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Monday, December 02, 2013

Got a GIN hangover? Here's a Neo-flopportunity for you!

There's a new flopportunity in Scamworld. Or should I say, there's a "Neo-flopportunity." Now-jailed serial scammer Kevin Trudeau's Ponzi-like Global Information Network (GIN) is imploding, and the MLM portion has been suspended, so the top earners and others are scrambling to find a new scam -- or in some cases, to dust off the old scams. One such top GIN earner, dustin' off the old scams and makin' 'em Nouveau again, is Mark Hamilton (real name Wallace Ward, Jr.; Whirled name Mark Scamilton).

Scamilton apparently isn't on Facebook, at least not under his real fake name, but he obviously doesn't need to be, because there are plenty of folks willing to promote him via social media. As is the case with most promos for flopportunity launches, the person promoting this one,
former Twelve Visions Party presidential candidate Jill Reed, is pretty coy about the scheme on her public Facebook post from November 24. She doesn't say exactly what it is. However, there are references to an email blast sent out.

This seems to be the flopportunity in question: the chance to sell overpriced manuscripts of seekrit wisdumb, which are basically what the Neo-scampire has been selling for decades. In the past they old-school-marketed mostly to the elderly and under-educated, sending them "personalized" letters that told them they were Very Special People, and offering them special "heirloom editions" that had their name on the cover and everything. Now the Neo-scammers are trying to open up new markets, via an MLM.

More accurately, it's probably starting life as just a one-level affiliate program and clever lead-generation scheme for Scamilton and possibly some of his joint-venture partners (more on that below). But still.
Here is the core frauduct line, which is almost certainly just the tip of the Neo-iceberg (click to enlarge):

There's even a link to a sign-up page, and you can sign up for freeeee!

The copy on the landing page betrays, I must say, a certain desperation:

How would you like to make a nice profit selling the in-demand Neothink® Manuscripts from the Neothink Society, being released to the public for the first time? Especially since this is an easy, turnkey system all set up for you to place on your website or send out by email? It costs you no money and only a few minutes to set up and get started. For over three decades, Mark Hamilton’s life-changing Neothink® Manuscripts have sold through the private-club Neothink® Society to specially-selected people. You may remember at one time receiving your invitation letter from the Society. For the first time, Mark Hamilton and his Neothink® Society are allowing his highly-coveted Neothink® Manuscripts to be sold to the general public.
Specially-selected people? Being sold to the general public for the first time? Oh, my goodness, that is unmitigated bull-crap.

If you want a story about leaving a legacy, here's a picture of the legacy one elderly Neo-thinker, who shall remain anonymous, has left his family, who was forced to remove him from his apartment and put him in a home. I have told this story before but here it is again. The man was living on government benefits and had blown his pension, but his family was refusing to help him because he had ripped all of them off as often as he had an opportunity. His dining room ceiling had collapsed onto the floor and he had sold just about all of his possessions; those that remained were dumpster bound. But he still had his Neo-tech books. Said the person who took this picture, "I didn't see one photo of him on a private island with Mark Hamilton."

Of course, this isn't to insinuate that everyone who has ever bought the Neo-stink material ends up in such sad circumstances, and it is certainly not to imply that it is Scamilton's (or his late daddy Frank/Wallace Sr.'s) fault that some people's lives end up in the toilet. But this sad fellow does appear to be one of the key demographics that the Neo-Scampire's direct-mail campaigns targeted.
As many of you may know, but I'll say it again since I love to repeat myself: Since the summer of 2011 I've been writing about the Neo-scampire (Neo-Tech, Neothink, Nouveau Tech, Novatech, the Society of Secrets) and its shady head honcho, Scamilton.
See embedded links in this post, and the list of links at the end of the post.

The big deal that has riled up a lot of people lately is that more than anyone else, Mark Hamilton, under two separate accounts -- Mark Hamilton and Wallace Ward -- seriously cleaned up in the GIN MLM. That was reported by the court-appointed receiver, Robb Evans and Associates, in September of this year, and immediately reported here on this very Whirled -- complete with with an infographic and some old screen shots that point to Scamilton as being the vice-scammer to Kevin Trudeau's head scammer of GIN. Included in that post of mine are screen shots of Scamilton's direct-mail piece for GIN, sent out in 2009 and rife with clumsy, amateurish-sounding copy, such as claims that "Millionaires will be made! Money will flow like lava!"

Morally if not legally, Mark Hamilton is every bit as culpable as Kevin Trudeau in the GIN fraud.  But he's a sly one and by all appearances, he has so far been able to slither away from real trouble. No doubt he harbors more than a little regret that he became embroiled in GIN. But no worries: he still has his Neo-Scampire, and even though he has probably lost a few fans as a result of the GIN travesty, he still seems to have plenty of fans who are either KT defenders too, or who simply think Scamilton can do no wrong. (On the other hand, he has his share of detractors; see the vid at the end of this post.)
I just wonder if any of the Feds have spoken to Scamilton. Maybe he made a seekrit seekrit deal that is so seekrit he hasn't said anything about it (he's always been a bit taciturn, anyway).

One thing Scamilton does have that's worth more than gold in Scamworld is a huge mailing list. He and Trudeau traded names and helped grow each other's lists for years. In fact Trudeau and the Neo-Scampire go way back; reportedly Trudeau first met Scamilton's daddy, the late Wallace Ward Sr., aka Frank Wallace, when the two were doing time in a Federal pen in the early 1990s. It was, as I've said here before, a match made in marketing hell.

Will the circle jerk be unbroken...
Since many of the Neo-stinkers obviously have a little bit of discretionary income, lesser predators than Trudeau have tried to suck them into their own sales funnels. For instance, earlier this year, a GIN ripoff called
IBMS Master's Society, founded by ex-Trudeau buddy Mocktor Leonard Coldwell and ex-Trudeau marketing director Peter Wink, solicited Neo-stinkers (scroll down to, "Neo-stinkers can join too!")

Peter wrote that January 2013 Facebook invite to Neo-thinkers, but as you can see, Loony Coldwell seemed in agreement, noting that he was fond of these folks. I wrote about this and a few other matters
on this May 2013 post (which also contains screen shots of Mark Hamilton's "money will flow like lava" direct-mail piece for GIN).

I wonder how the IMBS-ing U Master Baiters' Supreme Partners -- both of whom have come out publicly many times against Trudeau and GIN (particularly Loony C, with his nonstop ranting and gloating about Katie's troubles) -- are going to handle the fact that Mark Hamilton/Wallace Ward Jr. so obviously got away with so much GIN money...and is now back to running his own scams full time. Mark/Wallace has that magickal golden mailing list, and the Neo-stinkers have money (well, some of them do, anyway), and they would be such an asset to the IBMS Master's Society scam.

But there's that whole GIN thing. Moreover, Coldwell's buddy and business partner Abe Husein, who will apparently be a featured speaker at the upcoming IMBS-ing U wingding in Panama City, Florida this weekend, came out with some rather ungracious rants against Jill Reed when she promoted the GIN ripoff, the Omnia Society. (Personally, I agree that Jill is promoting scams but I do think she has handled her critics with grace.)

So I wonder if and how the IMBS-er Supreme Partners are going to try to mend the rifts caused by the squabbling factions. Sometimes one has to walk such a fine line in Scamworld. It's hard to keep everyone happy when there's so much grousing and backstabbing going on.

[Addendum, 3 December:] I didn't have to wonder long.Here is a Facebook post that appeared on Abe's page some time after this post was first published. Whether it's a joke to bait the critics, or Scamilton is really joining in some alliance with Peter and Loony to throw Katie under the bus, I can't say at this point. Surely they do not mean that Scamilton is joining in any class action lawsuit that the Loony contingent may be cooking up. Why should he? He raked in more dough than anyone. I'll update this portion if any more info comes in. I will say this: If it's a joke it's a good one, but believe me, that's damning with faint praise because the reason it is being taken seriously at all by anyone is that all of the parties involved are just sleazy enough to do something like this.

Apparently it is not a joke. This just in... 3 December 2013:

And here's another one... 3 December 2013:
[NOTE: Someone wrote to me anonymously on December 4, claiming to have a credible source and saying that Peter is not telling the truth about Mark Hamilton endorsing IBMS Master's Society. In addition, Peter's Facebook posts about the alliance seem to have disappeared; whether Abe deleted them for some reason, or Peter did, I don't know. I will share more information when I have it. ~CC]

Joke, lie, or not, apparently Peter and Loony C are leading the charge to convince the probation officer assigned to Kevin Trudeau's case that Trudeau is a bad, bad man. Could it be that Scamilton has joined them in this endeavor? I am still thinking of that comment Loony made in the screen shot above, regarding "everybody making sure the crook Trudeau will pay the price."

And where does this leave the fans -- rank and file folks, good people for the most part, who have lost money, time, and energy in some of these schemes? Well, for starters, I think that for those current or ex-GIN members or Neo-thinkers who are still confused about what and whom to follow, the best bet is to do what my friends Julie Daniel and Roger Argenal have suggested to many: Take the 60-day challenge. Go for 60 days without reading or listening to or watching Kevin Trudeau or any of Mark Hamilton's or other Neo-think material. And then see if your head is a little clearer.

It will probably be the best gift you could ever give yourself.

More Neo-stinkin' info on this Whirled:
PS ~ My pal Julie pointed out this August 2012 video, made by someone who is obviously not a fan of Mark Scamilton.

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Blogger Jonathan Gonzalez said...

I am a proud Neothink Member, and not everybody can see through illusions, so a lot of folks lazily conclude that Mark Hamilton is a scammer by listening to folks like you, instead of doing their own research to see if what you say is true...Everything I read from Mark and his father Frank, benefited my Life for the better...I don't have a million dollars yet, but I'm a lot happier now than I ever was before I read their books! College is more of a scampire than any other form of knowledge/education in the world! Not everybody wants to take care of themselves...Can't blame Mark or Frank for that...To share the valuable info they have through business is simply just business...You don't have to buy anything you don't want...If it's beneficial for me but not for you, that doesn't make it a scam...
Jonathan Gonzalez

Monday, December 02, 2013 1:09:00 PM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

Thanks for stopping in, Jonathan. College is a scampire in a sense, yes, and the government does evil things, and so on and so forth... I really have heard all of those arguments before, both from defenders of Neotech/Mark/Frank and defenders of GIN/KT, but it doesn't make the scams I write about any less scammish.

I am glad you have found value from the Neo-material and no doubt you are a good person with good intentions...but I have the exact opposite feeling about MH.

Actually I think blogs like mine do the opposite of encouraging and enabling laziness. Though I write with a specific point of view, always framed as MY OPINION, I believe that my critical pieces are more effective at raising questions than at providing simple answers, and people are certainly welcome to do their own research. Some may do the research and conclude that I am wrong and that the things I criticize are not scams and have value. They are welcome to their opinions.

PS ~ Miss Annabelle is fiction.

Tuesday, December 03, 2013 10:39:00 AM  
Blogger Roger Willco said...


I'm genuinely curious. How has everything you've read from Mark and his father Frank, benefited your life for the better? Two or three examples would be good.

How do you conclude that "College is more of a scampire than any other form of knowledge/education in the world!"?

For what it's worth, I would agree that college would be a scam IF colleges promoted the notions that the academic model is the only useful way to learn, or that a college degree is the path to material wealth, yet gave nothing of value in return. Is that what you experienced in college? If so, you indeed got scammed. But then I'd have to conclude, based on empirical evidence, that you didn't attend a legitimate accredited college or university.

The accredited university I attended did not promote that notion. I got exactly what I was told I'd get--an appreciation for the value of vigorous inquiry, an expanded perspective on the universe, history and humanity, an understanding of the mathematical precision of logical processes, an appreciation for the body of knowledge I could never hope to retain in my brain, but much of which I can still possess in the form of literature, and and and . . . I could go on a lot longer.

An important benefit of my college experience was development of a healthy skepticism about unvalidated and unsupported popular hypotheses, such as neo-think, the universal "law" of attraction, the gospel of prosperity, and a plethora of other get-anything quick schemes. Healthy skepticism enables me to recognize them as nothing more than manifestations of demonstrably ineffectual magical thinking.

I wouldn't exchange any of what I learned in academia--specifically, how to think rationally--for any of the material success promised by schemes such as any promoted by Mr. Hamilton.

College is a "scampire"? I guess that would be in the eye of the beholder. My eye sure doesn't see it that way.

Bye bye; and bye in bulk whenever possible.

Wednesday, December 04, 2013 1:14:00 AM  
Blogger Tom Banjo said...

Scammers peddling nonsense tend to feel about College the same way L.Ron felt about psychotherapist. They claim they are evil, and to them they really are.

Therapists were evil to L.Ron because therapy is a way to undo Scientology's brainwashing on the clams.

To Neo-Thinkers College is a problem because anyone who is introduced to introductory objectivism or logic and actually understands them will realize what a steaming pile on bull most of Neo-tellmewhattothink really is. Education really is a problem for Neo-think, even the basics is a big kick in the ass for most Neo ideas. the cheating at poker thing is still pretty good, unethical but it does work.

Wednesday, December 04, 2013 8:09:00 PM  
Anonymous Make your World said...

I have seen many things written about Mark Hamilton and Neo-tech. Whether or not you read one book or two does not matter if you do not know how the program works. Can you without a doubt, honestly say that you know? If you know, then you would not be spending days on something like this.

Yes, I was sent a letter from the Society, and yes I did accept it.

I have read the material multiple times and each time I do I realize certain things about the material. Mark Hamilton is right, there are special messages in there that your mind picks up. The members who have been with the society for some time have all discovered what the information is about.

When a person off the street picks up the book and reads it, they have no idea what the process is about so they excuse it as a sham or fraud. As long as this society has been operating, do you actually believe that a scam can last that long without a shutdown? After the billions of dollars and the decades it took to create the manuscripts, do you really believe that this is fraudulent?

Some people read and accept what they see which is postings acknowledging a scam. What ever the case may be for you, I am sure you have your reasons to use up your time for this.

In your comment to Jonathan you stated that Miss Annabelle is fiction. Mark Hamilton actually states that in the book. We know the sequence of events in the book are fiction, it is the line of logic he uses that make up the point of the book. The line of logic that has an effect on your train of thought through its words.

Many people do not understand the purpose, they simply place a label to take value away from a product.

If I were to write an article letting someone know about somebody or something, I would ensure that it was something that I had experienced. Otherwise I would look in the mirror and ask how I felt about it. If there were any feelings of guilt, anger, or shame then I would not continue.

As in the literature, not everyone would be receptive, including some really smart people. If you are digging for the truth, perhaps you should ask yourself if you have taken the journey far enough to reach your destination.

In case someone wants a couple of examples of the benefits I will give you a couple.

I use my mind for integrating purposes. This is something that I did not do before and it has made me much more creative. After reading something for information purposes I will suddenly start thinking about the subject. Moments later I will have a vision . The same thing happens at night, I will suddenly start dreaming about an event or a question that I have and sure enough I have the answer. The process works, if you allow it to work.

Another example is how euphoric I feel when I work on projects. Throughout my life I have felt joy, excitement, and high adrenaline rushes. Never have I felt the euphoria that I experience with the honesty taught by the Manuscripts authored by Frank Wallace and Mark Hamilton.

People ask me if I am in love due to the glow and complexion of my skin. I have been in love many times before, but the feeling of peace that resides in me has the effect of being in love.

Maybe the information here sheds a new light. For others, someday I hope that you find the truth in life other than living their life based on opinions.

P.S. Neothink is a process of using the mind. It is not a get-anything quick scheme. You use Neothink to work toward your goals.

Wednesday, December 04, 2013 11:51:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't say who I am here for, but i got a simple one for you, comes from a very old manuscript,"seek and ye will find" call it a scam if you choose, after all millions of people fork over millions of dollars to further its ends. But there is a self evident truth there, if you look for things to get upset about you will find them, look for things to be thankful for and you will find them. In these cases in question, look for the good or the bad, you will surely be right.

Monday, July 07, 2014 11:45:00 PM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

Thanks for your insights, Make Your World (sorry I didn't acknowledge sooner). The scam isn't in the manuscripts themselves but in Scamilton's (and his late daddy's) entire body of work, and in the marketing techniques they used to suck money out of people's pockets. And Scamilton himself was hugely instrumental in perpetuating Kevin Trudeau's GIN scam, particularly early on.

Anon July 7: No argument about the general principle of "seek and ye will find," but to live in denial -- to deliberately turn one's sights away from the misdeeds of gurus and/or the scammy nature of what they are promoting -- that is folly.

Tuesday, July 08, 2014 11:43:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My elderly father recently got a couple of letters from "The League," and after doing a little research I discovered that it's connected to Neothink and this guy Mark Hamilton. The letter from "The League" is bizarre, claiming to be from someone who is among the rich and powerful elite, and these elite are supposedly watching him, they know he's a good person, but they've seen that he's been down on his luck lately. And they want to share their secrets with him. My father is not down on his luck. And he has never in his life expressed an interest in being wealthy, accepted, powerful, and among the worldly elite. But he has a fascination with prophecy, and lately has been talking about conspiracy theories involving the illuminati. I'm glad that my dad shared this with me so I could look up the facts about it for him. I know there is something that goes on with people as they get old that makes them susceptible to scams and fraud. But I feel such sadness that my father was so blinded by the secret society (possible illuminati) garbage that he couldn't recognize a lie at first sight.

Mark Hamilton sounds like he's trying to form his own religious movement, like L Ron Hubbard did with Scientology. Thanks for the added information you give about this on your blog.

Thursday, September 08, 2016 12:02:00 PM  
Blogger Cosmic Connie said...

You're very welcome, Anon. Mark Hamilton, or Mark Scamilton as he's been known for years on this blog, is part of a decades-old scampire that mixes promises of "secret" and "forbidden" knowledge with other more mundane huckster techniques. His late father started the scampire and Mark has happily continued it. If you haven't done so already, be sure to read the earlier posts on the Neo-scampire; links are at the end of this post, under
"More Neo-stinkin' info on this Whirled."

I wish you luck in helping your father. He is lucky to have you. Apparently there actually is a physical process that occurs in the brains of many people as they age, and this process can make them more susceptible to scams and fraud. Evidently it has to do with the prefrontal cortex -- the last part of the brain to fully mature and unfortunately the first to decline. Here is one of numerous articles about this.

Thursday, September 08, 2016 1:46:00 PM  

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