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Monday, April 01, 2013

De-brainwashing: out of the frying pan, into the fire

As mentioned on this blog last week, Petard Winkwell (individually known as Peter Wink and Leonard Coldwell), the Supreme Founders of the IBMS Master's Society seekrit klub and GIN ripoff, hosted yet another teleconference on Thursday evening, March 28, 2013. This one was devoted to "de-brainwashing" -- ridding yourself of the influence of the negative mainstream media, and, most importantly, of negative people (including and especially family and friends) who are worried about the fact that you are putting moneys into the pockets of scammers. I'm told there was even a visualization exercise to purge bad people from your life, so you can continue unimpeded with your mission to give as much money as possible to the scam of your choice. As long as it's the Winkwell scam, that is.

Here is the playback link, and I'll add the warning that it's another 70-plus minutes that you'll never get back. I haven't taken the time to listen to the whole thing because I value my minutes. But I've listened to bits and pieces, and have read comments from people who have listened to it in its entirety. Anyway, it may not be up there for much longer, so get it while it's hot.

Also on tap: A new documentary in which Not-Doc Coldwell reveals his true origins, and the big things that are in store for Planet Earth.
Here's the link for more information.*

* Okay, THAT is an April Fools' joke. After all, I am reasonably certain that Coldwell is in fact human and not an E.T.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cosmic Connie sez: "After all, I am reasonably certain that Coldwell is in fact human and not an E.T."

How could you prove that one way of the other? Has Lenny made claims?

Tuesday, April 02, 2013 8:07:00 PM  

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