Jewish people, simply because web host WIX is in Israel.

But that's not really all that surprising, for as violence in the Middle East has escalated Coldwell has once again let his inner anti-Semite out to play. Sooner or later, the hater monkey in this great "humanitarian" always comes out on social media. (
Here is Bernie, weighing in on that matter on GINtruth, with some hilarious but disturbing screen shots.)

Meanwhile, as the July web shenanigans were going on, Coldwell's webmaster offered a little more perspective about the situation. She indicated that WIX had notified her of complaints about an abusive page on the site. She said that WIX requested that the page be taken down, and she complied. But after that, the rest of the site didn't function correctly. She reported that some of Lenny's other WIX-hosted sites were down too, but I never checked those so I don't know. The webmaster blamed WIX, but apparently not the Jews or Bernie or me -- at least not on this post:

Coldwell's lies continued, however. Even as he was blaming the Jews in Israel, Coldwell was also still blaming Bernie and me. He complained that Bernie and I had finagled things so that the single "Defamation" page disappeared, because we were afraid of the world learning "the truth" about us.

At some point while all of this was happening, Coldwell came up with perhaps the biggest whopper of all:
he falsely accused me of poisoning his dog, and, as I mentioned above, he also shared my name and address. So now, in addition to being an alleged hacker or being responsible for hacking, I was allegedly a dog poisoner. This little snippet is from one of Lenny's Facebook exchanges on July 15, 2014 (notice how at that point his webmistress seemed to be complicit in the "hacking" lie, even though she almost certainly knew better).

As indicated by the picture above, some people believed his lies, even after presumably reading many posts to the contrary. I'm still dealing with blowback from that. (Coldwell has seemingly tried to slink out of the situation since then; a little over a week after his first rants about his dog and me appeared, he used his main Facebook page to post a list of plants toxic to dogs, noting that he'd learned about this list while trying to save the dog's life. He also posted that Blue was almost completely recovered.
Again, there's more about that here, for those haven't caught up on the story yet.) [There is an important update to the Blue saga here. ~CC]

Were the sporadic disappearances of the entire Coldwell Bio site actually due to WIX's foul-ups, or to the webmaster's errors, or to a combination of the two? Beats me. I have a vague idea of how vexing web problems can be, which is why you don't see me messing much with web design. All I know for certain is that Coldwell's web problems had nothing to do with Bernie, me, or any of Coldwell's imagined "enemies." Coldwell knows it too, and I strongly suspect that his web person Sarah does too, but lying is what Coldwell does best, so that's what we can pretty much expect from him in response to any setback in his life. At any rate, as of this posting, the site is back up again, functioning marginally better than before, though extraordinarily slow loading.

Notably missing in action is the "Defamation" tab, which previously could be reached via the drop-down menu under the category "MORE." It has been replaced by a highly condensed version of itself, under a new title. As of this writing, there is a new tab under "MORE," called "Enemies." Presently it contains only two items from the original "Defamation" page:
1. An April 2014 affidavit showing that one woman who had previously accused Coldwell of sexual impropriety in 2007 recanted her accusation. The affidavit makes mention of the woman having made the original accusations "under duress," but it's natural to wonder if it was the retraction that was made under duress. There's no explanation on the "Enemies" page, just a picture of the poorly redacted affidavit.
2. An oddly redacted fragment of a March 2013 email in which Kevin Trudeau apparently attempted to do damage control after an ABC news crew caught up with Katie at his home away from home in Zurich. I went into some detail about that
in Part 1.

[UPDATE, 9 December 2014: A third document was recently added to the "Enemies" page -- a November 21, 2014 letter from Solicitor Scarlett A. Wilson of the Ninth Judicial Circuit of South Carolina (see shot below). Here is information about Scarlett Wilson, who is the Solicitor (equivalent to the State's Attorney or District Attorney) for Berkeley and Charleston Counties in South Carolina). Her name was mentioned in the 2007 police report on Lenny (a report that, as I and others have mentioned numerous times, did not result in any formal charges against Coldwell).

You'll notice that on the shot of the letter that he posted, Lenny not only redacted his own home address (which he wouldn't even give to the Cook County (Illinois) court when he unsuccessfully sued Salty Droid and Omri Shabat), but he also redacted the business addresses of Scarlett Wilson in both Charleston and Berkeley Counties. However, you can easily contact her if you wish. Here is the full contact info for
the Berkeley County office and here is the info for the Charleston County office.] 

At any rate, Coldwell's Bio site was having problems not because Bernie "hacked" the site, although he and others did complain to the host about it -- in other words, they went through legitimate channels. It was not because I "hacked" the site or told Bernie to do it. I don't know how to hack sites and don't want to know. But I suppose there's no convincing the diehard Coldwell fans.

Here is Bernie's
early take on some of Coldwell's recent lunacy -- the dog poisoning and hacking allegations -- and here's a subsequent post. Unlike me, Bernie doesn't mince words.

So now, finally, let's get to the main topic of this post: Leonard Coldwell's medical LACKground.

Certified... or certifiable?
For most people, questioning a person's credentials is a natural thing to do when that person makes extravagant claims, as Coldwell has repeatedly done. Perhaps his most famous claim is that he cured more than 35,000 people of cancer, though he has also posted modified versions of that claim on various sites, including his new one (more on that in a little while). And when someone claims to have four PhDs, or eight doctorates, or several master's degrees, and other similar claims -- and Coldwell has made all of these claims at various times -- it's natural to want to find out where he got those degrees.

So it is not at all surprising that I am far from the only person to have questioned Leonard Coldwell's credentials. The snarky, opinionated (but NOT-me) writer of the RationalWiki page about Coldwell (I'll have more about that in Part 4) makes note of some of the various questionable creds Coldwell has claimed to have. This is from the "Qualifications" section:
Coldwell claims expertise in virtually any sphere where he thinks there's a quick buck to be made and backs up his 'expertise' with a variety of phoney or worthless qualification none of which are worth the Microsoft Paint and clip-art enhanced 80gsm they were ink-jetted on.

At various times Coldwell has laid claim to the following not-necessarily-exhaustive list of 'qualifications'.

  • ND – Naturopathic Doctor.
  • DNM – Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine.
  • LCHC – Unknown. Leonard Coldwell Health Certificate?
  • CNHP – Certified Natural Health Professional.
  • DIP.PHC – Unknown... Diploma in something or other? Diploma in Phoney Healthcare. Yeah... That'll be it.
  • PhD – Doctor of Philosophy. (Four of them).
  • 'Doctor Degrees' (Four of them whatever they are supposed to be).
  • D.Hum – Doctor of Humanities. (Honorary).
Determining when or where this impressive hoard of qualifications were obtained is remarkably difficult largely due to the fact Coldwell is quite determinedly tight-lipped on the whole subject and the claims vary from one bullshit website to the next.

In written evidence for an ill-fated 1999 German defamation case... Coldwell uncharacteristically and probably unwisely let slip a few details about his credentials. He claimed to have a doctorate in psychology from Columbia State University which sounds impressive enough until you discover Columbia State University is, or rather was, a
diploma mill operated by stage hypnotist Ronald “Dr Dante" Pellar. Columbia State University was closed by court order in 1998 when “Dr Dante” got 67 months in the big house on a string of dishonesty charges.

At the same time Coldwell was also claiming to be a professor at the Virginia Health University of Delaware. While absence of evidence is not necessarily evidence of absence in cases like this an internet search for the exact term “Virginia Health University of Delaware” produces exactly two hits both of which relate solely to a certain Mr Leonard Coldwell. Make of that what you will.

Coldwell is the proud holder of an honorary Doctor of Humanities award from the "Non Accredited, but very prestigious, Louisiana Baptist University." which is probably the nearest thing he actually has to a genuine qualification as honorary degrees do not actually require any academic work.

Where Not-A-Doctor Coldwell obtained his other three PhDs and his 'doctor degrees' from is anybody's guess.
Well, Mr. Unknown Writer, maybe we can clear some things up for you here, since Coldwell has become a little more loose-lipped about his creds.

The people who don't ask questions about Coldwell's credentials seem to be those who have a deep need to believe his tall tales. I'm sure they all have their reasons. Perhaps some of these people need or want to believe that there is secret information about some simple, natural "cures" out there, and/or that other "forbidden" information exists that is being hidden from them -- and that only people such as Coldwell are brave enough to fight to get that information to them. Perhaps they are simply and justifiably fed up with mainstream medicine, having had a series of bad experiences in that area, and they are desperately seeking alternatives. What seems clear to me is that people seem to need their heroes, no matter how unlikely, and Coldwell panders to this deep need (I'll have more about that in Part 3 and 4).

In this passage from
the 2008 print version of Instinct Based Medicine (a precursor to Coldwell's "best-seller," The Only Answer to Cancer), Coldwell mentions a Ph.D. and a few master's degrees. But he doesn't answer any questions about where those degrees came from.

In Part 3 I will have more about Coldwell's history of defending himself and his degrees.

Wink tries to do damage control
Before taking a closer look at the individual creds, let's backtrack for a moment. I promise you that this is relevant to current issues. At various times in the past couple of years, Coldwell's bidness partner and good buddy Peter Wink has campaigned to get people to back off on their nonstop criticism of Coldwell. He tried it with me for a while, to no avail. (Peter, as you may recall,
was formerly Kevin Trudeau's marketing director for GIN/Website Solutions, and before that, he worked for Whirled favorite snarget Joe "Mr. Fire" Vitale.)

Peter also tried his manipulations with Bernie at GINtruth. At one point in early 2013 he told Bernie that he, Peter, had seen Coldwell's degrees and certificates with his own eyes, and they were the real thing. This was around the time Bernie was publishing his first blog posts about Coldwell;
on an early Coldwell post on December 15, 2012, Bernie questioned Coldwell's degrees -- and then some. Perhaps Peter thought that Bernie, who had previously been such an ally in the fight against GIN and KT, was still salvageable for Peter's and Lenny's purposes.

But by the time Peter began engaging, the train had already left the station. In fact Lenny had already fired off numerous angry private messages to Bernie the previous month, and had pretty much figured out that Bernie was not on his side. Apparently oblivious to all of that, Peter wrote a private message to Bernie on or about January 2, 2013 -- shortly after the New Years Eve/Day fiasco when Bernie was pummeled by a group of Japanese thugs and
posted a picture on his Facebook page, along with the story of what had happened. In this January 2 Facebook conversation Bernie shares Peter's private message to him.

Apart from its relevance to the topic of Coldwell's "credentials," and the lame excuse-making about why Coldwell had been so cagey about those creds, Peter's comment about Bernie's injury indicates that Peter was very well aware of the story of what had happened to Bernie in early January 2013. Yet to my knowledge Peter said nothing in July 2014 when Coldwell posted that same pic of Bernie on the "Defamation" page on his Bio site, as well as on Coldwell's own Facebook page -- and wrote that it was a picture of Bernie after he had been caught raping a child and had been beaten up by the people who caught him. Not one word did Peter write in Bernie's defense. 

I sense that he was a wee bit embarrassed about his lunatic friend and business partner and hoped the fuss would just die down and go away if he simply ignored it... or perhaps he just didn't care. Maybe he even feels that people who continue to criticize Coldwell get whatever they deserve. He's welcome to comment here if he wishes. Perhaps he could also say something about Coldwell's lies about me poisoning his dog and my so-called sexual obsession with Lenny.

In any case, Peter's efforts to head off Bernie's Coldwell criticism were as futile as Peter's earlier attempts with me. Bernie continued to publish critical posts about Coldwell, as well as
Coldwell's and Wink's GIN ripoff, the IBMS Master's Society, which was also launched in January 2013. As of now, its web site still appears to be down for all practical purposes; I'm still getting a message from Firefox that the site is "untrusted."

Lenny's creds, such as they are
I was not convinced by any previous efforts to validate Lenny's credentials, and I am even less convinced now that I have finally seen those vaunted certificates and "degrees" with my own eyeballs, after Coldwell proudly and defiantly published them on his new Bio web site.

The creds are all showcased
on Coldwell's Bio site on a page labeled "Accredation" [sic]. Nothing screams "legitimate credentials" like seeing the word "accreditation" spelled incorrectly. Although I suspect that soon after this blog post is published, the mistake will be corrected.

[UPDATE 20 March 2015: I was wrong, and I'm not afraid to admit when I am wrong! The incorrect spelling of "Accreditation" was NOT taken down immediately after I published this post in August 2014. Instead it was left up on the Bio site for NINE MONTHS, and was
finally corrected when the site was redesigned in March 2015. But I'm leaving my snarks up anyway... just because. So when you see references to "Accredation" in the rest of this post and on any subsequent posts about Lenny, just bear in mind that for NINE MONTHS after the Bio site was launched, the tab leading to Lenny's make-believe creds was indeed labeled, "Accredation." ~CC]

A quick glance at the "Accredation" page will reveal that the credentials of which Coldwell is so proud really aren't that impressive. For one thing, contrary to the blurb shared above from Instinct Based Medicine, they do not appear to be "master's degrees" or "doctorates." And there's no evidence of a doctorate in psychology, or any real PhD at all, except for the "honorary" one from an unaccredited religious Uni in Louisiana. Or maybe those real degrees are still being hidden, and Lenny will whip them out during the next incarnation of his Bio web site, or as soon as little Amy can get the ink jet printer fixed. I made Lenny a PhD that he can use while he's waiting. You're welcome, Lenny.

Those of you who thumb your nose at the medical establishment, as Coldwell does, probably will not care about the particulars of these "certifications." Those who disdain the educational establishment probably won't care either. So feel free to skip this whole part and leave it for those who are on the fence or who are suspicious of people with iffy degrees. Still, you might consider the fact that Coldwell, as well as many other faux-degree holders (particularly in the selfish-help/McSpirituality/alt-health industries) often make a big deal of exploiting their "degrees" in order to boost their credibility and authority. If degrees weren't all that important, why would they make such a big deal of them? I had written about that
on this blog numerous times before I'd ever even heard of Lenny.

Let's look at Coldwell's credentials one by one, starting at the top of the "Accredation" page -- as it exists at the moment, anyway -- and moving on down. I will also provide contact information for each of the institutions in question, in case you want to write to them or call them and verify Lenny's standing (for whatever you think that is worth). I know you could easily look this info up yourself, but on this Whirled we're all about the one-stop shopping, though I've also provided plenty of links for further info.

Degrees and Diplomas

The "Accredation" page begins with a picture of two certificates and the implication that Coldwell obtained them on the advice of "Naturalization and Immigration Service experts" in order to have his "German Education" accredited in the U.S. He adds that the "German Education," combined with some mandatory courses in the US, earned him the "accredation." (Lenny doesn't name the "Naturalization and Immigration Service experts" who supposedly gave him this advice, but perhaps the point is irrelevant.)

In any case, the certificates pictured in this section are from two sister organizations, the American Alternative Medical Association (AAMA) and the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP). Maybe they had a two-fer deal: Buy one certification, and they'll throw in one from the sister org for free. It's sort of like those BOGO deals at Payless ShoeSource, except without the shoes. Anyway, both certificates were sold to Lenny in November 2002.
On a Linkedin page of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, Executive Director Donald A. Rosenthal, M.D., N.D., states:
Your professional affiliation with AADP can provide free patient referrals and an impressive AADP Certificate of Membership. Your name will be made available to the general public - allowing potential patient referral. The AADP will call or write to state licensing boards to inform them of a practitioner's qualifications. Licensed laboratories offering non-invasive patient testing will be made available. These laboratory tests can bring hundreds of dollars into your practice each month. Also, consultations on how to start a practice or increase an existing one can be provided.
(Of course Lenny has been careful to say that he "no longer sees patients," claiming that all of his creds were obtained so he can be a better "educator.")

Here is additional information about the American Alternative Medical Association -- basic info, as well as their Code of Ethics.

Further on down the "Accredation" page, Lenny displays laminated wallet cards from the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, stating he is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, and the American Alternative Medical Association, indicating that he is a Board Certified Alternative Medical Practitioner.

Here is the contact information for the two organizations:
American Alternative Medical Association
General Information
membership Information
To Find A Practitioner
American Association of Drugless Practitioners
General Information
Member Information
To Find a Practitioner
To Update Member Contact Information
Members Benefit Request

If you're interested in further insights about these organizations from a more skeptical point of view, here are some links that might interest you.

Next up on "Accredations" we have the...
Honorary Degree

This is the "degree" that Coldwell is so proud of that the little feller devoted half of the space on his expanded Bio page to yapping about it. On May 6, 2011 -- during the time, it should be noted, that he was still flying high on Kevin Trudeau's GIN scam and aggressively pushing this fraud to who knows how many thousands of people -- Leonard Coldwell was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Humanities from an unaccredited religious school.

The GIN mention seems relevant because at one point after Coldwell had been booted out of GIN in May 2012, he claimed that he had known for at least a year before he "left" GIN that it was a fraud, and he "tried to tell people about it," and notified the authorities and whatnot. From all appearances, however, it seems that in reality he spent that last year as per usual: trying to sucker as many people into his downline as he could.

But I digress. Of this honorary "degree," Lenny writes:

Dr. Coldwell is very proud of the honorary Doctorate of Humanity [sic] that he received from the Non Accredited, but very prestigious, Louisiana Baptist University.
Well, I'm not so sure that LBU is all that "prestigious," except to a small cadre of Bible-toting Christian fundies. LBU is apparently not accredited because it does not want to be, according to this entry on Theopedia:
Louisiana Baptist University is not accredited by any accreditation agency recognized by the U.S. Government, this is due mainly to the fact that LBU chooses not to seek accreditation. LBU is one of six approved colleges and universites of the Baptist Bible Fellowship International and those who graduate with a concentration in missions can be approved as a missionary for the fellowship.LBU also has the approval of the Association of Christian Colleges and Theological Schools (ACCTS) which is a Christian agency involved in approving Christian schools. Though LBU is not regionally or nationally accredited it is however, well known throughout the Christian academic and theological community. Some of the keynote speakers at LBU commencement ceremonies have been well known Christian leaders like Jerry Falwell of Liberty University and Dr. Paige Patterson of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. LBU claims that in some cases Liberty University accepts transferred credits or degrees from LBU as well as other well known seminaries. This is not unusual considering the fact that credits and degrees of other institutions like Bob Jones University (unaccredited until 2005) have been widely accepted by accredited schools of higher learning.
Wow. Jerry Falwell. Bob Jones U. Scintillating company, if you fancy narrow-minded, sexist, homophobic, hate-filled theocrats. I can see how Lenny would almost fit right in, though, except maybe for a few personal habits he is said to have.

On the main Biography page on his Bio web site, Coldwell displays a picture of himself supposedly receiving his "doctorate" from an elderly gentleman, presumably a fundamentalist Christian type. I wonder what the gentleman -- not to mention the church ladies -- would think about some of the more unsavory allegations about Lenny. Would they be shocked, or would they defend their honoree, rationalizing that Satan or one of his handmaidens is responsible for spreading these rumors? (After all, Lenny did refer to me as "the women from Hell.")

You can draw your own conclusions. But do feel free to visit
the Louisiana Baptist University web site, and drop them a line or give them a phone call if you feel so inspired. Here is their contact information:
Louisiana Baptist University and Seminary
6301 Westport Avenue
Shreveport, Louisiana 71129
(318) 686-2360 (Phone)
(318) 688-2148 (Fax)
Here is the link to the page about their staff members.
And in case you haven't seen this previously, Bernie had a few words about the value of an "honorary humanities degree" from an unaccredited religious "university" a while back on GINtruth.

Next up on "Accredation" are three certificates...
Additional Education

Lenny writes:

Once here in America Dr. Coldwell continued his education in order to better grasp the English language assisting him in more thoroughly understanding the American approach to Naturopathic Health and Healing.
Apparently his education didn't do much in assisting his written English... but even so, as I've noted before, his written and spoken English are far superior to my written and spoken German (which are nil). I believe in giving credit where it is due.

This section displays three certificates from the Institute of the National Association of Certified National Health Professionals (CNHP). Here is their main web site:

The pictures on Coldwell's site indicate that he has "certifications" from this org in three areas: "Body Systems," "Body Work" (eeeew), and "Practicum." I didn't see a link on the site for "Body Work," though. Maybe we really don't want to know. All three docs are dated within a few days of each other in October 2007. 2007 was a big year for Lenny. (That's the year that Mt. Pleasant, SC police report was filed.)

And for what it's worth,
Lenny is listed on the CNHP site as a "graduate." Despite the site's claims about study and learning requirements, I really couldn't tell you what it actually means in the real world to be a "graduate" of that diploma mill institution, but if you're curious, here's more info about the process of becoming a CNHP.

And here is the contact info for the org:
The Institute of the National Association of Certified Natural Health Professionals
220 Parker St.
Warsaw, IN 46580
Toll-Free: (800) 321-1005
Local: (574) 267-4230
Fax: (574) 268-5393
Email: info@cnhp.org

The National Association of Certified Natural Health Professionals
But all of the above wasn't enough. Lenny had bigger dreams. He wanted the very best education for himself. So he became a bona fide...

Certified Natural Healthcare Professional (CNHP)

Actually, however, this is just another cred from the diploma mill institution where he got those three blue certies pictured above.
Here are a couple more articles you might find of interest:

Immediately following the CNHP "certificate" -- but with no headline of its own -- is a picture that has no explanation...

This document, issued by the World Organization of Natural Medicine Practitioners, states that Coldwell was deemed to be "Board Certified" by that organization on May 1, 2009. Further on down the page there are also two laminated wallet cards from this organization, also claiming that Coldwell is "Board Certified." I'll discuss the organization in a little more depth in the "Wallet cards" section below.


Apparently saving the best for almost last, Coldwell next shares one of the most impressive credentials of all: something that looks like a faxed certificate showing that Lenny participated (that's what that word teilgenommen means)
in an event called Berlin Dentist's Day back in 1994.

Said my snarky pal Tim, "I guess that means he brushed his teeth?"
Possibly. Or maybe his dentures.


Finally, we have the real proof of Lenny's "Board Certification": four laminated wallet cards...

We've already discussed the two-fer: the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and the American Alternative Medical Association. Lenny has a wallet card for each, but he also displays two other "board certification" cards: one for The World Organization of Natural Medicine Practitioners (WONMP), and one for the Sacred Medical Order of the Knights of Hope (aka SMOKH, aka SMOCH (Sacred Medical Order of the Church of Hope)).

On first glance the WOMNP seemed to be just a membership organization. I did not understand how one could be "board certified" by this org, until a little searching landed me
on this site, which is apparently the certification board for the WONMP and other orgs. The WONMP card indicates that Lenny is a "Board Certified Doctor of Natural Medicine" (I suppose that's the "DNM" he has been known to use on occasion).

The Sacred Medical Order of the Knights of Hope, as the name implies, claims to be a "sacred medical order." According to the main site, SMOCH/SMOKH is...

...a Church of special and sacred ministry and medical religious Order. As an ecumenical Order, membership of the Sacred Medical Order is by invitation to both men and women who are of good character and standing in their community, want to learn about our sacred medicines, and who wish to help suffering mankind.

So it's more or less a ministry,
at least according to this November 2009 version of a SMOKH Consent and Disclosure Form I found on the Googles. Here's a snippet from that form (which is offered by an Aiken, South Carolina natural something-or-other practitioner named Dr. Brice E. Vickery):
SMOKH practitioners are clergy and are classified as such under state law, and any information you provide during private sessions is considered confidential. As such, no information may be released without your express consent, except as required under law. As a standard rule (which may vary by state) if the Practitioner becomes aware of information concerning abuse, danger, harm or threatened harm to you or others, he or she is expected and required to report such to the proper authorities.
But what if the practitioner is doing the abusing? Well, there's this, from that same form...
COMPLANTS & REMEDIES: Practitioners are accountable to the private SMOKH Standard Code of Ethical Standards (CES), which may be viewed on-line at www.wonmp.us. Complaints may be filed in accordance with instructions in the CES. In the event Counselee is dissatisfied with services provided by Counselor, Counselee is entitled to file a formal complaint. In such event, the terms of the CES as scripturally valid will govern any action. Counselee agrees that if he or she is not satisfied with remedies provided for in the CES, that non-judicial arbitration will be the exclusive remedy. Such arbitrators will consist solely of Counselors peers, and will include (2) arbitrators chosen by the Counselor, and (2) chosen by the Counselee. In the event of any disagreement in choosing arbitrators, location of arbitration or otherwise, SMOKH Board of Examiners will intervene, and all decisions by such Board will be accepted as final by Counselor and Counselee. In no event will Counselor or Counselee act to move any complaint or action to a judicial level, outside of or beyond agreed arbitration, and both hereby agree, as a contracted condition of services, to accept the arbitrator’s decision as final and exclusive remedy in settling all disputes and civil complaints. This agreement for remedies does not extend to or include criminal acts which should be reported to the proper authorities.
In other words... you agree not to sue me if I perform a little hands-on healing that takes you beyond your comfort zone. And don't tell your husband either. Oh... did I say that?

Anyway. According to the picture of the card on his creds page, Lenny is a "Licensed Clinical Health Counselor" (LCHC) through SMOKH. Or SMOCH. Or whatever acronym you want to use. Frankly, I think they're mostly just blowing SMOKE.

Both the WOMNP and the SMOKH cards bear the same "sacred cross" logo and have a similar format/design, leading me to believe Lenny might have taken advantage of another two-fer deal. He received these credentials in May (WOMNP) and June (SMOKH) of 2009. In other words, to put things in perspective in case you are wondering, he was probably not acting as a LCHC through SMOKH during the alleged incidents reported in the 2007 police report (which, I feel obligated to repeat, did not result in any charges, but nevertheless seems to be an indicator of a disturbing behavior pattern).
And that's it for the impressive lineup of creds on the "Accredation" page.

But here is one more article of interest -- and I know this may not convince those who are determined to cling to their Coldwell-as-heroic-healer narrative -- but take a look at this resource about alt-health diploma mills. You will see some familiar names on this list.

Naturopathy: legit or not?
I recognize that many people have an issue with naturopathic and other alt-health practices and will claim that Coldwell's credentials are spurious by default, since they are in a field not recognized by mainstream medicine in the U.S. and many other places. Recently a Facebook friend shared a link to a strongly opinionated post on the Baxter & Friends blog about this very matter. Though some may be offended by the obvious condescension towards anyone who embraces "alternative medicine" (a condescension that I do not share), the post, written by Chris Ruiz, still offers excellent perspective about what a naturopath is.
Here's that link.

In the interest of fairness, this December 2012 HuffPost piece is a relatively rational-sounding defense of naturopathic practice. It was written by a Dr. Michael, Stancliff, N.D., who appears to be a legit naturopathic doc in California -- or at least as legit as a naturopath can be in the United States. Dr. Stancliff's article includes a link to a page from the AANP -- the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians -- that gives a breakdown of the states and territories that have licensing or regulation laws for naturopathic docs.

Notice that South Carolina is not on that list. That's because in South Carolina (and Tennessee, too, for that matter) the practice of naturopathy is actually prohibited by law. Of course Coldwell has said he does not and never did see patients in the U.S., but nevertheless he uses his "naturopath" creds to sell his frauducts and flopportunities,
as well as to (allegedly) grab other benefits for himself. (He would not get away with that in Texas! ~CC, October 2014)

Which brings us to this, also in the interest of fairness:
Here is a resource, created by a Florida attorney and proponent of evidence-based medicine, for information on efforts to oppose naturopathic licensing in the U.S.

Anyway, there you have it: the life's work of Leonard Coldwell -- or at least the part of his life's work that he can hang on a wall, carry around in a wallet, and summarize in a string of letters after his name.
But before we leave this topic, no discussion about Coldwell's impressive lineup of questionable-at-best credentials would be complete without another mention of the gap between the time of his repatriation and the more recent years when he became "Dr." Leonard Coldwell, NMD, PhD.

The eighteen-and-a-half minute gap
Okay, kids, that sub-head is
a Watergate scandal reference; Google it if you don't get it. Point is that there are a few gaps in Coldwell's CV... oh, wait, he doesn't actually have a CV; he just has a scrambled melange of words on the Interwebz about his massive accomplishments. Of note, a few ingredients were missing from that melange for the first few years he was in the U.S., as can easily be seen if you hope onto the Wayback machine. I mentioned this previously on my very first Lenny blog post back in May 2012, but it certainly bears mentioning again here.

I was reminded of the Wayback archives again when I came across
a discussion on the Realscam site, initiated in July 2014 after Coldwell accused me of poisoning his dog. A participant using the name ribshaw (09-16-2014, 7:53 AM), wrote:
Leonard Coldwell with his claim of curing 35,000 cancer patients seems at first blush to be using Wilt Chamberlain style mathematics in there are just not enough hours in the day. Although, between you and I, Wilt's story is more believable.

Here is the other problem. All these miracle cures either occurred after 2002 when he was "The Coach" or way before that and he just forgot to leave this almost godlike feat off his resume. In the "seminar" circuit for lack of a better term most "experts" are little more than shape-shifters. Whatever is profitable at the time is what they just happen to be
peddling. Could just be a coincidence I suppose.
Yes, isn't that interesting? Of course the mystery is cleared up when you look at Coldwell's actual "credentials" and see the dates they were issued. But for those of you who are up to taking a sentimental journey, here are some links. Not all of the photos made the trip to the archives, but there's plenty to see anyway (among other things you can see that there is NO mention of "Mama Coldwell's" hepatitis C, because he hadn't made up that story yet). Enjoy!
As you saw earlier in this post, on his newer sites, at least on his new Bio site, Coldwell spins his cred acquisitions as his efforts to continue his education and get the U.S. equivalents of the impressive creds he says he had in Germany. But it's pretty easy to see that as usual, he's just making things up as he goes along, hoping no one will question the inconsistencies and gaps.

About that 92.3% cancer cure rate (and other cure claims)
Apart from his string of questionable creds, Coldwell's most famous claims center around his "cure" rates for cancer and/or other devastating diseases. The claims take slightly different forms, depending upon which site you are reading.

For instance, there's this, which appears -- among many other places online --
on the "About" page on his main site:
Throughout Dr. Coldwell’s successful career, he has to date, cured over 35,000 cancer patients (studies have concluded that he has a 92.3% cancer cure rate).
However, a more modified version appears -- again, among many other places -- on an old Blogger blog that Coldwell has apparently abandoned:
An independent statistical institute estimated that Dr. Coldwell worked with over 35,000 patients.
See the difference? And yes, I know I've also discussed this issue previously. But it's worth noting again.

On his new Bio web site, Coldwell doesn't really appear to be making the specific and more extravagant claim about the 35,000 cured cancer patients. Nevertheless he devotes a page on the Bio site to "proving" his cure rate -- a page titled, appropriately enough,
92.3% Cure Rate. Apparently this was one of the main reasons for creating the new site in the first place, apart from showcasing his dodgy credentials and, of course, trying to defame his critics. Since the burden of proof is so heavy in the medical field, and since he has often referred to "independent studies" that supposedly proved his impressive cure rate, you would think he would have tried to include as much documentation as possible. But all that appears on that page is a redacted January 2010 letter from his longtime friend and bidness partner, Dr. Thomas Hohn. Or Höhn, for the punctuationally correct. Or Hoehn, as Coldwell sometimes spells it. Anyway... this guy.

Despite the humorous suggestion on the RationalWiki site that he is not a real person, the mysterious Dr. Hohn is real,
although admittedly most of the top search results for his name are Coldwell-related. Put the umlaut over the "o" in his last name and add the word "Germany" and you get some additional results, some in English. Dr. H is apparently practicing some type of medicine in Germany. Sometimes he even puts on a crazy toupee and measures people's auras (or maybe that's a different Tommy Hohn on page 2 of that linked PDF. But go ahead and look; it's funny, and you need a small break from Lenny.)

Those who have been following Coldwell's activities are well aware, however, that Coldwell has co-opted Thomas Hohn's name and reputation numerous times over the years to further his own aims, as noted more than once on this blog (we'll have more about that in Part 3 of this series).
So here we have this redacted letter from Dr. Hohn, which obscures the addressee as well as Dr. Hohn's address. And that's it. I don't know about you, but after seeing that thing I felt kind of like Steve Martin's character does
at the end of L.A. Story, when a riddle that he had been given by a magickal freeway sign is finally unscrambled to read, "Sing Do-Wah-Diddy." His character shouts in exasperation, "'Sing Do-Wah-Diddy?' This is the secret of the ages?!?"

And this letter from Hohn... this is the Holy Grail that is intended to finally validate Coldwell's impressive 92.3% cure rate for cancer, as well as the number of "patients" he supposedly cured? Sorry, Lenny, but for anybody beyond your ill-informed fan base, a few loyal friends and the critical-thinking-impaired, a statement from your long-time pal and business partner, citing alleged studies that can't be validated or verified, isn't adequate validation of those extravagant claims.

As you can see, the letter from Dr. Hohn represents the more moderate version of Coldwell's cure claims, which, as noted above, also appears on numerous other sites. It's not nearly as exciting as the more commonly used, more extravagant version, and the one most commonly repeated by earnest fans and defenders, in which he claims that he has cured over 35,000 cancer patients. As also noted above, that version currently appears, among other places, on
the bio page on Coldwell's main site. Further down from the introductory text quoted above there is this:
Learn from someone who has, based on independent clinical studies, cured cancer in over 35,000 patients, most of which were classified as in final, terminal stages. His first Cancer cure was that of his mother who had developed Hepatitis C, Liver Cirrhosis, and terminal Liver Cancer with a prognosis of just 6 months to live and no hope of improvement. Today, over 43 years later, Dr. C’s mother is still alive and a perfectly healthy 78!

I know I've also mentioned this a few times, but that claim that Coldwell cured his mom of Hep C more than 40 years ago is suspicious at best. Hep C
wasn't identified until 1989, which is not to say that it didn't exist (for years before its identification, medical researchers and workers had observed a non-A non-B type), but there is no way that Lenny or any bona fide medical pro would have known if his mom had Hep C back in the early 1970s (or late 1960s, or mid 1960s, or whenever the heck he was supposed to have effected that miracle cure for Mommy).

But here is a key part of this puzzle: Coldwell's story about curing his mother of Hep C did not seem to appear till some time in 2009, and I heard from a reliable source that his mom had been actually diagnosed with Hep C in 2008, or that this was the year Coldwell found out she has it. If this is true, she undoubtedly does still have it,
unless perhaps she was able to afford the expensive possible cure.

Here is another preview from the 2008 print edition of
Instinct Based Medicine. Notice there is no mention of Hep C at all. I did a word search in the book on Amazon previews and there is apparently no mention of Hep C throughout the book.

But back to Thomas Hohn. More recently, Coldwell has been using Hohn as his "diagnostician" in lame attempts to discredit me. Formerly Coldwell himself "diagnosed" me (as well as other critics and rivals) with numerous "mental illnesses," mostly using outmoded labels to describe these so-called illnesses. More recently he has quoted Hohn as saying I'm a sicko, and a danger to myself and others.

Both Ron and I have tried to initiate communication with Hohn,
via his Facebook page, which no longer lists him as a doctor of any type.

But he has yet to answer and I don't think he will; in fact I strongly suspect that page is being controlled by Coldwell, who once again seems to be using Hohn to answer "medical questions" through Coldwell's new
"The Only Answer to Cancer" Facebook page.

At any rate, if you're looking for the ultimate "proof" Coldwell has of his cure claims, that one page on his Bio web site appears to be the end of the road. Not surprisingly, Hohn and Coldwell seem to have sort of a quid pro quo deal going, as indicated on the following unedited snippet on Coldwell's Opinon Radio site. Notice how Lenny takes all credit away from Kevin Trudeau for pretty much the entire "Natural Cures" scampire, claiming that Lenny and Tommy Hohn created it. He's not even giving credit to his other buddy, Mike Adams the Health Ranger (as he had last year).

Dr Thomas Hoehn MD NMD Dr Hoehn, WELL KNOWN DOCTOR, COACH AND AUTHOR bestselling author, host of his own nationwide TV show Naturally Healthy for over 11 YEARS
-The founder of Natural Cures and the Natural Cures Newsletter as well as the Natural Cures:" Ask the Doc" Dr Thomas Hoehn and his staff answered for all the natural cures members hundreds of thousands of questions over the years.
Dr Hoehn is the most thought after Medical Doctor in Europe.
All of the effective natural cures information that was published in the Book "Natural Cures they dont want you to know about" originated from Dr Coldwell and Dr Hoehn. NO ONE ELSE!
Dr Coldwell gave Dr Hoehn access to all his patient files and Dr Hoehn looked at over 35000 of Dr Coldwell's cancer patients files over the years Impressed by Dr C's huge success Dr Hoehn became Dr Coldwell's apprentice and was the very first MD that became a licensed and certified IBMS Therapist and Practitioner. What is even more impressive is the fact the Dr Thomas Hoehn MD NMD surpassed his mentor and colleague Dr Leonard Coldwell with his cure rate Dr Hoehn has today an even higher cure rate than Dr Coldwell has for patients with autoimmune diseases including cancer, MS, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's etc,Dr Thomas Hoehn MD NMD is today in the opinion of Dr Leonard Coldwell ( who retired from the work with patents over a decade ago ) the worlds leading medical authority and has in Dr Coldwell's opinion based on his own observations, the highest cure rate in the world for autoimmune diseases and surpassed even the cure rate of Dr Coldwell, that Dr Hoehn himself concluded based on his own scientific and clinical studies of Dr Coldwell's cancer patient cases.
"You lie about me and I lie about you. Deal?"


But something tells me that the imaginary exchange above is mostly just Coldwell talking to himself, while Hohn smiles on obliviously in Berlin, unaware of most of what is being said and done in his name -- including that "free" medical advice to desperate cancer patients that Hohn is supposedly giving to Americans via social media and email.

Modern Therapy Centers

Before we wrap this up, let's take a quick look at one of Coldwell's other famous claims: that he had a string of hospitals/clinics/therapy centers back in the day, in the Fatherland and/or in Europe at large. It's really quite difficult to sort out fact from fiction regarding Coldwell's career in Germany/Europe. At least it has proven to be difficult for me so far, with my very limited resources and zero knowledge of the German language. At any rate, on his new Bio site Coldwell has an entire tabbed page dedicated to his "Modern Therapy Centers."
You can see for yourself here.

All of the content appears to be from a rag called the Modern Therapy Center Journal and not from actual journalistic sources. It is full of German text and grainy images, the latter of which are sometimes more than a little disturbing.

The very first picture on the MTC page on Coldwell's new Bio page bears this caption:
Dr. C's first MTC © -- Modern Therapy Center ©
opened in 1990! Many others followed!
When I saw that, my first thought was, "Could it be that 'many others followed' because the authorities would shut down one and he would open another, and that one would get shut down, and he'd open another... and on and on and on till he finally said, 'Screw it. I'm going to America!'?"

Of course I don't know if that's the case. Maybe it's not. Perhaps the MTCs really were successful for a while in Germany. Maybe he had a whole chain of abuse healing centers, and maybe they were a smashing success, curing and healing thousands, until The Enemy began smiting them and trying to smite the famous "Dr." Bernd as well. I'm sure that a little determined digging by someone who knows a little German could uncover the truth. But I am not that someone. However, I will be glad to review, and share as appropriate, any legitimate information that might shed light on this great mystery.

I'm always open to more information.

That pretty much wraps it up for the most eminently snarkworthy content on Coldwell's new Bio site. On that site he also showcases his
"bestselling books" and a bunch of pictures of himself at various events (I know of at least one person in one of those pics who now shudders to see himself with his arms around Coldwell), and he also has links to some of his lame videos... but it's all pretty boring, standard-issue stuff..

But wait...there's more! I'm not done yet. In Part 3 we'll review Coldwell's history of histrionics and the lunatic ways he handles criticism. I know that I have covered a lot of that ground before, but in the context of the new Bio site and some of Coldwell's more recent efforts to defend himself and lash out at his critics, it seems like a thing well worth revisiting.

PS ~ If you want to generate your own faux-degree for free, there are plenty of places on the Net to do it. Here's one.

PPS added 10 August 2014: I don't know if it's sour grapes or just typical Loony inconsistency, but on this August 9, 2014 exchange Coldwell claims that "Degrees don't mean anything more anyway." Well, his don't, anyway.


Update, September 2015: There's a new-ish blog in town, penned by a UK resident who goes by the name of Longdog and dedicated solely to Lenny. Here are some interesting insights on some of the ways that Lenny is currently trying to use his German web presence to avoid accountability in the US, and vice versa. Here you'll see Lenny digging himself ever more deeply into his hole of lies regarding his "degrees" and "credentials" in both the US and Germany. FYI, the German version of the IBMS Master's Society web site did not exist at the time I first published this series of posts in August-September 2014. Or if it did I was not aware of it. 

The rest of the story...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It really is a No Neat and Tidy Endings story, with all of these scams. Coldwell's level of stupid always amazes me.
That there are people who support and believe in him amazes me even more.
Julie Daniel

Tuesday, December 09, 2014 7:14:00 PM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

Yep, Julie... and things are about to heat up even more, it seems. Thanks for stopping in!

Tuesday, December 09, 2014 8:32:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So how much is the government paying to to post all these lies about Dr Coldwell?

Wednesday, June 17, 2015 12:19:00 AM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

Anon, I can't tell if you're being facetious or idiotic. The idea that anybody would pay me anything to write about an evil little perv like Coldwell is funny, and a lot of us do joke about it. So if you're joking, welcome to the party! But if you're truly idiotic enough to believe that I am being paid to write about him, then you deserve Coldwell and vice versa. He is an idiot and he attracts idiots. (Not everyone who is initially attracted to his spiel is an idiot of course, but those who stay are either idiotic or have a financial or emotional stake in keeping their noses up his behind.)

But welcome to the party anyway; unlike Coldwell, I do allow dissenting opinions here. However, if you truly think I am writing lies about him I would like you to point out those specific lies. This particular post (as is the case with all of my posts about him) is based upon Coldwell's very own published and public content. In this post, for instance, I have deconstructed the very "credentials" that he posted upon his own Bio web site.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015 10:12:00 AM  

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