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Monday, April 20, 2015

Whirled suits, hustling from Camp Cupcake, and dates to remember

First of all, Dear Ones, following my customary apology for my laxity in blogging (I'm sorry!), I must also apologize for my April 1 fake-out. Though I embedded a link to a graphic indicating that it was an April Fool's joke, a few people were April-fooled, if but momentarily, and some were quite upset by the prospect of me hanging up my Cosmic blogging hat. I was touched by the responses. Rest assured that I am not going to willingly give up blogging any time soon. Now let's catch up on things.

Cosmic Connie and the terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad lawsuit
I do want to let you know about something that is going on in the background that I've only hinted at on a few blog posts over the past couple of months (including in my April Fool's graphic), though I'm not yet ready to write about it in detail. On January 28, 2015 I was served with a lawsuit for defamation. (By sheer coincidence this was also the birthday of the Plaintiff (I would make a joke about his "birthday suit," but fear it would bring up egregiously unpleasant visuals). Also by sheer coincidence it was the one-year anniversary of the day that
this article was published on the Jewish Journal site.)

By "served," I mean I that in response to a certified mail notice in my rural mailbox, I went to the post office (or, more accurately, sent my husband to the post office) to pick up the actual lawsuit. The thing was filed in a North Carolina court by --- I bet you've already guessed -- one Not-Doctor Leonard Coldwell, ex-b.f.f. of and former "personal physician in Europe" to now-imprisoned serial scammer Kevin Trudeau (aka K.T., aka Katie). [Case number 15 CVS 2791, filed in the General Court of Justice, Superior Court Division, Guilford County, North Carolina]

Yes. The very man who, over the past few years, has publicly, repeatedly, and without any evidence whatsoever called me, among other things...

  • an AIDS-infected ex-prostitute who gave STDs to her customers
  • a Big Pharma/medical profession shill being paid to defame, hurt and ruin Coldwell under "more than 70 fake names" and on dozens of "fake web sites"
  • a criminal conspirator who recruited "two proven child molesters in foreign countries" and a "crazy criminal wannabe lawyer" Stateside to defame "Dr." C and hack into his web sites and radio show
  • a druggie
  • a seriously mentally ill (and/or mentally retarded) person who is "a danger to herself and others"
  • a sexual harasser who has been pursuing him for years and has told his own brother on the phone that she wants to "suck Dr. C. dry like the Sahara"
  • a dog-killer
...all of which are bald-faced lies... yes, that person has sued ME for defamation. The suit is rife with misrepresentations and outright lies as well as more fundamental flaws, but it is a real "thing" and I am fighting it the best way I can. I do not yet have a lawyer because -- and I am not embarrassed to admit this -- I simply cannot afford one. The sad truth is that many people can't afford lawyers, at least not good lawyers, a reality that inconveniently clashes with the litigation fever that has been burning up our society for many years. And there seems to be a dearth of lawyers willing to help a small-time blogger fight a bat-crap crazy lawsuit pro bono.

Sometimes lawsuits are necessary to get justice for those who have been wronged. But all too often, they're simply the first and last resort of whiners and scoundrels. For some people, litigation is a sport. For people like Coldwell who often find themselves cornered by the barking (or snarking) dogs of truth, abusing the legal system is a desperate attempt to silence the barking and snarking. Witness
last year's sham lawsuit, when Coldwell sued Jason Jones, aka Salty Droid (in the wrong jurisdiction, no less), for blog posts written by Omri Shabat at Glancingweb.

And then there's the present action, where we have the man who has described himself as "the greatest therapist of our times," "a great humanitarian," and "the world's most highly paid motivational coach on earth" -- you know, the guy who has cured more than 35,000 cancer patients with a 92.3% or better cure rate -- beating up on a little hobby blogger who has no money.

Writing abusive, profane, obscene and offensive lies about me for more than two years on his and some of his buddies' public social media pages did not work to shut me up. Trying to incite his readers and fans to take violent action against me by falsely accusing me of killing his dog (and publicly posting my home address and private cell phone number while openly encouraging his fans to "get in touch with me") did not work, or hasn't worked yet (we remain on high alert here, and I have not really felt safe in my own home since last summer). When telling vicious lies about me and trying to sic his craziest fans on me didn't work, Coldwell resorted to abusing the very legal system for which he has often expressed contempt (e.g., he has preached that most laws on the books are irrelevant to "sovereign citizens" such as he, and that most lawyers are "dirt" and a waste of oxygen). Despite his contempt for the U.S. legal system, the courts serve just fine as a bullying tool when it suits him.

Way to fight the good fight, Lenny.

Coldwell has apparently taken great umbrage at numerous things I have written about him (though no specific blog posts have been cited), but in the complaint, the top-named offense is that I have accused him of hating Jewish people. Yes, of all the thousands of words I have written about him, my relatively few mentions of his apparent anti-Semitism seem to have gotten his little goat the most. Make of that what you will. He also doesn't like the fact that I have shared, in passing, much-repeated eyewitness accounts regarding his ungentlemanly-like behavior at GIN (Kevin Trudeau's Global Information Network) events. He doesn't like the fact that I've insinuated he is a scammer, and he falsely states that I have called him a cult leader. And he is really, really riled because I (and another co-defendant) wrote or insinuated that he has been sued. (Actually there is a record of a civil suit in South Carolina where he is listed as a defendant, but whatever.) And so on. There is a whole laundry list of petty whines in that complaint.

The lawsuit, for which a jury trial is demanded, asks for tens of thousands of dollars in "damages" from each of the defendants (yes, there are more than one; see below), as well as permanent injunctions to make us take down our writings about Coldwell and agree not to cause any of the content to ever be republished anywhere, and, presumably, to refrain from ever writing anything about Coldwell ever again. Way to champion free speech, Lenny.

"But, Cosmic Connie," almost none of you may be saying, "You should have thought of this before you started writing those posts! If you couldn't afford to be sued, then you should never have gone after this man who has done so much good for so many sick people, and who is driven only by a promise he made to God when he was a very little boy with a very sick mommy. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the blogging game."

To which I can only say, "Some considerations are more important than money and whether or not one can 'afford' to tell the truth." Although at this point, some money would be helpful.

If you've not done so already, you can read some more bits and pieces about this judicial travesty on Salty Droid (here and here), since Jason is also named in the lawsuit.

The other main defendant is the person who is the admin for the Rational Wiki site, the offending piece being
a single article about Coldwell that appears on the site and was originally published in May 2014. The complaint and subsequent documents betray a confusion on the part of Coldwell's mighty legal team about just who is responsible for this article, which was apparently not written by any of the people named in the complaint. (Any of you Rational Wiki contributors who might be reading this: you can take this news back to the "Talk" page: there really is a lawsuit against Rational Wiki for this piece. I tried to join in the "Talk" and 'splain as much, but frankly, I don't understand how the Rational Wiki "Talk" system works, so I can only communicate through this blog.)

And in a blatantly obvious attempt to cast as wide a net as possible, the list of "defendants" is rounded out by several irrelevant web sites and domain registry companies.

NOT on the list of defendants, despite a short-lived post on Lenny's main Facebook profile that featured the blogger's beaten-up mug (a picture Coldwell stole from the blogger's Facebook page and made up an outrageous and libelous fake story about) is Bernie O'Mahony in Japan (GINtruth). Omri Shabat at Glancingweb isn't named either. Just in case you were wondering. (Here is Bernie's post from February regarding Coldwell's early hype about the lawsuit. Coldwell has been pretty silent about it recently, though.)

Though there is more than one defendant, I am clearly the main target of this suit and the one who, for some reason, Coldwell views as the greatest threat. He apparently finds my little blog threatening despite its almost embarrassingly small readership, and notwithstanding his own greatness and the fact that he is beloved by millions, and has zillions of dollars, and his business just keeps growing and growing and growing, according to the stories he tells outside of the lawsuit. Why, on his Thanksgiving Day message on Facebook this past November, he wrote that 2014 was his best year ever, and that he will just keep getting better and better. But... better destroy that pesky little blogger, all the same. It's for the cancer sufferers, Champions!

Anyway, I will give you more deets when I can. And by the way, if you're surprised that Lenny is apparently hanging his hat in North Carolina these days instead of South Carolina, as had been commonly accepted wisdom on this Whirled and elsewhere, you're not the only one.

The above case ended, not with a bang but a whimper, on May 19, 2015, when the Plaintiff's attorney filed a notice of voluntary dismissal without prejudice of all claims against all defendants.
Read more here.

You can view the original Complaint and the Notice of Voluntary Dismissal here.

Selling GIN from the clink
But let's get to more interesting and relevant topics, such as all-time Whirled favorite
Kevin Trudeau, without whom I and most of the rest of the world would never have even heard of the above-mentioned whiny little plaintiff. Earlier this year I caught you up on some of Katie's shenanigans, including the promos for his new "Nuggets of Gold" e-newsletter, and various continuing scams such as the Baccarat scam and his Infomercial Secrets info-frauduct. In the latter post I also provided the court updates, such as they were, and links to some of the appeals briefs. And I shared commentary and insights from a recent Business Insider in-prison interview with Trudeau.

Well, here it is a few months later, and Katie continues to spread his New-Wage/McSpirituality wisdumb from the confines of Camp Cupcake, aka FPC (Federal Prison Camp) Montgomery, Alabama. He's still apparently pooping those Nuggets of Gold out on a regular basis, along with something he calls the "Science of Personal Mastery Course," which he emphasizes is not to replace the famous Success Mastery Course (which you buy into when you join the Global Information Network (GIN)), but only to supplement it. Rest assured that via
his Facebook fan page, a page which I am allowed to read but on which I am not allowed to comment, Katie is still very much pushing the club that his close buddies took over last year. But one of his main agendas, particularly with the Nuggets of Gold poop machine, is to raise money for his legal defense fund to help defray his enormous legal expenses as well as, of course, to fight for "Free Speech and Civil Liberties for all." You know Katie, the First Amendment Stuporhero. Well, Katie, if you're so enamored of free speech, why am I not allowed to write on your Facebook fan page?

The posts appear fairly frequently on Katie's Facebook page, some of them just some standard New-Wage nonsense about the Law of Attraction and so forth, and
there was even a brief announcement of an estate sale that was held earlier this month to clear out his Oakbrook, Illinois McMansion (they had the Ojai, California McMansion rummage sale last year). He still generally gets hundreds of "likes" for every one of these possibly dictated-by-Katie but proxy-written posts, along with numerous fawning comments. So, even as Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead, Katie still has quite the enthusiastic fan base, and if anyone can keep a good scam going from the clink, he can. If he can get around those pesky Feds when he gets out of the clink, he'll be ready to hit the ground scamming.

But whether or not he'll get out any time soon remains an unanswered question. His appeal (re his ten-year prison sentence for criminal contempt related to infomercials for his weight-loss book) was heard on February 24, 2015, and so far no decision has been made. When I popped on to PACER the other day I saw no new documents in the appeals case.

I did see one measly little document in the original criminal case. Whenever someone sends an email or other communication to the court, pro- or anti-Trudeau, it is added to the documents in the case. The letter I saw the other day, which out of mercy for the writer I have redacted, was not pro-Trudeau, but the writer seemed a bit confused as to which Trudeau he was really slamming.

Apparently the "Southron" boy thought he had a real scoop with that discovery that Katie's infomercials are still running on TV. So scoopworthy did he deem it that he cc'd some major media, a few Congressfolk, and even selected Feds. Obviously he didn't read my explanation last year (April 28, 2014) about why Katie is still on TV. Here's that link; see under "Katie is still on TV, and here's why." Spoiler alert, Southron [sic] Boy: It can be summed up in two words: Nick Esayian. And it can much more truthfully be summed up in seven words: No neat and tidy endings in Scamworld.

Not that Southron Boy asks such a dumb question, mind you. He makes quite a valid point. But don't count on the complicit media being hauled off to Camp Cupcake any time soon just for running infomercials about frauducts and flopportunities. Not as long as there's money to be made from Katie's scampire.

While on PACER, I poked around on the civil case docs too, because that 12-year-old case (with origins even older than that) hasn't been closed yet. That's the case that generated the huge, yet-to-be-paid $37 million-plus fine to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). What I found in the new-ish docs was Trudeau's motion to compel the court-appointed receiver (Robb Evans, originally ordered by the court to assume control of the Trudeau entities on August 7, 2013), to file tax returns and file a status report. This motion and exhibits were filed April 1, 2015 and a hearing held on April 7. Response is due by April 28; a reply to that is due by May 12, and a status hearing is set for May 21, 2015.

Katie is whining that he can't file his income tax returns because he doesn't have access to all of the necessary information, and besides, he adds, it's Robb Evans' job to do that because after all, they took over his whole universe in 2013. He also demands that they file another status report, because it's been a while. For their part Robb Evans argue that they are indeed filing the proper papers for the businesses, and that Kevin and his lovely estranged Ukrainian bride Nataliya Babenko's personal income taxes are the Trudeau couple's responsibility. They also say that they will file another status report soon, when they're good and ready, so there. But here, let me let you read it for yourself.

Here is the link to the latest documents in the Kevin Trudeau civil case.

So that's it courtside for now. I'll keep you posted about responses and hearings and so on. And by the way, the much-ballyhooed CNBC American Greed episode about Kevin Trudeau (and GIN) is currently scheduled to air on July 9, according to one of the producers. I'll post more about that when the time approaches.

Dates to remember
Before I close I'll bring this post back full circle, in a way, subject-wise. Today, besides being
International Weed Day, is the birthday of Adolf Hitler. The latter date is marginally and somewhat hilariously relevant to the frivolous lawsuit I wrote about at the beginning of this post. Most of that connection is not really my story to tell, so I won't, but suffice to say that it does appear that a much-touted Holocaust-denial propaganda film called Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told is a favorite viewing choice of one of the parties to this lawsuit. (Hint: not me and not Jason and not any of the other defendants.)
It dismays me to see the "Hitler was right" or "Hitler wasn't such a bad guy" contingent at work in various ways on the Interwebz. It floors me that, 70 years after the "work camps" were finally liberated -- far too late for millions upon millions of innocent souls -- the type of hatred that built and maintained those camps still exists all around the world.

But there is a powerful counter-force at work too. Over this past weekend, April 18 and 19,
marches and other events were held across the country as a "Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance -- 70 Years After the End of World War II." The Houston area was no exception; here's a trailer advertising one of the Houston marches:

I didn't participate in any marches, but Ron and I watched a haunting documentary that re-aired on PBS on April 19,
Memory of the Camps. I could not watch it dry-eyed. I was incredibly sad, of course, but mostly I was angry that there are so many people who continue to deny that these atrocities ever occurred. As Holocaust denial becomes more of a force -- becoming ever more sophisticated and widespread through vile instruments such as Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told -- and as actual Holocaust survivors and liberators and other eyewitnesses continue to die off, it will, I suspect, become ever more of a challenge to foster historical accuracy.

I am not suggesting for a moment that the Holocaust deniers or even the rabid haters be censored. Censor them, ban them, and they will simply become martyrs to the cause of free expression. Moreover, I believe that the fundamental rights of freedom of expression belong to haters as well as to the rest of us -- unless, that is, they are specifically inciting and inviting violence to individuals, and doing things such as publishing those individuals' home addresses and other personal information, or otherwise blatantly attempting to endanger them. Hate speech perpetrators in those cases should be censored, as well as punished to the full extent of the law. (Coldwell should have been but wasn't punished for endangering me, for that matter, and I am not going to let this issue slide.)

Nor am I suggesting that every person who tries to give a fair listen to some of the deniers is a hater himself or herself. It is never hateful to ask questions, to question the history we were taught. But I am saying that people who cling to Holocaust denial after all of the evidence is presented to them seem to have their own agendas, and those agendas are not exactly what you would call friendly to Jewish people or to any other group who has ever suffered at the hands of haters. That's the nicest way I can say it.

Truth-seeking and accurate historical perspective become particularly challenging when you have some Holocaust deniers who seem to have a clear anti-Semitic agenda, and proudly promote it, and then sue or otherwise try to intimidate people who point out that apparent agenda. Just saying. But I also know that lawsuits are nothing compared to the suffering of millions of people who were herded into concentration camps and subjected to profound horrors from which the majority of people walking the Earth today have the luxury of time and distance. We can't let that luxury blind us.

Never forget.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Connie- Have you ever considered starting a legal defense fund? I've read that all you need to do is find an "opulent" location, serve a snooty 9 course meal (all organic food, of course - just like the rich and powerful eat ), promise to spend some personal one-on-one time with each person individually, and promise that you will reveal some mind-blowing, never-before-released information that will change all in attendance forever and will make you better than everyone else! And maybe you could consider doing some phone-counseling sessions??? Seriously though - I will be clicking the donate button and I challenge all readers of this blog to do the same for two reasons: #1- all of these GIN type speakers love to tell stories about how life will give them a "negative" situation, and since they know how to leverage the power of the universe or whatever, the "bad" situation always works to their advantage. In that spirit, I would love to see this lawsuit turn around and bite Caldwell in the ass by way of a massive outpouring of support for Connie (whether that be monitary or otherwise). #2: I would love to see so many people contribute enough $ so that Connie could hire a lawyer and maybe there could even be some sort of counter suit. Connie does all the blogging- time to back her up. ......If enough of us would support her, we could possibly turn this into something that has a real effect- we could give Lenny a spanking (figuratively speaking, of course......DEFINATELY figuratively speaking).

Tuesday, April 21, 2015 11:36:00 PM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

LOL, Anon. I have considered a legal fund (and don't think for a moment that the irony of this is not lost on me, since I've been poking fun at Katie for years re his own legal defense fund). In my case, though, I have no hidden agenda. Unlike Katie, I am not pretending that I'm boldly fighting for the rights of all while simply trying to find ways to continue screwing people out of their hard-earned money. Anyway, I appreciate your support. Thanks for writing!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015 11:12:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't there a donate button? I don't see it.....

Wednesday, April 22, 2015 12:22:00 PM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

Hi, Anon: Thanks for asking! On the template I'm currently using for my blog (actually I've been using it since the blog's birth in 2006), the "Donate" button appears in the left hand column, towards the top of the page (following the "about me" section). But this only applies to the Web version. I don't know if the Donate button is even visible, much less functional, on the mobile version. I have never tried to exert any control over the mobile version. The mobile version pops up by default if you are reading my blog on a mobile device. However, I do think that there is an option to read the Web version on a mobile device.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015 12:38:00 PM  
Anonymous Alex said...

You're so prominent in this suit for two conjoined reasons: You articulate beautifully how ridiculous and fake he is, AND you're a woman, both at the same time. You're not supposed to be so much smarter than he is. He hates that.

If this goes to a hearing, am I going to attend? Oh, you betcha. Dinner is on me, CC.

Thursday, April 30, 2015 6:47:00 AM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

Thanks so much for your support, Alex. Yes, I know that misogyny plays a big part in Lenny's wrath, as Jason noted way back in 2012.

The other factor is that, whether you could call it smart or not, I have produced so much content about him. His lawyers are apparently trying to make the case that I am "obsessive," and that he has somehow been victimized by that "obsession." But he is the victimizer, not the victim, IMO.

And as I've noted in previous posts about him, my "obsession" is centered around three factors: (1) A journalist's obsession with finding the truth about a slippery character who still seems to be harboring many unsavory secrets; (2) An advocate/activist's desire to convey information that might help prevent others from being harmed; and (3) A desire to clear my own name and protect myself from the danger Coldwell has put me in because of the many abusive, obscene lies he has told about me.

I certainly hope this sham of a case will not go to trial. There was a hearing scheduled for April 6, regarding a motion for default judgment against RationalWiki (filed by Coldwell's lawyers), but I found out that shortly before that date, one of the lawyers withdrew it from the calendar and to date has not rescheduled. No explanation given, that I'm aware of.

Thursday, April 30, 2015 10:36:00 AM  
Anonymous The greatest story never told TV said...

This comment goes out to the many of you who have commented on this documentary without watching it.
We understand your reaction to this, #Hitler has been demonised and you believe it. Many do and also many have had the open-mindedness to also watch our production. After all, this is just 1 film out of thousands that repeat the same story verifying your misbelieves.
Our film will destroy your beliefs in this subject. It will smash your beliefs to dust.
For that reason, and for that reason alone you should either not comment at all before watching, or simply don't watch it.
If you don't and still feel like you need to say something, be careful and chose your words wisely. There is nothing more ignorant than someone trying to convince a crowd of people on a subject they have no clue in. We leave that kind of double talk to the politicians.
We are documentary filmmakers. This film is highly ranked on +IMDb because the people who've watched it recognise it for what it really is. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3526810/
You Watch. You Decide.

Friday, May 08, 2015 8:52:00 AM  
Anonymous We stand by Dr. C said...

Why not document about Dr. C's latest seminar which was a great success?


“Most haters are stuck in a poisonous mental prison of jealousy and self-doubt that blinds them to their own potentiality.”
― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

Friday, May 08, 2015 9:19:00 AM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

Well, "greatest story never told TV," first of all, thank you for dropping by and taking the time to write to my blog. I believe you have every right to make your documentary, show it, and promote it.

Similarly, I have every right to criticize the Holocaust deniers. I don't think anyone ever went wrong by erring on the side of demonizing Hitler, although like most human beings, I'm sure he had a few good points. I understand he liked dogs, for instance.

I encourage anyone who can stand it to watch your film and make up his or her own mind.

More to the point of THIS blog post, I also believe that Leonard Coldwell has every right to watch your little documentary and promote it on Facebook, and he has every right to whine because Facebook keeps removes the links or "toking them done" (or so he claims, though he lies about so many things you never know if he's lying about this).

I will clue you in to something, though, and this is a story that I hope will be told in more detail soon, by people who know more of the details than I do. Leonard Coldwell's lawyers in this sham of a lawsuit have actually labored to suppress critics' mention of Coldwell's seeming fondness for your film. One of the lawyers actually threatened a reporter who is working on a story about Coldwell with dire consequences if the reporter were to publish a screen shot of one of Coldwell's Facebook promos for your film.

This indicates to me that the lawyers do not want their client to publicly promote your film, and my guess is that this is because they are aware that in promoting the film, Coldwell will give credence to the suggestions that he is anti-Semitic. But the lawyers have no doubt already learned that Coldwell is a loose cannon and his default mode is to do and say whatever pops into his tiny little brain, when it pops in.

Friday, May 08, 2015 11:21:00 AM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

"We stand by Dr C," I hope you fully understand what I am doing by publishing your comment, complete with a link to "Dr." C's main web site. I could have easily just ignored your comment, and just as easily have copied and pasted and published it sans the link.

But I published it intact.

And that is much more than your cowardly little excuse for a hero has ever done for me. After he accused me of killing his dog in summer 2014, I tried, on several occasions, to post public comments to his blog, under my real name. Mostly I was trying to publicly confront him, on his own turf, about the lies he has told about me (e.g., lying that I poisoned and killed his dog, lying that I am an AIDS-infected ex-prostitute, lying that I sexually harassed him for months or years...lying that I am being paid by anyone to write anything about his sorry little self... the list goes on).

But he REFUSED to publish my comments.

Moreover he has me totally blocked from his main Facebook pages -- the very forums where he told the most egregious lies about me, and even endangered me on numerous occasions by publishing my home address and very private cell phone number, and inviting his craziest fans to get in touch with me. I have received numerous scary threats as a result of his deliberate and blatant attempts to endanger me.

What kind of a humanitarian "hero" does that sick stuff?

The answer is that he is no humanitarian and no hero. He is a coward and a liar.

And I have seen his boasts on Facebook about his "success" at the recent quack-fest in Germany. Here is another link:

I also wrote about it, though my write-up appears as a May 2015 update to a blog post that was originally published on November 28, 2014. Look up, "Whirled Musings Black Friday blowout." At the beginning of that post there is a mention of some boasting that Coldwell did this past November about a "Heroes of Cancer" tour he was going to take through Europe in 2015, along with Stanislaw Burzynski and Tullio Simoncini. I was never able to find out anything more after that initial burst of bragging, though, and he wouldn't answer any questions about it.

Well, the mystery is now solved. In his April and May Facebook boasts about the event he makes it look as if he were the sole star of the show. But he wasn't. He was one of numerous speakers. I don't doubt that the event drew a crowd and that books were sold out (probably the other speakers' books sold out, or at least sold well, too).

Just remember that with Coldwell, nothing is ever exactly as he tells it. Sometimes it isn't anything like he tells it, as is the case with the awful lies he has told about me and about other critical bloggers.

You're welcome to continue to "stand by" NOT-Dr. C if you wish, of course, and if it makes you feel better you're welcome to dismiss me as just being "jealous" of that highly disturbed little man. But my wish for you is that you will someday wake up and see him for what he really is.

Friday, May 08, 2015 11:36:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Connie, you're doing a good job. Coldwell isn't a good man anyone that looks can see that.
I respect people's rights to say and have the opinions they do, as per Hitler. But, I also respect my right to know they are full of it, and to call them on it.
Coldwell has serious issues with women, with Jews, and other people. He isn't smart enough to keep his appearances clean.
I am confident that he will sink his own boat.
I do support you in anyway that you need it.
With Love,
Julie Daniel

Friday, May 08, 2015 11:00:00 PM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

Thank you Julie -- your support and friendship mean more to me than you can imagine. (Of course Coldwell and perhaps some of his more idiotic followers might just dismiss this little exchange as me talking to myself, consistent with the Coldwellian delusion that you and I are the same person. :-))

Saturday, May 09, 2015 11:55:00 AM  
Anonymous We stand by Dr. C said...

How ironic you were thinking about censoring the link to Dr. C's site in an article about nazism and in which you wrote "Moreover, I believe that the fundamental rights of freedom of expression belong to haters as well as to the rest of us".

You complain about Dr. C refusing to publish your comments while the comments on your own blog need personal approval as well. I have a feeling you are deleting all Dr. C's comments on this blog where he disproves the allegations you make against him. Why not lead by example if you are so pro free speech and enable everyone to write comments on this blog?

You call a man who has dared to fight the whole pharmaceutical and medical cartel and gets daily death threats for it a "coward and a liar"?

That can only lead me to conclude one thing: You trust the priests in their white coats at the temple. You pray that they can save you. When they kill you with chemo they say you died of cancer. If you go the holistic approach after several rounds of chemo and then die, the temple priests say that the patient died because of the holistic approach. If you start with the holistic approach before getting chemo, the priests in their white coats say oh well he never had cancer, because no one can be cured using the holistic medicine. Doctors use to bleed people to make them well. People one day will look back on chemo treatment as something out of the dark ages. When will the madness stop.

Sunday, May 10, 2015 3:24:00 PM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

We stand by Dr. C: First off, the fact that your comments are as welcome here as are the comments supporting me should tell you that I walk the talk when it comes to free speech. I haven't censored any of Coldwell's links. I simply told you that I COULD have censored the link to his site, which you embedded in your silly alias, but I did not.

Coldwell has never, to my knowledge, written or tried to write a comment to my blog, although I have invited him to do so. Nor has he ever sent me an email or communicated with me in any other way, except for a brief exchange we had on a thread on Facebook, regarding Kevin Trudeau and the GIN scam, back in May 2012 (before Coldwell got fired from GIN, and also before I had published my first blog post about Coldwell). But if you truly believe that Coldwell has actually tried to write a comment to my blog, why don't you ask him yourself?

I am absolutely pro free speech -- and apparently much more in favor of it than your phony hero Coldwell -- but from the very day this blog was created, on July 27, 2006 (several years before I had ever even heard of Coldwell.. oh, those were the days), I chose to moderate the comments. Why? Because I have seen too many blogs that are cluttered with obvious spam comments, and they are annoying to readers. Allowing spam also provides free links for some of the most loathsome marketers on the Internet. I refuse to do that. It would not be serving my readers or my blog well.

I do get spam comments to my blog fairly frequently and I do not publish those. But everything else is fair game. Recently, for instance, I published a comment from someone who called me a c-nt for what I'd written about Coldwell, and this person added that I sounded like someone who was mad because Coldwell f----d me and then dumped me. I even allow Anonymous comments and always have, although Blogger gave me the option from the very beginning to refuse to publish Anon comments.

Because I recognize the importance of moderating comments on blogs and discussion forums, I have never held it against Coldwell that he does the same. It is totally understandable. But my few comments that I tried to post to his blog were, although confrontational, written under my own name and were honest questions about why he felt it necessary to lie about me. And he -- or some overly loyal assistant -- chose to refuse my comments. That’s cowardice, pure and simple.

You'd think that a man who is so "brave" and stands up to the medical establishment and Big Pharma, and who of course gets all of those "death threats," would be able to stand up to one little small-time hobby blogger. Instead he has chosen to try to discredit and even cause harm to me by (1) telling horrible and legally actionable lies about me; (2) publishing my home address and telling his insane fans to deal with me for killing his dog (which of course I did not do); and (3) suing me in a totally groundless lawsuit.

None of what I have ever written about Coldwell -- NONE of it -- has anything to do with my "trust" of the "priests in the white coats." It never has. So you can drop the histrionics. If you had actually bothered to read any of my posts about Coldwell (or about anything else) you would know that I am very aware of the complexities regarding issues such as health care choices. You would know that just because I criticize alt-health frauds, that doesn't mean that I think conventional medicine is perfect.

If you can get your nose out of "Dr." C's behind for a few minutes (well, you'll need longer than a few minutes, because it's a long post), maybe you should read this:

Read the whole thing. You may still disagree with me about Coldwell and the other "heroes" of cancer cures, but you will see that I do not view the world as black and white. It's not an either-or situation.

Sunday, May 10, 2015 4:12:00 PM  
Blogger Tom Banjo said...

If you think this imbecile is actually reading your posts you are hopeful. If you think this person UNDERSTANDS your post you are delusional.

What scammers and their followers are taught to do is ignore facts completely and argue "as if"

This poster chooses to argue as if you are part of the medical establishment. She also argues as if Coldwell really does know something about cancer (which he doesn't) and as if anyone in the medical establishment knows him as anything other than one of those nuts with a few followers who force oncologists to extend their appointments in order to answer ridiculous questions about baking soda, bepure cleanses, silver supplements and the cancer "business"

They do give you a chance to reiterate your points, but as a reader to your blog and an educated child vaccinator .... your only response to any of them can be "as if" and everyone who reads your blog will understand perfectly, we'd have a good laugh and the Coldwellian nitwits would have to go back to the drawing board and come up with something new and less ridiculous. For the record, even Abe has been smart enough to distance himself from Coldwell and admit in public that he is more quack than peck.

Sunday, May 10, 2015 10:41:00 PM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

I remain hopeful, Tom Banjo, that even the most die-hard fans of the scammers I write about will at least try to see things from my point of view. But maybe that in itself is a delusion.

I was thinking that my commenter is a male (kind of sounds like that Florian guy who wrote that idiotic 'Connie Schmidt exposed' blog)... but it could be a female.

BTW I just found out that the major skeptics' group in Germany -- some of the folks who were protesting the recent quackfest in which Lenny participated -- have never even heard of Coldwell. They were protesting Jim Humble and his MMS fraud. If you want to talk about delusions... Lenny's persecution complex is a total delusion. I mean, even the local skeptics -- who watch these these things like hawks -- don't know who Coldwell is! I seriously doubt that Big Pharma or the medical profession know or care who he is either.

Monday, May 11, 2015 11:54:00 AM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

By the way, some joker apparently just signed me up for "Dr." Coldwell's daily blog updates. I do not want to subscribe to "Dr." Coldwell's asinine blog posts; if I want to see them I can see them on his cluttered-looking main site. I don't want my email "in" box filled with any more crap, and am going to unsubscribe as soon as I can.

Monday, May 11, 2015 1:22:00 PM  
Anonymous Justice for Germany said...

You stupid American Zionist bitch, ever heard of the genocide of 1.7 Million German POW's in Eisenhowers Rhine Meadow Death Camps, the unimaginably heinous fire-bombing of Dresden, and mass murder of half a million German civilians and the US barbarism that slaughtered over 300,000 civilians at Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Don't blame Dr. Coldwell who's family has lived through the war for being ignorant

Thursday, May 14, 2015 8:29:00 AM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

Well, let's see. I'm an American; I proudly admit it. Sometimes I get bitchy, something of which I'm neither proud nor ashamed. As for stupid... well, that's a matter of opinion. Maybe I AM stupid for arguing with idiots, but I'll leave it to my readers to decide. But why do all of you hateful Hitler fans/moronic "Dr." C followers think I'm a Zionist? Jeez.

Dresden was indeed a horror (actually I first read about it when I was very young; I learned about it from one of my favorite authors, the late Kurt Vonnegut Jr., who was there). War is a horror. America has committed many atrocities in its relatively short history -- both in war and out of war. Virtually every government has blood on its hands. I get that.

None of the above negates the horror that was the Holocaust.

I haven't blamed "Dr." Coldwell for anything related to the Holocaust. He has often spoken about his grandfather or great-grandfather or whoever (his stories are never really consistent) being some sort of hero because he was brutalized by the Nazis, apparently because gramps refused to hang Jews, or something like that. With Coldwell, you never know what is true and what isn't; most of what he says and writes is a distortion, exaggeration, or outright lie, IMO.

But let's say that members of his family did live through the war and suffered at the hands of the Nazis. That doesn't make Leonard Coldwell (who abandoned both his family name and his homeland) a hero. And in my eyes, any "heroism" on the part of his ancestors doesn't excuse him for his disgusting remarks about Jews or for his promotion of that stupid documentary about Hitler.

Thursday, May 14, 2015 11:15:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"(By sheer coincidence this was also the birthday of the Plaintiff (I would make a joke about his "birthday suit," but fear it would bring up egregiously unpleasant visuals)."

Ewwww..... peas don't even go with hot dog.

Monday, June 01, 2015 7:00:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed the rational wiki entry.

Monday, June 01, 2015 7:12:00 PM  

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