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Saturday, January 03, 2015

Kevin Trudeau: Pooping out "nuggets" for the New Year

First off: Happy New Year to all who observe the Gregorian Calendar. I hope your year-end/beginning holidaze were filled with fun, food, and friends (and family too, if you're friendly with them). After all, that's what these Special Times are for. Ron and I had a mostly delightful holiday here on The Ranch at the Edge of Nowhere, the only sadness being that we lost another fur baby, our big fat boy cat Sabu, on December 21. I really should write his eulogy at some point, as I have so far failed to do with two others who have left us over the past two and a half years: our elderly white long-haired cat Grace (May 14, 2012) and our sweet hound mix Layla (August 10, 2013). It's always hard to lose any loved one -- human or fur baby -- but especially difficult during the holidays. But as I was saying to dear friends with whom we spent New Year's Day, the crap that happens in our lives doesn't have any regard for the calendar. Loved ones die or otherwise leave, natural disasters wreak their havoc even on the holiest of holidays, and lives that were sucky don't suddenly and magically get on track to become less sucky just because the calendar says it's January 1.

Even as there are no neat and tidy endings in most of life, there are usually no clear beginnings either.

At any rate, for what it's worth, here we are at the dawn of 2015, a decade-and-a-half past the moment that the Y2K bug was supposed to slam us back into the Stone Age, and nearly eight-and-a-half years into this blog. Though largely inactive for the past few months, my Whirled is still spinning (many don't like the way it spins, but c'est la vie), and I hope to keep it spinning for years to come, or until I get totally bored with it, whichever comes first.

I feel a need to apologize again, not only for my infrequent posting, but also for the fact that so much blog space was taken up last year with
the stupidest and one of the most evil men in Scamworld. And I guess I owe you an apology as well for ending 2014 on a seemingly sad note -- announcing the end of the Salty Droid blog -- although it really isn't all sad notes there by any means. New Year, new adventures.

But in Scamworld, it's the same old stuff -- No Neat and Tidy Endings. Currently imprisoned Whirled favorite serial scammer Kevin Trudeau is still running his scams from the prison camp that he calls Camp Cupcake. Here's what he posted -- or had posted for him -- less than an hour ago as I write this:
-When you make a contribution to the Legal Defense Fund as stated below, each month between the 1st and 5th, you will receive via email the monthly newsletter "Kevin Trudeau's Nuggets of Gold" beginning the first week of February.
-Proceeds go to the Kevin Trudeau Legal Defense Fund to pay for the appeals and the ongoing contempt of court cases
-Each newsletter is written by Kevin Trudeau personally and will contain:
-Real time updates on the KT legal cases/appeals
-Kevin's personal book reviews/insights and in depth reflection on the books he suggests you read
-Answers to your questions
-Special training "nuggets of gold" to help you manifest your desires as well as achieve inner bliss/peace/joy/harmony
-Specific information on overcoming adversity in your life and well as eliminating stress, fear, worry, anxiety, and depression
-A balance of training on improving "the external conditions of your life" (manifesting your desires), and achieving inner bliss/peace/harmony/joy and oneness with the Universe/and all mankind.
-The newsletter will consist of 100% positive messages/images/words and saturated with the essence of Love/Energy/Power that by simply reading it, can awaken your own inner Power/Energy/Love and melt away energy blocks that could be holding you back!

And when you become a subscriber you will also receive a special invitation:
-When Kevin is finally vindicated/redeemed/exonerated and FREE, ALL subscribers will be invited to a Subscriber ONLY event where you will be able to get a one on one picture with Kevin, and a personal hug/handshake and thank you for your support!

The Newsletter is a gift when you make a contribution of only $19.95 per month or the BEST DEAL is $210.00 for 12 months. (That’s only $17.50 per month and you save $29.00 per year!)
Just go to the link below and make your contribution to The Kevin Trudeau Defense Fund – Proceeds go to Winston and Strawn LLP
At the link go to #3 the "donate button" put in the amount and click on the "recurring payment" button OR make a one time contribution and put "Newsletter" in the notes box. Thank you and may this be your best year ever!!
"Nuggets of Gold"... oh, my. Nuggets, nuggets, everywhere! But you only get these nuggets if you make that all-important contribution to the Katie Defense Fund.

Or... here's a better idea. You can send me some money, and I'll be glad to ship you some of the organic nuggets that I am constantly finding here around The Ranch. You can get Dog Nuggets, Cat Nuggets, even Horse Nuggets or Donkey Nuggets. All will be specially infused with something that is almost certainly more useful than the crap that Katie and his friends are pooping out.

I'll have lots more, very soon.

PS ~ But speaking of money... I hardly ever beg, and I hope this doesn't come across as begging now, even though it clearly is. And it pains me to do it. As you know if you've been reading this blog for any length of time, I had been, for quite a while, pretty scrupulous about keeping you posted regarding the developments in Katie's court cases. It's still an ongoing story because the criminal case is under appeal. As you may have noticed, though, I haven't been posting many updates for the past few months. It's certainly not from lack of desire to do so, and emphatically not because I've lost interest in the cases.

It all comes down to funding, lame as that will probably sound to the high rollers of Scamworld and the poseurs and wannabes who are raking in the imaginary wealth by putting pretty pictures on vision boards or dream boards, and then lying about their success on Facebook. But I am not ashamed to say that money is an object at times in my life. And grabbing documents from PACER costs money -- not a lot of money, but more than I can justify budgeting at this point for a project that isn't bringing in any money.

Kind fans of this blog have supported my PACER habit in the past but are not able to do so any more. So what I really need are donations, donations, donations. Every little bit helps. Thank you... and whether you send money or not, I appreciate each and every one of you. I hope the new year brings you peace and joy, and the strength and determination to kick the butts that need kicking, whether they're Scamworld butts or not.

And watch out for those nuggets. Try not to get any on your shoes.

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Anonymous Nick said...

Already blew through that 42 million huh... If only you were subscribed to the magic emails, you would've managed your money better. All you had to do was read... as a bonus, tthe eventual hand shake/hug would change your life.

Maybe "Dr" Creepy will donate his "legal team"... He is responsible for taking Katie down after all.

Speaking of creepy scumbags, has he started bragging about "Shutting down" the Droid yet?

Tuesday, January 06, 2015 9:12:00 PM  
Anonymous Tyler said...

I have to wonder how you can seriously suggest he's a serial scammer when so many people lOVE KT and claim he has improved their lives. I have followed KT and his radio show, even GIN over the years, as well as this blog, videos from Abe Insane and facebook posts from Dr. C. The feedback is mostly positive about KT, give or take a view haters, BIG MEDIA AND BIG GOVERNMENT. He has helped empower me and many others. He's a good man with good intentions but certainly not perfect OR evil which is laughable to say the least... He's far from a real criminal, I wish KT haters would do more to point out the real serious criminals in this world or do something about it like he has made efforts to do. The FDA has killed thousands of people by making drugs legal but nobody talks about that... They prefer to discuss how KT sold a book to some moron who didn't like it or never really tried the methods or thought it was hard! Based on my life experience what he teaches and represents is of light and not darkness. His ideas of healing are of natures natural high vibrational ingredients, not conjured up drugs that have killed thousands and thousands. Him bringing his teaching from the Secret Society out to the general population is something few have the balls to even consider... I believe in his teachings because it really works and I see it in my own life experiences and have verified it through others teachings over the years. Anyways I'm sure you won't agree but it is what it is.

Tuesday, January 06, 2015 10:45:00 PM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

Oh, Nick, that 42 million didn't all go to moi! Part of it went to the other paid criminal defamers. But being criminals and low-life types, we all spent it on drugs and other decadent things. I guess we are all destined to be broke "loosers," LOL.

So far I haven't seen Not-Doktor Stoopid bragging about shutting down Salty Droid. Maybe my post about that matter headed him off at the pass. Or maybe he is doing his boasting on private forums so he won't be publicly humiliated. But I'm on the lookout anyway!

Wednesday, January 07, 2015 1:45:00 PM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

Tyler, thank you for sharing your perspective. I am aware that Katie still has scads of admirers and followers, but that doesn't mean he is not a scammer. He's just a good manipulator.

That said, and as I've noted numerous times on this blog, I really don't think that he (or most non-violent offenders) belong in a cage, certainly not for 10 years. Particularly when you consider that one of his colleagues, James Arthur Ray, served LESS THAN TWO YEARS for killing three people in his phony sweat lodge in October 2009 (and Ray didn't serve any time at all, and wasn't even charged, tried or convicted, for the death of another person at one of his July 2009 events).

Many of my good friends, including my own dear husband, disagree with my opinion about Trudeau's sentence, but I am standing firm. However, I have to admit that I don't really know a good way to legally stop him from scamming... not that being caged has actually stopped him. He's still scamming through his proxies, some of whom have taken over GIN.

Actually MOST of the feedback on Katie is negative, and there has always been a lot of credible negative info about him that was widely available and accessible, though GIN members, including Abe Husein once upon a time, refused to look at the evidence. Some still do refuse.

There is a LOT of critical information about the FDA and other government agencies, and there has been for years, from sources that are much more credible than Trudeau. Katie did not break any ground there, but he got thousands of people to believe he did, and that he was persecuted and prosecuted as a result.

And if you truly believe that Kevin Trudeau was a member of some elite "Secret Society," then I have some "oceanfront property in Arizona" for you.

"It is what it is"... but apparently it's not what you think it is. You say that Katie is a good man with good intentions, but unless you personally know him and can see into his head and heart, you really have no way of knowing. I do NOT personally know Trudeau, but am sharing informed opinions based upon years of observing his words and actions.

The deceptive advertising re the diet book is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Trudeau's wrongdoings.

Wednesday, January 07, 2015 1:59:00 PM  
Anonymous a successful person said...

Do you think any successful person spends their precious time reading your bulky posts full of negativity? The fact that you're not a millionaire proves something. PS: live and let live :)

Friday, January 16, 2015 8:56:00 AM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

Wow, "successful person," you sure took some of your own precious time to read, or at least glance at, THIS post. But thank you for stopping by and smearing some of your success all over my post. While I have the servants go fetch me some paper towels and Simple Green to do a cleanup, I'll reply.

Before I get to the point you were lamely attempting to make, I must say that your post sort of reminds me of a person that some of my Facebook buddies and I were arguing with for a while on Omri Shabat's "farewell Glancingweb" post on Facebook a few days ago. That person, writing under the fake name Sarah Quick, was expressing his wish for Omri's violent death and was boasting that his own company makes $500k a month online. At one point he tried to convince us that he was Internet marketing scammer Frank Kern. He got so mad at me that he called me a "dumb twat" and "Cuntie." Before the evening was out, though, he had removed all of his comments from the thread, as well as his fake account.

That wouldn't be you, would it?

Or are you just a random scammer wannabe who happened onto my Whirled?

In any case I do owe you a response to the actual point I think you were trying to make. I'll answer your question with another question: Do you think that I lose sleep wondering whether "successful" people (by your definition of "success") read this blog? I don't.

That said, I'm sure that at least some "successful" scammers and wannabes do read it, and while I appreciate all readers, this blog is written primarily not for aspiring millionaires/"successful" people, but for people who might be in danger of being scammed by some of those millionaires and millionaire wannabes.

The fact that I'm not a millionaire proves nothing except for my general lack of ambition to be one, a fact I've never tried to hide from anyone. A well-known scammer with whom I used to be good friends used to tell me all the time that I had millionaire potential because of my great talent, blah-blah-blah. "You're sitting on a gold mine," he used to tell me. Maybe so. But I just didn't want to jump on the scam train with him. So here I am, still slumming around in the world of non-millionaires.

I don't lose any sleep over it.

Friday, January 16, 2015 11:59:00 AM  
Anonymous Max said...

Millionaires aren't any happier than we non-millionaires are. They just have different problems.

Friday, January 16, 2015 12:26:00 PM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

That's pretty much my thinking, Max. Thanks!

Friday, January 16, 2015 12:28:00 PM  
Blogger RevRon's Rants said...

Connie, you've obviously hit a nerve with "Sarah Quick's" latest incarnation. And as we all know, that nerve is directly connected to the fear of a drop in their typically meaqer cash flow.

I wonder whether folks like "successful" even realize how transparent their whining attacks are to most people. Or whether they'll feel regret on their death beds for not having been crafty enough to scam more people out of their money.

Heck, I wonder whether they even consider why, what with being "successful" and all, they have to hide behind anonymous or fake screen names (or, for that matter, why those screen names are so frequently banned from social media or blocked by intelligent folks.) But such questions require introspection, which isn't Internet trolls' strong suit.

So many questions. So little time. Good thing I don't feel particularly compelled to come up with answers, when simply blocking them works so effectively.

Friday, January 16, 2015 1:03:00 PM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

Thanks, Ron. Good points all around. I don't normally block idiots on Facebook unless they're truly toxic... but it's often moot, as they usually end up blocking me because they're cowards. And I generally let them have their say here on the blog, in large part because by their very statements they validate my characterization of Scamworld gurus and wannabes.

Friday, January 16, 2015 1:10:00 PM  
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Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

Thank you for the entertaining link, "connieschmidtexposed" and "exposingconnieschmidt."

May I call you Florian?

Saturday, January 17, 2015 1:32:00 PM  

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