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Thursday, February 06, 2014

Kevin has a birthday, and WIN soldiers on

Happy Birthday
to serial scammer
Kevin Trudeau
who's in the slammer.

I'm sorry to be all flowery and sloppy and sentimental, but this is, after all, Katie's birthday, and my birthday wishes are sincere. After all, he has made my blogging job so easy and effortless for more than five years. How could I not be filled with gratitude and love? Gratitude, anyway.

Originally today was also supposed to be the day that Katie was sentenced on his criminal contempt charge (Judge Ronald Guzman's court), but for some reason it was changed to Saint Patrick's Day. I expect that before long we'll see an announcement that the sentencing has been moved to Easter, and then maybe to Memorial Day, and then perhaps to the Fourth of July. Meanwhile Judge Robert Gettleman is keeping him in the clink on the civil contempt matter, and he can keep him there until Kingdom Come if he wants to, and Katie won't get to start serving the criminal sentence, whatever that may be, until Judge Gettleman releases him. Between you and me, I think the judges are kind of f-----g with him, but I think maybe that could be because they are finally fed up with his lies. I'm not saying it's right to play games like that, if in fact that's what's being done, but on the other hand...

Anyway, while Katie celebrates his big day in the Big House, the fight is going on for control of his big boondoggle the Global Information Network, or GIN -- whatever "control" of GIN may ultimately mean. Several people or groups have reportedly been making efforts in this direction, and I've reported a few rumors here. Two of the names I've mentioned are Jeff Devine and Greg Kramer, both of whom have recently denied that they are interested in purchasing GIN as individuals. Greg says he only wants to help interested GIN members and ex-members get a fair chance at purchasing GIN when the time comes. We'll see. Both Greg and Jeff are involved in the GINUnited group, which I previously mentioned here.

[Update, added later on:] In addition, Greg has ventured on to one of Abe Husein's older Facebook groups, The Truth About the Global Information Network, to solicit support, in his own politely disingenuous and manipulative way, for GIN United. Here is the direct link to that conversation, for those who can access it. Greg's invitation was not well received, although I have been polite. Apart from the fact that Greg disavows "Kevin worshiping" while reportedly being one of the ultimate Katie worshipers himself, and apart from his usage of that well-worn manipulative tactic of praising even his harshest critics in the convo in order to get them on his side, I caught him in at least one outright lie -- or what seems like one to me. He claimed ignorance of there ever being any products from James Arthur Ray in the GIN Store. Screen shots are below; as usual, click to enlarge. (For the benefit of those who aren't able to access the entire conversation, earlier in the exchange Greg had used the old "separate the message from the messenger" argument in relation to Kevin and the good things he supposedly taught.)


Sorry... I'm not buying it, Greg. I have heard that all of the Kramers knew about James Ray's products being in the store and that you also knew of the efforts to dump them once he was in prison. So I have to wonder what else you are not telling the complete truth about. At any rate, James Ray's stuff was still in the GIN Store as of February 2013, when I wrote this blog post about ex-GIN marketing director Peter Wink's faux-heroism. I called Peter out for his own hypocrisy (apparently he was trying to solicit Ray's friendship; see this shot from August 2013). But the one useful thing he did with his February post was provide a thumbnail with a link leading to GIN Store page featuring Ray's products. They do not seem to be there any longer, but they were at one time. Here's a snapshot -- again, this is from February 2013 -- to refresh anyone's failing memory.

In an effort to be fair, let me add that some have said to me Greg has not been involved with the day to day operations of the GIN Store so he could very well have notknown about Ray's products being in the store. Some say I should just give him the benefit of the doubt. Some have even cited his oft-professed Christian faith as being a reason to give him the benefit of the doubt. But given the entire context -- the milieu of lies and manipulation in which GIN and its principals and supporters (professed Christians or otherwise) have operated for years -- I think you can understand my hesitation about giving anyone involved with GIN-related commerce the benefit of the doubt. I have nothing against sincere, practicing Christians, but professed Christianity is not a selling point for me when deciding whether or not someone is telling the truth.

UPDATE, 12 February 2014:
Greg Kramer sent me a message today clarifying that he does not run the GIN Store; someone named William Colaw does. Greg added that upon searching in the GIN Store for James Ray's stuff he found nothing, so he called William to inquire, and William said that all of that merchandise has since been pulled from the shelf.

That of course does not contradict what I wrote about the Ray material having been in the GIN Store in the past. Greg's point, however, seemed to be that he knew nothing about it. Since I want to be fair here, I am passing Greg's message along.

Bleat, sink and be Perry

One person who emphatically is in the running is recently defeated but not dejected GINtervenor Perry Kiraly, whose motion to intervene in the civil case was denied by Judge Gettleman on January 30. On yesterday's post I shared his February 3 update and renewed call to arms, but yesterday evening (February 5), he sent out yet another update with an even more passionate call to arms. Or at least it's a call for funds to pay his Shimkos, who are willing to take the fight to the next level and help Perry help GIN members and ex-GIN members take advantage of a golden flopportunity. Perry and gang's fundraising site and communication portal is here. The new club he has started is strategically named World Information Network, or WIN, though I just now noticed that there are a couple of other WINs already, such as this investor's group, and this little Amway group.

At any rate here is Perry's latest update, cosmically annotated in blue as per usual.

From: Perry Kiraly
Sent: 2/5/2014 9:27:27 P.M. Eastern Standard Time
Subj: SWGF Update 02-05-14 Take the Shot!


February 5, 2014

Dear SWGF Supporters,

Attached you will find copies of Monday’s update and the Receiver’s report issued 01-28-14. [Here is a direct link. ~CC] If you haven’t already read these documents read them now. For their importance cannot be overemphasized in regard to the assets of GIN.

This update is twofold. The first is to reemphasize the importance of the attached documents. The second is to awaken the 3000 or so members that are left in GIN and haven’t contributed to the SWGF; you may want to do so now.

GIN members have never been in a better more potentially powerful position to reclaim and control the assets of GIN then now.

At the January 30th hearing, denial of the SWGF motion to intervene gave all GIN members solid legal standing in the 7th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals. Now an injunction can be filed in that court to stop the Receiver from interfering with GIN FDN assets and money, some 6 million dollars of Member’s dues and fees, for the next 7 to 8 months pending an appeal.

Granting of an injunction against the Receiver means the Receiver cannot continue the collection of his fees and expenses for his services from GIN member’s dues and fees. It additionally means the Receiver will not be able to use the $6,000,000.00 in accounts of Member’s dues and fees (see attached Receiver report of 01-28-14) to pay Kevin Trudeau’s fine – which Member’s do not owe and did not pay their dues to be used for.

As anticipated, after Monday’s update the Receiver’s minions immediately sent out solicitation for bids to buy the club before an injunction is filed to put a stop to all of the Receiver’s interference with GIN FDN’s property and money. Know that a purchase of GIN FDN or its intellectual property form
[sic] the Receiver will forfeit all of the forementioned [sic] money including the $6,000,000.00 of GIN Members fees and dues in Receiver controlled accounts.

Ask yourself why any Member of GIN would want to pay more money to the Receiver to buy the club’s assets when the Members of GIN now have the best chance ever to be in total control of their rightfully owned and already paid for property?

Why would any member trust anything the Receiver says or those appointed, endorsed, or controlled by him with six million dollars of Members paid in dues subject to forfeiture to the Receiver if Members buy the club from him? If you are willing to fully confront this issue, to get a clear view of exactly what is going on, ask yourself the following questions:

Why would the Receiver, who claims he is there to help the GIN Members, file a motion just a few days before the January 30th hearing to try and prevent the GIN Membership from having a voice and legal standing in court?

Put another way: why wouldn’t the Receiver want the Members of GIN to have a voice in the court?

And why does the Receiver spend thousands of dollars of GIN member’s dues on a PR (Public Relations) contract, with one who has already denied being paid by GIN, to pacify, placate, and keep calm the membership of GIN?
[I assume he is talking about Trudeau buddy Troy McClain,
mentioned a few times on this Whirled. ~CC] While the Receiver continues to cut staff and even attempt to sublease the offices the staff works in to save money? PR in this case I think is missing a few letters. PRopagandize is a more accurate term.

And if the answer to those questions are not enough for you I will let the Receiver’s own words speak for themselves as an indicator of his mentality and the extent he is willing to go to collect money. The following is an excerpt from the Receiver report filed 12-19-14
[actually filed 12-17-13; see my link below.~CC], pg.8 (bottom) + pg.9 (attached); Note: this is the Receiver’s lawyer talking to the court:

"Mr. Trudeau has failed to make a full disclosure and accounting of his assets and should remain coercively incarcerated until he does so. For such sanctions to have a coercive effect, Mr. Trudeau must understand that he will remain incarcerated until he takes action to purge such contempt, rather than merely wait for the next status hearing to see if the Receiver has discovered any new assets or has completed his report."

Here is a direct link to the above-mentioned December 17 Receiver’s Status Report. ~CC]

Rather than continue to set short status dates, the Receiver believes that coercive sanctions will be most effective if longer status dates are set with the caveat that Mr. Trudeau may at any time request a hearing in order to demonstrate that he had taken some concrete actions that have had the effect of purging his contempt.

It appears the Receiver has no qualms about the endorsement of even taking a man’s freedom and locking him in a cage to compel him to pay them money? Is this really the vibration you want to be aligning with and make a deal with, GIN members?! Do you really want to give this Receiver more money than he has already taken from the Member’s to buy back your own property from him?!

Well you don’t have to. Now is your opportunity to take control of the assets that rightfully belong to you. The many that have contributed to the SWGF have made this opportunity happen. Take advantage of it while this brief window of time is open.

Lastly, for those that suggest I have some ulterior motive; that I’m vying for ownership, control or the destruction of GIN, consider this: The Receiver/GIN Co. has terminated my GIN Membership for essentially exercising my 1st amendment right to express my opinion and right to legal counsel. …Seems there was another outspoken member in the club this was done to for the very same reasons…
[Seems like this was done to lots of good members even during GIN’s heyday, Perry… back when you were supporting GIN, KT, and possibly supporting these very actions yourself. Ask my friend Paul Wilson how dissenters were treated back in the day. And you DO seem to be vying for control of GIN and working towards the goal of restoring your GINcome stream (or establishing a WINcome stream). ~CC]

Now the Receiver/GIN Co. has suggested my membership was terminated because I started or solicited members for a competing club. But the truth is World Information Network Foundation or WIN was not created to compete with or soliciting members of any club. Its initial formation was out of necessity; that necessity being to provide a legal entity, as a place to rebuild and provide sanctuary for former GIN Members that had had-it with being violated, stolen from and lied to.

WIN was formed to provide a home for those that love the truth and embrace it. Those with this mentality are naturally attracted to WIN.

The quality of the content it will provide is the foundation WIN stands on; for it began in transparency and truth as its foundation with access to the informational source that can, if utilized, free and empower an individual in ways that are nothing short of astounding; and access to that information is what WIN intends to provide to its Members. [I am still wondering about this mysterious "informational source," which is supposedly so superior to anything now available. My best guess:
Am I warm, Perry and Yon? ~CC]

So why do I spend countless hours of my time, and put myself on the front line and at risk in expressing my opinion in these updates?
[My first guess would be that it beats safecracking, breaking and entering, and arson.  ~CC] Because I gave my word to hundreds of former and current GIN Members that continue to back me, and are counting on me to present the blunt truth, as hard as it may be for some to swallow, and to do my best to do whatever it takes to look out for and see that their best interests are represented. And that is exactly what I am doing, and why I am doing this.

SWGF has truly completed its mission with honor and afforded the former and current Members with two golden opportunities as listed in the attached update of 02-03-14.
[If the mission is running up big legal bills, then… mission accomplished! ~CC]

And GIN Members have one strong play left afforded them by the SWGF and those that have backed it. That play is to have Mr. Timothy Shimko file an appeal and injunction and take this shot at finally controlling the Members rightfully owned and paid for assets. To date Mr. Shimko’s fee & expenses have exceeded that which SWGF has taken in but he is willing to continue if Members are willing to contribute enough to fund what remains of this effort – the heavy lifting has been done. So I call out to those interested in taking this final shot at seeing control of GIN assets returned to the Members - Send in your contributions now to see this play through.

Like life, this is a game my fellow travelers, it’s a big one with big players and big stakes. That’s what makes it interesting. That’s what makes it a game! And if even the most reluctant up to this point jumps in to play…none will even feel the bite it will cost so little. $150.00 from even half of what’s left of the GIN Members, that have everything to gain from a favorable ruling, will overfund this effort
. [But the top priority for now is to fund the Shimkos. ~CC]

In our training Caveat Roberts is quoted as defining Character as: "Following through on a decision long after the excitement and emotion of the moment has passed."
[But after a while, that could also be a definition of "obsession." Just saying. And… um… Caveat? As in Caveat Emptor? Methinks Perry actually meant
Cavett Robert, the late motivational speaker and founder of the National Speakers Association. ~CC]

In the book Think & Grow Rich we are told that one of the most common causes of failure is the habit of quitting when one is overtaken by temporary defeat…and the illustration of the story of R.U. Darby is given who, after his long and arduous effort in search of gold, quit just 3 feet from one of the richest veins of gold ever discovered.
[Nice use of an egregiously over-told inspirational story that is impossible to verify. Besides, it was the mysterious R.U. Darby’s uncle to whom this supposedly happened. ~CC]

We’re 3 feet from the Gold here people… Take a risk, take a chance, and get in this game for the final round! You’re in this ring called life, and life is sometimes a tough ass opponent - so take a swing and it! It’s what life is all about. It’s the final shot at GIN members gaining control of what’s rightfully theirs. Take the damn shot!! [Or better yet, get out of Scamworld and try to find an honest way to make a living. ~CC]

…and have a nice day,
Perry Kiraly*

*As a post script to this update, let me make it clear that I am a citizen of the United States of America and have exercised my 1st Amendment right to express my opinion herein. I am not a lawyer and nothing in this update/opinion should be construed as legal advice. The information herein is my personal opinion and provided solely for educational purposes. The opinion expressed in this update is not meant to suggest or encourage any course of action without consulting with an attorney or one licensed to practice law. Everyone must evaluate and make up their own mind on any course of action they take.
All I can add to that is to reiterate what Perry said at the end: Have a nice day. And don't forget to go share birthday wishes on Katie's public Facebook page. My friend Kalea Makana shared a nice link to the picture above.

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