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Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Every Christian lyin'-hearted man will snow you

So some of us were wondering yesterday -- and I even wondered on my latest Neo-stink blog post -- if serial scammer Kevin Trudeau's former marketing director Peter Wink's recent announcement of an alliance between head Neo-stinker Mark Hamilton and Peter and Loony Coldwell's lame GIN ripoff, the IBMS Master's Society scam would cause a rift between Winkwell and Abe Husein, who had been speaking out forcefully against Hamilton for months.

By the way, here's a 2005 forum discussion with some scuttlebutt about "Steve Rapella." That forum and other sources have listed him as the adopted son of Wallace Ward (the elder: that would be the late Frank Wallace, who perished in an auto-pedestrian accident in 2006). But Rapella also seems to be the spouse or at least the ex spouse of Wallace Ward's daughter Ruth. (Jerry Springer, where are you?) Rapella is Mark Hamilton's "right hand man," according to some (and that link is from a September 2009 Neothink Newspaper). But he's not Mark Hamilton. And Peter Wink has been known to tell a few fibs before. See note in gold text below.
Anyway, as you may know, Abe and I have had our differences but I'm with him all the way on that whole "MH is a low-life con artist" thing.

After all, Scamilton cleaned up more than anyone else in Trudeau's scammy Global Information Network (GIN). He was more than likely responsible for sucking more people into GIN than just about anyone else (with the possible exception of Trudeau himself and Mocktor Loony C). He even sent out old-school direct mail letters that said, "Millionaires will be made! Money will flow like lava!"

Abe was right to speak out so forcefully against Scamilton. So some wondered if Peter's seemingly enthusiastic embrace of Scamilton would cause a rumble in the brotherhood.

Well, we needn't have wondered. All is well, and
Abe will still be joining Peter and Loony and probably a handful of other IMBS-ing U loyalists at the Wyndham Bay Point Resort in Panama City Beach Florida this weekend (let's just hope that Wyndham has done something to reverse the "tragic decline" of this property, as described by a guest in late October of this year). The important thing is that the brotherhood is more solid than ever: God's in Its heaven, the Devil's in Its hell, and all's right with the Whirled.

So that's that.

[NOTE: Someone wrote to me anonymously on December 4, claiming to have a credible source and saying that Peter is not telling the truth about Mark Hamilton endorsing IBMS Master's Society. In addition, Peter's Facebook posts about the alliance seem to have disappeared; whether Abe deleted them for some reason, or Peter did, I don't know. I will share more information when I have it. ~CC]

Meanwhile, inquiring minds want to know if Peter Wink ever seriously pursued an IMBS-ing U alliance with convicted killer and star of The Secret James Arthur Ray. He seemed kind of anti-Ray earlier this year.
This shot is from back in February 2013 (name redacted to protect privacy of the woman in question).

The above shot was from this post. For a few days there on the Facebooks, Peter was being quite the Christian and the heroic defender of single mothers and other vulnerable women. He mentioned his lord and savior a few times. What was that all about? I hope Jesus H. Christ wasn't too offended.

And a couple of weeks later Peter and Loony sent out a call for vulnerable, traumatized women everywhere. Ick. Just... ick.

Beyond that bit of revolting blather, I was kind of interested in the fact that Peter seemed to be slamming James Arthur Ray, snarkily referring to him as a "prisoner," when Peter had previously seemed willing to give Ray the benefit of the doubt. This is part of Peter's comment on my blog, from April 2010:
James Ray is not a bad guy. Maybe he just pushed the envelope a little hard and tragedy struck. I feel awful for the deceased, those who were hurt and the families who were affected.
Of course that was before Ray was tried and convicted and sentenced and sent to prison.

By the way, here's another amusing -- and seriously choke-worthy -- bit from that same comment by Peter:

I like to look for the good in everyone. Seriously. Connie is especially appealing to me as I've been more critical than she has of the industry I work in. It's people like me and Connie that will help this industry move forward.
Peter has been more critical of the selfish-help industry than I have? That sure was news to me. But in the interests of good will (back then) I let it slide.

Anyway. Yesterday a friend of mine told me that at the time Peter had made that snide remark about Ray's merchandise being in the GIN store, he (my friend) had spoken to someone at the GIN store asking why they were carrying James Arthur Ray's products. My friend says that the person in the GIN store said he really didn't know why but that it was some consignment deal made by PETER WINK, and the stuff just sort of showed up one day. The GIN store person was not aware of Wink's allegation about the GIN Store holding money for Ray.

If Peter was indeed responsible for Ray's material being in the GIN store, it seems kind of strange that he would have been criticizing the GIN store for carrying that prisoner's merchandise, does it not? Did he simply forget that he had been responsible for the crap being there in the first place (assuming that this is really true), or was it a setup of some sort? On the other hand, Peter has slammed GIN's Lazyman's and Hot Leads promos, and he had reportedly been in charge of those ripoffs while still in GIN and Katie's employ. So maybe there are two Peters, and one doesn't know what the other is doing.

But the plot sickens. Just after Ray got out of prison, there was this. It's from August of this year, and I don't know how I missed it earlier.

Jeez, I was really only half joking back in February when I suggested that Ray could sign on with IMBS-ing U Master Baiter's Society (scroll down to the sub-head, "A call for content"). I am just going to have to stop giving Peter ideas. I know he reads my blog.
Maybe Winkwell can sign on convicted killer and star of The Secret James Arthur Ray when he gets out of prison; Ray may be willing to work cheaper while he is on the comeback trail. I hear he performed satisfactorily on his Functional Literacy work assignments in prison, and he apparently has at least an eighth-grade level of functional literacy himself, so he's certainly qualified to submit his work to the IBMS Master's Society. For that matter, he may be over-qualified.
But in any case Ray may be too big for IMBS-ing U Master Baiter's britches now that he's been on CNN again.

Also see this Whirled post and this one.

And here is
Omri's wonderful post on the latest Ray travesty.

And finally... finally!... here is the long-awaited piece on The Verge.

Death Ray or no, Peter no doubt has other fish to fry, or more accurately, customers to burn, in light of the fact that IBMS officially got all Neo-stinky and Neo-stink got all IMBS-ing U-ish [assuming of course that Peter was telling the truth about an alliance between Neo-stink and IBMS... a matter I am still exploring]. Peter has his work cut out for him because now, in addition to flogging his own limp seekrit klub, he has some overpriced, poorly written manuscripts to sell for Mark Scamilton. The market of elderly, Internet-deficient takers for the Neo-stink "Heirloom" manuscripts is dying off, so new markets must be uncovered [again, assuming an actual alliance or joint venture between IBMS/Peter and Neo-stink/Scamilton]. So there's that. Stay tuned.
There's also new news -- kind of -- on the Kevin Trudeau civil case. Another status hearing happens tomorrow (December 5). I'll try to keep you up with that.

PS ~ In case you were wondering about the title of this blog post, I was inspired by the old (pre-disco) Bee Gees tune. It was kind of ahead of its time.

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