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"The Bernd!!"

It's been a while since I've paid homage to the wackadoodle shenanigans of serial scammer Kevin Trudeau's former b.f.f. and alt-health spokesnut, "Dr." Leonard Coldwell, the former Bernd Klein, aka Bernd Witchner (Witchner was the last name of a former wife of Bernd's; he used the name Bernd Witchner on his German passport at one time). For those of you who aren't up to speed on Lenny C's name changes, seriously questionable credentials (I'm being polite for the moment) and other iffy background issues, I refer you to my very first blog post about him, first published in May 2012 and updated in September of the same year. Here is the link. Go read it if you need it. I'll wait.

I've written quite a few times about Coldwell since then -- mostly about his crazy rants on Facebook, including his rants against me (more on that below). More revealing posts have actually come from other bloggers, among them,
Salty Droid, Bernie at GINtruth, and Omri Shabat at Glancingweb. These guys have tackled some of the more distasteful allegations that have come out about Coldwell, based in part upon a 2007 police report that, while not resulting in any charges (and the most serious charge would have been something called "forcible fondling"), nonetheless seems very much like a smoking gun.

Yesterday, February 14,
Bernie wrote about Coldwell again (actually it was already February 15 for Bernie, since he's in Japan and many hours ahead of the U.S.). It appears that Coldwell has outdone himself in stupidity, having sent an unsigned, undated draft of a legal document to Bernie, titled "COMPLAINT AT LAW FOR DEFAMATION PER SE."

The draft, a defamation complaint against "Omri Shabat a/k/a Jason Michael Jones," is silly on many levels. First off, it was a little crazy to send it to Bernie -- who, as I mentioned, resides in Japan -- since he is not even listed as a party to the prospective lawsuit. But even sillier is the declaration that Salty Droid, aka Jason Michael Jones, who writes the Salty Droid blog, is the same person as Omri Shabat, who writes the Glancingweb blog.

Of note, the document centers around Omri's blog posts, not Jason's. Also of note, Omri is in Israel, and Jason, aka Salty Droid, is not. Granted, Omri's style is somewhat similar to Salty's (though with a distinct English-as-a-second-language note lacking on Salty's, and there are other things, such as ads that the little fake robot would never allow on his blog, and a few other major differences). Omri has his own style and approach. He is not Salty. Salty is not Omri.

At any rate, here is a link to the "defamation complaint" sent to Bernie, with the name of the lawyer and law firm redacted, per the firm's request.

It's amusing that the document mentions all of Coldwell's dodgy creds, including his "honorary degree of Doctor of Humanities." Bernie wrote about that recently as well. That "degree" is from an iffy, unaccredited religious "university" called Louisiana Baptist University.

Coldwell's history of harassment

The February 14 missive is far from the first harassing communication Bernie has received from the Coldwell camp. Previously he received rants and threats from Coldwell via Facebook, usually by private message, and Coldwell also wrote about him on numerous Facebook threads, claiming that Bernie is mentally ill and dangerous. That is pretty much the same claim Coldwell makes about virtually all of his critics, including me, though some of us get extra special treatment. (Now I'm going to digress a little, but only for the next three paragraphs, and mainly for the benefit of those who might not be familiar with the background story.)

As I've mentioned a few dozen times, and I have screen shots to back it all up, Coldwell has told actionable lies about me, such as claiming that I am a former prostitute who has AIDS and has given "bad STDs" to her customers.
Here's a post from Salty about one of Coldwell's numerous rants about me. In this rant Coldwell simply says I'm an ex-hooker with STDs, and that I'm being paid by Big Pharma to discredit well-meaning natural cure experts such as Lenny. All lies. Coldwell also says that I am a cancer that needs to be gotten rid of, which has always sounded to me as if he is trying to incite others to harm me.

a post from Bernie regarding one of Coldwell's more recent, and one of his most ludicrous, lies about me. In this one, Coldwell says I'm an AIDS-sick prostitute who now has cancer too because I'm jealous. He also tells the worse-than-stupid lie that I tried to get his buddy Peter Wink (Kevin Trudeau's ex-marketing guy) to fix me up on a date with Coldwell, and when Coldwell refused I flipped out and went on a hate rampage against Coldwell and Wink. 

I know I've written about these before, but I thought it was a good idea to post reminders, for the benefit of newbies, such as lawyers who might be trying to make a decision about whether they really want to represent a lying psychopath. You're welcome, lawyers. If any of you are interested, I have dozens of screen shots of rants and threats Coldwell has made against me.

Anyway, as I said, Bernie had previously been getting most of his communications from Coldwell via Facebook. But now Lenny has stepped up his game. There's that silly "defamation claim," f'rinstance. And before that, he had sent Bernie a more direct threat: a draft of a cease-and-desist letter from an attorney who is associated with the law firm Merritt Webb. Merrit Webb is a name Coldwell had been waving around for a few months as the firm that will be filing a class-action lawsuit on his behalf against Kevin Trudeau.
Here's a link to Bernie's hilarious blog post about that. Once again, Loony made a blunder because the document was clearly listed as a "proposed letter." In fact, this is exactly how it was headed:

In the email, Coldwell claimed that Interpol is after Bernie too, but there was no mention of that in the Proposed Letter. In any case Bernie never received a signed copy of the letter by post from the law firm, only the draft via email from Coldwell.

Salty Droid has had his own round of fun with Loony, who famously put a bounty on Jason's head back in September 2012. I've also told this story here before, but this is for the benefit of those who are new or who would just like to relive good times. Coldwell actually offered $500 to the first person who could send him Salty Droid's real name and a current address. All of this info had been made available by Salty/Jason himself long before that, and was easily available on the Web. Coldwell even offered an extra $100 if the person could also send him a recognizable photo of Jason.
Here's Jason having fun with that.

Coldwell is all about the confused and mistaken identities. In a March 2013 Facebook discussion, a wacko Trudeau/GIN defender named Eric Graves wrote a scathing comment in response to Coldwell calling some of his detractors "impotent cowards." The comment is not my style at all and I have never accused Coldwell of any of the things of which Eric accused him, but for some reason Coldwell thought it was I. And he threatened me. (My apologies for the language, but I am trying to make a point.)

Was it Lenny or Amy? Or does it even matter any more?

An email I received this morning, February 15, makes me think it is possible that Loony's emotionally troubled young assistant/live-in lover Amy Chappell (who has more recently been going by the name Amy King, at least on Facebook) was the one who sent the email about the "defamation claim" to Bernie. The email I received was sent out on 8:56 PM on Friday, February 14, many hours AFTER Bernie published his blog post about the matter. The date stamp on Bernie's blog post says February 15, but remember that Japan is many hours ahead of the U.S. -- 15 hours ahead of me (I'm on Central Time) and 14 hours ahead of Coldwell (Eastern Time). Here's Amy's message:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Amy Chappell
Date: Fri, Feb 14, 2014 at 8:56 PM
Subject: Dr. C filed Lawsuit for Libel/Slander/Defamation- Document Attached


I just decided since there were some absurd doubts about some criminal rumors made some time ago (some IBMS Coaches were even believing there could be truth to some ridiculous posts), I wanted you to have first knowledge that we have filed one of many lawsuits to come. Please keep this email and document confidential. Please see the attached document below.
We really appreciate those who have been loyal and trusting in Dr. C

Thank you,
Amy Chappell

Keep this email confidential? Why? If a lawsuit was filed, it's public knowledge. Plus, Coldwell himself has been crowing about the "lawsuits" on Facebook. Perhaps Amy just didn't want Coldwell to know that she sent out an email blast about this "confidential" matter. Anyway, if you want to know a little more about Amy,
here she is in action at a Coldwell boot camp in October 2012, explaining why she turned her back on her family and ran away to be with Coldwell, whom she utterly idolizes, and apparently vice versa (in the video just linked to, he describes her as the most important person in his life). Listening to Amy, it is clear that this is a young woman with serious problems. But that doesn't let her off the hook when it comes to harassing bloggers. I just hope for her sake that she wakes up someday.

Frankly it's hard to tell at this point whether Coldwell or Amy sent the missive to Bernie, because the email address from which Bernie received the document simply says "IBMS VIP," and also because as we know, Coldwell has sent out similarly daft things too. But I suppose it really doesn't matter, because Amy has become little more than an extension of Coldwell, and even if she acts independently on his behalf he is still going to ultimately be held responsible.

Update, 20 February 2014
According to the Cook County Record Legal Journal, the defamation suit was actually filed. Here is the record so far, although I do not have a copy of the actual complaint that was filed (or any of the subsequent motions and other documents). The journalist, who presumably got her info from the court docket, reported that Omri Shabat is also known as Jason Michael Jones, so I assume that made it into the final cut. She also reported that the plaintiff claims that his "medical practice" was damaged.

I have no idea what if anything Jason is doing about any of this, nor do I have any idea what if anything Omri is doing about it. It is up to them to make public statements when and if they wish. Stay tuned...

Update, 1 March 2014
I did a little experiment a few days ago -- the afternoon of February 26, to be exact. I took this post down temporarily. Just this one, mind you, and none of the others. Nobody told me to do it, and I wasn't intimidated into doing it. I simply wanted to see if "anyone" would notice and if there would be any response whatsoever. The very next day, there was. I learned that the Feds are coming after me and that I am probably going to end up in the same jail cell as Kevin Trudeau. Great! I'll interview Katie and use that in the Trudeau biography that everybody is telling me I should write. Lemons to lemonade, bitches!

Anyway. It's good to know that Lenny reads my blog and has his minions take "screen shuts." I'm a little disappointed that I've apparently been downgraded from "Cosmic slut" to simply "the slut," but oh, well. Oddly enough, though, it seems he isn't getting a whole lot of support from his Facebook friends about these lawsuit threats. Or any support, actually.

And here's something to keep in mind. Even if every blogger or other writer who has criticized or questioned him were suddenly silenced, it wouldn't change who and what Coldwell is (a foul-mouthed, totally unprofessional megalomaniac with no credible C.V., and that's just for starters), and who and what he is not (a real doctor, for instance). It wouldn't change his outrageous claims about his credentials, his cancer "cure" rates, and his multiple "doctorates" -- and those claims are all over the Internet and were being discussed and ridiculed long before I'd even heard of the little twerp. And it wouldn't change the actionable lies he has told about me... and yeah, I have "screen shuts" too. He is and probably always has been his own worst enemy, and I think that at some level he knows it. I have a feeling that his "legal team" knows it too.

As for me, I find that this song is going through my head these days...

See the rest of the lawsuit story here.


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